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2010 sprinter with 2900 miles. When I started it there was a rattling sound, then check engine light, read as p0405, then loss of power driving home. Disconnected battery fo 20 minutes, no change.

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2010 sprinter with 2900 miles. When I started it there was a rattling sound, then check engine light, read as p0405, then loss of power driving home. Disconnected battery fo 20 minutes, no change.

... Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

I had a gradual loss of electrical power while driving a 1999 Ford Escort, resulting in surging and eventual stall. I had the battery load tested and it was acceptable. The alternator was only putting out 11 volts. I removed the alternator and had it tested. The electrical shop replaced the brushes and voltage regulator and it tested O.k. under load. 2 days later the same thing happened after only 2 hours of driving. I boosted the battery for 10 minutes to get the car home. The batery is only at

Test the alternator again to make sure it is putting out the correct voltage. Also if you have a bad connection on the battery and battery cables you can cause arcing and that can drain you battery and will also cause the car to lose electrical power ... 1998 Ford Explorer

Tried to start car...nothing...like completed dead battery...but then cd player starting to change discs but wouldn't play them...interior lights would go on and off intermittently, we disconnect battery for about 5 minutes...tried again to start but nothing, except cd player changing discs...got car to start by jumping but after driving home turned car off and tried to start again immediately....nothing (except cd player)..could not remotely lock car..making some very strange sounds....when it

Did you checked the voltage of the car battery.If the voltage of battery is very low,then it will not let the car to start.The fully charged battery will show 12 volts.As you mentioned you jump started the car and after you turned off the car and tri ... 2005 Chevrolet Equinox

A red battery light on dash lit after having a loss of power with noise coming from under Van For awhile actually since dodge changed my timing belt the van has made a noise that sounded like something was scrapping as the engine turned. after about 5 months it would make a random large scrape sound almost like it was in a bind. a month ago I was driving out of town after about 2 hours of constant running it bogged down I thiught it was going to die, it just lost power. We made our trip and home

Well 1st of all driving it is your sole discretion as far as your safety and the safety of others ...just a thought ...however i would have returned the vehicle upon the 1st sign of this occurrence ,,if you are getting codes many part stores and othe ... 2002 Dodge Caravan

I have a 1991 honda accord EX that i just replaced the alternator and battery on because of the battery light going on and power dying as i drive. once changing both alt and battery, the voltage went up to 14.5, but as i drive the car for a few minutes, the lights all cut off, car starts to drive weird and the voltage drops to about 8.5. I have a new alt and battery so i know its not those, does anyone have suggestions for what other problems it could be?

Even though You have a new alt, that doesnt always mean that its going to work as a new one should. Ive experienced new parts of many different applications being faulty and yes it sucks but thats just life. I would start by having the new alt check ... 1991 Honda Accord

I just bought a 93 Mazda Protege and i was driving it home when i stopped once and then it wouldnt let me change gears anymore(its a standard). I turned the car off and then it wouldnt get any power.... I had a friend help me tighten the battery connection but it is old and corroded. We got the connection and i can start the car now but it still won't shift into any gears. Is it that the battery is not connected well enough to give me enough power to change gears or is it something else. The

Ok, so you got the battery connections ok.\015\012\015\012Now, the shifting into any gears problem is more due to a clutch problem than a battery problem.\015\012\015\012---\015\012\015\012HYDRAULIC SYSTEM BLEED ... 1993 Mazda Protege

I took my 2006 Mazda 6 in for an oil change yesterday. The mechanic said when he tried to start the car to back it out of the garage, the car would not start. He checked the battery and said it had a bad cell. He jumped the car to start it so we could take it home and I would replace the battery. While driving home, we found the auto down function of the power windows quit working and the drivers door switch for the passenger front power window will not work. The passenger front window will work

Usually the autodown feature needs to be reprogrammed. there are usually 2 ways of doing this. First, roll the window down and hold the switch down for a about 5 seconds and then roll the window up and hold for about 5 seconds. Repeat if it does ... 2006 Mazda 6

2001 oldsmobile intrigue 3.5 L, Alternator/Battery problems. While driving the battery light came on and so did other lights. My car died in my drive way. So I bought a new battery, and rebuilt the alternator. Not sure what was happening. I changed both out and my battery light is still coming on and the car is lose power after driving 5-10 minutes. Any advise?

The battery light coming on means the charging system cannot manage the demand on the system - i.e weak battery, defective alternator, bad regulator...Changing parts doesn't necessarily mean the replacements are working. Measure the voltage on ... 2001 Oldsmobile Intrigue

I was driving when my oil light started blinking off/on and my car started to lose power. i pulled over and when i took a look under the hood i noticed that the oil i just changed the week b4 was draining out. i got under the car and notice the drain plug was gone then after a few minutes my battery drained. i checked all spark plugs and cylinders (no oil or water), replaced the drain plug, put new oil and charged the battery. now my car wont start (engine doesnt turn over) but the car has power

Chec ur batt connections-make sure terminals r clean n tite ... 1995 Toyota Avalon


My 1995 ford f150 doing it, i believe, either because of a loose plug on the transmission and/or vaccum leak, but very annoying. I dont think the transmission itself is bad because when the overdrive is not flashing it works perfect. going to have th ... Ford F-250

My 2003 f350 6.0L quit yesterday like it ran out of fuel. After sitting for a few minutes it started but didnt have much power, I was able to drive it home. This morning I turned the key and it fired right up running excellent for about 15 minutes then it quit.Now it idles rough but smoothes out at 1500rpm and has no power. The injectors and fuel filters were just changed. Could this be caused by a weak lift pump.


I had the light check gouges light on for few days,, the couple days ago while i was driving home air bag and abs lights came on also,,,, then star loosing power ,,, first head lights low,, wipers and windows low power,,,,,, radio off,, and no turn signals at all,,, i got home ,, i park and right before put car on parking car died,, try to turn on car again seem low battery,,,,,, i use jump cales ,, i was able to turn car on again ,,, was on for few minutes,, then check gauges light came on agai

More than likey the car is not charging the battery look for loose belts or bad connectoins at battery or bad altenator. ... 1997 Jeep Cherokee

Was driving down son's dirt road driveway returning home at low speed in 2nd gear in my 1997 sunfire when it suddenly started running rough with no power. it will start right up and idle is rough but acceleration is rougher and the car bucks and the engine runs boggy. all sparkplug wires spark to the plug. there was no snap, crackle, or pop when it occurred, just rough and loss of power, car will drive in a limping wounded manner. changed fuel filter with new clutch about 3000 mi ago. checked fu

Sure sounds like a typical case of dirty/contaminated fuel....or a broken vacumn supply hose around the intake manifold area, in neutral let it idl;e and look and listen for a hissing sound, or a broken black rubber hose.\012Also have the compu ... 1997 Pontiac Sunfire

My sons 1990 626 ran great. I change the oil and reconnected the speedometer cable that had vibrated loose. took it for a drive to make sure I didn't have any oil leaks. It ran for about 5 minutes and just died. Left it set for a couple of hours, it started right up and ran great for about 3 minutes and shut off like I turned the key off. I disconnected the battery to see if resetting the computer would help. I reconnected the battery after about 3 hours. started right up again ran for a while b

My car was running fine, stalled in traffic once, restarted it without a problem, drove a few more miles and it just died - wouldn't start, still had lights though. Sat for a few hours, had it towed to my mechanic, he got in and it started up, right ... Mazda 626

The battery light came on a week ago,2 days ago it stalled going 20 mph ,yesterday driving 55 mph it started cutting out and lites,dash guages,power stearing and power brakes failed,got pulled over,wated a few minutes i started driving again 10 to 20 mph to get off highway ,it was still freeking out i went to use brakes and pushed on pedall and a real fast clicking sound happened ,i let of brake it would stop,''the clicking''pushed it again ,clicking started again .then it died ,went home got

Replace your dead alternator. ... 1998 Plymouth Voyager

My problem is that after I drive my 93 jgc (inline 6)for a few miles, it acts like it's starving for gas and starts to lose power. I have to feather the gas pedal to keep it going while it fails to maintain speed. Usually, after being shut down for a few minutes, it again drives ok until a repeat of the power loss. I've changed the fuel filter and fuel pump relay. Don't want to spend any money on this old baby, so hope it's not the fuel pump. Can hear the pump and relay click. Any suggestion

This does look to be a fuel pump going bad (when the demand for more fuel is there a good fuel pump will supply more and a bad pump/pump failing will hesitate) and usually starts making an abnormal sound (hard to tell while driving). When you turn th ... 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee

1985 Chrysler 5th ave 5.2l c.i.d. will not charge, new alternator,regulator, new gel battery new cables. if i charge the battery the car starts and runs great,but over the course of 6 hours or so if i stop it will not turn over again,and it lacks power while driving. i have ground for the regulator and have 3 or 4 new ones and have tried them all. changed the alternator at the store tried 4 still no charge. belt is working and in good condition. i have used my gel battery in my 1979 motor home

It sounds like you did every thing write... well i would start checking for a burnt (fuse-able link wire)\015\012i know chrysler uses alot of fuse-able links.. start at the positive side of battery...\015\012i don't know if you know what ... Chrysler Fifth Avenue

I have a 1997 Buick Lasabre custom. when I drive the car in the morning to work, everything is fine. Takes me about 15-20 minutes to get to work then I drive around the property all day and everrything is good. When i go to drive home, everytime i step on the brakes, the car shuts off, and the volt/battery light comes on. I can start the car right back up, but it still shuts off whenever i step on the brake. What could be the problem? i was told maybe a dead cell in battery or the power brake b

It is very unlikely that the brake booster is causing your vehicle to stall. The booster itself is a simple but reliable part, and causes very few mechanical problems. the first thing I would check is the battery to make sure it is holding the proper ... 1994 Buick Park Avenue

1999 vw beetle driving car lost headlights,wipers ,heater and directionals. checked fuses 1 bank no power. main links above battery all ok. car sat overnight everything returned .placed foot on brake shifted to revers lost power to above again.driving back home 10 minutes power returned. any suggestions?

Check behind the fuse box your main power wire is burnt and or lose ... 1999 Volkswagen Beetle

The car is a 1992 cadillac deville you can drive the car fine but when you go home and don't drive the car for a few days the battery goes dead and you haft to charge the battery and then the car works fine if you drive it everyday but when you bring it home and don't drive it for a few days the battery goes dead again and you haft to charge the battery again. Have changed the battery with new batttery car works fine but when you bring the car home and don't drive the car for a few days the batt

Two things you can do first you have ignition draw means you have something stay running after you shut off the car you need to find the draw from where it is coming good mechanic will find the draw.second if you want to leave the car for few days yo ... 1992 Cadillac DeVille

Hi. I have a 2003 ford windstar with ford anti theft. While driving ,the engine just stopped and the anti theft symbol on the dash kept flashing,and the engine will not turn over.I disconnected the battery..to no avail.left the ignition key on for a few minutes,,still nothing so I towed the van home and dissconnected the battery cable for the night. Does the van need to be reset and if so how do I do it. Thanks Larry

You will have to take your vehicle to the nearest dealer the theft system is the issue most likley you will have to replace the ignition switch but you will have to get it properly diagnost do yourself a favor and save u time and money ... 2003 Ford Windstar

I have a 1992 Honda. I took it to the repair shop yesterday 9/30/10. The thermostate was change. Afterwhich, I drove it home and it started stalling out. Just before I pulled into my drive, all electrical functions completely shut down. I have no power!!! This morning I turned the ignition and nothing. I check the power to the battery and it is okay. Please provide me with a possible solution.

Normally a fuseable link on battery maybe it is blown ... 1992 Honda Accord

Why won't my '98 Chevy Malibu start, it just clicks??? YET, it HAS POWER!? I have a '98 Chevy Malibu. We turned it off after driving for about 5 minutes that day, came back 5 minutes later and it acted like it had a dead battery ... it just clicked. I got another car to jump start it and nothing changed ... but while the hood was up I noticed that when you turn the key and it simply clicks, a small puff of white smoke climbs from the lower side of the engine (maybe close to the starter?) Afte

You can still have enough power to turn on the lights, but not enough to crank the starter. I suspect it's either a bad battery or dirty or loose battery cables. ... 1998 Chevrolet Malibu

I have a 2000 Dodge Intrepid. I can be driving along and all of a sudden, the car loses power and dies. Doesn't die while idling or at a stop. after a few minutes it always re-starts. fuel pump, battery, spark plugs and coils were all changed and no change.

You might need to check the fuel pressure while the car is going through its paces.\015\012\015\012You can check to see if the fuel pressure regulator is failing at speed. ... 2000 Dodge Intrepid

Im having trouble starting my jeep when it starts i have to give a little starter fluid and it will run fine but acts like it starts loosing power truck eventually dies and when i try to start it turns over and kills battery on second or third turnover acts like its not getting any gas .and when i turn ignition on lights in the inside kinda dimmer .if i leave home with it it will drive fine when i take off but within ten minutes the whole car just shuts totally down looses all power and try to t

I'm sending you a wiring diagram so you can get an idea of what your wiring routing is like. What I think you have is a regulator not inside the alternator but inside the computer. Therefore replacing the alternator will not help. Charge the ba ... 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee
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