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My clutch spring back after bleeding it on my mazda b2000 why

\015 After bleeding the clutch it wont spring back\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

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My clutch spring back after bleeding it on my mazda b2000 why

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How do you bleed the clutch on a 91 subaru legacy? i put a gearbox into my car and I tried to bleed the clutch but its not springing back, do you know what the problem is?

Fill clutch master,pummp it several times hold it down and crack the bleeder on the slave,then lock it up before you release the peadl(2 people needed)pump it again several times hold it down and repeat should bleed fine ... 1991 Subaru Legacy

My Nissan 95 sentra clutch had crunched and pedal would not spring back, found that clutch cable had snapped, replaced this and now my clutch pedal is still not 100% springing back, it springs back en

Check the spring to see if it has snapped anywhere within it's coil.Remove the cable and check operation of the pedal and spring mechanism.If all is well, then with a lever, check that the clutch release arm on the gearbox is operational. ... Cars & Trucks

While parked, my daughter was in my 88 F150 4.9 I6 messing with the pedals when the clutch pedal just slammed to the floor like it was spring loaded and stayed there. I pulled the clutch off the floor and about halfway up it sprang back into it's normal position, just like it was spring loaded. That is where I am currently. I can push the clutch pedal about halfway or less and it springs to the floor and stays, I pull it about halfway up and it springs right back into normal position. WHAT t

Has the spring fallen out? It is an "over center type", meaning if you push the pedal past center, it will not return on it's own, and will have to be lifted.Unfortunately, this is usually caused by failed clutch hydraulics or broken ,or ... Ford F-150

04 cavalier clutch not returning just replaced the master cylinder once I replaced the master cylinder pumped it up had some pedal then when I tried to bleed the system lost pedal back to the floor any suggestions: Hoping its not the slave cylinder cause some idiot at GM put it in the bell housing. And any way possible it could be the line from the master cylinder to the slave cylinder piece that goes in the slave has a spring and a little plastic plunger with a rubber o-ring

... 2003 Chevrolet Cavalier

I have a 2000 Mazda Protege with manual transmission. I live in a very cold area (0 to -15F at night is common). The clutch pedal is extremely slow to spring back and it is quite difficult to shift with the shifter when it is cold. I have been told to check the transmission fluid but am not sure how to do this. Can anyone provide a visual discription of what I would do? Also, any ideas on this being normal behavior in such climates? Thanks!

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Clutch pedal sinks to floor and spring back. just put a new master cylander. and bleed brakes

... 1989 Ford F 250

Trying figure out how in the world to bleed my clutch on a 1991 Rodeo. I replaced the slave cylinder, tried bleeding it at the slave cylinder and the intermediate bleeder valve on the side wall of the engine compartment, by opening the slave cylinder bleed valve, depressing clutch pedal, closing bleeder valve, pulling the clutch pedal back up. After doing this 400-500 times, no progress. I bought a vacuum/bleed system and hooked it up to the slave cylinder bleed valve and while system was fully

... 1991 Isuzu Rodeo

Clutch pedal wont spring back after its been engaged

... 2007 Subaru Impreza WRX STI Limited Sedan

Clutch shudder I have a '97 Subaru Outback Legacy. 2 weeks after I bought it the head gasket blew. During that repair I had the mechanic replace the worn clutch as well. Ever since the car develops, no it is not there after every fix, a shudder in first AFTER the car warms up. About the third time I was going to take the car back again for the same problem, the clutch threw a spring and froze my clutch. I destroyed my 2nd gear getting of the highway. I then took the car back to the same me

Ask the mechanic if the clutches both came from the same source and if they were rebuilt units from the same re-manufacturer. The material used to resurface a clutch can cause this results. ... 1997 Subaru Legacy

Clutch stuck I have a 96 Ford 150 reg.cab,4.9 6 cyl.5 speed o/d.On a recent very cold morning while backing out of my driveway the clutch pedal stuck half way.I pushed it back in the driveway and put fluid in the master cyl.Any help you can offer regarding how to bleed the clutch will be greatly appreciated.

I just changed my clutch fluid and it has been in the teens if not colder my pedal feels very stiff. that is just common when its cold out. on my 96 4.9 300 6. ... 1996 Ford F150 Regular Cab

Bleeding clutch just installed a new trany and clutch. clutch petal falls all the way to the floor and will not rise back up by itseslf. Tried bleeding it and petal remains the same.

Are you sure the clutch disc and fork are connected to the slave cylinder ? ... 1997 Isuzu Rodeo

My clutch went out and i had a mechanic friend replace the part...its the part under the engine not the actual clutch but he cant get pressure back in the clutch and cant figure out if bleeding the system is the problem everything else looks good how do i bleed the system?

Bleeding the system is as follows. It also helps if you have a length of clear plastic tubing that fits snugly over the tip of the bleed nipple, which makes it easier to see if there are any air bubbles still coming out.\015\012 ... 1988 Toyota Pickup

I have a 1992 nissan 300zx and i just installed a new clutch master cylinder and a new clutch slave. i'm tring to get the pedal to get firm so i can bleed it and get a full pedal,but when the pedal gets a littel firm and i open the bleeder the pedal will not come back up and i'm back where i started. if i try it again and let the pedal stay up the reservoir will over flow. i'm i doing this right this is my first. Would the clutch have anything to do with the pedal building pressure?

You need to bleed the cluch slave cylinder located on the transmission and the clutch operating cylinder located in the passenger front hood compartment next to the power steering resivoir ... 1992 Nissan 300ZX

Started off with cluth sticking to floor.would have to pull clutch pedal back up with foot. truck would stick in gear. even with clutch fully depressed. seemed like spring had disconnected from clutch pedal. now while pulling back up with foot. tension ( pressure on cluch pedal is much weaker.with truck on jack stands can shift through all the gears without depressing cluct at all. If anyone can help with this problem please do. Thank You, Bob Hall Rochester N.Y.

Your clutch uses a hydraulic master and slave cylinder to disengage. It is likely that the slave has been leaking and the reservoir gone dry, thus allowing air into the system and reducing effectiveness. Check the clutch master cylinder reservoir ( ... 1994 Nissan Pickup

My clutch in my 1990 mazda 626 has been giving me problems. The clutch was working perfectly fine, and then started getting stuck. As to where the clutch won't come back up after being depressed down, not allowing me to change gears. And it goes in and out from working to broken every now and again and is now not comin back up from the floor board. A Friend told me it could be the slave cylinder that needs to be replaced, or the fluid needs to be flushed. Any answers?

Inspect your slave cylinder and your fluids last my be needs a clutch ... 1990 Mazda 626

Nissan 200SX. Clutch clicking once each time when pushed in, then suddenly went in and stayed in. No more clutch. If I pull the pedal back out (by hand), it comes out half way then springs out. If I then push it in again, it goes half way in then springs in (to the floor) and stays there. Hydraulic clutch, and the fluid is at the correct level. Can you tell me please what the problem might be? Thanks for your help.

I'm having the same problem. If you got it solved please tell me how. ... Nissan 200SX

I have a 96 nissan maxima, manual transmission. I had periods where the clutch would stay on the ground, and I would have to stick my foot underneath to get it back up. This happenend only occassionally, but I decided to bleed it. Now the clutch has no pressure at all, no matter how much I bleed it. I have changed the slave and master cylinder, just to be safe, but still wasn't able to have a build-up of pressure. I bleed it from the slave, and then tried at the upper bleeder by the intake/filte

Slaves can be hard to bleed. If you didn't carefully bench bleed and prevent anything leaking out, there is another way to get a bubble out. What I do is put a big screwdriver between the clutch arm and the slave plunger. Get it so you can push th ... Nissan Maxima

92 mazda miata new clutch new clutch master cylinder systems been bled several times clutch will work 4 awhile park car then try again and clutch quits working again, while driving clutch works fine 4 about a mile then quits after pumping pedal clutch works a little. intermitten problem sometimes it works but always quits. last time clutch started working again even without bleeding???

Sounds like the seal in the new clutch master cylinder. I've seen that same problem in the hand brake system in small 2 and 4 seat airplanes. ( I'm and aircraft mechanic) The problem is not air in the lines so bleeding won't help. The piston seal i ... 1997 Mazda MX-5 Miata

I have a 1992 nissan 300zx and i just installed a new clutch master cylinder and a new clutch slave. i'm tring to get the pedal to get firm so i can bleed it and get a full pedal,but when the pedal gets a littel firm and i open the bleeder the pedal will not come back up and i'm back where i started. if i try it again and let the pedal stay up the reservoir will over flow. i'm i doing this right this is my first.

Try using 2 people , get the person inside to press the pedal and you undo the bleed valve a little, tighten the valve and get them to release the pedal (or pull it up if it is a little stiff) keep going untill no more air is expelled. ... 1992 Nissan 300ZX

There is a return spring behind the clutch pedal of my Jetta clx, 2000 model. I fit a clutch cable and then this spring falls out and I don't know where it comes and how to fit it back. please help?

Its on the pedal to the pedal housing and for the life of me i cannot remember exactly where it went ,i work on anything up to 4/5 different makes and models of vehicles a day and at my prime time in life i have a job remembering what i had for break ... Volkswagen Jetta

My buddies and I changed the clutch on a 1989 VW Golf and now the clutch lever is gets stuck in the up position. I can push it back down and should feel like it should spring back but it doesn't

If you didn't install the backing plate over the pressure plate fingers then there will be nothing to engage the clutch and nothing to return the pushrod back to default position. The same will happen if you forgot the pushrod. It will also happen wh ... Volkswagen Golf

Series 1 4.2 Jaugar E-type After leaving my car sit for most of the spring and summer, I am experiencing a spongy clutch pedal, sucking sound on pedal return. Also get an occasional hard pedal stop at varying points in downward travel. Unable to fully disengage clutch. I bled the system in various ways (one-way vacuum pump, Standard bleeding per manual) which did not cure it. Then replaced the master and re-bled the system, with no luck. After bleeding the pedal is hard for a single pass, but t

... Jaguar XK

Need to know how to bleed clutch of 1995 honda passport. Do- it - yourself instructions. The clutch pedal is pushed down with no resistance at all. Once pushed down i can start the car but the clutch will not come back up unless tapped on. While clutch is pushed in i cannot move into gears. not reverse or any other.

Fill the clutch reservoir with new brake fluid and kneel down beside the car, reach in with your hand and pump the clutch pedal up and down until it starts to return on it's own. Check the reservoir level, hop in the car and pump the pedal about twe ... 1995 Honda Passport

My clutch pedal wont spring back once i've released it. I've replaced the clutch, clutch fork & clips, throw-out bearing, clutch master cylinder, and even a slave cylinder. On top of all that, i've also bled my lines ALOT. I bought another master cylinder thinking the original one I had purchased was defective...but still no luck. Any ideas??

A clutch pedal not springing back is almost always an indication that there is air in the system. Bleeding out a clutch is a tedious endeavor to say the least.\015\012I suggest you open up the bleeder screw & gravity bleed the clutch.(This ... Toyota Celica
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