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Problem with my Mazda Atenza Sport Wagon, GY3W Engine?

\015 My car, a 2002 Mazda Atenza Sport Wagon, GY3W L3 Engine of 2260cc is producing a weird sound. It is a crackling sound that comes after I have driven for some time and engine is hot. The sound never comes when the engine is cold. I have uploaded the sound at http://www.lubanga.com/temp/mazda_atenza_gy3w_wierd_engine_sound.mp3 if you want to hear it. One mechanic said it is the Engine timing chain that is faulty, while another said it was due to not having enough power caused by faulty plugs, etc. At first it had completely lost power, but when I changed plugs, it gained power but sound still comes. Can anyone please advise as I'm getting desperate.\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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Problem with my Mazda Atenza Sport Wagon, GY3W Engine?

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2002 Mazda Atenza Sport Wagon, GY3W L3 Engine

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I have a mazda 6 sports wagon 2005 that has started slipping out of gear while driving. It stayed in third gear until I stopped and shut it off for a few minutes. The engine light came on. When I star

Check Mazda Service Bulletin 05-016/06.2005-2006 Mazda6 3.0L vehicles produced before Feb 24, 2006 equipped with a 6-speed AW6A-EL automatic transaxle.Slippage or shock when pressing accelerator fully from 4/5/6.My car is expe ... 2006 Mazda 6

2007 Mazda 6 sport. diesel. lack of power. Engine management light came on TCS light came on. DPF light came on. Any ideas what the problem is? Mazda garage say it need oil & filter change...are they kidding me?

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I have a 1997 Subaru outback sport wagon, and i have two issues that have occurred this week. My engine light came on while driving and I noticed a loss of power in 5th gear when going uphill, and lags on flat ground and lags in 1st gear when cold. The second problem, my brake lights stay on constantly, even when engine is off. I just had the brake switch replaced in January. Where do I start?

Are ypu check trans fluid level? Sound like a Torque Converter problem. Additionally, if the check engine light is turn on, some fault code is stored in the PCM, then scanned the PCM (Powertrain Control Module) to kno excatly what fault is there and ... 1997 Subaru Legacy

Hello, Since buying my mazda 323f 1.8 sport (year 2000 model, I keep experiencing an intermittent fault with firing. When I first bought the car and a day or two after filling the fuel tank, I would start the car only to find the engine firing on two or three cylinders. This initially lasted a couple of minutes and sometimes switching the engine off then on again cured it. However as time has gone on, it is happening more and more often and the other day the problem kicked in as I was already

The prob is electrical. Replace the distributor cap and sparkplug wires. Never put anything but gas in your fuel tank!! Just a waste of money to buy these addatives! Frankster016 ... Mazda 323

My 2004 Mazda 6 Sport Wagon starts with a cloud of white smoke. It burns oil like there is no tomorrow and the dealership tells me I need a new engine because this one's dead (66,000 km). They want $2200 for a used engine for a total of $4500 with labour. Does that sound normal to you?

It is too much. The cost is high since it is at dealer. Go to an independent shop it will cost about $2400 with an old engine (50K miles) plus labor (labor costs around $750) with one year warranty. ... 2004 Mazda 6

Mazda 6 Sport 2003 80000Miles When reaching 3000 revs the TCS/DSC light flickers and activates engine management light. The engine management light stays on. sometimes the TCS/DSC light stays on as well. Fault started after having problem with camsaft censor.

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Engine overheating I have problem with mazda 323F, engine is overheating, I changed head gasket, but it is stil overheating, water pump is OK, and everything in cooling system except radiator that is not complete, but I dont think that is proble because before it was the same. everything started whem the engine pullled up some dirty from fuel tank. And I repaired that problem and I was driving my mazda for 500 km and it was started overheating, I changed geat gasket twice but..still overheating.

All i can think of is the thermostat is not opening. or you may have a clog somewhere preventing the flow. Check the T-stat and hoses and radiator ( for clogs) Good luck ... 1990 Mazda 323


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What is causing my 2005 Mazda 6 sport wagon to run jerky and not accelerate smoothly.

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Hi y'all, i have a 1990 pontiac safari wagon w/a 3.1 6cyl engine - same as the buick century...135kmi...recently it began to hesitate and buck when backing off the accelerator at highway speed...i had "woody" tuned up and the gas filter changed, but the problem persists and has gotten more dramatic...he has begun to idle roughly...would a 1990 have a engine diagnosis hookup...? if so would it be best to have a dealer track the problem... ? the wagon is in puerto rico and i am going to visit it s


How to Fix Mazda 5 2006 Computer problem. Currently, our Mazda 5 2006 is flashing both the engine and tire light. We have had tires replaced, air filled and checked -- the tire light remains. The engine has been scanned, checked, new transmission fluids, new spark plugs, new fuel injection fluid and new power steering fluid. There is plenty of gas in the car and the fuel cap is on correctly. How do you fix this problem (other than going to the dealer? Thanks~!

What exactly is the issue with the computer of your mazda ? is it giving wrongs keys ? if yes then retrieve the original keys from your dealer by supplying them ur VIN numb ... 2006 Mazda 5

I have a problem with Lancia lybra 2.0 Station wagon, which occurs in winter when outdoor temperature drops below 3 degrees. During the ride and heated engine temperature indicator (engine coolant temperature gauge) on the dashboard suddenly stops working and the dashboard indicator light up "engine" (or the injection system failure indicator) and the air conditioner stopped blowing hot air. I changed the thermostat and the engine?s water temperature sensor without any success. This problem ca

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1991 e250 5.8 club wagon Engine was running fine. Shut it off for the night. Next morning, started without any problem, however engine began to race. I have replaced the idle control switch and that did nothing. When the idle control switch is disconnected, the engine drops in revs however is unstable. Since the issue began, the automatic shifting is inconsistent and does not drop to a lower gear when it should. The engine has approx. 75k miles. Prior to this problem, the automatic shift

Sounds like you have a vacuum leak, carefully inspect all vacuum lines you might have to remove the engine cover to do this their should be a vacuum diagram on the underside of the hood ... 1991 Ford Econoline

I have a 1995 Dakota sport 2.5L that loses power at freeway speeds. engine sounds like it starts to lug. road is flat. engine smooths out when acc. is pushed to the floor. once this starts the idle is real rough and starting from a stop is difficult. no error lights or codes. Problem goes away if I shut engine off and restart or coast downhill without using accelerator. Have had all tune parts replaced and my local mech. is stumped. Problem can go days or weeks between events.

Seems to me like you need to remove/clean the MAF sensor from the intake. That would be the cheap/easy route. If that doesn't fix it, you're more than likely going to be looking for electrical gremlins, which may include removing, cleanin ... 1995 Dodge Dakota

On1989 Mazda B2600 manual ute. Intermittent problem. Gearchange mechanism occasionally locks,preventing gearstick from selecting any gear. This can be remedied by stopping engine and selecting gear while engine is stopped, and then starting engine in gear with clutch depressed. Sometimes gearchange locks while driving, and this is initiated by slight metallic clunk from vicinity of gearbox. Is this a linkage problem?

G'day\015\012As painfull as this sounds you will probably have to take off the cover around yor gear stic and do a visual inspection. Most manufacturers use plastic bushes in the linkages that once worn seem to lock up at the most annoying time ... Mazda B2600

Hello, I have the following problem with a 2003 Mazda Protege with a 1.8 litre 4 cylinder Engine, Automatic 4 Speed Transmission. Every time that I start the engine, it runs, then after 4 or 8 seconds the car Stalls. If I pump the gas pedal, after starting the car, then usually there is no problem. - The car has roughly 95,000 miles (170,000 kilometres) - I purchased the car new - I have only been using Prenium Gas - Every 3 Years I have been using the Terra Clean Engine Treatment (Fu

Replacing the throtle idle controll valve.Is the most common problem you have sir ... 2003 Mazda Protege

Mazda 626 Hi thanx so much for all your help it is a 4 cylinder. Before this all occured I had my exhaust pipe fixed and a tune up on the car. When I left the shop (a different mechanics) the check engine light starting coming on and off and has continued to do so. When the guy who did the work read the code it said there was a problem with the O2 sensor but found nothing wrong with the engine. Is it possible the work he did could have caused this (the leak) problem since there was no engine lig

Very possible that the repair they did caused the o2 problem. The only codes u get for "leaks" are emissions related. I'd like to know the EXACT code he got, if u can find that out, I can help u even more. Thanks\015\012\015\012Chris ... 1995 Mazda 626

Am not a mechanical engineer,so help me break down some terminologies. i have mazda millenia s 2.3lit with 210hp miller circle engine 2000 model.this is the problem am passing. if i engage my gear the throttle will not fire well again, and if i continue throttling it will off the engine but if i throttle it slowly it will pick well but not more than gear 2, and if i match break i will start fresh again,it happens more when i on the air condition.i have tried many mecs but the problem persist ple

This sounds like a fuel delivery problem, I would start with a fuel pressure test. ... Mazda Millenia

Hey there, I have a P reg Audi A4 avant sport. The initial problem was that the ignition key did not spring back from cranking the starter motor, I believe this has caused my bigger problem which is that I simply hear a single click when I try to start the engine. It will bump start and the battery isn't dead, I have however bumped it and found a whistling noise emitted until the key was turned back one notch, I'm hoping this was the already turning engine making the starter motor spin rather th

It sounds like you have 2 problems.The first is the ignition switch. Call or visit your Audi dealer and ask about a recall for your ignition switch. I believe it should be replaced under recall.Next, it sounds like the starter ... 1998 Audi A4

I have a electrical problem on a 1985 jeep grand wagoneer 360 engine. after shipping to alaska the radio stopped working theirs only static the engine dies unexpectedley the clock luminates ownley when the head lights turned on. I have replaced the ignition swich, the brain box on fender well checked radio connections new starter & starter silinode removed the fues block connector under hood an reconnected hoping for connection problem removed instrament panel checked for loose wires missing con

You need to get your hands on an electrical schematic for that vehicle everything you need to see will be there sounds like it might be a fuseable link i think there is 2 coming off the solenoid its also possible its the ignition switch ( electrical ... 1985 Jeep Grand Wagoneer

1986 Mazda 626, I was driving on the freeway when i noticed my car was losing speed when i had my foot full blown on the pedal ( I had my headphones on. no stero). I had to pull over to the side of the road. as soon as my car stopped my engine shut off and that was it. I assumed it overheated since there was steam from the engine. that is one problem. the other problem we can figure out is something is draining the car battery. the altenator is brand new the starter is new. the only thing we are

1- For the overheat, remove the thermostat to run for a few days to see the problem come back. When the engine runs at iddle, press the upper hose connecting to the radiator to see there is a water flowing inside.\015\012a- IF there is then your wate ... 1986 Mazda 626 Coupe

I am interested in purchasing a 2002 Subaru Outback wagon that I test drove yesterday. It has very low mileage (56,000) and appears to be well-maintained and in good shape. However, my husband noticed a wet spot on the engine and a smell that he identified as coolant. Now I'm reading lots of reviews where people say they had problems with the head gaskets in that model. The dealer says the engine passed their inspection, but I'm worried I might end up with a real (and expensive!) problem on

On the 2002, head gaskets were the subject of a recall. They can go bad almost anytime, usually after 30k, but a good mechanic can take care of it, especially if they torque the mounting bolts properly, but it can take a good number of mechanic hour ... 2002 Subaru Outback

I have a mazda 2 1.4 petrol with asm!problem is a red ! displayed on dash and engine management even abs light on dash!engine starts but engage gear will not engage and either 1st or reverse ears flashing!it just had a new motor actuators fitted and still the same problem!

... Mazda MAZDA2
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