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How do i reset check engine light on a 2011 5.0 mustang

\015 I drove it through a puddle of water\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

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Disconnect battery to reset computer &reset check engine light 3.8 v-6 1997 mustang after driving 20 miles or so check engine light comes on and car runs rough tech at auto parts store check it w

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I have 2003 baja with check engine light ON. I check the code P0030. I did replace catalytic converter and both sensors with new one. After replacing both sensors I did reset code with code sensor. but still CHECK ENGINE LIGHT turned OFF until car running. When I turn the car off and little later starat the engine CHECK ENGINE LIGHT comes back. Is this normal or it takes some time to reset light?

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Do you need to reset the check engine light after replacing gas cap for the check engine light to go away? I replaced the gas cap but the light still on. Is there any way to try resetting the check engine light?

You mite can take the negitive cable off of battery and leave off for 10 min.s or so. the replace it and that mite work if not you will need a scan tool that wll trun it off for you. unless you know someone that has one you will probley have to take ... 2003 Toyota Matrix

The Check engine light comes on, the speed modual has been changed and as soon as you disconnect the harness it resets and is fine for a while then the check engine light will come on again. The mechanic has reset it the computer and can not make the light come on. Any ides? He is thinking the transmission modual might need to be reprogramed/ reflashed. Please help.Also as soon as the check engine light comes on the vehicle does not shift correctly.

What code did the mechanic find? Get back to me on this and we'll take it from there. ... 2001 Hyundai Santa Fe

I have a 1996 chevy tahoe with a 5.7 vortex engine originally check engine light came on code reader said mis fire in cyclinder 3 and 4 so a mechanic friend tuned the truck up plugs ,wires,cap , rotor ,all 4 oxygen sensors after all done he reset the engine light the truck ran great for a couple of days the check engine light came back on he rechecked and code reader said misfire cyclinder 3 and 4 again he reset the light and did a compression test it came out 85 lbs on cyclinder he said it shou

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How to reset the check engine light on a 2001 mustang

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2006 kia sorento.......... Symptoms: Died one day started back a few minutes later, made it home would crank and run for about 30 seconds then die......Oh, and check engine light came on Replaced the Fuel Pump Assy: Did the same thing. Run for about 30 seconds then die, check engine light still on. Was told to check the fuel reset button, it was tripped so reset it. Cranked the engine light went off, ran great for the whole day, next morning same thing. Got it towed to the shop, well the

Hi\015\012\015\012The answer here is to have the cars ECU scanned for fault codes. The ECU is the main computer in the car and will have stored a fault code which will provide a clear diagnoses of the fault. These codes can easily be read ... 2006 Kia Sorento

Does a check engine light in a 2004 nissan maxima reset its self once the problem is fixed or do you have to have it reset on your own. also what could be the problem with the speedometer sometimes it work sometimes it doesn't saying im going 0 mph to my actual speed back down to 0mph but my miles and rpms are correct and working.

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Reset check engine light 2000 mustang - 2000 Ford Mustang

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I have a 1993 honda accord ex........check engine light was on, was told module in the distributor bad someone replaced distributor but did not reset the engine light. How do I reset the check engine light?

Unhook your battery for a couple hours and it will reset or go to a parts store and see if they offer free code reading and have them reset it then... ... 1993 Honda Accord

I have mercedes ml 430. check engine came on at the same time fuel warning light was blinking. took the car to authorized mechanic, they checked and found po455ctrl system grass leak. they reset the check engine light and replaced fuel tank cap. second day the same problem came back check engine light started to blinck. checked for the leaks and did not find any problems. mechanic wants to take out the tank for further investigation.

... Mercedes-Benz ML-Class

Check engine light comes on, car sputters, loses power, and shifting becomes irregular. Dealer mechanics say it's fuel line related (checked gas cap, all was fine) dealer checked codes, but said they couldn't find any problem, reset the codes, two weeks later same thing happened. Have appt to bring back in. When the check engine light is off, the car runs fine, there is no sputtering or shifting issues. Not sure what triggers the check engine light, but once it comes on all the troubles star

You need to change you crank shaft positioning censor ... 2006 Chrysler PT Cruiser

I have a 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 5.2 v8. Engine was lugging check engine light came on as engine quit. Pulled over turned off the key and it restarted and ran fine. Went to Auto ZOne they said speed sensor fault of speed greater than 15 mph and trans speed less than 60 rpm. Car ran fine for two days but resetting check engine light by disconnecting battery is no help as check engine light comes back on as soon as speed comes up to 15-20mph. Today it would not shift out of first but tur

Hello there, One of the problems Jeeps do have is Transmissions. It is very typical of the sensors and solonoid packs to go bad, Also Jeeps as well have well know problems with the computer causing transmission issues as well.\015\012\015 ... 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I have a 97 wrangler 2.5. Check engine light is on, running lean, loss of power and high fuel consumption. I have replaced the o2 sensors, reset check engine code. light stays off and engine runs great for a couple of days and then goes right back to running poorly / check engine light back on. I know its not the o2 sensors...what else could it be?

Something odd about what you posted. An engine that is running lean shouldn't be using a lot of fuel. Lean is when there isn't enough fuel going into the engine. Two other sensors that regulate fuel flow are the map sensor and throttle position sens ... 1997 Jeep Wrangler

I just bought a 1999 merceds e320 i noticed it did not have a fuel cap . when i put gas and drove it for few miles the check engine light came on and the fuel light was flashing . I bought a fuel cap but the check engine light is still on . how do i make the check engine light go off? reset button or step?

Generally the light will quit in a weeks time\012if not take it in to have the codes cleared to get the light off ... 1999 Mercedes-Benz E-Class

Check engine! 2002 Toyota Camry- Auto Zone gave me a code P0420. What does that mean? Do i need to replace the oxygen sensor or the catalytic converter Check engine light came on. Using my scanner it reported code P0420. I reset the Check engine light. Is this okay to do? If something really is wrong and this was just a one time error will the light come back on if it happens again? I checked and the gas cap was loose.

Information about the p0420 codehttp://www.obd-codes.com/p0420 ... 2002 Toyota Camry

Car cant pass smog check check engine light keeps coming on even after reset, emmissions and other 2 test pass. code reset and check engine light comes on within 2 days

... 2001 Kia Sportage

Check Engine Light came on.....code was O2 sensors.....replaced myself..... mechanic cleared codes.....Said I had to drive at least 100 miles for reset to register inspection with DMV......Drove nearly 550 miles.....said the computer still is not resetting unable to inspect. Now overdue! Is this a common problem?? What should i do to get computer to reset. Not showing codes anymore and no check engine light...but can't inspect!

Were this oem sensor (original) or after market?\015\012some times the after mark are not as good.\015\012the miles you did are this stop and go (city) or higwh ,there a certain procedure to reset this computers some cars take longer than othersget y ... 2002 Dodge Caravan

I have 1999 Toyota Solara SLE V6 - i have an ongoing issue with the check engine light, randomly when traveling at more then 60mph the front end will shake, the check engine light comes on and it smells like exhaust and my mileage gets poor, after about a 100 miles it will reset, the light goes off and the smell of exhaust stops and mileage returns to normal, this has happened at least 20 times but now after 1000miles it has not reset...any suggestions

... 1999 Toyota Camry Solara

My check engine light is on, I unhooked the battery and it didn't go out, neither did my radio blank out it's settings. I unhooked the positive and negative, and the light didn't reset nor did the battery settings in memory go blank. I"m not too concerned about the battery, mainly the check engine light. Autozone read a code PO441,445,446 which leaves this for a shotgun approach. I'd like to reset it and see if it is valid. I also tightened the gas cap down with several clicks heard. Maybe I sho

... 2006 Toyota Sienna

I have a 1995 Nissan Maxima. I changed the spark plugs and I forgot to reconnect one of the wires to the spark plug. The check engine light came on and I saw what I did and fixed it. Now the check engine light will not cut off. I took to Auto Zone and they hooked up the code scanner and it said miss fire. Which would have been from the spark plug wire not being hooked up. How do I reset the check engine light to have it cut off. Thanks Jimmy

It will reset on its own after several drive cycles or you can take it back to autozone and they can reset it . ... Nissan Maxima

I have a 2002 beetle,that has transmisson problems.It will not shift up or down but work in drive or reverse.code po700 shows up on the code reader.I changed the fluid & filter twiced the check engine light went back off,shifted good for a day or two then po700 appears again on the code reader.I can erase the code and the check engine light goes off it shifts good till the check engine light comes back on..I drove it to the shop and kept resetting the code to get there and now I can not erase th

The code indicates TCM (transmission control module).You have two options 1) Retrieve any computer memory fault codes or 2) Replace the TCM. Before doin ... Volkswagen Beetle

I have a 2007 PT cruiser. My check engine light came on while I was driving on the highway. I pulled over, and realized that I was very low on oil. I had a my dad bring me oil to put into the car, before driving it back to town. Once in town I had an oil change completed. The check engine light was off for 2 days, now it is back on again. The quick lube place stated they did not reset check engine light. Should I have any concerns? The car drives fine and sounds fine...

You can take it to auto zone or advanced auto parts house and they will check the codes for you for free.then you can look up the code on internet and see whats going on hope this helps ... 2007 Chrysler PT Cruiser Touring Hatchback

Trac off and check engine light for lexus es 300 check engine & trac control off lights & engine stutters while revving in park. Engine seems fine in drive... Reset lights without them returning but engine still stutters while revving in park. Car driving fine...

A week ago, on my Lexus ES 300 (2001), "Check Engine" and "Trac Off" lights came on. This coincided with me filling the gas tank to the brim to round the dollar to be paid. I cleaned the gas tank cap and the tank opening. However, both lights persist ... 2001 Lexus ES 300

How do I reset the Check Engine Light on a 2005 Ford Taurus? The system check says everything is OK. Previously, a dirty air filter caused the light to come on. I replaced it (it was somewhat dirty.) but the light did not go out. Also, a couple of days ago, my "gas cap" and "Brakes" lights came on. I restarted and the fault was cleared. However, the check engine light came on later.

Only way to clear is with a scanner. The scanner will also give you the codes so it can be diagnosed. If its an emission issue your warrenty should cover it. ... 2005 Ford Taurus
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