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My mazda xedos 6 battery warning light is on ?

\015 Battery warning light is on,what does this mean ?\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

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My mazda xedos 6 battery warning light is on ?

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Battery fully charged just replaced the main fuse. Now no interior lights and the car won't start. Recently bought 89 mazda mx6. Was warned the door was possibly running the battery down no problems until a few weeks ago I had to get a jump start for it to turn over no problems there. Now there's no reponse at all inside no interior lights no radio of course won't turn over. I'd like to at least get it started to go have tests done on the car. Just need some idea where the problem might be

Main fuse beside battery terminals might be your problem ... 1996 Mazda MX-6

Battery warning light just started coming on, Mazda 2006 Tribute.I've had her for 39,000 miles/40months. Do I just need a ust need a new battery, or is there any history of electrical problems with the Tribute?

A battery waring ligth is not telling you that the battery is defective, it is telling u that the battery is not being charged by the alternator, have the battery and alternator tested to determine th4e cause, a failing battery many times can damage ... 2006 Mazda Tribute

2005 mazda six. car working fine one day next day not starting and charging system warning light flashing. started with jumper leads. next day not starting again. battery replaced now security indicatore light flashing(engine immobiliser???) car won't start. help

When ever a batter this new goes bad, it is either because it is not being charged, because there is something wrong with the charging system, or there is a constant drain even when the key is off. To check the latter, with everything of ... 2003 Mazda Mazda6

Renault megane 2000 model. Warning lights: Auto warning light and Battery warning light goes on and car goes in limp mode. I would stop and restart and the car would drive fine for a 1km and then warning signs will flash again and car in limp mode. What could be the reason for this? When i switch off the lights and radio anything connected to the battery it drives without any warning lights for longer period.

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I just had my 92 mazda protege thru aircare and now the charging system warning light has come on. Do I have an alternator problem or did they just run the battery down when doing the emmission testing?

Any car should easily recharge the battery after 20 minutes of driving. If your light stays on you could have a bad battery or alternator or both. Most part supply stores can check your system for free. One or the other being bad will wreck the other ... 1992 Mazda Protege

Hi, I have a 2002 tt Quattro 225 which has developed some faults and wonder if someone can help. I was driving when the engine management light came in followed by the battery light and the abs light followed by the yellow low battery light and the red brake warning light, the radio went off along with the air con unit. The car ran well with no loss of power. After stopping the warning lights went off and the radio and ac came back on the car started and ran as usual. Any ideas?

... 2002 Audi TT

Volkswagon Passat 2005 - driving home from work and the handbrake warning light comes on followed by the annoying alarm. Turn slightly left it stops then the ASB warning light comes on followed by the ESP light, turn right handbrake warning light and alarm activates again "handbrake on", then battery light flashes on briefly message appears "alternator workshop", the ASB and ESP lights disappear, the airbag warning light comes on, have turned left so the handbrake warning light has gone off. I'

This sometimes is triggered by the MAF(Mass Air Flow Sensor), try cleaning it with the highest percent isoproply alcohal first, do not touch the sensor with anything use a big bag to soak it into, or just replace the sensor. ... 2005 Volkswagen Passat

I have replaced my battery twice in less than nine months and the battery light still stays on. No other warning lights have come on. It drives fine for a few days with the battery warning light on than it wont start at all

Hi k\015\012im dave\015\012with the car off using a digital multimeter check the voltage output of the battery. it should be around 12.8 volts\015\012turn on your car (if you can) and then check the voltage again it should now be ar ... Honda Prelude

Re Toyota PRIUS 2000. while driving Hybrid System Warning light (small battery sign), Master Warning light (Triangle with exlaimation mark) and sometimes Malfunction indicator lamp and Brake system warning light comes in. I was told by the very experienced car dealer today who has sold many PRIUS cars, that I should just chnage the small 12V Battery and go for along drive. All will be well. Can anybody help

Good day, well for his experience it may work. for my advice just do as you were told and everything will be fine have a nice day ... Toyota Prius

Battery is only chargeing intermittently I think. Both lights and battery warning dashboard warnings come on, and stay on when I start the car. I believe the lights icon is only to alert you to a failed light in the system,. Both of these go off if the voltge regulater decides to work and turns on the alternater to charge the system. Is the voltage regulater an integral part of the alternater???Do I need to replace both??? Is there some other problem>????Battery seems good...

You need to measure the charging voltage and current using a multimeter while Rev'ing the engine. If there is no clean flow to the battery then you need to start from the alternator, the output ac and the charging regulator section which rectifies an ... 1991 Toyota Camry

I have a 1.8L 2003 Audi TT Roadster. About 2 months ago after not driving the car for a week, I the battery went dead, but I did not get any warning lights. Replacing the battery seemed to fix the problem. Yesterday, while driving I got the battery warning light and the tach and speedometer fluctuated from zero to normal indication like there was an electrical short. The battery is dead again. Where do I start to fix this problem.

Possible ECM ... 2003 Audi TT

Engine warning light , battery light, warning light , rev counter , speedo and temp gauge going on/off intermitantly and speedo not working on digital screen on ford focus can you help. the battery is new and all wires are fitted ok no loose connections . the lights can stay off for 5 to 10 mins then when they come on speedo and rev counter are going up and down like yoyyo's The car is running smoothly other than this problem.

My 04 Ford Focus the battery light keeps coming on & going off, have fitted a new alternator belt but it didn't solve the problem. The battery connections are good. Also the rev counter, speedo & mileage clock keep going haywire when the ba ... 2003 Ford Focus

2004 kia amanti -- battery warning light and immobilization key light (just below battery warning lighton dash) flash on momentarily about every 10 minutes. No engine codes or flash codes set. New battery and alternator installed-- tested and checks out good.

Sounds as if you may have installed a bad alternator, although you have tested the battery and alternator this could have happened, you should check your volts to make sure battery reads 12 volts with car off and it should read over 14 volts with car ... Kia Amanti

I have a 2006 x5 4.8, my battery kept running dead and and most of the warning light would come on. I changed the battery, i left the country for a month and put the car int the garage on a trickel charger. I have taken it out of the garage and run it, but after a few minutes the battery warning light comes on. what might be wrong now?

Also the batery in the vehicle has to be registered to the car. this means you have to go to the dealer to register it. it requires this because the car learns the charging charactreristics of the battery and charges it accordingly. if not registered ... BMW X5 Series

Battery warning light came on suddenly on my way home from work, then came on and off several times. The drive belt seems fine. I started the car several times and on a few occasions the battery warning light went on and off again. Is it likely to be the alternator or the battery?

Check your battery and alternator to make sure the connections are secure. Bolts are tight, connections are clean or corrosion free and see if that helps. If not I would take the car to a local Auto parts store where they can load test your battery ... 2004 Saab 9-3

Dash warning lights all came on, battery low. Replaced battery. Ran normal for 3 hours, then dash warning lights on again, battery way low. Replace alternator?

Yes replace the alternator Your auto part store can test it once you bring it down as well ... 2001 Nissan Maxima


You prabably have a charging system problem. Have your charging system checked as you may need to have the alternator replaced. Hope this helps ... 2000 Plymouth Voyager

Battery i was driving down the road, and all of a sudden my battery warning light starts to flicker and come on ! had it checked out, the battery & the alt. was putting out fine ! but the warning light still comes on ! by the way i pulls a utility trailer !

Please take the car for a sca because in cases like this, it is the alternator that is sending a signal of malfunction.Rate this ... 2000 Ford Econoline

New battery caused 'Battery" warning light to light? alternator?

I also have an ES300 and have replaced the battery. There are a few things you can check first. If your battery was really that corroded you might want to replace the battery terminal connectors with new ones. If they are loose(able to t ... 2000 Lexus ES 300

Battery warning light comes on

Hi i had the problem in the past and it was a loose conection with the wires, ... 2004 Mazda Tribute

Mazda 6 warning lights

... 2005 Mazda 6

I have a 2005 ford Taurus the other day warning lights came on saying check traction system then warning light came on saying check break system I pulled into my driveway turned the car off and it would not start again. I replaced the battery, every thing was fine for two days. On my wat home from work this morning the check traction warning came on again then all lights started to get dim by time I got home all lights were out as I pulled into my drive way the cae died.Tried to restart it and n

... 2005 Ford Taurus

Sons 1991 Calais will not start. Battery was tested fine, replaced the Neg cable on battery which was fun, but still no go. When open door dome lights come on, chime works when key in ignition & dash warning (pre-start) lights come on, turn ign and "CLICK" then nothing & all lights go off like battery is completely dead but after a few minutes dome lights etc...come back on? This is the quad 4 engine, S-Model Coupe

You have a bad ground wire from the body to the engine. look on the passenger side of the engine for an 8ga black wire that grounds the engine. ... 1991 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera

My 1998 Saturn SL2 has the red battery warning light coming on at times mostly at night when my lights are on. I had it checked out at Advanced Auto and they said that the battery and alternator checked out OK. About a week later while driving at night the light came on and my battery started to drain. After about 20 miles my lights kept getting dimmer and the car finally stopped. It had to be towed to my mechanic. He checked it the next day after jumping it and said that the alternator was

Need to check the wire from alternator to battery for corrosion and chave cables checked ... Saturn SL2
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