Having problems with your Lexus ES 300 ?

The check engine light is on and need some help with where the connection is for the diagnostic tool goes and which wires to jump to read the code flashes. Also, where can I get a list of what the codes are?

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Answers :

Alright, why not make it easy on yourself and get the codes read for free at an AutoZone. Just take your car to them and they will do everything for you to read the codes free of charge. Let me know what they are and we can work from there.

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The check engine light is on and need some help with where the connection is for the diagnostic tool goes and which wires to jump to read the code flashes. Also, where can I get a list of what the codes are?

Alright, why not make it easy on yourself and get the codes read for free at an AutoZone. Just take your car to them and they will do everything for you to read the codes free of charge. Let me know what they are and we can work from there. ... Lexus ES 300

Have 1995 jeep cherokee v6 4,0 my jeep run sluggish loss of power cant get over 65 mph service engine light on took it to auto parts to get code read low fuel intake somebody told me also to start it 3 times then read the flashing light where can i get a list of information on the code names. what should i check for the low fuel intake? the fuel filter maybe the pressure tested please help

This sounds like you may have a problem with your oxygen(O2) sensors or a clogged component in your exhaust system. if you have a catalytic converter in your exhaust system, the filter element inside could break up and clog the exhaust pipe. you shou ... 1995 Jeep Cherokee

1993 vw eurovan relay map - photo of relay board with description also how do I get flash code from black & white wire useing my diode tool I can't remember witch one to jump to get flash started Someone please HELP!!! Thanks Dusty

Never heard of a flash code with a vehicle this age ,as for a photo i dont have such an old vehicle in the yard for repair ,anything this old is regarded as a classic vehicle ,its so simple as it only has a ignition module with a distributor cap and ... Volkswagen Eurovan

99 dodge ram 2500 stalls at normal operating temp. and won't restart until it cools down. Sometimes it could take 15 mins sometimes 45 mins. My code reader won't read any codes when the truck is cooling down. It reads Err. The Dash reads "no bus" after the mileage flashes 4 times. The "No Bus means the Cluster is not communicating with the PCM. Right? Would this cause the ASD to shutdown the truck when it gets hot. I wouldn't think so. I have also replaced the O2 sensor when I was ab

You may need a shop to troubleshoot it.No Bus means the instrument cluster, engine computer, and body or trans computers are not communicating. That needs to be addressed first. Someone will need to figure out which component is dead and why. ... 1999 Dodge Ram 2500 4WD

This code says that it is getting a bad reading from my crankshaft position sensor. I replaced the sensor with ooe from the dealer and replaced the wires and still have the same code appear evern after I cancel it. I think that this code might also be part of anothe wiring connection is that posibile?

Yes and no.. the sensor connects directly to the ECU,, clearing the code should fix it,, but clearly is not even after you changed the sensor.. Are you certain thats the correct error code ?? some vehicles have the same code ?? but it mea ... Chevrolet Venture

Hello timing is off and jumping all over the place we change oxygen sensers coil rotor and cap wires spark plugs we put it on sevrral differant code readers we check fuel pressure was reading 42 with key on and 49-50 with truck running the code reading p0300(random multi cylinder misfire), p0304(cyl 4 misfire) and p0305(cyl 5 misfire) before we change the oxgen sensor we also took the y pipe off and took it for a run figuring they were causing this problems the truck was back firing and trans no

Mcdevito75 here, Could be a worn timeing belt, a crankshaft position sensor. Have your local shop check it out. ... 1997 Dodge Dakota

I have a 2003 chevy silverado 1500 2wd with a 4.8 liter when im driving i get on the dtc reduced engine power atleast 5 times a day. When i scan it the code comes up as P1125 severity 2 times when read. I replaced the throttle body the pedal position sencer , throttle control module, also bought a new throttle body harness soldered it shrink tubed every thing. I splicede the wires back 18 inches back cleared all engine codes and am still getting this reduced engine power

Check your spark plugs and wires, 2 things that majorly affect power. \015\012if your plugs are old/corroded/gapped wrong, you will lose major pressure\015\012Hesitation or misfiring when accelerating. This may be due to a vacuum leak, bu ... 2003 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Code reads egr valve/sensor problem. My check engine light recently starting flashing (instead of just staying on). I notice when it is flashing a shutter in the car and more difficulty driving. Also when the check engine light is flashing the air seems to get hotter. What's wrong?

EGR Valve failed,causing the MIL Lamp to come on and car to slam and ****, going up hills,that is when you have a high vacuum load on engine. May seem like a trans problem. ... 2004 Lincoln LS

I have a1993 caravan 3.3 i replaced trans because i could not get it out of limp mode now the new trans is in limp mode i replaced tcm,sensors, and checked wiring over and over again i checked grounds everything flashed computer still in limp i dont get any codes also when i reset the tsm it runs and shifts great then shut it off and start it again back in limp mode i cant figure it out someone please help

The A and B solenoids operate a little\015\012differently than the '91. Solenoid A has current for first and fourth\015\012with the B solenoid operating during third and fourth. Limp mode is\015\012second gear when neither solenoid has current. ... Plymouth Grand Voyager

Car is not getting fire, and there is no check engine light when i turn on the ignition. Have checked all the fuses that i know of and also have bought a parts matching computer. All in vain. The problem started when we tried to read the trouble codes and jumped the B+ terminal to the E1. In doing that i heard a pop, sounded like a fuse but like i have said i checked all that i can find. I know i am getting power to the computer. please help!!!! paul

No year or model mentioned newer pcm's required to be flashed with the vehicles VIN to operate ... Geo Prizm

P0236 p0455 My check engine light comes on if i quickly go from 2k rpm to 3k rpm and it reads codes p0236 and p0455. also, if i go up to 5-7k rpm my check engine light flashes, but turns off fairly quickly. I feel no performance change during either phenomena, but I would like to get it fixed. Also, there is an oil leak somewhere on the left side of the engine around the belt system.

What is the year, make and model?How many miles on it?You should know that when the check engine light flashes ENGINE DAMAGE can occur!!! ... Volvo S40

I have a 1998 Safari van that has started to stall out with out any warning. It will start after it has stalled however you don't know where and when it will stall and getting more frequent. Checked the cap, rotor, wire's and replaced the fuel filter. Also checked the vaccum. All look good. The fuel pump was replaced about a year a go. I've checked for engine error codes and no error codes are listed or show up.

... GMC Safari

O2 sensor ok. i have a 1997 chevy 1500 4x4, the check engine light comes on. i have replaced the two front banks and have changed the fule filter, plugs, plug wires, oil, oil filter, cleaned an the tb. still it reads all 4 are bad? it also reads th po300 code witch i think its from all the new stuff replacements. its a 5.7 votec, it fells like when i get it two about 3-5 thousand rpm it has no balls an goes no where but it will clear out? it has its good days and its bad days. plz help

1. first you need to re-set your computer. Try disconnecting the Negative battery cable for 5 minutes. If that does not reset itself, then you must go to someone with a scanner/engine analyzer & have it reset by them. Then after running it for a ... 1997 Chevrolet K1500

2000 caravan lost instrument panel and now stuck in first gear, When problem first started I could hold key all the way forward to get panel to work. Just to check gas speed. This could be done while in park or while driving. But only if radio is on. I can also get everything to work if I start van with remote starter. But radio must be on. Things I have tried (new ignition switch, fuse and relay panel beside battery, tested wiring, scanner could not properly read codes

This is the speed sensors on the transmission. I just went through the exact same thing with my van. They are fairly easy to replace and run about $15 a piece. ... 2000 Dodge Caravan

1998 Tacoma V6 ext cab 184,000mi. Engine light on, per mechanic read knock sensor and shift solenoid. Took top end off and replaced both knock sensors, wire harness for sensors and checked grounding, and also put on new cat converter to get it to pass smog. No go. Engine light came back, ran code again, still said knock sensor, so he suggested trying a different ECU. Worked for a few minutes but engine light came back. Running rough. Ran code again and its the same, but now saying both knock sen

... 1998 Toyota Tacoma

I got code P1135 in 01 toy 4runner. I have replaced the o2 bank 1 sensor (A/F sensor) and also the map sensor. On my scanner I read a 3.298 volts at all times! I even unplugged the sensor and it still shows 3.298 volts. I do belive I have a short or possible PCM problem. Is there any way to get a true check on this? I am a auto tech and this is a customers car. This is one of those problems that is hard to diag and or repair. I can not find any wiring diaghams online either. (Not for free). If y

P1135=Air-Fuel Sensor Heater Circuit Response Malfunction,This code does not identify a particular o2 sensor,did you get a code that showed a fault leading to the one you replaced? Have you checked the voltage in the other o2 sensor ... 2001 Toyota 4Runner

I bought this car in Jan. of 2009 and it had 149000 miles and ran great. I changed the fuel filter in August 2009 and the car has had a problem ever since. When I accelerate it has a check engine light on the dash that will start to flash if I accelerate hard. If I just accelerate real slow It is not a problem. I also went from getting around 41 mpg to about 29 mpg. When I go to a parts store and they read the code it is saying a miss fire on cylinder 3. I have parts stores that want to sel

For one there wouldn't be air in the fuel system. If you think the fuel injectors are clogged at all then run some injector cleaner through it. If you haven't changed the plugs in wires since owning the vehicle I would do that as well.Thank you ... 2000 Hyundai Accent

Hi guys, I have a 98 chev silverado 5.7 vortec. I've been struggling with misfire on wet days. The cap and wires were replaced twice to no avail. The engine light has been on for a while : latest code is crank/cam sensor. I also have water on my passenger side floormat after rain/wash. Wondering after reading some posts if something in the firewall is getting wet behind the dash. O2 sensors are fine, mass air flow is fine air filter housing is tight. New cat installed. Would crank sensor be a pr

The crank and cam sensors would be a huge problem - the car wouldn't work if the sensors were at absolute nonfucntion, but you'd have issues if the sensor's issues were intermittent. ... 1999 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

99 tacoma has hard time starting, runs rough idle till warm. Have replaced, fuel filter,spark plugs and wires, new IAC motor, cleaned out throttle body. smells of gas while starting, as if it's flooded. has new tps sensor, and engine coo;ant temp sensor also. gets a code reading for misfire on 1, and 3 cyl. replaced both ign coils. looking for answers.

... Cars & Trucks

Hi. I have the engine and transmission in excellent conditions. But I drove the car on my way to my job and to go from the first to the second gear the RPM went all the way up to 4000 rpm. Also while I was driving at 60 mph the tachometer was at 2000 rpm but I felt like something was wrong, like shaking. The "CHECK ENGINE" light come out so I went to ADVANCE AUTO PARTS to get the codes read. It was a "misfire problem". So I replace the spark plugs (AC DELCO platinum) and wires. The light was off

To check your transmission fluid, locate the transmission dipstick, (will be close to the firewall). You check while the engine is at operating temperature and running and in park. You read the dipstick just as you would an oil dipstick. Refer to ... 2005 Chevrolet Equinox

Changed intake manifold gasket and installed new plentum on 1999 buick lesabre. Replaced EGR valve because scanner said bad. I get a intermittent hesitation at excelleration the engine light will flash and then stay on solid. Periodically it will go off. Read the fault code and said misfire. Chnaged plugs and wires when intake replaced. Remvoed the thre coil packs and they measure resistance under where the spade lug go, they are all simular in ohmic values. Buick has 216000 miles, is it one of

Flash is misfire than steady is fault code misfire can be from anything from air cleaner clogged to mass air flow sensor to pcv valve,vacuum leak etc u already changed egr need to have scanned for more specific code code number breaks down to emissi ... 1999 Buick LeSabre


Does your speedo still work? some time D4 flashes when your speed sensor is going bad or out. but symtoms would be the flashing light, and speedo working incorrectly and a check engine light. ... 1992 Honda Prelude

My 1997 Honda Civic LX had been running bad and missing. The CEL was lit and would sometimes flash. I had the codes read and it showed P0302. First I tried changing the plug wires, no difference. Then I changed all of the plugs with Platinum plugs. This seemed to make a difference at first, but not for long. I also ran 2 tanks of gas through the engine with Lucas injector cleaner thinking maybe the injectors were dirty. That didn't help. Next I replaced the distributor cap and rotor.

Distributor ... 1997 Honda Civic

My 96 ford ws 3.8 flashes code 52 also #4 cyl misfire i replaced coilpack, sparkplugs,sparkplugwires,egr valve, diff.feedback pressure sensor and i still get misfire in the #4 cyl. it runs good at first start but after a few miles it begins to misfire again when i push the overdrive button it stops could it be somthing to do with a short in the wiring system causing all these problems?

Yes. The Code 52 means the O2 sensor on Bank 2 Sensor 1 (Before Converter) has high resistance. These sensors can have a heating element in them to get the temperature up to 750 degrees which is suppose to help detect the fuel ratio in the burnt ex ... Ford Windstar

2001 Pontiac Bonneville. Service engine soon light stays on. Went to Auto Zone and had them check out why the service light stays on, does not flash. They suggested to disconnect the battery, replaced fuel filler cap, had a misfire on #5 cylinder (replaced coil pack for 2 and 5), replaced plugs and wires. Haven't driven on the road yet. Let idle and rev'd up. Light is still on. How can I investigate further what the problem is. Can I jump some plug to clear the codes or read them at home without

The scan tool that they used at autozone should be able to erase them and tell you whether they are existing codes or just stored. Hope this helps. ... 2001 Pontiac Bonneville
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