Having problems with your Mercedes-Benz ML500 ?

Hi I have a 2009 ML 500 The battery went dead we recharged it. Now my stereo says device unavailable

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Answers :

On some vehicles, once you take off the battery, the radio fails to function. You need to program the radio. The dealer should have given you a radio code for your car to program your radio or take the car to your dealer to have this corrected that is if it was in working condition prior to removing the battery. This is a security measure that in the event the radio is stolen, it's unserviceable.
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Hi I have a 2009 ML 500 The battery went dead we recharged it. Now my stereo says device unavailable

On some vehicles, once you take off the battery, the radio fails to function. You need to program the radio. The dealer should have given you a radio code for your car to program your radio or take the car to your dealer to have this corrected that i ... Mercedes-Benz ML500

Ran the car low on fuel. Battery went dead over the winter. i recharged the battery and added fuel. fuel gauge says just under half and the battery is recharged. the problem is my dash warning stills says "0 miles till empty" even though there is fuel and the car runs.

Drive it a bit. Computer "miles to empty" is an average based on MPGs. Since you disconnected battery you reset memory so it has nothing to base on. ... Ford Mustang

After dead battery and recharging the stereo says it needs a code and will not work without one. think it is part of the anti-theft system. I no longer have the owners manuel kit

You need to go to the dealer with your id and registration to the vehicle and show them that it is your vehicle and they will give you the code to the radio. Do not let them charge you money. It is free. ... 2005 Honda Element

I have a 3000 Gt VR4 and the battery went dead on me the stereo says that it needs a code now and I dont have it and was never given one for it what do I do??? here are some # off of the stereo MB942704 RX-367CWY 34M0565 (SN#)2Z249022B

Any idea on the make of the radio ??have some code generators but it depends on make of radio ... 1993 Mitsubishi 3000GT

I have two problems. #1. I get an error on the radio now and it says, "Code." Radio does not work. I have an anti-theft system and the battery went dead and recharged it now no radio???? I do not have the anti-theft system code. Any advice? This is a 1994 HOnda Accord. #2. The odometer and speedometer does not work.

\015\012Turn the ignition switch to ON (II).\015\012Turn on the audio unit, and make sure you see COdE in the\015\012display. If you don't see this message, pull the ... Honda Accord

The other day my car battery was dead. I charged it up with another car, the next day several problems were noticed. The speedometer stays at 0; the check engine light came on and stays on; the odometer says error; the radio/cd panel reads power steering; the steering wheel is hard; the tachometer reads ,,,,,,,; and when driving it sticks in lower gear and the RPMs goes really high and there is a shuddering (transmission?); and finally when driving it, it feels like you are losing power as the

Low voltage can cause a lot of the car's systems to malfunction. Suspect your alternator has failed and you are running on a low battery. Check the voltage at the battery with the engine running (no jumper cables). It should be at least 14 volts. ... 2006 Pontiac G6

1999 Isuzu rodeo stopped running. Thought it was out of gas as gas gauge was broken. Checked timing belt beat and it is aligned, Fuel pump came on but was ony pumping air so replaced fuel pump and consequently the gas gauge. Now pumping gas to injector rails, but still won't start. I did use code checker but it says pass. The battery was dead so maybe computer reset and it hasn't started and run so maybe that is why there are no codes. This vehicle also has a security device and when I play

Could be the computer hasn't relearned. It takes about 20 starts to remember. Also test your fuel pressure regulator and replace the fuel filter. Check fuel pump relay with ohmmeter,relay tester, or multi-tester.Make sure you are getting spark ... 1997 Isuzu Rodeo

The batery dead and when i buy a new batery the display of my stereo say LOCKED

You need to contact local Cadillac dealer and provide your VIN# to them for them to pull up your code. It's a theft deterrent issue. TIP: Once you get code, write it down in your glovebox w/a Sharpie. ... 2003 Cadillac CTS

Stereo will stop playing and aux input device will come on then go off - stereo will play again then aux input device message appears again - have to hit band button to get stereo to play again and will last 10 minutes or 2 days - is t the harness or is something loose.

... 2008 Saturn Sky

Transaxle repaire device? car had flashing N while in D is selected, no movement but the speedo says 70 mph, owners manuel says transaxle safety device, any ideas? Trans repair shop say bad pump or broken converter I dont believe that at all as the car was moving then seemed to **** into netural and wont engage again. Thanks

... 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder

Car stereo says code on the display

You need to access the serial number off of the face of the radio.... You have to remove the cover but it's easy just pull gradually and evenly after you remove the screws under side of radio/dash console. After you get this call a dealership that is ... 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse

98 eldorado battery dead every 2 days+alternator good.repair shop says their equipment says dead short

... 1998 Cadillac Eldorado

I have a 92 plymouth voyager that while I'm driving the instrument gauges will go crazy then everything thing will ping out to 0. What I mean is it will say I have no gas and though I am traveling at 55mph it will say that I'm at 0 is there a reset on this or do I have to repace the instrument cluster?

On-board computer needs to be re-booted.  This is done by disconnecting battery - just the negative post is sufficient - then re-connecting and starting the vehicle.  \015\012\015\012My 1992 Voyager did this for the first time after I ... 1998 Plymouth Voyager

I have a kenwood excelong kdc-x993. my bluetooth compatible phone is paired with my reciever, and has been working fine for two months.Suddenly it stopped working, and the bluetooth doesn't work at all. On my phone it says its completely paired and working, but on my reciever it just shows HF DISCONNECTED. When i go to the 'device delete' option on my reciever, it shows no devices or phones. It was completely blank. And although i have only 2 phones paired to my reciever, and it allows 5, it say

Try deleting the stereo from your bluetooth profile in your phone. Then try disconnecting the positive battery lead for a minute or so and reconnecting to reset the stereo. Then try again. If not, contact Kenwood support, and if it's still under wa ... 2003 Ford Mustang

My 2002 dodge caravan is not shifting from first gear. when im driving the speedometer goes up high to 200 then down to 0. all the lights are on where you shift, like park reverse all of them have the box around them. the abs light is on and so is the emergency brake. also the trac off light is on which i've never seen before. the shop says its the shift module but i seen alot of questions here saying it could be the speed sensor. it also jerks when the speedometer goes to 200 back to 0

... 2002 Dodge Caravan

Maxidiag 801 I have a MD801 pro and it comes with all makes and models but i tried updating the BMW section on the device and have managed to make it dissapear off the device?? it says it is in the device on the pc suite but it isnt there on the device its self. i wondered if i have put a version from another device on, can somebody please help?

... Autel Cars & Trucks

Cd Player I bought my daughter a 1997 850 L and I was trying different codes for the stereo and it went off. Now when I turn the power on the stereo the screen says OFF. Is there any way to reset the stereo and bypass that stupid code and get her stereo working ????????

Yes i can solve your problem first you must have the proper radio code 4 numbers and shut off engine and leave radio on with key on accessory with it displaying off leave it the radio on for 3 hours then enter the proper code and it should work ... 1997 Volvo 850

202 monte carlo ss put new battery in now it's dead then i recharged it now it's dead again after running the car

Check all the light in the car, one must be on. Check the sun visor lights first. Others include under-hood light, trunk lights and interior lights that come on by themselves due to faulty switches. Other reasons are a bad diode in the alternator, d ... Cars & Trucks

Dead battery battery has been pulled and checks fine... pulled alternator and found to be bad .. replaced.. seems ok but after sitting over night .. when you open door you hear clicking sound and interior lights flash.. and battery is dead .. well almost dead... disconnected battery recharged and vehicle starts fine .....I checked to be sure nothing has been left on that would kill battery but so far nothing found... help

Might be an old alarm system ddraining battery ... 1997 Chevrolet Tahoe

BATTERY PROBLEM my 1997 FORD Escort Having Battery problem. while I recharging the battery the mechanic says that it is right and showing 12V-14V. and the green light in the battery is ON. but the car will not Start. after pushing it will start and entire day it will work .but next day same battery will be down. after recharging it will work for 5-6 days while continues using. if car is idle battery will be down in 3 days. after recharge car will suddenly start. please help about this problem. t

Ultimate solution is change the battery... because the capacity of battery cells is poor.. this could be the reason if battery is old...Still u can take a chance by completely removing the battery fluid and replacing it new battery fluid... but k ... 1997 Ford Escort

I have a 2007 mitsubishi lancer and changed the battery, when i started the car the stereo asked for a code. I stupidly tried the wrong codes and now my stereo is dead. I have the code but now my stereo wont even turn on to input it, what do i need to do?

... Mitsubishi Cars & Trucks

I just bought a new car stereo and I'm not sure where to place the ground wire. The stereo installation guide says to place it on a metal part of the car, but there's a black ground wire on the wire harness. Do I put the stereo's ground on a metal part of the car or do I attach it to the harness?

In this case hook the wire to a metal part of the car. This will help in case of interference from the cars ignition, charging system, keeps down on noise that may get into the radio through the wiring harness. ... 1991 Ford Tempo 4 Door

Hello, i have a 2003 lexus ls430, that i just purchased from a friend, and i recently took it to autozone and they cheched it and said that my batt was dead and i had a bad diode in my alternator. so i purchased a new battery and a new alternator online. also the car says check VSC when i turn it to the on position and also the cruise control says ready when im not moving but once i speed up it says service cruise control. the car is in really good condition and has 183,000 miles which isnt too

... 2003 Lexus LS 430

I have a 2003 Jeep Liberty Sport 4x4. Every 10 months I have to replace the battery. No warning lights come on, nothing just go to try to start it and the battery is dead. It has happened every when I have driven to the park and when I go back in an hour it won't start and have to call AAA because a regular car charge will not get it started. Next time I will go out in the morning and it is dead after sitting 10 hours.and every time it is completly dead cannot be recharged must be replaced.

You have a draw win key is in off postion a simple way of testing is to yous a malti meeter between the positive cable and the postive battery post thin go to your fuse box and pull one fuse at a time checking what the amp draw is win you fin it drop ... 2003 Jeep Liberty

Car stereo i am installing and amplifier into my cars stereo system i am using my cars factory stereo it says that i will need to hook the remote wire up to the accessory wire in my cars wiring diagram there isnt a wire labeled the accessory wire i was just wondering what this wire might be called instead of accessory i am not sure if it is one of the 12V wires or illumination or dimmer or something if you have an answer i would appreciate it

Its pretty simple, the remote wire is used to tell the amplifier that the cd player has came on. once the cd player has came on, the amp then comes on. simply take a light tester that has a sharp tip, turn the ignition until the cd player comes on, a ... 1996 Pontiac Grand Am
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