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2000 mercury cougar v6 2.5 headlights flicker and dash lights go dim and then get bright than dim agian

\015 Alternator is overcharging and lights will flicker\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

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2000 mercury cougar v6 2.5 headlights flicker and dash lights go dim and then get bright than dim agian

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I have a huge problem with my 99 mercury cougar.. for the past few weeks i have had to get my car jumped pretty much every morning after leaving it off all night but once i jump it in the morning it will start right back all day until yesterday i jumped it like usually but this time after i took the jumper cables off of it all the lights inside the car dimmed and the headlights dimmed and all my gauges keep jumping around and the battery light flashes.... what could possibly be wrong with my car

Dead Battery ... 1999 Mercury Cougar

I have a 9% achieva. When I went to get it inspected the guy noticed when I flip my high beams on one headlight is bright the other is dim and then I switch them off and the dim light gets bright and the bright light goes dim. Kind of like cops headlights how they flash. Thats what it reminds me off. I need to know if its my dimmer switch before I buy one.. Thanks

It sound more like the ground wire for the headlight is bad or the plug is corroded and not making a good connection. Lee ... 1995 Oldsmobile Achieva

2002 mercury cougar headlights dim bright lights bright

... Mercury Cougar

My 1999 cougar has issues.All lights,dash lights,headlights pulse dim to bright. After driving the car it sometimes will not turn over, it is not even getting power to the starter solenoid when it does this. This problem seems to resolve itself after 15 to 20 minutes, although sometimes will not turn over for days. This problem also causes the motor to surge slightly. Obviously its electrical,but there are no repair manuals available for this vehicle, has anyone else experienced a problem like t

Hi \015\012\015\012A couple of things, firstly check the ground/earth wire to the car body from the car battery. And also the ignition switch where the ignition barrel is, if these stick they can stick open or closed so the car does not k ... 1999 Mercury Cougar

The LED Dash Control Center on my 2005 Mercury Monterey will go from being bright and readable to dim and recently completely off. It is not affected by the dash light dimmer control switch, but does changed it's luminance when the headlights or parking lights are turned on of off. At first I thought it was a heat/cold problem but now it is more random, with it being dim and now off most of the time. Any suggestions on how to make it stay bright and readable?

The problem is very likely the surface mount resistors on the instrument cluster circuit board. If you are handy with a soldering iron, it takes about 1 hour to fix counting taking the instrument cluster out, testing it, and putting it back in. The ... 2005 Mercury Monterey

I have a 2001 cavalier that had been wrecked in the front. We have replaced all the damaged parts. The problem is the headlights. I can only get one headlight to shine bright, the other one is very dim and because of that the daytime running lights don't work. We have rewired it 3 times. The first time it worked great for about 2 weeks. Ever since then we cant get them to work. Any ideas to which wire on the headlight plug is the ground? It is almost like it isn't getting a good ground so I thou

Put a meter on the plug with light switch on .....the one pin will be hot the other nothing ...that's the ground and a good idea to try a new good too good luck, i hope this helps. ... 2001 Chevrolet Cavalier

Shifting problems on my 2000 mercury cougar i drive for about 10 mins and when it gets hot it will come out of overdrive. the longer i drive the worse it gets. sometimes it will go into neutral then 2nd and really jerks the car hard. cant drive it long distances. the car never gets over normal operating temperature. at night, when the lights are on, when it starts doing it the lights dim very erratically. no one seems to know what the problem is.

The lights diming is the fuel pump recall or the altinator cant spell i put 7 on my silver 2000 the factory one is made of lead i got mine hot and run into a storm it got wet and cracked i got mine at auto zone it was 149 dollars napa n advance was 2 ... 2000 Mercury Cougar

I have a 2000 Dodge Caravan and the front parking lights won't dim down when you turn on the headlights. Now and then I hear a click behind the dash on drivers side and the lights dim down and then get bright again. Replaced the marker/turn signal bulb on drivers side about 4 times in one year. Is there a relay or something under the dash that is malfunctioning? Checked fuses and they are O.K.

It could well be a relay. ... 2000 Dodge Caravan

Im not sure whats going on but i just got this car a week ago.It runs great and only has 90 miles on it..but whats weird is when i get up to take my husband to work the lights and the inside lights works but when it gets kinda light out my headlights are off and the lights inside my car are off..I checked today when i turn on my brights you see my headlights but when i dont have my brights on the headlights aren't on ethier are the lights inside.Like i said when i lieave in the AM when its dark

It sounds like the switch is stuck in "auto" and it is controlling the lights. ... 2001 Mercury Grand Marquis

When i turn my headlights on the dash lights go dim when i turn them off the dash lights get bright again?

... 2006 Ford Explorer

I have a 2008 f250. one headlight (driverside) low beam is not working. I have checked both fuses 10amp and they are good. The flash to pass works and both lights on bright, right and left come on. the high beams work also. The only problem is that the driver side low beam is not working. I know the bulb is good cause I put it in the right side and it works on dim and bright.on the bulb that does not work on dim(driver side) I am getting 8.6 volts on low beam ,but not the full 12v. does this lig

I am sure that a 12 Volt bulb means it needs 12 Volts. Since you changed the bulb to the other side, why not check the voltage in the working side and see what it reads?\015\012\015\012Sometimes the turnstalk can interfere with the light ... Ford F-250

When driving, I can hear a whirring noise, at the same time my battery light flashes and my headlights and inner lights go dim and get bright in time to the whirring noise. I feel like there's a short somewhere but I'm not sure where.

Sounds like the alternator is bad. take it to a local Major auto chain,even sears and they will test it for free. If you have a volt meter test the voltage at the battery with the lights on. Should be above 13 volts. hope this helps.If you need more ... 1997 Chevrolet Blazer

I'm a delievery driver for papa johns and the only thing ive noticed weird is the lights get dim and bright bright when im in it a while. well on my last delivery of the night the radio came on and off then the lights were really dim then while in drive the car just stoped working. I got jumped and charged long enough to get it a few blocks to the store and then got a new batery and it started up just fine but being in the car the lights are dim on the dash should i worry? what would be the prob

Your alternator belt might be loose,worn , or even off. Also, the alternator might be going out. ... 2003 Kia Sedona

I am having a headlight problem. None of the headlights were working. I replaced the switch, now on high the lower lights are bright and the top lights are dim. When on low the top ones are bright with the lower ones dim. On low beam shouldn't the high beams be off. And on high all 4 lamps should be bright?


INSTRUCTIONS TO REPLACE LEFT SIGNAL LIGHT BULB ON 1992 MERCURY TOPAZ . Took the center fake light out, got the headlight clips out ,could not get the headlight out to get at the corner light to access the bulb. Is there anything else to remove to get at the corner light? Tom

There are screws 8mm head I think,that also hold headlight assembly in place,along w/ the clips. ... Ford Tempo

I have a 2006 pontiac grand prix GXP, My Dim Headlights stopped working, so took it to parts store to get new bulbs and new bulbs didnt work, so they checked all fuses and they seemed ok. I drove home with bright lights on and noticed that my radio wouldnt come on and my DIC was showing a dotted line display like this(-------- --) it should be reading the date?? any ideas??

... Cars & Trucks

Headlights are foggy inside how do i clean them How do you get the plastic cover off the head lamp to clean it. they have been foggy for about 6 years with moisture and dims the light. The solution given does not fit the problem. 2001 Mercury Grand Marquis

Hello , i no what your talking about , but they cant be cleaned they must be replaced sorry , and god bless ... 2001 Mercury Grand Marquis

Headlights lights get dim then bright again while on high beam not sure about low beam,why?

Alternator might not be charging the battery properly or the battery is on the way out and not holding a charge ... 2002 Oldsmobile Aurora

Headlights flicker on and off at times .interior dash lights get dim and bright. checked alternator and thats fine.

Check all block grounds and chassis grounds. ... 2004 Dodge Durango

Bright lights do not work on my 2001 Toyota Sequlia. When I switch the lever from dim to bright I loose ALL headlights. If I pull my lever back the lights brighten but again when engage the bright lights I loose all headlights. Thank you, Stew

... 2001 Toyota Sequoia

If my dash lights, running lights and tail lights aren't working, and my headlights are dim and only getting 1 watt of power. The combo switch (headlights, running lights, turn signals) is working, the relay is clicking, but the running light wires are not getting power coming out out of the relay. Also the radio sometimes doesn't work and either turning the ignition on and off or just turning the key while the car was running would make it come back on. Is there any possibly way it could be

Sounds like you have a short or perhaps a bad ground wire. Can you check the current at the relay socket? That would tell you if the short is after the relay or before it. ... 1983 Nissan 280ZX

My headlights on my 94 dakota work fine for a while on brights, but then just the headlights start flashing/flickering. Parking lights and brake lights are fine. It will also flash/flicker in dim lights but it takes longer for that to happen than in brights. Thanks for any and all help!!!!!!

I just had this problem. There was a screw loose on the hi-beam switch. You have to take off the plastic cover on the steering column to get to it. Really simple to fix yourself (5 minutes tops). 4 screws and the turn of a small wrench. Free if you ... 1994 Dodge Dakota Club Cab

My 06 Honda ridgeline drivers side headlights is dim while ps light is fine,also ds parking lights are dim w headlights on equal brightness with parking lights only,switched head lamp bulbs problem is ds only

One of the frame grounds on the headlight wiring harness is loosing connection with the body. Look for black wires attached to the body under the hook. One of them is loosing connection. ... 2006 Honda Ridgeline

On a 2005 Jeep Liberty, the passenger headlight went dim. I replaced the bulb but no improvement. I switched the bulb with the driver side, and still no improvement. No the passenger light is out. The driver side is normal and bright. I turn on the bright lights and both lights come on, however they are extremely dim on both sides. I checked all the fuses and replaced one of the switches. No improvement.

There is a ground wire for both sides. follow the wire from the connector to body and clean, Test the 12 volt wire to make sure it has 12 volts. If not bad switch or bad wire or contact in the connector. Wiggle the connector first with the lights on ... 2005 Jeep Liberty
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