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I have a 1990 Lexus ES 250...it stalled in traffic and appears to be a fuel pump...no gas getting to carb...do you know where the fuel pump resides on this car? Thank-you

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Fuel pump is in the gas tank.Your ES 250 does'nt have carburation , it's EFI..Not enough info. to help you.Need to know if vehicle died & wont restart @ all or if it was a 1 time stall then it restarted
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I have a 1990 Lexus ES 250...it stalled in traffic and appears to be a fuel pump...no gas getting to carb...do you know where the fuel pump resides on this car? Thank-you

Fuel pump is in the gas tank.Your ES 250 does'nt have carburation , it's EFI..Not enough info. to help you.Need to know if vehicle died & wont restart @ all or if it was a 1 time stall then it restarted ... Lexus ES 250

My 1986 inregra fuel pump isnt getting power. its not the fuel pump its seems to be something in the electrical. i replaced what it seemed to be, the main relay, still wasnt it. so i dont know what else it could be except in the wires or i checked the wrong relay, because i found another one today?????? the stupid books for that year do not describe very good. help please.... my car is awesome and fun to drive plus i need it for college and stuff. thanks

Go to the Main Power box and Check the Fuel Pump Fuse.\015\012Regards, DT ... 1986 Acura Integra

1989 Chevy Cavalier z24 my car will turn over and will start but only runs for 3 four seconds than dies, if i try to hit the gas it will die right away. sometimes i will get lucky and it will run for an hour than die. new fuel pump, sending unit, fuel pressure regulator, crank position sensor, computer, great spark, it has good fuel pressure up to the fuel rail. i dont know what else it could be maybe electrical problems? thanks

... 1988 Chevrolet Cavalier Z24

I need to know how to purge the fuel system? This car has been sitting a long time,and i have had to replace the fuel pump,fuel filter,pcm,etc. It will hit occasionally,and is getting fuel,but won't start.Your help would greatly be appreciated. Thanks

This fuel injected motor shouldn't need the fuel system purged. So the engine hits occasionally?Did this car EVER run for YOU? A common problem with 1991 Capris is the timing belt gear will slip around due to damage to the keyway ... 1991 Mercury Capri

Gas gauge my gas gauge on a 2003 honda crv continuously fluctuates. the car may be on half a tank but then reads that it is full even though i know the car is correctly on half a tank. it does this all the time even if the car wasted only a bit of fuel. i think its the senor that is in the gas tank or on the pump. not too sure. i just wanted to get a correct diagonsis. thanks

I think is IAC diagnostic. you have to clean it ... 2003 Honda CR-V

Fuel Pump I don't know much about cars at all, but recently my fuel pump went bad on me and I found someone to replace it. Next thing I know he calls and says the entire exhaust system is rusted and can't replace my fuel pump. I was wanting to know, how true is this? Can I have my fuel pump replaced without my exhaust being there or will I have to get the exhaust system taken care of first before the pump is replaced? When my fuel pump was working, I never noticed anything else wrong with the ca

Exhaust has to come down in order to remove fuel tank to replace the fuel pump. ... 1997 Mercury Cougar XR7

My 92 sunbird will run untill it starts to get warm and then just dies. I when I try to start it after it dies and the car will just keep turning over and wont start. it sounds like the fuel pump doesn;t come on to. but the next day when I boost the battery and turn the key the fuel pump comes on and the car starts up and runs again untill it gets warm. and cuse of this problem I replaced the fuel pump and the relay (I think it was the right Relay. I don't know exacly what what one is the fuel p

Thers a oil psi senser that wont let the fuel pump run at low psi when the car worms the psi gos down ,the fuel rely only runs the pump for about five sec as a primer then the oil psi senser takes over thirs a plug righi behind the oil fliter for t ... 1992 Pontiac Sunbird

Im just trying to find out where the fuel pump location is to change it. i know its located in the tank but i need to know how to get to it? is it under the rear seats? or under the car? Thank you very much

You will need to drop the tank from underneath the car. ... 1995 Saturn Sl

I have 92 Old 88 royal it is shutting down while driving. sometimes it will start up again sometimes I'll have to wait. seems like it does it when the temp gets about 200. The car doesn't seem to be getting hot .I've been told possibly fuel pump, ignition relay or temp sensor. Any ideas? Also does anyone know how to pull the codes using a paper clip? thanks!

Poss crank sensor or ignition mod.Dont remember which terms to cross with the paper clip... been awhile! Depending on where you are located... alot of shops do a cheap test or even free to throw the comp on! ... Oldsmobile 88

Hi I need to get the petrol out of my fuel tank on a 98 Mazda 323 f 1.5 as the car is being scraped . How can I get fuel out and where is the fuel pump as thought I could pump out using the cars own pump thanks

It is best that you consult an especialist for that matter because its going to be risky to do it on your own. you might not get all the fuel out if you did by yourself. ... Cars & Trucks

My 95 Pontiac Bonneville is not getting gas I've checked the fuel pump fuse, the fuel pump relay under the passenger side and replaced the fuel filter. Is there anything else that could cause the gas not to pump or should I take the gas tank off and inspect the gas pump? Also is there away to check if the gas pump is bad. All I know is that there is no pressure in the gas lines and that no fuel is getting to the injectors. Thanks in advance.

What you need to do is have an assistant turn the key on (not try to start, just turn the key on) while you have the gas cap removed and your ear down by the gas tank fill tube. When they turn the key on you should hear a whirl only for 3-7 seconds. ... 1995 Pontiac Bonneville

Hello I am pulling my hair out because i cant find the problem to my car. I have an 89 Oldsmobile Cruiser and The car will Not start it will turn over but just not start as if were not getting any fuel. i have changed the fuel pump, Filter, the Throttle position sensor, spark plugs and still nothing. we know it has fuel pressure up to the injectors because we have had that tested and we know it has spark as well because we can get it to start every once in a while with a little either But as soo

Crank position sensor?Have you checked for voltage to the injecters?The two things I would look at.Not sure if it has crankshaft sensor.Chilton repair manual might be a good investment.Well hope this helps. ... 1989 Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser

I have a 2002 buick rendezvous I am have trouble with the fuel delivery it's not getting any power back to the fuel pump we had it started when we ran a wire to fuse box and ran it strait to fuel pump and it started right up I would like to know why I am not getting any power back there could it be that there's no power coming out of the junction box underneath the driver side of the car there is a power supply box under there and a wire coming out of it run right to fuel tank and fuel pump I ne

... Cars & Trucks

I have a 97' Chrysler Sebring Convertable 2.5L V6 engine and my problem is every time I go to the gastation and pay at pump and get ready to start pumping gas into my car I press the gas to pump gas and it stops at $0.89 cents and shoots the gas out at me instead of putting gas to the tank. My gas tank is on empty, the only way a car knows it has a full tank of gas is the pressure in the car stops the gas from pumping gas. My fuel pump and fuel filter is fine and running correctly, and crankshaf

The vent tube is plugged. You need to blow out tube with compressed air. It's the small tube that runs parallel with fill tube. ... 1997 Chrysler Sebring

Does the 1996 Achieva have a fuel pump relay and a fuel pump fuse, and if there is a fuse can anyone tell me where to find it. We are trying to test the fuel pressure, we disconnected the relay and started the car so to run it out of gas in the lines but the thing is the car runs for another 30 mins. This is how the book says to get the pressure out of the lines but for some reason I don't think it should run that long if the pump is not pumping. We know we have the right relay cause when it is

Releaving the pressure does not mean run all the fuel out of the lines. Thats actually a bad idea. All you need to do is remove the gas cap. Hook up your guage. Turn the key to the on position wait for the fuel pump to cycle. Turn the key off. Press ... 1996 Oldsmobile Achieva

I have a 2001 chrysller sebring coupe with a 2.5 6 cylinder that is the mitishbishi type. The car will not start. It will crank but it is not getting any fuel. We have already changed the fuel pump. We changed the relays against the firewall. I checked the current to the fuel pump, and there is no power to the connection. That tells me that it is not the fuel pump, but I do not know where else to check. Is there a fuse or relay that we have not checked yet ? The car has 90000 miles on it

It's a fuse problem ... check for a IGN, PCM fuse in the fuse box . ... 2001 Chrysler Sebring

How do I replace a fuel pump on a 2003 escape? Engine not getting enough fuel so when starting car, I get crank but cannot get engine to turn over. Perhaps the pump can wait if someone has other suggestions to check out - like fuel injectors or fuel filter? Thanks!

Check to see if the inertia switch is tripped first. Read your owner manual for location and how to reset. Just push the button. It usually only trips in an accident to shut off the fule pump in case there is a leak.\015\012\015\012her ... 2003 Ford Escape

I need to replace the fuel pump. Dealer wants $1100. Can get new OE part for under $200. Maybe I'll try it myself. What is a good source on how to do this? If I have help from a friend who has tools and knows cars, is it even feasible to do it myself, or are there specialized tools and procedures that only a dealer or certified mechanic would have? Thanks

It is a little involved. The fuel tank has to be dropped which requires disconnecting the fill hoses, vent lines, pressure and return lines, wiring harness to the pump, probably some evap lines as well. The drive shaft also will need to be removed in ... 2003 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Fuel pump i dont get any power to the fuel pump i checked the fuse, the fuse looks good but it does not get any power either. All the other fuses do but the one that belongs to the fuel pump. Is the porblem the relay? and which one is it? plase just let me know what the problem is. Thanks,

A quick way to check and ensure that the relay is the fault is too bridge the relay which will activate the pump continuously.\015\012\015\012The relay is located in the engine bay and is in the fuse/relay plate box on the upper right (if ... 1994 BMW 3 Series

1999 ford explorer just died not getting gas is it possible to hear the fuel pump run? I cant hear the one on my ranger and it works fine. Could it possibly be the fuel filter? or is it most likely the pump/ Plus is the pump fuse protected I dont have the manual to know what fueses are what, or know where the fuel reset switch is. Thanks Steve

How many miles do you have on it? The fuel pump is in the gas tank, I have a 97 explorer and around 75k miles the fuel pump went out. After talking with other Ford truck owners this was pretty common. Its not a cheap repair unless you are willing to ... 1999 Ford Explorer

Sorry, I can't afford to pay for expert advice, I'm disabled! I have posted a question and received answers, so I'm hoping for the best! We have 1995 Dodge Dakota 318 5.2ltr - and we've tested fuel pump, it's good! Short story is that we no there is NOT power at the connector, where it plugs in to the fuel pump. Since 3 yrs ago, we bypassed ASD to pcm for the same problem, now we don't know what to do, cause that bypass is still good, but don't know how to get power to the fuel pump!? Thanks for

If ur dakota has good oil presure ,check to see if oil sending unit is leaking oil,if so replace it ,it needs replacing any way. very low oil presure will not allow fuel pump to come on threw this sending unit ... 1995 Dodge Dakota

1998 Jaguar XJ8L fuel pump needs replaced. Somebody who knows help As the weather started getting colder, the car was harder to start in the mornings. Eventually, after long drives the car wouldn't start at all. After a half an hour to an hour the car would start back up and run great. On a cold day the car just stopped working altogether.I no longer hear the fuel pump engaging when turning the key. Somebody please help

Befor you go to the pump check the relay that might be the problem ... 1998 Jaguar XJ8L

If I directly apply 12V from the battery to the fuel pump, it pumps. If I plug the the wires into the wiring harness to use the car's organic circuitry, the fuel pump does not pump. By attaching a multi-meter to the car's organic circuitry, I get an inconsistent reading. It fluctuates between .05V to about 8V very rapidly. I'm not sure what would cause this, and I was hoping someone could help with that. Also, I guess I should mention that the vehicle does not start or run. Thanks

Try finding the fuel pump relay. Swap it out with another one and see if that makes a difference. ... 1987 Ford Escort

I have an 03 malibu what type of fuel pump goes on the car.The car just quit on me while i was driving.No warning just quit. My friend told me no fuel was getting to the motor. Now i know I need to drop fuel tank but i need to know what type of fuel pump that is.

You need not drop the fuel tank the fuel pump is usually in the top of the tank under the trunk carpet ... Chevrolet Malibu

How do you fix a fuel pump on 2000 Pontiac Sunfire? Well, I think that is what the problem is...the car turns over but won't start. (battery is new and the starter is fine) It seems like it's not getting fuel...would the fuel pump be the problem? I've checked all the fuses...the 15 amp fuse on the instrument fuse panel labeled FUEL PUMP is fine. There is one more rectangular relay or fuse? (not sure what it's called) in the engine compartment fuse block, labeled FUEL PUMP but I don't know how to

Yes - that relay could cause your problem. Remove relay and replace with a like numbered relay from the relay box if you have one - if not, buy replacement relay and test. If that doesn't work then the fuel pump is in the gas tank and you'll have to ... 2000 Pontiac Sunfire
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