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How do i put gear oil in a 1997 mirage?

\015 I want to add gear oil, but i dont know where it goes.\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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How do i put gear oil in a 1997 mirage?

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Car I recently bought a mazda 121 1323cc petrol 1993 that was off the road for 2 years. The problem is that it jerks in lower gears and loses power in the higher gears. I have changed all the filters oil, fuel, air,. I flushed out the engine and put in new oil. I have put in all new spark plugs but it is still jerking. A friend of mine who is not a mechanic said it might be the automatic choke. I was wondering how to fix this. I can't even find it let alone fix it. I am working to a very tight b

Id would be carefully inspecting the intake pipe for cracks/leaks ... 1993 Mazda 323

The mechanic overfilled my 2004 Audi A6 with oil and my oil pressure light came on and started running horrible... It also made a squealing sound and is now slipping in the gears?? They drained the oil and added new oil at the right level but the car is still slipping gears?? They are telling me that this was not from that but it DIDN"T do that before . I am wondering if he accidentally put oil in the transmission reservoir too?

What color is the oil in the transmission pink or black. ... 2004 Audi A6

96 chevy cheynne 5.7 vortechas about 40to50 pounds oil pressure when first sart in morning and when it gets to temp. it drops to 20to25pnds and at a stop it goes to 0 and gauge light comes on until i give it a little gas then it comes up a bit and light goes out. lately it has gotten worse and i finely put a manual oil gauge on it . it shows around 30pds cold and goes to 0 warmed up. and it takes a lot of rpm's to get it back up to maybe 5-10pds. i even changed oil to straight 40wt. didn'

Well it could be the sending unit for the gauge.But odds are the oil pump or engine bearings are worn out.As the engine warms up, the metal spaces expand and the oil gets thinner. The oil pressure drops some under normal conditions, but not ... 1996 Chevrolet C1500

Just changed the clutch in my 2003 Kia Rio LS limited now when i put it into 5 gear there is a whinning noise. the noise is worse in reverse as 5 gear and reverse run off the same idle gear. Now does the diff has its own filler hole or does it have the same filler hole as the gearbox. i lost about 2 litres of oil when i had to take the drive shafts off and the olny filler hole i could find is on top of the box. is there another way that i can pit oil in it or is that the only way. regards.

You should replace the release bearing ... 2003 Kia Rio

I have a 1981 chevy k20 custom deluxe with the 5.7L engine and the manual transmission with granny low gear 4 speed. I just got the engine tuned up and running good but the oil is murky and i believe it has a head gasket out, how long will it last if i where to change oil right away and put in two things of bars leak and put two things or bars leak in the antifreeze and changed the oil very often like say every month to two months.

Not a good idea if you have head gasket out it needs replaced changing oil wont help cause as soon as you start car it will start pumping water into oil . Oil with water in it can't lubricate the motor bars stop leak will not help at all for a ... 1983 Chevrolet K2500

My 2001 Ford Focus had the oil changed by an idiot who did something besides change the oil. It ran perfectly prior to the "oil change". It was missing, and exhaust smell was almost overwhelming.I brought it back and when he lifted the hood there was water on top of where the spark plugs go in. He put new spark plugs in it. I started it this morning to let it warm up, it was running so rough and not idling smoothly at all.When I put it in gear, it died and now won't even turn over. I would like

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Had new distributor put 3 days ago , 200 miles , had a slight tick sound so was watching oil carefully, noticed was leaking worse than before, so I changed the oil to put new filter on, drove 4 moles down the road to gas station, looked under car,all new oil on the ground , no drops from filter or plug, but pouring out of bottom of motor. Got a clue what just happened? I have a 93 mirage 1.5

\012Hi, for oil to leak that fast you have got a massive leak. The ticking itself could be from low oil. First check the oil plug (where you drain the oil) on the oil pan with will be the bottom most part of the engi ... 1993 Mitsubishi Mirage

I know nothing about trucks but i recently lost my rear end in my 1995 chevy so i took of the rear drive shaft and the yoke came off my transfer case and gear oil ran out. i thought it takes atf instead of gear oil. can someone help me understand this please. also do i need tp put the yoke back on to run it home in front wheel drive? (4x4)

The truck shouldn't be driven if the transfer case is low on fluid, so yes the yoke must be installed if you want to drive it without risking damage to the transfer case and possibly transmission. There should be ATF in the transfer case not gear oi ... 1995 Chevrolet K1500

I have a 1998 sonata v6 5 speed gear box. In the morning when I first start off the gears seem dry/ and don't flow easily. Once the vehicle is warm all seems well. My son-in-law changed the gearbox oil as we thought the wrong oil may have been put in it but it's still the same ... any clues

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90 toyota celica gt 2.2 A/T idle problem - it idles at 2200 rpm and with it goes into gear it stalls but not all the time and then sometimes it idles at 1200rpm and when i put into gear it drops to 800rpm and does not stall or studer. i have spend $425. so far with no results. they put on an isc air speed control valve and they checked all for air leaks. Would the gas cap or engine oil cap or the dip stick be a problem{i just found this in my Toyota factory service manual ?

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When driving my Kubota L245DT older tractor ( 70's model )on the highway for a half mile or a mile it starts pushing transmission oil up thru the top of the transmission where the gear shift lever goes in. Also I'm not sure what king of gear oil to put back in it. I would appreciate any help I could get. Thanks, Gary

There is a small breather tube located under the seat area on the left side ( as sitting in seat) that needs to be free from dirt and mud doggers . It looks like a U shaped tube with the opening facing downward. Take a small wire or something s ... Hyundai Excel

Gear oil instantly came out , put new gear oil there was no problem to drive , kindly tell me why it happened

Is it the gear oils from the bottom or hood? either way, check for leakages or probably the cap for the gear oil wasn't properly set. which is why it spilled for the 1st tym but the 2nd after changing it, you tightened it of course causing it to do w ... 1996 Ford Explorer

Oil pressure will drop when it is put in gear but if i put it in netrual while the oil pressure has dropped it comes back up? Please help us!

You didnt say how much it dropped but a little is normal ... 1998 Chevrolet K1500

On an automatic transmission there is two places to put gear oil. Is this the same on a manual transmission. I have switched out a auto for manual and added gear oil in one place but still get a growl am i missing something.

Was it a new manual transmission? If it was used, you may have gotten one with some wear on the bearings. There is only one place to put transmission into the transmission. Are you using the correct grease for a manual transmission? ... Geo Prizm

Previously had a oil leak which damaged my engine i had a new engine put in my car in March and then 16 weeks later my car was still leaking oil and the car would not go into 1st 2nd or reverse the garage man told me that it was the clutch so 4 weeks ago he put a new clutch in and said he has stop the leak now it is leaking loads and will not go into gear at all he said it is my brake cyclinder and also the cyclinder from the clutch which caused pressure.also i still have a leak in my engine, wh

I would take it back to the garage that put the clutch in. The car not going into 1st, 2nd, or reverse is a transmission problem not an engine problem.\015\012\015\012I would take it back to the garage that put the engine to verify whethe ... 1999 BMW 318 ti

Where do u put gear box oil in a renault 19 16v abd where is the drain plug for the old gear oil . thanx

The drain plug should be on the underside of the gearbox if not on the side down towards the bottom. and the fill plug should be up between the middle and the top of it. ... 1986 Renault Sport

CLUTCH ISSUES I have a 2004 ford mustang V6...Pony....when I turn the car on, it makes a lous squeeling....and when you press the clutch it starts grinding....I know it has something to do with the clutch, but my question is where do you put the clutch oil? People say it by the brake cylinder....but I don't see it! Or its under the car on the transmission? So my question is where do I put oil for the clutch?...oh.....and it still catches all gears....so I know it's not the tranny? Please help me

You are referring to the clutch master cylinder it takes brake fluid. it is closer to the fender by master cylnder. sounds like you have a release bearing going bad ... 2004 Ford Mustang

I have a 1990 Toyota Corolla 1.6 ltr,base model...i can start my car and it will run in idol in either park or neutral. But when i put it in any gear reverse,drive,or low. i have put new spark plugs new distributer cap and rotor button just changed the oil in a few days ago.feel like in gear it tries to pul but starts missing real bad and dies what else can i do

I would start with the idle air control valve. First remove the air ducting between the air filter box and the throttle. This will give you some room. You will need a cloth and some WD40 lubricant spray or carb choke cleaner spray. Clean the open ... 1990 Toyota Corolla

Need to put gear oil in gearbox.were to put it?

... Ford Laser

My toyota camry 1998 its five speed.But when i change gear there is no power to push the car going. Gear one is flat to gear five. smoke come from the left side of the engine block. I added oil but the smoke is gone but the gear problem still there. the star but no power when you put gears and push gas. The car move very slow. What is wrong with my car?

Hi the problem you are having is going to be with the clutch plate you will find that it has worn down to the metal pins and has no actual clutch plate left.\015\012\015\012What is happening is that when you put the car in gear and let th ... 1998 Toyota Camry

I took my 2003 pontiac grand am to get a paint job. They broke my gear shift knob. In order for me to go into gear I had to put the broken gear shift knob in. Then I took it to wal-mart for an oil change and they lost the knob. My question is can I just by the knob for my gear shift? Or would I have to get a whole new gear shift?

Contact an automotive recycler (junkyard) to see if they will sell you one. Often you can buy one that fits (but looks different) from an auto parts store like AutoZone or Checker. ... 2004 Pontiac Grand Am

I have 1995 toyota camry with 2.2 liter engine.I installed a new oil pan gasket,and valve cover gasket,cause there was alot of oil leaking from that area.All the work was done about two months ago.there was no oil leaks until today.jacked up the car remove the inspection cover started up the car,put the in gear,reved the car up to 2000 rpm and oil is leaking all over the bell housing could it be the main engine oil seal.please help.

I have the same car and the same problem. I can see the oil shooting out at the (upside down) rear, right side of the oil pan. This side of the oil pan is covered by a piece of plastic foam. There are no bolts on this side of the pan. Toyota reco ... 1995 Toyota Camry


First they should never of put 50 wt in the car. They obviously put the pickup for the oil on wrong which is in the pan,, if the car had not had oil pressure issues to begin with. I really think they owe you a motor if it is seized. I hope all this ... 2000 Chevrolet Tahoe

Oil warning light came on while driving home, then started flickering on / off for rest of journey 2mls. changed oil filter and oil used recomended Mobil 0 / 30. oil light went out on starting but would come on during gear change, added wynns oil treatment and light has gone out, work colleague advised that there is a sludge prob with these cars and that i should not drive ??

Oil light at idle is a sign of wear. If it only happens at low revs and this is an old car, I wouldn't fix it unless it got worse. If it's a newer car, get a new oil pump. ... Saab 9 3
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