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I just install another alternator on 79 mercury capri with a 302 motor and still not having enough volts reading, the positive I disconnected and the vehicle shuts off. I think i have all the wiring hook up right. I just can't believe its the alternator again.

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Was the alt new? how meany volts do you have?
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I just install another alternator on 79 mercury capri with a 302 motor and still not having enough volts reading, the positive I disconnected and the vehicle shuts off. I think i have all the wiring hook up right. I just can't believe its the alternator again.

Was the alt new? how meany volts do you have? ... Mercury Capri

Hen you pour gas down throttle body once primed truck runs fine after shutting off for any length of time has to be reprimed, fuel sending unit does not work as well,checked out the wiring for the pump from previous owner only a couple of wires still hooked up, cleaned up wiring reinstalled, same issue, thinking there is not enough pressure at rail, as it always has to be primedto startany ideas

Have a fuel pressure test done, that will reveal if the fuel pump is weak, or the fuel pressure regulator is faulty. ... 1998 GMC Sonoma

I start my caviler and it stalls back out. All new fuel lines, filter, pump, and sending unit. I hooked it up to the diagnostic at work and it says 02 on intake low pressure only if it stalls out. but if i step on the gas when i start it, it stays running, then shuts off at random times. the only thing i can think is i have a bad ground or a power wire is shorting. All fuses are good and i havent found a power wire rubbing anywhere. ?????

If you really suspect a short, try running it in the dark. Be very careful of the fan(s) of course, but you could wiggle wire bundles and you may see the arc! Worth a shot, you can't see some shorts in the light> ... 1998 Chevrolet Cavalier

I have a 2003 lexus ls430. every time i get in it it wont start. it acts like the battery is dead but when i hook it up to another battery(even if the other vehicle is not running) it cranks up fine. also when i pull up to a stop sign it will shut off. i think it needs to be idled up but my question is, could the alternator be bad? i cant remember, is it possible to disconnect the alternator to test to see if its the starter? thanks

It can be the alternator, have your car to a parts store and they will check your system for free of charge ... 2003 Lexus LS 430

I have a 2003 lexus ls430. every time i get in it it wont start. it acts like the battery is dead but when i hook it up to another battery(even if the other vehicle is not running) it cranks up fine. also when i pull up to a stop sign it will shut off. i think it needs to be idled up but my question is, could the alternator be bad? i cant remember, is it possible to disconnect the alternator to test to see if its the starter? thanks

The best way to test the alt is to take it off and have it tested. its not like the older cars that you can do today this can damage other parts of the car computer and sensors by over voltage normal is around 13.35 - 13.5 the 2 main things that com ... 2003 Lexus LS 430

If i hooked a hot wire with a switch up to my dual radiator fans with a switch, would that affect my 1998 dodge neon, 2.0 L, manual transmission, dohc to have a problem dying? I have replaced the cam, crank sensor, fuel pump, alternator, coil pack, plug wires, radiator. I replaced the engine a year ago. The only thing that I can think is that the PCM is bad. How can I check the PCM out to see if it is bad.

It shouldnt affect anything ,b ut if engine keeps dying then thats another problem ... 1998 Dodge Neon

My 1997 ford contour will not stay running. I can turn it on and will run for a little bit but once you hit a higher speed the car dies. I have had the alternator check and the battery they are both working great.ON this i have replaces the engine, water pump, belts, and timing. I am now being told it has something to do with the wiring of the car. I was told when the guy took out the engine and put it back in he did not hook up something right. I think need the wiring mad for the car. Oh and it

... 1997 Ford Contour

Alternator trouble I recently replaced my alternator and it doesnt recharge my battery. I thought i got a dud from autozone so they replaced it with another new one... the problem still exist. When i was removing it the wire that connects to the alternator(it says battery on the alternator above the wire) got twisted around once. My battery is fine, im thinking it may be that wire that got twisted. please let me know what you think..

Sounds like the problem is in the twisted wire. ... 1988 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera

Wiring was left off my 2000 chev cavalier at the starter i think that it is the alternator wire m am i correct in thinking that the alternator wire and the batt pos wire goes on the top post of the solenoid and the ign wire is the small one, the only wire that goes on the bottom post of the solenoid should be the braided wire to the starter motor . (am i correct

Big one is possitive little one for igniion switch ... 2000 Chevrolet Cavalier

My battery light is still on. I have changed the alternator 2's and the battery once. There isn't a connection somewhere. When I remove the neg cable the car shut off. I don't see a lose ground wire either. Im thinking the ecu because the distriburator went out 1st now this issue. please help

Have the alternator checked and make sure it is good,and check the different components on the car,things that draw a lot of voltage ,like motors,cooling fans,blower motors any amps for sound system?These little alternators are not made to hold up a ... 1985 Honda Prelude

I have a set of 6x9 speakers hooked up to an amp and I am getting alternator noise through the speakers. I'm thinking that it is a bad ground between the cab and frame but where is that ground wire located?

First\012 of all you need to find out which component is noisy. Pull the RCA \012jacks out of the first amp and the second amp and see if you still get \012noise coming out the speakers. If you do, the problem is purely from power/ground and the amps ... 2000 Chevrolet S-10

Rear speakers i have a 05 pontiac g6.im puting rear speakers in but theres 8 wires (4 for each side) when i hook up the new speakers, the front speakers shut off.....i think theres an amp 4 them and thats why i cant get it right. please help because my girl friend is goin to kill me.!!!!!!!!!

... 2007 Pontiac G6 GT Convertible

Electrical problems i thought there was a short in the wiring some where, but i replaced the battery and that seemed to solve the problem, i took it for a test drive and the battery light came on , made me think the alternator may be bad , also after getting home i shut the car off and when i started the car i idles real high and uncontrolablly can some one help with this?

Your main computer in the car is on the way out replace befor it leves you sumwere a long way from home cheers ... 2003 Dodge Neon

1988 Chevy K3500 4X4 with a 454 I need to know the resistance of the ECM part of the Oil sender. What is the resistance and what resistor color code should be placed in the wiring harness to bypass this to where the ECM still thinks the oil sender is still hooked up to the engine so that it will stop shutting off the fuel supply.

Should just be able to hook right in to each other or put a new sender in its got a 6.2 or 6.5 in it they are real cheap here in fl i don't know were you are so try to hook to each other ... 1988 Chevrolet K3500

Alternator Problems Hey guys, i have a 77 f250 4x4with a 351, recently i replaced the alternator but ran into a problem,the alternator i had on had three wires to it and three spots to hookup to, the new one had five spots to hook up to so i wasnt exactly surewhere the wires needed to go, the only one i was sure of was thebattery wire, since i have hooked it up all the lights get brighterwhen i give it gas and today i was pulling out of my driveway and myheadlight blew, could i have mixed up the

You have two get the correct alternater, it is presently running at full charge all the time and not regulating. If you continue to drive it this way, it will burn out more things, including the battery. To warn you, this is what causes batteries t ... Ford F-250

Alternator wiring New internal-regulated alternator being used to replace one with an external regulator. Old alternator had a two-pin small-wire plug, one labled ''F'', no note on the other. New altlernator has four pins, (C) computer, (FR) field monitor, (IG) Ignition, (L) Lamp. Plus, of course, the main large power lead. How am I to hook up the new alternator? Want to be certain that I am hooking things up right. The new alternator is designed for a 1989 Honda Civic. This

It sounds like you already have it figured out. That is exactly the same way we installed new style alternators on transport buses. The new ones had their own regulating pack mounted on the side. We had to do several campaigns and we didn't have the ... 1989 Honda Civic

My 1985 ford f150 has a three wire alternator. Two wires are hooked up but the third is missing. The battery will not charge, and if I put a good battery on and start it, when I pull off the battery cable the motor dies. I had the alternator tested, and it tested good. The two wires that are hooked up are the red post that is held on by a nut and the orange post that just pushes on. The one that is missing is the white post. I can make a wire to fit on the post, but I do not know where it connec

Welcome to FIxYa.com\015\012\015\012\015\012 what size engine? please\015\012\015\012And you are missing the white and black stripe wire? \015\012 ... Ford F-150

Slow drain on the battery. Have isolated to the extra two wires that connect where the battery hooks up to the alternator. Unsure where or what those two wires are feeding. They are hooked up together on a open lug to the alternator and go back into the factory harness. Removed all fuses and still has the slow drain. The charge from the alternator is good 14v+ but the slow drain will drain the battery in 8 hours if left not running or on a charger.

Tell you what you do, because i think the alternator may be the problem, remove all the wire from that connection and tape them together good, and see if batt still goes dead, if it doesnt then replace alternator. hope this helps. ... 1997 Chevrolet Blazer

1995 Grand Am GT-3.1 Ltr. V-6: I am needing a wiring diagram for the alternator charging circuit. I have a short somewhere and before I found a burnt wire coming from the alternator. But before getting too deep I want to be sure of exactly where and which wires I think I should be looking at. Alternator checked good to specs. BUT the red battery wire coming out of the back of the alternator is TOOO hot to touch. Could this be a faulty ground?

Most likely...seems like you have a handle on it. There may be wiring diagrams available, for example Chiltons manuals...To my knowledge there exists no "internal" wiring diagrams for alternators of any make.Good Luck ... 1995 Pontiac Grand Am

I have a 96 Nissan Altima that is not charging. The charge warning light on the dash is not coming on. Had the alternator checked and it is good. The fuses have been checked and are all good. I am not getting any power on the Yellow and white wire at the alternator. When I put a jumper wire with 12 volts to this wire the alternator starts charging. I cannot find any broken wires. Tested the warning light bulb on the dash and it is good. I think the problem is where ever the Yellow and White wire

Have you checked the indicator bulb in the dash for the alternator warning? here is how the circuit works, the Field of the alternator is excited by the power coming from the ignition switch to the bulb in the dash, when ... Nissan Altima

Wiring problems 82 ford fairmont futura 2 -door v-6 motor. new battery, solenoid, battery cables, alternator, ignition module, and relay. car starts, but won't stay running. seems to be running on battery. think problem is there is no return power to battery from alternator, but not sure where to connect wire. have positive wire connected to positive terminal nothing is connected to ground connection on top of alternator

... 1983 Ford Fairmont

The plug-in on the alternator is unpluged but, one of the wires are missing from the plug there are a red wire and a white wire, the wire coming from the red hook up is present and the white one is missing. How can I get the alternator to charge. Iam working with a 307 oldsmobile engine


I have a 1994 toyota pickup 2wd. Just recently it had a wire burn up on the wiring harness running to the alternator from the main harness. It burned the ground clean off the alternator the first time then I fixed the wiring and the second time it did it again but on the ground running to the fender but it was the same wire but on the other side of the plug in. When going down the road, the lights and radio would start skipping then the truck motor would start skipping also then just shut comple

If it is arcing at the terminals on the battery, not necesarily. It might not be getting a clean connection, torque that baby down on clean lead. Wire brush it, look for the short at night, when you can see something sparking. When you disconnect the ... 1994 Toyota Pickup

Hooked up battery backwards on my 1992 ford explorer. Got it running now the alternator isn't charging the battery. Has 12 volts power. Could it be the points on alternator where the wiring hooks into the alternator?

The battery needs 12.6 volts or more to be in serviceWhen the engine is running you need 14 volts or more out of the alternator to charge the batteryYou can test the alt by testing across the battery termor the alt output wire & g ... Cars & Trucks

Wiring problem i turn a corner and everything shuts down dash lights, motor,and will not start up. it has 12.5volts at battery. the only thing that works is the head lights &horn. when i look under the hood i found nut on back of alternator loose so i tightend it well the crimp on ends of wire that goes directly to battery grounds out on alternator i yanked it red hot & smoking, the battery is good had it checked. ihave replaced all wires even close to this area checked fuses &links any ideas

Check the fusible links at the starter. One of them may be burned. You mentioned that it shuts down when you turn a corner. Check the wiring going to the ignition switch under the steering column, you may have a loose wire there as well. ... 1986 Chevrolet Chevy
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