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Battery died with after market alarm installed now with new battery car will turn over but not start

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

Answers :

Check alternator
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1999 passat v6 battery wont hold charge. battery light came on and gradually car died several symbols came up on dashboard before car died, abs, battery, circle with triangle inside-car was driving fine and then the battery light came on and 20 miles later the car started slowing down and it eventually stalled...lights inside car continued to work but car would not start when key turned.

Sounds like the alternator gave out. You may want to remove and have it checked. ... 1999 Volkswagen Passat

Today the power steering on my car gave out then the battery died. I bought a new battery and the car started right up. When I went for a test drive, the power steering still wasn't working and then the car died after driving it. I got it to start up again, but whenever I turned on the lights, the car started dying again. What do I need to replace? I was thinking it might be the serpentine belt.

I don't think your serpentine belt is even attached anymore , sounds like it ripped and you keep draining your battery because altenator is not being driven same with the power steering pump. look to see if the belt is still on if it is check the ten ... 1999 Ford Escort

Today the power steering on my car gave out then the battery died. I bought a new battery and the car started right up. When I went for a test drive, the power steering still wasn't working and then the car died after driving it. I got it to start up again, but whenever I turned on the lights, the car started dying again. What do I need to replace? I was thinking it might be the serpentine belt.

Yes you will need to replace the belt before you drive anywhere. ... 2001 Ford Escort ZX2

94 saturn sl1-went out to start the car tonight, and it acted as though the battery was dead. got a jump from a neighbor, and car started just fine. however, when I turned on the heater blower, the car immediately died, and is acting like the battery is dead again when I try to start it. When it was running prior to me turning on the heat, the alternator belt was turning with no issue. this has never happened before.

Sounds like the vehicle is running off the alternator but does not put out enought current to operate many electrical components. Check the charge indicator while the vehicle is running which should be around 14volts. haev the battery checked for a ... 2002 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

I recently bought a 2008 cadillac cts, i went to the movies and left one of the lights on. When i came back my car battery had died so i jump started it. The car worked fine after except for the radio it did not want to turn on any more. The lights on the dashboard and radio and ac still turn off but they wont turn off, causing my car battery to die over and over again. please help! i just got my car.

Check your fuses under dashboard.. ... 2008 Cadillac Cts

2003 Cadillac CTS-When stopping at a light the car would turn off but was able to restart. Car eventually died and would not restart. Had battery checked then replaced as the battery was bad. Once the new battery was put in the vehicle would not start nor would it take a jump. Had someone take a look at it and was told the fuel pump was bad. I replaced the fuel pump and filter along with an oil change. The car ran fine for a few days then died when coming to a stop. Car will not start or accept

... 2003 Cadillac CTS

When starting car sounds like battery was dying then did not start got a jump and started drive home turn off car and nothing no start. Got a new battery still new start got new altenator still no start lights and sound work. when turn key nothing no clicking now. when key off a clicking sound happens after key is off

... Dodge Cars & Trucks

1998 Explorer limited edition - battery light on, car just died and battery wont turn on to start car or allow me to roll up windows. is this something i can fix with just a new battery? does it involve the alternator? if i let it sit awhile could it start again? if it does start will it make it to the shop or will it die while i am driving again?

This really does sound like an alternator problem. If you let the car sit for a while, it may develop enough surface sharge to start the car, but it will only get you about 1/4 mile before it stalls again. Technically, with an operational alternato ... 1998 Ford Explorer

Die battery my battery dies , I charge it put when I drive n turn off the car it is died again n I have to charge it again , the proublem started when my front end came off , I had to get new turn lamp socket , I connected it , n it work but that's when I started haveing proublem , is it the alturnative or battery or did I connected it wrong ? it a ford probe LX 1989

Sounds like you just need a new battery... if the car starts when you're charging, the starter is most likely just using the power from the charger (or the charging battery). And if it continues to run once you've started it, then the alternator is ... 1989 Ford Probe

Check guages light comes on after short drive while engine is running, and the car died while driving on I-95 the lights started flickering getting dimmer. the radio would turn off when anything else electric was tammpered with like when the wipers would move, radio would turn off. pulled over to check alternator belt which was intact. tried to start car again and it wouldnt turn over. took a jump the car started ran for a few min. than turned back off. replaced the battery and it starts with no

It sounds like the Alternator is actually bad.One great way to determine this:Recharge the new battery with a trickle charge overnight. Make sure use remove the wires going to the Battery before recharging.Replace the Battery Wires. ... 1988 Chrysler LeBaron

My 92 sunbird will run untill it starts to get warm and then just dies. I when I try to start it after it dies and the car will just keep turning over and wont start. it sounds like the fuel pump doesn;t come on to. but the next day when I boost the battery and turn the key the fuel pump comes on and the car starts up and runs again untill it gets warm. and cuse of this problem I replaced the fuel pump and the relay (I think it was the right Relay. I don't know exacly what what one is the fuel p

Thers a oil psi senser that wont let the fuel pump run at low psi when the car worms the psi gos down ,the fuel rely only runs the pump for about five sec as a primer then the oil psi senser takes over thirs a plug righi behind the oil fliter for t ... 1992 Pontiac Sunbird

I was in the store the other day & the alarm went off on my 97 acura tl 3.2 . When I came out the store everything had died out including the battery which was already weak. I put a new battery in and car still wont start - it won't turn over. I towed car to my mechanic and he thinks the alarm may have disabled the car . He has tried to reset alarm by turning key (locking & unlocking ) in drivers and passengers door but car still wont start . He says theres no juice going to the starter .

Yes the starter is not getting the required pressure to start the car.as when you insert the key in ignition module the car gives command to the starter and car cranks and throw pressure to the alternater and that throws pressure with current to the ... Acura TL

I have a 1992 Saturn sl2. I recently had to replace the battery and the starter. The car has been fine but one day it took a few turns of the key to start. When I reached my destination I turned off my car. Five minutes later it refused to start and a click click click sound started up by the starter under the hood. It repeatedly clicked while getting no power, and all my gauge needles dropped and wavered back and forth while my battery apparently died. Any thoughts on what could be causin

Possible alternator failure take battery out get it charged up then go to auto zone, o'riely and or advance auto and have them check the alternator normally they don't charge for this ... 1992 Saturn SL2

Chevy Cobalt 2008 - Key will turn in ignition but doesnt start the engine. I cannot remove the key, nor turn the stearing wheel or change gears from park to nuetral. The lights on my car were all on, my battery was NOT dead prior to this happening. The battery died because my key is stuck in ignition. When I would turn the key to start the engine, the display would show a car with a lock and the transmission light. It would aslo make an odd clicking noise. Similar noise as the blinker

... 2008 Chevrolet Cobalt

I opened the trunk to my 91 190 benz and the from and back ligts came on blinking. I can't close the trunk door and my car won't start. I think the battery died too because of the lights. I also already tried turning the battery off and waiting for 10 minutes, plugged it back and jump started it, but the car won't turn on. How do I fix it. What do I do. Isn't it the car alarm? Help me!

Sounds like the alarm was set and when you opened the trunk it activated the alarm system, seems you got no sound though.\015\012you can go to the drivers door, lock the car up even when the trunk open, then unlock it might have to do it severa ... 1991 Mercedes-Benz 190

On my 02 Totyota Avalon when I turned the key to start the engine there was a sound like a pop and then it wouldn't start. Then there was nothing, it was like the battery had died although there had been no indications of a weak battery. When I turned the key several times there was nothing and there was no power to the lights etc. I then conected it to another car battery with cables and the power came on it did then make a clicking sound when I tried to start but it wouldn't turn the engine. W

Remove the battery and attempt to charge it, then have the parts store perform a free battery test. You likely just need to replace the battery and the pop was an indicator that a dead short in the battery is draining off the electricity that would o ... 2002 Toyota Avalon

Hello. I have a 1998 Ford Contour. The Battery had died. It was last started by jump start in September. Since then the car sat in the garage with a dead battery. I recently replaced the battery and tried to start the car. The car cranked but would not turn over. There was not even the smell of Fuel having reached the engine. Can you Help?

... 1998 Ford Contour

Engine will start, when headlights turned on engine stops, dash lights only come on occasionally when ignition turned to on, when turned to start power is lost gauges go to zero. suspect a relay faulty but which one or computer faulty My 05 altima acts similarly. I took the battery out while the car was running and when I turned the headlights on the engine died. I was investigating a possible bad alternator or battery and it turned out my battery was fubar. I'd like to fix this issue though, a

Your ECU is fried my friend. that sucks bad. You can only take out your battery while the engine is running on cars that don't have ECU's. ... 2005 Nissan Altima

My car was having trouble starting, slow to turn, sometimes stalling out imediately after starting. Yesterday I went to start the car and it wouldn't start. Lights kinda flickered, but absolutely no response from the engine. Today a had the battery tested, (it was only 6 months old) and it was dead, I installed a new battery and tried to start the car again. There was no response from the engine, but the lights came on and the radio worked, but then lights slowly died. I would just like to knwo

... 2001 Hyundai Sonata

2004 Sebring 2.7L. The car was running fine with no apparent problems. I turned the car off for a few minutes to get gas. When I went to start the car again, it wouldn't start at all. No clicking, very dim lights. I tried jumping 3 times. It would start, then die. The third time, I revved the engine a bit to try to keep it running. while revving, lights on the dash would flicker and the gauges were jumping a bit. car still died once I stopped revving and tried to drive. The battery has been long

Check for 12 volts at the battery if it is anything less you will need a new battery. ... 2004 Chrysler Sebring

I jump my car.and as long as i keep on on it stays on but once i turn the car off it dies. About a month ago i had to replace the starter and when i got the car back it started acting funny at first i thought it was due to the battery being striped,but then when i turn the key it clicks then the battery dies. whats going on please help

Your battery or charging system is faulty. Jump start the car and turn on EVERYTHING! Then disconnect the negative side of your battery-if the car doesnt stall or sputter its your battery-if it does its your alternator. ... Pontiac Grand Am

It is a 1995 lumina 3.1L 4 door sedan. I went to start it this AM and it started to turn over and almost fired up like usual, then it died. I mean DIED. There are no head or tail lights, the dashboard is dead (no dummy lights for battery check engine etc.)even the automatic door lock is dead and I have to manually lock the car. I put in a new battery about 1 month ago and up until now the car has been running great. This thing is so dead I'm pretty sure I'm looking at a major fuse or rela

It's you aultinator get a boost see if your car starts if so you need to change it thank you for useing fixya ... 1995 Chevrolet Lumina

Problem started when son left inside lights on overnight. Charged battery and drove for about 10 minutes and car died. Replaced battery and car would not start. Replaced starter and car will still not start. Will not even turn over: only goes 'click'. need help. Oil was a little low, but engine never got close to hot let alone overheated. any ideas?

Chechk and double check the cables from the battery to the ground and to the starter. One of these may be bad. I assume when you replaced the battery it was fully charged? The clicking sound lets me know your getting power to the key switch and volta ... 2001 Dodge Intrepid

1985 ford thunderbird 5.0 liter. turn the key on and car has electric, try to start and all the power completely dies. replased selenoid and did the same thing, it also caused the starter to not stop cranking even after the car started. turned the key off and removed it from the ignition and the starter still kept cranking, had to disconnect the battery to get it to stop. 3rd try the car started normal. i think it is a switch issue, but what could be causing this? help please.

Sounds like the ignition switch is bad, usually mounted on the steering column. ... 1985 Ford Thunderbird

Honda accord 1993 car was running on the freeway 101 and the car start to slow down and die. during troubleshooting new battery installed,replace ignitor and all 4 spark plugs has ignition. the car still wont start. just crank but will not turn over. check the fuel line with ignition on and fuel comes out normal. so the fuel pump works. we even spray fuel starter in the intake and pass to butterfly to be able to turn it over the engine but engine just crank. wont turn over. what is wrong. why th

Hello! I need to understand the problem...Just a couple of questions to get started...When you say that you changed the igniter, do you mean the ignition coil? Have you checked for spark (hold plug to ground)...If there is a strong spark and fuel, th ... Honda Accord
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