Having problems with your Lexus GS 430 ?

How do i adjust the parking brake on my 2001 lexus gs 430

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It violently shakes when parked or when stopped with brake applied, doesn't shake when moving though, rpms is like 500rpm constant so between 0 and 1 on the gauge. it also notice at night my lights stay dim till the car warms up and than they are bright, the car also runs sluggish till the car warms up, the belt squeals till warmed up also, i start running mid grade it helped a little with the sluggishness, has a new air filter, new oil change, new tranny oil change, new brakes, new brake fluid

If it shakes, it is normally either a bad motor mount (if the car runs fine) or your car is "missing" on one or more cylinders (misfire). The belt will squeal because they stretch with use. That can be solved by replacing the belt or tightening the b ... 2003 Kia Spectra

Brakes rubbing I am getting rubbing sounds while coming to complete stop...it usually happens after the vehicle is hot...new pads/rotors front and rear - but did not adjust the parking brake - it is hard to say where it is coming from but rubs from 10mph to 0 when coming to stop...what could this be? vheicle has 47k 2010 rwd

It sounds like your caliper is sticking you may have to take off your brake pads and rotor and grease up the caliper you can have the best rotors and brake pads on your vehicle but without the caliper working as it should it will wear down the brake ... Dodge Nitro

I changed the rear rotors on a 2004 dodge caravan. i had to loosen the self adjuster on the parking brake to remove the rotor. should i re adjust the self adjuster or will it reset itself? i manually reset it and a mechanic said he had to take the rotor back off and re-adjust the parking brake. i don't understand why he had to take everyhting apart when there is slot to adjust the parking brake behind the rotor. can u help explain why he needed to do this or did i get ripped off.

Okay. In order to change the rear brake rotors, you DID NOT have to loosen off the adjuster to get it off. sometimes between the rotor, and the hub it sits against, corrosion develops and this will cause the rotor to be "stuck" so to be speak. A g ... 2004 Dodge Caravan

I have a 1997 F-250 2wd with rear drum brakes and an auto adjust park brake pedal assy. I've replaced the brake shoes and left and right park brake cables. The problem is the park brake pedal is all the way up aguinst the rubber stop but the park brakes act as if they are applied slightly. QUESTION: How do you get the pedal assy back to a beginning or starting position after it has auto adjusted like it should over the years?

There is a front cable also /and that is the one i have found to be the one that gits stuck first/ if you cant find any adjustments in the cable Assembly then make sure that cables are snapped in fully & back brakes have some free play in them . ... 1997 Ford F250 SuperCab

Parking brake doesn't hold. After replacing and adjusting shoes, parking brake will not hold. Parking brake pedal goes completely to the floor. Performed a number of "Reverse Stops" to allow adjusters to work. No change. Is there an adjustment for the PB cable length? What else am I overlooking?

There is a cable adjustment under the car just aft of the drivers front seat, the cable comes off the brake ratchet and goes through the floor board, follow it back from there and u will find a long threaded rod with two nuts on it, loosen ... 1994 Pontiac Grand Am

06 Equinox brake problems. My wifes front rotor beat really hard whenever she brakes. I know i need to get them turned but i have to do this every three months. I think this is b/c the back drums need adjusting. My question is, is there a way to adjust them without taking the wheels off. Example my truck is a 97 1500 and all you do is pull up on the parking brake release and pump the parking brake a few times. Example #2 on 95 1500's whenever you back up the drum brakes automatically adjust.

You can turn a rotor once or twice but each time you do, you are removing metal...The rotors today are really not thick enough to put up with too much of that before they are too thin to be useful. In removing metal they will not dissipate heat well ... 2006 Chevrolet Equinox

Parking brake No visible adjustment for parking brake no adjustment access on front or back of rear brake drums no adjustment on floor pedal.How do I tighten e-brake cable so that it will hold?

... 1996 Buick Skylark

My parking brake won't work on my 1996 Plymouth Voyager SE because the parking brake needs adjusted. I need to know where the adjuster is locatrd at underneath the vehicle so that I can adjust it.

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How do i adjust the parking brake on my 2001 lexus gs 430

... Lexus GS 430

Toyota Harrier (Lexus RX300) 1999. The dash is in Japanese - would like it in English but can live with it. Two main issues: 1. I can't find how to adjust the clock to the correct time 2. The anti-theft device seems to take random amounts of time before it lets me start the car, anything from 0 to 20mins!! Any help much appreciated

D car is not firein ... 1999 Lexus RX 300

Adjust parking brake on a 1 ton 2005 dodge ram truck

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1993 lexus parking brake adjustment - Cars & Trucks

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How to adjust Lexus LX 470 parking brake to hold car completely? My state inspection fails in this issue.

Pull the wheels off the back of the car. remove the rubber plug on the rotor hub and rotate the rotor to where the hole is on the bottom and look in there. you should be able to see a sprocket. take a long flathead screwdriver and move it up or do ... 2001 Lexus LX 470

Replaced the rear pads/rotors and calipers on a 2000 Mazda 626. Removed parking brake cable as per repair manual. However, after reinstalling the cable, I don't seem to be able to adjust the parling brake correctly. It appears that the adjustment nut on the cable at the caliper is not working, meaning that turning it clockwise or counterclockwise is not making any difference as far as increasing tension on the parking cable. Brakes are working fine, but the parking bake is not.

There should be an adjuster next to the handbrake lever. You may have to remove some trim to see it but it is in the general area of the lever. ... 1999 Mazda 626

I changed the shoes on the Parking brakes on my 2005 Escalade EXT, adjusted the shoe adjusters so the shoes "just" drake when the drums are re-installed, cleaned and re-lubed the mechanical cylinders, adjusted the cable equalizer but the "parking" brake pedal goes to the floor and the brakes do not hold the vehicle. What is wrong?

The first time you use the brakes on a drum the shoes will equalize with each other. This may be the reason it doesn't seem adjusted right. Readjust the shoe adjusters till you can just hear the scrape and try again. ... 2005 Cadillac Escalade

Replaced the rear drum brakes and turned the drums. Adjusted the drum brakes. Parking brake doesn't work. Need to know how to adjust parking brake to operate properly.

U adjust the parking brake two ways, one by backing up and repeatedly taping the brakes, this moves the shoes out, also u can adjust the park brake cable on the underside of the van (u will need to jack it up in the air, support it with ... 2002 Dodge Caravan

Parking brake 2004 santa fe 2wd 2.7 v6 parking brake has auto adjusters i assume? can't even remove rear disc/ paking brake stuck or jammed, can't find adjuster through hole in drum.

I just replaced rotors on my 2003 Santa Fe, There are 2 phillips screws in the rotor that must be removed. There is an auto adjuster on bottom of brakes. That inspection hole is very small! Sometimes you must tap a hammer around the drum to loosen th ... 2003 Hyundai Santa Fe

Parking brake pedal sometimes pulls down too easy (to floor), and then braking force not enought. But sometimes (1 case of about 4-5) parking brake pedal stops at middle way and then parking brakes hold the car well. All cables ok. Main brakes work well too.

... 1998 Dodge Caravan

I was told that my parking brake on my 2002 Kia Sedona is not engaging properly, though there is good tension on the line. I've replaced the rear drum brake pads, and adjusted the parking brake cable that runs from the front to the rear brakes. After all this, the problem is still occurring, and if pushed with the parking brake engaged and the shifter in neutral, it will roll. Any suggestions?

... 2002 Kia Sedona

How to adjust parking brake cable. has new shoes and they are adjusted correctly. but still no parking brake

... 1986 Nissan Pickup 4WD 1986

I have a 1998 Chevy Blazer 2 door 4 wheel drive. The parking brake adjuster is seized up and needs to be replaced. There are a front, left rear, and right rear parking brake cables and I don't know which one has the adjuster. All the cables are good other than that. Which one do I need?

... 1998 Chevrolet Blazer

Handbrake adjustment parking brake seems fully adjusted out how do you release the mechanism after fitting new parking brake shoes?

... 2005 Volvo XC90

I Hanve 1996 GMC 1500 brake pedal goes to floor. New brakes & Calipers in front, 1 new wheel cylinder. 3 New master cylinders,1 new brake booster, Brake line in rear rusted out & replaced. Have checked rubber lines for collasping or bubbling, When Bleeding all wheels lock, Have vacum bled and manual bled. Tried different ideas, do not touch brake until bleeder is open and depress and close bleeder. Tried just about everything, Have adjusted rear brakes out. When truck not running you can

Did you try a brake booster ? ... 1996 GMC Sierra

2003 Envoy SLT V8--How can I adjust the parking brake? recently replaced per dealer cable and was very tight, then back at dealer for rotors ,E-brake then very loose. Back to dealer for adjustment=a little bit better but not as tight as when cable replaced. 6-months later, E-brake not holding. what is the procedure so I can adjust it myself?

The parking brake on your envoy is like a small set of drum brakes mounted inside the "hat" of your rear rotors. To adjust it, remove the rear wheels and remove the rubber cap on the rotor. If you don't have a rubber cap look at the brake backing pla ... 2003 GMC Envoy

1997 suburban brake light would go on but then off unless i let my foot loose on the paddle after pressing the brake. I also could not take the car out of park. I replaced Brake light on a 1997 suburban c1500 both problems were solved for about 1 minute then did the same thing. I unplugged the switch to make sure the harness cables are OK then I plugged connector back into the switch but now I have no brake lights. and cant take the car out of park. I realize I have a wiring problem. How do I go

... 1998 GMC Suburban
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