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My wife had a DVD player and a Sirius radio installed by an audio installer and now there is no power to the dashboard center console. That includes the heater, fan, air conditioner, defrosters, etc. ... even the button backlit lights are out. The dashboard gauges work and those lights work and the radio works as well. I checked all of the fuses and they are all good. Any ideas where I should look to fix this? I'd like to have some sort of idea before I go back to the installer. Thanks.

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Answers :

Take it back to the installer, it is thier problem.
\015\012if you really want to do it yourself, it is most likley the junction connector for the dash behind the radio, most likley unplugged
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Dashboard lights went out. Just the instrument cluster and the center stack lights( Temp controls). The odometer is still lit and it brightens/darkens with the rheostat adjustment, as does the radio. Headlights/Parking lights still work, Interior lights work as well. Additional inf. I checked all fuses under hood on the drivers side and all relays/fuses check out (is there another fuse box?). All the bulbs in the cluster were replaced 6 months ago, a few were out, but I wanted even bright

... 2002 Chrysler Town & Country

My wife had a DVD player and a Sirius radio installed by an audio installer and now there is no power to the dashboard center console. That includes the heater, fan, air conditioner, defrosters, etc. ... even the button backlit lights are out. The dashboard gauges work and those lights work and the radio works as well. I checked all of the fuses and they are all good. Any ideas where I should look to fix this? I'd like to have some sort of idea before I go back to the installer. Thanks.

Take it back to the installer, it is thier problem. \015\012\015\012if you really want to do it yourself, it is most likley the junction connector for the dash behind the radio, most likley unplugged ... Mitsubishi Endeavor

Radio, dash board, aircon not working. checked all fuses but all in tact. car starts and runs no problem, all check lights work. cannot see speedo etc. windows and all other electronics work fine. seems to be isolated to dashboard, and the radio aircon and middle display. no display and no work. nissan maxima 2004 J31

This sounds like it is a bad relay, the relays are located in the engine compartment. I would start checking there ... 2004 Nissan Maxima

I installed a new radio in a 1995 Nissan Sentra, now the taillights and inside dashboard lights don't turn on when I turn the car lights. check all fuses OK. radio connection ok(radio works fine). I have two wires that are not connected. Radio illumination wire(red/blue) & radio dimmer wire(red/yellow) were do i connect them??

Check this web site ,it might help with your question.http://www.stumbleupon.com/s/#1Pltxs/www.modifiedlife.com/car-stereo-wiring-diagrams-and-car-radio-wiring-diagrams// its free. scroll down to manufacturer. then on rh side of screen find mod ... 1995 Nissan Sentra

I have a 2002 pontiac aztek, i was away for several months. on my return i had to replace the battery, however my windows, radio, and door locks are not working,i checked all fuses. all good.the radio have a message that says "LOCKED", also on the dashboard there is a light that says "SECURITY" not sure if that have anything to do with my original problem. what to do to get my windows radio and door locks to work?

Hi,\015\012\015\012Because the vehicle has been sitting for an extended period of time with a drained battery, the lack of power has caused the electronic immobiliser system (known as PASS-Key III on this vehicle) to malfunction. This is ... 2002 Pontiac Aztek

My daughter has a 1996 Cadillac Seville, she is on her third battery in 6 months. They have checked the alternator and says that it is good. This time, it died on her while she was driving. There is no cranking power and jumping it does no good. The radio was working when it first died, but now it doesn't work nor are there any dashboard lights. the headlights work and so does the alarm bell when you open the door. Otherwise there seems to be no power at all. Have checked all the fuses un

Check the ground wire on the battery itself, and the other end that Its grounded to,, your alt and all the components can be good when checked, because your checking them ,, if the vehicle is going through batteries that fast ,, you ha ... 1991 Cadillac Seville

Ignition switch So the wire to the ignition switch seem to be shorting or something, when I try to turn on the car on all the dashboard lights dont work, neither does the radio auto headlights, heater or the fuel pump. So I took the radio out to take a look at the ignition switch. And when I move the wires around it turns on just fine. I checked fuses and have no blown fuses so im at a lose on what else to do.

My bet is the ignition switch itself or the connector on the switch is bad.You say things seem to work when you move the wires. This is classic indication that the switch is bad. Let us know if this fixes the problem. Robert ... 2001 Chevrolet Malibu

I have a 2004 Suzuki XL-7. The cd player/radio and the dashboard clock/thermometer do not work. I have checked all fuses and all are fine. This problem has been going on for a while. I recently had to replace my battery and I noticed that when I bumped the cd eject button, it made a noise - like a little servomotor was trying to eject a cd. Aside from the noise, nothing happened such as the radio did not light up or make noise and the dashboard clock/thermometer still does not work. The problem

You may have to inspect the wiring under the dash. The wires to the components you have mentioned may be at close proximity to each other. There may be a loose or bad wiring somewhere which may cause no or weak delivery of power. ... Suzuki XL7

How can I figure out why fuse 15A keeps blowing? My dashboard lights don't work nor do the back lights. My breaks and signals work but at night when I turn the car on the regular lights in the back don't turn on nor the dashboard. I tried changing the fuse but once I turn on the lights it blows the fuse right away. I tried to check the only circuit my boyfriend was working on and it still won't work. Please help !

There is a shorted wire somewhere in that circuit. Check to see if any wires are pinched under a bracket or brace where he was working. I have seen it where it was a light bulb the was bad. Need someone familiar with a volt/ohm meter to help trace ... 1996 Honda Accord

My 2001 s430 dashboard doent light up and the car does not start the only thing that works is the interior lights the head lights and the radio. I checked all the fuses and they are all ok, so what is the problem

Can't really say what the problem in just by this need more info... But the interior light has nothing to do with the starting system.. When you try and start it what happens, sounds, clicking, motor turns but no start??? You have to give some sym ... Mercedes-Benz S-Class

Fuse box i jumped the electrical fuse box in error instead of my battery now my power doors, windows, A/C, climate control, radio, dashboard lights,etc dont work. i've checked the fuses but they all look in tact-could it be the relays?


N reg Ford Fiesta Ghia 1297 cc....sensor works for alarm ..glove compartment light works ....changed the bulb for the courtesy light as it blew...checked the fuse and this works the radio and the radio is working... but the courtesy light does not work ,neither does the 2 other bulbs in the unit,is there a separate fuse for this?

... Ford Contour

2003 Lincoln navigator no dash lights fir radio, shifter. Fog light not working no parking lights. Don't know if brake light are working when depressed as I have not checked. I figured it might be the fuse but there are many fuses that control one thing. Which fuse name should I check under in the owner's manual for these light?

... Cars & Trucks

I have a 2004 Nissan Maxima and my tail lights dont work and whn my headlights are on the dash dimmer doesnt work and a section up by the radio lights dont work. I checked my fuses and the headlight fuse was blown so i replaced it and i turned on the car and everything was back to normal until a min later and the fuse blew again adn the break lights went out and the dash light dimmer switch dont work . the lights dont dim when the headlights are on. Its back to how it was. What do i do?

Find the short, could be in the switch or a wire itself...and if you have a bulb out it complicates finding it even morenew fuse it, then turn things back on one at a time...should tell u where the problem is ... 2004 Nissan Maxima

I have a 2005 Chevy equinox with 73000 miles. My dashboard glow light (speedometer, rpm gage, ect.) suddenly went out, as did both my tail lights (break lights still work) However, when i step on the break, the dashboard glow will light up. ONLY WHEN THE BREAK IS PRESSED. Also, i cant find a "tail light" fuse on either of the fuse panels, to check and see if i just have a blown fuse. Which fuse is for the tail lights? If it is not a fuse, what the heck is going on here?

Hello Anugal kenThe park lamp fuse is in the left side instrument panel fuse box marked as "PARK". There is a relay that is activated by the body control module to turn them on.I suspect that you have a bad bulb in one of the ... Chevrolet Equinox

I bought a 96 jeep cherokee sport & the interior lights only come on for the front passenger door. the three other doors & the hatch dont turn on the interior lights & i cant find any fuse box diagram anywhere to check the fuses. there are some fuses missing & theres no way to tell what amperage fuses go where or even what theyre for. also, the radio clock works but the radio doesnt (its a stock radio). could this be related to the interior lights & how can i fix it?

Can you turn on the lights with the Interior light switch?. If a light works, obviously the fuse is good. You will need a wiring diagram and a test light to figure out where to start. ... 1996 Jeep Cherokee

My driving lights don't work. Meaning when the light switch is in the driving light position neither the front driving lights come on nor the rear. When turning the light switch to the full on position the headlights work but not the tailights. I have replaced the dashboard light switch ($54.00) and I have checked the fuse for the appropriate lights (driving). I noticed that in the fuse location there is no juice to either side of the fuse receptacle. Awhile ago I replaced the brake pedal swi

... 1994 Lincoln Continental

I have a Daihatsu Mira 1988 800cc and the light indicator on the battery is fine, but the dashboard lights don't work. There is no power in the car at all. the key turns nothing happens everything electrical does not work. I have check all the fuses under the steering wheel and it seems they are all fine. I have tried to jump start nothing works is there a simple fix for this problem? Are there other fuses in the car that I can check?

... 1988 Daihatsu Charade

2003 Suzuki Grand Vitara radio and dash clock quit working. Fuse doesn't appear to be blown and i swapped it with another 15amp fuse to check. The main (center) dome light quit working a month or so back, well before the radio and clock went out. The rear dome light still works fine. I haven't noticed any other problems as of yet.

... 2003 Suzuki Grand Vitara

I just purchased a 1991 chevy s10 and the dashboard running lights do not work (no light at night on the spedometer. i checked the fuse box and where it has a missing fuse that i am assuming is the dashboard running lights because it's got the letters (drl) right under the missing fuse location the metal pieces inside the fuse holder are missing. Question: can i just goto a shop and purchase these copper clip holders for the fuse to be held in? and cand i just put them in w/o taking the fuse bo

Drl stands for daytime runnig lights and does not have them for those trucks intended for the usa more for canada. missing fuse is not your problem it lies in the reastate (dimmer switch) on the dash it iether burned up or its moved to the all the wa ... 1991 Chevrolet S-10

I have a 1990 toyota camry, the fuse for the dashboard lights, glove box light & rear running lights(they are all the same fuse). blew, I replaced it and all was fine. A week later again the fuse blew, I replaced it and the dash lights & glovebox lights work but NOT the rear lihts!! The brake lights work fine. Can anyone help?? We checked all the bulbs, the connections are all fine. HELP!!!

Depending on the year. I.e. 89-91 camry, all have a yellow god fuse in the driver side of the trunk space behind liner.it is about 2''*3" cant miss it, being only yellow part. It is usual cause of certain outside lights completly out, have had to cha ... 1990 Toyota Camry

Hi i have a toyota corolla 1.3 95 model , my hooter, my front lights and is not working, the fuse box on the battery terminal connection i use to be able to tap it and the lights would go on, i checked the fuse's inside the fuse box of the terminal conection and they are working fine, but my lights, hooter and radio is still not working

... 1993 Toyota Corolla

Dash lights do not work, radio is not working and interior lights do not work. Checked interior panel fuses and inetrior light fuse and they are fine. Cannot find in the fuse diagram where they are inter connected at all.

Check the fuse box under the hood for loose or blown fuses. ... Kia Rio

I have a 91 chevy suburban, I was installing a pioneer radio in it. The radio worked fine and all the lights worked fine but now the radio will not turn on and I checked the radio fuse and its getting the proper power. I tested the wires and my accessory wire (yellow) is getting full power but my radio constant wire (orange) is getting .04 when I test it. Well the dash lights and tail lights do not turn on anymore either when I turn the key forward. Im assuming both wires I tested going to the r

... 1991 Chevrolet Suburban

Gauges died We bought my son a 1992 explorer. the electronic 4x4 wasnt working so we were checking the wiring. the switch is getting no juice, but midway through checking that we noticed the amp gauge, oil pressure gauge, and tach were not working anymore. we checked all of the fuses in the fuse box under the dash and the one under the hood. the radio still works, the lights both dome, and headlights still work, but the gauges are a no-go. any ideas aside from taking the whole dash apart and che

Could be a computer problem might need to bring it to a mechanic and have them put the code reader on it and see if any pop up ... 1992 Ford Explorer
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