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Replace freeze plugs ford f150 v8 5.0 1989

\015 Did I need to take all out I mean the motor, ehaust manifold spark plugs ? all? can I do it myself ?\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

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Have a 1999 Ford F150 4.9L engine that won't start when temp is 0 or below. Engine turns over but won't fire. Dealer replaced the battery two weeks ago even it was only three years old and stilled turned the engine over. They said it was not operating the fuel injector and raw fuel had fouled the plugs and entered the crankcase.They also cleaned the plugs and changed the oil and filter. But same problem yesterday. Is there a coil or some other device on the engine that could be preventing the p

You need to have the engine coolant switch \015\012checked,since the computer relies solely on sensors,the ect tells the computer how cold or hot it is so the \015\012compu ... 1996 Ford F150 Regular Cab

Replace freeze plugs ford f150 v8 5.0 1989

... Mazda Protege

I have a 1998 Ford Expedition. I have been told that I have a bad coolant leak coming from rear freeze plug and that I should replace the engine. My question is, do the engine need too be replaced or do I just replace the freeze plug.

If the BLOCK is not cracked, There is NO reason to replace the entire engine, only the freeze plug(s). ... Cars & Trucks

How to replace freeze plugs in a 1978 f150

If the motor is out, you can drill small hole and use a slide hammer set up.if its still in the vehicle take small punh or chisel and knock the loose dont knock then in just hit them on the edge, they do make a replacement that is rubber and you tig ... 1989 Ford F 150

How to get out the small freeze plugs up top on 1994 f150 5.0 engine there are 2 small freeze plugs about 1/2" they are above the generator .. the bottom one is leaking and i need to get it out. i have another replacement freeze plug but cant get the other out any help is greatly appreciated

Ive done it two different ways with a dent puller or ive driven a sharp cold chisel thru it and pried it out ... 1984 Ford F 150

Ford f150 2003 po171 always lean bank 1. replaced bank 1 o2 sensor smoked intake. replaced egr valve. still code po171 short term trim 0123 but long term trim is up bank 1 30 anb bank 2 is 27. idle is a little rough, replaced plugs air filter pcv from dealer. no change in long term trim. no misfires reported. MAF has been replaced before all this. fuel pressureis 35 to 38. plug off vacumm accessorys long term is 25 and 25. still cant find any vacumm leaks. did a fuel injector cleaning but n

Code Po171 indicates a lean condition on cylinder bank #1 of the engine. This is the drivers side of the engine. I would suggest replacing both front oxygen sensors as a pair to start. An oxygen sensor has a life span of about 5 years and yours are ... Ford F-150

MY Ford 2001 Ford F150 Super crew Lariat with 5.4 L v8 EFI has 170, 000 miles,,,is misfiring on cylinders 3 and 7 (codes P0303 & P0306) and a fuel trim problem (code P0174) So Far i have: Changed the plugs swapped coils cylinder numbers remain constant replace EGR Pressure Sensor Replaced Mass Air Flow sensor I am running out of things to try here I need to get this think up and running well yesterday. if your a Ford specialist and you know what this is please answer this my pati

Well you've done the electrical, it may be an injector problem or a compression fault, no 3 and no 7 are not related to each other, im sure you got the right wires on the plugs so look elsewhere ... Ford F-150

OK, here we go. Ford F150 5.4L 3 Valve - 90K miles - so far all work done at Ford Dealer Engine was indicating rich on ECL codes after a spark plug change for a lean. Initially spark plug change yielded a lean condition, changed plug on #3 again - went to a rich condition. All this on bank #1. 20 hours of dealer diagnostics - finally yielded broken roller lifter on #3 intake, replace roller lifer and cam itself on bank one. Now runs nicely at speed, but intermittently engine drops

Need to put it on a smoke machine to check for vac leak if no leak sound like egr valve sticking open ... 2004 Ford F150

Freeze plugs any easy way to replace? 1990 ford f 350 4x4 5.8L.. There is a little drip from the Drivers side freeze plug. It's the one all the way closest to the hump ...ideas?

Sealer and use a socket or the like that fits inside the plug & tap it into place. ... 1990 Ford F350

How do i replace freeze plugs on 1993 ford explorer 4.06 engine. The plugs on the left side of motor are leaking water and I need to replace them. What do I have to remove form car in order to do job

... 1993 Ford Explorer Limited

How to replace freeze plugs in 1998 ford explorer with 4.0 engine. Center freeze plug on driver side came out with rust around it. whats the process of repair?

Make sure there is no material from the old plug left in the hole. clean inside hole with light grade emory cloth. put some hi-temp sealer on the mating surface of the plug. tap into place hollwed side out, edge flush with the engine surface. measur ... 1998 Ford Explorer

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How to replace freeze plug on 1998 ford explorer

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I have a 1996 Ford Explorer and two of the freeze plugs popped out during a freeze. One we were able to get to pretty easily--the other one is somewhere in the middle and looks difficult to get to. Will I have to take my entire engine out to replace this? And how much will this cost? I realize this is all my fault and I have learned my lesson. Just tryin to get her running again. Thanks =)

You may be able to reach this by removing the tire of the side of the freeze plug, then use a 2x2 or 2x4 and after hand setting it you push with the piece of wood to get it in tight, remember to use a piece of wood as it is soft enough not to damage ... 1996 Ford Explorer

I have a 1997 Ford F150 4x4 Supercab Stepside with 5.4L and factory towing package. On the factory trailer wiring plug I am not getting power for turn signals or brake lights. Running lights and brake controller work fine. I have checked fuses, and one was blown, which I replaced to get running lights working. But I still do not have brake or turn signals at the plug. Is there something else I can check before tracing the lines?

No, check the wiring in the rear going to hitch plug, they may have rotted or broke,if lights work on the truck then i would say its wiring,test wiring moving backward until you get power, this way you can pinpoint break location area, good luck, ho ... 1997 Ford F150 Regular Cab

My mother has a 1987 Ford F150, 351 automatic with 50,000 actual miles. She was having a problem with it dieing on her at stop lights and she was afraid to drive it. We've had it tuned up, new plugs & wires, a new distributor cap, vacumn line checked and replaced, a new carburetor and it still has the same problem, The mechanic advanced the timing slightly and said that was the problem. Now he is wanting to replace the timing chain and if that does not work pull the heads. He been unable t

At 50,000 miles, the timing chain should not be a problem. It's possible that there is carbon build up in the engine from sitting around and not being driven but at that mileage it shouldn't interfere with the engine running. A good 1 or 2 hour drive ... 1987 Ford F 150

I have a 1997 Ford F150 4.2ltr V6 I replaced the engine with a 1999 mustang 3.8ltr I used all my existing intake off my old motor which was told to me it would work. I cant seem to get it to run right. I have replaced various sensors,fuel filter,plugs,wires etc. Engine has a low idle miss and no top end power and a bad vibration in passing gear..what do you think it may be.

The engine built for a car not a truck,it's just not meant to be there sorry. ... 1997 Ford F150 Regular Cab

I have a 1985 Ford F150 with a 302 FI engine. The engine runs fine (power wise) but, it runs so rich it will burn your eyes and uses a lot of fuel. I have already replaced spark plugs, plug wires, distibutor cap, rotor button and coil. I have also unplugged electronic items one a time too see if there was a difference in idle and there were for each one I unplugged. Anyone have any ideas???

... 1985 Ford F150

Misfire I have a 99 xlt f150 4x2 v6, there is a vibration when you start the engine after it heats up, it runs perfectly well. I brought to Ford and they replaced 6 spark plugs. The problem is still there, they now say that the problem is the coil above the spark plug. They told me that it is safe to pull out the unit as I still have to wait for 1 month for the parts. Is it safe for short drives? I am afraid it might breakdown.. Thanks. I am using unleaded gas, just thought it might have an effe

Your mechanic really shouldn't be a mechanic it is definatly NOT good for your engine if you remove one of the coils because gas will continue to be injected into the cylinder and then the unburned gas travels through your catylitic converter and thi ... 1999 Ford F150 Regular Cab

My 1992 ford f150 wont idle hard to start. replaced injectors & have voltage, distubutor and rotor, spark plugs have voltage to 02 sensor. it did idle after replacing injectors but found gas coming from one inject O ring fix now back to beginning

... 1992 Ford F150 SuperCab

1986 ford f150 shuts off when it gets hot. We replaced the throttle position censor, temp. coolant censor, distrubitor cap and rotor. Have also checked and replaced spark plugs. Cleaned out the throttle body. And also put fuel injection cleaner in it.

Is there an electronic module in the distributor that fires the coil? It may be failing with heat. ... 1986 Ford F150 SuperCab

I took the steering column off to replace the turn signal switch on a 1991 ford f150 and am having problems trying to figure out how to remove the old switch. It has a big plug that will not fit through the hole to remove or replace it.

I suppose cutting a slot in the hole for the wires is out of the question? ... 1991 Ford F150
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