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1988 mercedes 560 sel ,no start ,no compression leftbank,right bank ok,timing chain &vavle train operation ok ,cyclinder leak down test no leaks found,wet test compression comes back reinstalled plugs& plugwires vehicle tries to start but will not

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1988 mercedes 560 sel ,no start ,no compression leftbank,right bank ok,timing chain &vavle train operation ok ,cyclinder leak down test no leaks found,wet test compression comes back reinstalled plugs& plugwires vehicle tries to start but will not

... Mercedes-Benz 560-Series

Mercedes 1988 560 sel ,no start, no compression left bank right bank ok,timing chain &valvetrain operation ok, after adding a little of oil to cyclinders compression comes back, perfomed a cycliner leak test no leaks found, rotated engine to TDC distribitor alignment ok

... 1991 Mercedes-Benz 560

1988 mercedes 560sel no compression left bank ,timing chain and vavletrain ok,wet test compression comes back,cyclinder leak test ok no leaks found what will cause a gasoline wash down on left bank side only

... 1991 Mercedes-Benz 560

Wont start I have a check engine light on, and when I took it to a mechanic, he told me i had a emmission leak. I changed the gas cap, then had the diagnostic test one more time. It shut off for about 10 miles then the check engine light come back on. Well, the other day, I was driving and was waiting at a light and the car completely stalled. I tried to fire it back up, which didnt start. it. I came back about 2 hours later to try to start it and she fired up. Well, I changed the fuel filter an

Try a new vent tube hose from the fill neck to the tank,sound to me like your tank is not venting.The next time it does this,stop,take off the gas cap for a few minutes and then it should restart,if it doesn't let me know. ... 2000 Hyundai Elantra

My 2000 Chevrolet S10 ZR2, 147,000mile is miss firing and hesitating. Comes up with codes P0301, #1 cyclinder misfire and p0453. I took my truck to Chevy garage and they did a compression test, came back ok(120psi)in all cylinders. Had cyclinder leak down test proformed, 100% leak. I took the heads off when i did #1 push rod had some carbon build up. Had them sent to a machine shop, they were pressure tested and decked. They said heads were fine. I have replaced, Distributer and module,Distrib

I have done a full engine replacement on these, a zr2 to be exact. I have found that a p0300 (multiple misfire) usually points the the Piece of **** injection spider, then I had a p0301 as well after replacing that with the multiport unit upgrade an ... 2004 Chevrolet S-10

Starting problem Car starts after pressing gas pedal or after releasing pressure by unscrewing the gas cap. It will idle poorly right after starting until you rev it and let it come back down to idle. Things already done: new gas cap, new spark plugs, compression test on cylinders, fuel filter changed and fuel injector cleaner put in the tank about 5 times now. other things to rule out: starter is fine, alternator is fine

Pressure in the tank is normal, let it sit overnight if possible, turn the key on, but don't start the car, listen for the fuel pump to to on and then shut off this is normal, turn the key all the way off, then do it again, listen for the fuel pump t ... 1993 Lexus Es 300

Hi I need help with my 2004 Freelander TD4: suddenly blue/white smoke coming out the back of the car ( the car did not over heated the heat gauge was at normal position) notes that there was oil leaking everywhere and that there was oil in the coolant water tank as well, suspect head gasket blown Removed the head, no indication of a blown head gasket, send the head in for testing. Pressure test 100%, so put new head gasket and head bolts, replace oil filter and oil. Start the car and after a

Cracked block. once it heats up the crack gets bigger and the oil gets thinner which makes more oil burn. run car without the oil cap on and see if lots of air/ oil comes out if so thats blow by and you need a new engine. ... Cars & Trucks

1990 Geo Metro. Driving down the road with the a/c on the car loses power and starts slowing down. Also hear a sound, like compressed air being released the wife says under the car behind the front seats, I think its coming from exhaust. I spoke with a couple of people who say vacuum leak or ignition module.The a/c is also not cooling properly. I can turn the a/c off and the motor picks back up. A few minutes later I turn the air back on and it runs fine for awhile. Thanks for your help.

It sounds like the ac compressor is building up to much head pressure.Check the cooling fans to see if they come on when the ac is turned on.The cooling fan should come on when the ac is turned on.This keeps the head pressure down so the freon keeps ... Geo Metro

Ok i had a p0302 and then i changed plug wires coil packs the icm injectors camshaft sensor and now i can a p0301 code.. and when i clear the code it will come back with the same code or else a p0300.. im starting to think computer but idk and each cylinder is sitting at 152 to 158 psi on the compression test. so im lost

1. Freeze Powertrain Control Module (PCM) and see if the problem can be duplicated. 2. Wiggle tug test wiring for #2 injector. 3. Scope the #2 injector for a glitch when the misfire happens. \015\012\015\012\015\0121. Test for ... 1996 Chevrolet Cavalier

Have a 2003 ford f150 crew cab truck will start to overheat and gauge will drop and heat will come out of vents for a few minutes and will go back to cold may do this several times or may only blow cold. Have had thermostat radiator cap and waterpump replaced had radiator and heater core flushed and antifreeze replaced and tested for pressure leaks still no fix any suggestions?

Problem is most likely the water pump.Have seen several of these doing this on the 5.4L. Impeller fins were damaged on the ones that I have seen. ... 2008 Ford F 250 Super Duty 4WD

I have a 1.4 8v vw polo 2001. 60bhp (i think) Engine light "Check" coming up then going out for a couple of days then coming back on. I have replaced the Oxygen sensor at the fron tof the engine, reset 4 days later light back on. Found a spilt in the breather pipe at the back of the engine allowing air in, taped that up to seal, reset. week later light cam e back on. Replaced ht lead to cylinder 3 as garage test said 3 was not firing correctly. Light still on. Compression test carried out, ctlin

... Volkswagen Rabbit

Hi, I have a 1994 Chevy Cavalier with the 2.2L 4Cyl Engine. We bought it off a private owner and it was running good. We went to autozone to get a new fuel injector because one was leaking, we replaced that. When we went to start it back up it wouldn't start. We tested the starter and battery and alternator all checked out good but still no start. We had it towed back to the house where we could work on it. We ran our own test with a tester and turned out the starter solenoid switch was ba

The smaller wires that hook to the big post on the solenoid. These are fusable link wires. It sounds like one is burnt or not hooked up. These feed all the power to the car. Did you hook the grounds to the top of the starter bolt? ... 1994 Chevrolet Cavalier

White smoke and the smell of burning rubber. I have had lots maintenance of work done to my car. I was starting to notice and smell burn oil. I had a small valve cover leak so I just had the whole valve cover gasket replaced and I had a "Roll Stop" replaced. Now I'm starting to get a lot of white smoke after the car run for about 5 minutes coming from the back side of the motor back but I can't tell where it's coming from on the back side of the engine.

Bradley,\015\012\015\012You have stated two problems. Coming to second first. Smell of burning rubber. in the car rubber is only at two places where it can burn, The tyres, unlikely as you have not commented upon your ... 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse

Fuel leak on 2008 duramax. Fuel is filling valley but bus starts, runs, has not lost power so I'm thinking return side. I can barely see the back of the pump from inside dog box, looks like wet around plug in back of pump, but thought if plug was leaking truck would show signs of loss of power, or no start. I have taken apart the whole front of motor down to pump and still see no return line leaking nor a sensor. Just wanted to know if anyone has come across this before and has an educated idea

... Cars & Trucks

I have a 2008 dodge charger that won't start when tryin to crank...The lights on dash and radio comes on but when tryin to crank the lights on the dash stays on but the radio takes a while yo come back on and the horn doesn't blow as well, only when the radio comes back on does the horn is able to blow. When getting a boost the car starts right up. No codes came up when getting it texted and also the battery and alternator were tested and both were good.

... Cars & Trucks

I have a 2001 Lexus is 300 with the fault code p0440 changed gas cap, vsv, canister assy, three smoke test, finally we did a smoke test from the fuel filler inlet and found a vent leak but could not see where it was coming from due to the wheel well panel and rear axle, any ideas where the vent leak might be coming from to start checking

Here's a link to your P0440 code with solutions. ... 2000 Toyota Celica

Rough idle my 1998 mazda b2500 with manual transmission.. runs a little rough..when i go to take off from cold start the engine will start to **** and really have to put my foot down more then usual for the truck to move.. when i go to engage the clutch while driving it will rev high for a sec then come back down and almost sounds like i have a vacum leak and a diesel sound to it before the the idle comes back down.. anyone have any suggestions what the problem might be would really be apprecia

If its petrol, its going to be the idle speed or stepper motor ,just also check the air flow meter ,make sure there is no rubbish in the mesh in there ,,there is also a tiny little skinny wire in there ,make sure its in one piece ,dont touch it with ... Mazda B2500

I have a 2004 Chev Trailblazer and the instrument cluster the back lights work but the instruments don't, the fuses are good, sometimes after driving it for 15 or 20 minutes and shutting it off and restarting it the instruments start working again, when you intially start it the only test light that comes on is the engine light all the other lights don't come on but the back lights work.

This is very common, in fact GM issued an extended warranty on the gage clusters from 2003-2005. Unfortunately the extended warranty has expired. The cluster either needs to be replaced or rebuilt. I know there are several c ... 2004 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

How important is it to replace a camshaft interruptor? While getting an oil change on Monday, they noticed an oil leak so they sprayed degreaser to find out where the leak was coming from and the spark plugs started to spark (big time). The mechanic suggested to replace all 6 plugs so he did. He said to come back later to determine where the oil leak is coming from. Then I went in this morning, Sat., and he said it was the camshaft interruptor that needed to be replaced. My mother (whose car th

You don't accually replace it there is a gasket underneath it but if it's just a very small leak i wouldn't worry about it and it's not something that i would recommend just anyone doing because it's got to go back together EXACTLY how it comes apart ... 1998 Ford Windstar

I had recently had my engin redone VW Jetta 3 CL 1993 model, and when i got it back it was working perfectly, starting fine. 2weeks about after one moring off to work the car started fine but on going home the afternoon the car would not start we had to kick start it. I took it back to the guy and asked what could be wrong as it started perfectly that morning but he immeadtly said it could be the battery. So i had a guy come to test it but im not sure if he was just trying to sell me a battery.

Hi Rozanne, It could be a bad connection on the main cable from the battery to the starter motor. I'll need some more details from you though. 1) When you crank the engine is there a clicking sound comming from under the hood? 2) What do you me ... 1993 Volkswagen Jetta

09 Pontiac g5 over heats while sitting at idle cooling fans not working they come on with the ac which is normal and after you turn the ac off they will stay on until engine cools back down and they shut off again which once again is normal operation. But when the engine temp starts to climb back over 196* they will not come back on until you turn the ac back on. I have moved the relays around to see if maybe a faulty relay is to blame but nada. Next step i would think is test the Ect sensor. Ho

Try testing the fan switch,some models have a fan sw. and a coolant temp. sensor and some just use one or the other.The fan sw.should be in the side of the radiator either a single wire or two.Coolant temp.sensor should be located in the thermostat h ... 2009 Pontiac G5

I have a 2006 Ford Explorer and the Wrench light has come on. I read in the manual that it alerts you to a powertrain malfunction. the auto does not run any differently than before it came on. Runs Fine. The light will come on a couple of minutes after it is started. Ford dealership ran a diagnostic and said that 1st test showed problem but then said that 2nd test did not. They reset the light but during the test drive, it came back on. They are going to run another more in depth test in a few d

... 2006 Ford Explorer

My 1984 bmw 528e won't start sometimes? Come back later and it starts. plugs, wires, distributor cap, and rotor are good. coil ohms are correct. all plugs have a spark. It has been doing this since i bought it. my fuel pressure regulator was leaking so i replaced that. has anyone had this problem. last night i tried to start it and no go. went back 30 min later and started right up, i then cycled on/off 6 times with no problems? any help


I have a 1990 Auto Hatch back Nissan pulsar had a service for rego. The test came back with oil problems as the engine showed spots of oil leaks, they did a breath test and was amazed it wasn"t vavles or rings, finally the car was repaired and rego. But my engine is very hot when travelling only 7k's down the road I went back to the mechanic he check it.. he can't find nothing. Today for the first time I went 25k's then the temperture gauage started to show movement towards half way and a show o

Hi! YOu may want to start checking on the radiator and cooling fan. The radiator could be clogged with dirt which can cause stress to the engine when hot. Be sure that the cooling fan blows strong air for this helps a lot in cooling the engine. Regar ... 1990 Nissan Pulsar

Won't start yesterday i went to start my 2002 trailblazer and when i turned the key to crank it,everything went dead. all instrument panel lights went out and my key wouldn't turn back to the lock position. i tried getting a jump,didn't work. i took the battery to be tested and it tested fine.when i came home and reinstalled the battery and had lights on the instrument cluster like normal. when i try to start the engine it won't turn over and my key gets locked in the ignition. is there a pass l

Very well could be due to anti theft issue. i don't recall the keys getting locked in the ignition from this though. try turning the key to the on postion- not cranking and leave it there for 15 min, then turn back off. do this three times. you may g ... 2002 Chevrolet TrailBlazer
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