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How to replace the timing chain on a 99 ml320

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I have a 2006 GMC Envoy XL. The repair shop is currently replacing the oil pump, and they say the timing chain also needs replacement. They are charging an extra hour of labor to replace the timing chain. My question is, do you have to take the timing chain off anyway when you are replacing the oil pump? The warranty company will not pay for the hour because they say the timing chain has to come off anyway.

The warranty company is wrong, the oil pump is in the bottom of the engine, inside the oil pan. The timing chain is behind a cover on the front of the engine. An extra hour to r&r the timng chain is reasonable. My question would be, "why in the wo ... 2006 GMC Envoy Xl

I have a 2002 Saturn Vue 2.2L. I thought I needed to replace the timing chain. When we took it apart, we realized that the bolt on the timing chain tensior had snapped off and went into the head. So, we replaced the timing chain tensior, timing chain, the head, all the gaskets. New spark plugs, and a coil pack modular. Now, when we put everything back together, it wont start. When we take the piece that the spark plugs go into, out and turn it upside down, i have spark, but when I put it back in

It sounds like the timing chain was not position correctly. That will cause no ignition spark if the timing is off. Was it positioned correctly upon assembly? ... Saturn Vue

CRAP.............. I have a 2002 Saturn Vue 2.2L. I thought I needed to replace the timing chain, but when we took everything apart, the timing chain tensior, timing chain, and head, plus all the gaskets had to be replaced. We also replaced the spark plugs. We then went out and purchased coil pack modular. When we take the part that the spark plugs plug into out of the engine, and have it upside down, we have spark, when its in the engine the way it supposed to be, we dont have spark. We can not

Did you check to see if you have fuel pressure to your fuel injectors??? You probably have spark, just no fuel from your fuel injectors. Check that and go through the trouble shotting your fuel system, common for the fuel pump on saturns to wear out ... Cars & Trucks

How to replace the timing chain on a 99 ml320

... Mercedes-Benz ML320

Audi A4 2002, Quatro, 87,000 miles. housing on cam chain tensioner is cracked and separated from the cam chain. Oil is praying all over the place. The timing belt is soaked with oil. Audi service has said that the housing needs to be replaced and the timing belt needs to replaced. The timing belt had been replaced earlier this year. Cost - approximately $2,000. Feedback is welcome.

If the belt has been soaked with oil, it will need to be replaced again. Oil, especially hot oil, can weaken the rubber of the belt, and cause even more serious problems.Hopefully that's the feedback you were requesting. ... 2001 Audi A4

How to install a 2002 FORD EXPLORER 4.6L V8 timing chain. Is there any other parts I should be aware of besides the cam and crank gear, timing chain and guide, tensioner arm and tensioner. My mechanic advised me he's getting all parts from Ford and ford gave him a recommendation listing of other parts they believe should be replaced? I do not want to be buying other parts that are not necessary when replacing the timing chain. If you can help it will be much appreciated as it's getting close

Unless the timing chain suffered a catastrophic failure, ie broke into many pieces, you should not need to replace the cam and crank gears, the tensioner arm and tensioner. The timing chain and guide I can agree need to be replaced, but without a phy ... 2002 Ford Explorer

I have a 98 dodge intrepid 2.7L and i had a guy come over to help me replace the water pump and timing chain. after we took the timing chain off and replaced the water pump i noticed that he rotated the camshaft sprockets individually. it was rotating hard with a pop and clank type noise. i told him to stop and to leave. i got the new chain back on with all the marks on the chain and sprockets lined up according to the manual but now my question is "is there valve damage done since the sprockets

If he just turned the cams over by hand then i doubt that he damaged anything as if a valve was open when the piston came to top dead center then it would have stopped moving.the noise isn`t uncommon because the valves springs will make some noise as ... Dodge Intrepid

1992 ford explorer. Hit a deer. Messed up front end. Need to replace gasket behind timing chain cover to fix water leak. Already replaced water pump. still have the leak. Can timing chain cover be replaced with engine in the car??? Also, since hitting the deer, engine backfires and runs like ****! COuld this be the cranks sensor? How do I replace that? Thanks!!! Joe

Sounds like the engin took a real wack???? \015\012i hope you eat that deer!! its cost you dear to fix it?\015\012you could do the gasket in place but its a right old job,,,when mine started leaking i just tiped in a big bottle of rad wel ... 1992 Ford Explorer


Check ur model and statt from here\015\012\015\012http://www.autzone.com/shopping/repairGuide.htm\015\012\015\012plz rate ... Buick Regal

My wife's 97 Dodge Grand Caravan was running fine and then it just lost power and then quit running. When I tried to restart it, it acted as if it was out of time. I pulled the codes and all that came up was the O2 sensor. Using the process of elimination, I replaced the cam sensor, the crank sensor, the coil pack, and the timing chain and gears. The chain did NOT jump time but since it was a little sloppy and I had the cover off anyhow, I replaced it. When all of this didn't work, I put in

HI...\015\012One of the first step.\015\012Check compression on each of the cylinders.\015\012Before you spend money in other things.\015\012\015\012The ECM. Must be programed with the VIN of your vehicle.\015\012 ... Dodge Caravan

Mechanic replaced timing chain but rattling noise still happens. he said it could be the oil pump or the chain that runs the oil pump? was replacing the timing chain needed?

Replacing the timing chain is done around 100,000 miles, but can last as long as 200,000. \015\012Sounds like something may be on its way out, and a rattle does indicate a chain. Not all oil pumps use chains...many use gears to spin the oil. ... 2004 Mazda 6

I need replace the water pump on the car a pontiac grand am 2002. Someone told me that there is a special tool that needs to be installed on the fron of the motor. it is supposed to hold the pump gear so that the water pump can be removed without having to take off the timing chain. i have replaced the water pump before in different cars, but i'm afraid to change it on this one because i dont want to cause any damages to the timing chain. Do i really need this special tool to replace the water p

I have never heard of a car that changing the water pump requires access to the timing chain. Just the wreches. ... 2002 Pontiac Grand Am

Trying to put timing chain back after replacing head gasket on a Nissan N22 motor. Need to find adjustment to loosen timing chain so that i can attach timing gear with chain onto OH cam. can you help on how to loosen timing chain?

No adjustment neccesary. There is a timing chain tensioner, which you will simply push back in to its body. once you do that, there should be a small hple somewhere on the body of the tensioner. That' sthere so you can piut a paper clip into it to ke ... Nissan King Cab

Problem with the 2007 Mazda CX-7. After 30000mi appear knock sound in engine. I find that timing chaine is outstreched and replace it with original timing chaine L3K9(tensioner working perfect and cogwheel looks fully new). All will OK! ..until now (43000mi)!!! Sound appear again. I check timing chaine. You can see it right under oil cup. I can freely move chaine. It's again outstreched !!!! I start thinking that this chain isn't enough strong for this engine. Who can say something about preven

... 2007 Mazda CX-7 Grand Touring

I have a 2000 Mercedes ML320. This is the 2nd time I had to replace my battery. The 1st time I had to reset my radio with the code given to me by the dealer. I entered the code and it worked fine up until the 2nd time I had to replace the battery. Now, I've entered the code numerous times, waiting again and again for the WAIT to disappear and 'Enter Security Code' comes back. It just won't accept the code this time. I really miss my radio, and really cannot afford to replace it. Any sugge

... 2007 Mercedes-Benz ML320 CDI

Wont start makes winding noise,jumped time,replaced time chain still makes same noise replaced starter still the same

Try this procedure usually works:\012\302\267Check the battery cable connections:\012Make sure the negative cable makes a good ground connection at the battery and (preferably) at the engine. Make sure the positive cable, makes a good connect ... Cars & Trucks

I replaced the water pump on 2001 pontiac grand am 2.4l and now it wont crank, like it clicks as if starter is out. i tied both cams to timing chain and also crank and chain before i removed timing chain tensioner.but before i took timing chain cover off i had to remove harmonic balancer and it turned the crank with just a wrench, i moved it back and used an impact and then removed it and finished the job and the car wont crank.

Make sure you can turn engine over by the crank bolt this will make sure engine is free and not bound up. if it will turn then check wiring at starter make sure everything is tight. ... 2000 Pontiac Grand Am GT

How to fix sorento timing chain noise, i have replace the timing chain but still have not fix the problem.

Those KIA are dropping like flys on here,the last week or soThe repair shop should have bulletins in theirdata base & experience with thatNeed to find those things out before you buySorry - I never knew until last ... 2006 Kia Sorento

98 Chevy Blazer 6 cylinder. Just replaced timing chain, ran good for 30min. died in middle of road. Towed it back and opened it up again, timing chain was fine. Put it back together and started it up, ran for 30min. and died. Next morning replaced fuel filter, ran for 30min. and died. Please help!

... 1998 Chevrolet Blazer

Timing marks for timing chain replacement and balance shaft chain replacement.

... 2003 Oldsmobile Alero

How do you replace a timing chain in a v6 truck? i got a ticking noise from my 1995 3.9l v6 dodge dakota, ive been told its a timing chain and was wondering how hard and pretty much how to replace one in the motor.

Autozone.com sign up its free then click on repair manuals you will find\012 all of your info there....good luck ... 1995 Dodge Dakota

On my 2000 nissan maxima i just got the water pump replace and now sum1 says it sound like i need a timing chain did they have to take the timing chain off to replace the water pump???

No. Only cars with timing BELTS you do that. ... 2000 Nissan Maxima

My 2004 santa fe has 65k miles on it. Should it need ALL new breaks and the timing chain replaced as a garage claims? Also, replacing the timing chain costs $2800 according to the garage, and the breaks costs $1700- Does this sound right!? Thank you

I would shop around $2800 sounds way too high!!! $1700 for breaks $425 per wheel you can do way better than that!!! If you have rear drums they last at least 2X front disc,call around you should't pay more than $1000 for 4 wheel disc. You are due f ... 2004 Hyundai Santa Fe

Replacing timing chain on a 02 jaguar x-type 2.5 engine.. need proper procedure on replacing timing chains

Timing chains procedure for 2002 Jaguar X-type 2,5 liters engine, engine code XB\015\012 \015\0121. Special tools:\015\0121.1. Crankshaft pulley installer - Jaguar No. 303-102/335/2.\015\0121.2. Cranksh ... Jaguar X-Type

Im replacing the timing chain on my 1996 gmc sonoma because it broke. I need help setting the timing marks to replace the chain. on a 2.2 L

You have to align the marks on each sprocket with each other and the tabs on the tensioner. You must use a new tensioner as well because the factory units fall apart. Notice in one of the pictures the position of the small round hole in the cam spr ... 1996 GMC Sonoma
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