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How to buff out a paint scuff on my Lexus

\015 Paint from another car scuffed my car paint...how to remove.\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

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How to buff out a paint scuff on my Lexus

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I have a very small area on my car door handle where I used touch up paint on a few scratches. The paint now looks uneven (although the color match is perfect). How do I buff the now completely dry paint so it looks smooth?

Most people don't have any luck with touch up\015\012bottles - automotive paint is meant to be sprayed so don't expect great\015\012results here...if it turns out decent enough, great...just don't assume\015\012that you are going to get a great ... Porsche Boxster

How do you buff paint damage off a car?

Sand lightly with P600 and then P1200 and then P2000 when done apply Cutting Compound and then Glaze. ... Cars & Trucks

Hello hoping 2 find some help.. i have a 2003 lexus gs 300. i took it to an auto body shop 2 get a custom paint job but wene i got it back my rear windows were rolled down. i didnt pay any mind 2 it cause i towed it hm but once i got the car hm i drove it into my garage and i tried to roll up the windows frontwindows rolled up fine then i rolled up rear windows and they rolled up. but once i finished rolling em up they rolled all the way back down on there own. so i tried rolling em up over and

I assume they all (windows)have automatic feature(should say on master switch ALL AUTO) , two clickes on each switch.First click for manual rolling , second click for auto rolling.\015\012If that so , you can try to reset them :\015\012Pu ... 2003 Lexus Gs 300

Paint problem on 2009 infiniti G37

This is spotting from the plastic they use to protect the paint!!! Ha when they apply the plastic it sometimes has air trapped under plastic a bit like a bubble under tape, the sun bakes the gases out of the plastic and it stains the darker painted ... 2009 Infiniti G37

Removal of front grille 1999 lexus LS400

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The paint on my TL has developed patches of what

Sorry but this is your clear breaking down from age and sunlight uv The clear is so brittle and thin it just scatches off ... 1999 Acura TL

Starting Problems Good luck. I have 2007 Lexus ES350 with Intermittent Starting problems. They towed it to Lexus, replaced the start button as they were defective under certain VIN#'s. Then it happened a 2nd time, back to Lexus, no problem there. Back to Lexus a 3rd time for 10 days. Brought it back to me and they said if they can't duplicate it, can't fix it. Have a 2000 Lexus with 100K + miles, that's why we bought another one. Everything is fine except for this one thing. But now the c

Starter has brushes in them, and as they begin to wear out, it would have that same problem you have. Infact this is true for any motor that have brushes. Right now it is okay. The problem may take a while before coming back again, but when it does, ... 2005 Toyota Avalon

I have a 2006 GS 300 lexus that I can't get oil in it, it is not leaking where is it going? It has 130 K miles, Lexus says it need a engine. I bought it brand new and Lexus did all the services. Lexus tells me all I should expect to ge out of that car is 100 K miles. What is your opinion and to you have any idea of where the oil is going? In 2007 Lexus went to another engine GS350 where there any know problems that cause the upgrade?

There are no known issues with any LEXUS manufactured after '02 that would cause this issue by default. If you are burning oil, and its not leaking out, then one of two things is happening. \015\0121. Its getting into your coolant system.\015\012(i ... 2006 Lexus Gs 300

The paint is peeling off my door handles on the OUTSIDE of my car. It's very noticeable as underneath the paint its white ....my car is silver. On one of my doors the paint is almost completely gone on my door handle (it's the entire door handle - the actual handle and underneath it). It's so obvious I've had people ask me what was wrong with the paint. The paint is not peeling off of anything else on the car. Are there any recalls on these handles or is there another solution? (I know ab

The same is happening to the out side but they dont recall it if they dont have to! lose too much money! ... Hyundai Motor 2002 Sonata

I have a deep scratch in one of my doors on my Buick. I bought the touch up paint but I'm not exactly sure how to apply it. I have used touch up paint many other times with many cars and it always seemed to come out crappy (even when i wet sanded and took my time). Can anyone help me with this with the steps and/or details? I found a few other sites online but each seems to have different steps and some are using spray paint. I'm going to use the small brush or roller ball touch up paint. Anothe

If you are using a mere touch up kit ..i would recommend for about 15-30 cents buying a model paint brush the bristles are much smaller than what comes in the bottle and no you wont need to sand it at all after application it will look very dull but ... Buick Park Avenue

The paint on the hood of my 65 Corvette looks like it is bubbling up and wavy. It is an after market hood and was painted 6 years ago. I had it repainted recently and they said it didn't appear to be the paint that was the problem. The first time I had the car out in the sun for a day after the re-paint, the hood looks wavy and bubbly again. What do I need to do to correct this problem. Is it a gel coat problem?

... 1965 Chevrolet Corvette

Hi there can you help me with 1994 Hiace super custom 1kz te motor after 5 minutes running goes buff buff out the exhast wee bit of smoke with a buff buff. Then if you stop it revs up flat out with out your foot on paddle and smokes badly and engine stops.

It can be the timing belt jumping or the gas filter stoped up I would go withe the filter furst ! an it my be the air filter or the cataletick exsost pipe stoped up I would start with the cheepist furst ! ... Toyota 4Runner

How to replace driver mirror for lexus ES300

... 2003 Lexus ES 300

My engine Oil Pressure low light come on my lexus rx350 2011, is there others with this problem? I have changed oil as recommended by lexus and light comes on. Lexus said I might have put wrong oil

... Cars & Trucks

I have a 2002 Lexus ES-300 that has an erratic acceleration problem. It happens mostly between the speeds of 10-15 mph and 30-40 mph.The car seems to hesitate during acceleration and then it picks up acceleration all of a sudden. I got it checked with the Lexus dealership and they upgraded the drive software. The problem has not improved and they tell me that it could be because of an off-spec transmission oil. I had the transmission oil changed outside the Lexus dealership about 1000 miles ear

Hi,,ok firstly It can be the transmission, It can be an oxygen sensor and it can be the electronic acceleration (ECU controlled)Firstly,, have a diagnostic done on the vehicle and your accelerator recalibrate and all error cod ... Lexus ES 300

Paint peeled I need to fill in the tiny almost invisible holes in the paint. It looks like small bubbles bursted and since the car is for sale I need tofix this asap. No time for big paint job. Thank you.

Go to an Auto Zone, O'riley's, etc, auto parts store. They have the paint in small easy to apply pens. ... 2003 Hyundai Santa Fe

Was wondering if there was a recall on the original paint job on a 1994 Chevy Cavalier? My cars hood was stripped off by the frost one morning....paint was all over the ground! The hood now doesn't have any paint on it...what happened???

Water based paint to comply with new regs brought out in 94 ,repaint job ,prepare and use domestic two pack epoxy paint ,apply with a small lambs wool roller and you will not notice the difference,plus it is 16yr old banger ... 1994 Chevrolet Cavalier

Paint and/or varnish are falling down. I live in Austin TX and I've seen a lot of cars with the same problem, it is like the weather is affecting the paint varnish (a transparent film over the paint). Can I solve it by myself? Maybe applying car wax or a similar product?

... Nissan Xterra

I am going to get my car painted do i need the activator for the clear and then the activator for the paint or the activator that comes with the clear can i use it for the paint

The clear coat DOES need the activator mixed in when applying the paint. If not used it will not dry properly and will destroy the basecoat ... Honda Accord

Paint Here lately I have been thinking about doing a little rust repair because both of the front fenders and both of the doors are developing rust and making holes and bubbles everywhere. I already have the panels and know that they need to be put on but I would also like to see the vehicles colors still match and no noticeable glossiness differences what paint should I look for? I know that there is a color code somewhere and will probably use the same paint. What techniques should be used and

You should always use a good primer first after sanding it all correctly ...the paint code is in your vin number ....usually ....you should be al to buy the right paint for it ....good luck ... 1994 Oldsmobile Bravada

The transmission on my 2005 lexus rx330 has experienced a catastrophic failure at 87,000 miles. Lexus dealer quotes the repair bill at $5,500. The vehicle has never been used to tow and all repairs and maintenance have been performed by the dealer. I want to negotiate relief with the dealer but need background info. What is the history of transmission problems and failures for this make and model? How can I best get Lexus participation for the repair costs?

I don't think history of others matters unless it is to the point of a class action suit.What matters the most is what the warranty says.Was a 5 year or 100,000 mile warranty or not?They could also claim you did not keep the fluid u ... Lexus RX 330

2001 lexus ls430. Dead battery at airport. jumoers turned over starter fine but car would not start and no dashboard lights, fan, radio but driver and front passenger windows and doorlocks worked but not rear windows and door locks or brake and rear lights. replaced dead battery but no change. lexus on the phone road side assist said turn driver side lock off and on three times manually but still nothing but cranking of starter. car is 50 miles from nearest lexus dealer. help!

Sounds as though when your battery died the engine imobiIiser locked down.YOU MAY HAVE TO HAVE THE CAR TOWED TO A LEXUS DEALER AND HAVE THE MASTER KEY AND OTHERS REPROGRAMMED TO THE IGNITION...BUT If you have your wallet key as well , try ... Lexus LS 430

Paint I'm trying to get some touch up paint for my 84 dodge d 150 but i cant find any type of paint code. i looked on the side of driver door on the manufactures label but there doesn't seem to be a code. The label on the underside of my hood is too old to read.

Try going the the metal pressed out id plate, its painted the same color as the vehicle so some times its hard to find there will be a boat load of letters and numbers right them down and got your local Finishmaster store and they will be able to fin ... 1984 Dodge D150

When backing the pilot out of the garage, scraped the garage door facing, got white paint on black car! White paint is latex paint. What can I use to get it off without hurting car finish?

Hi,For latex paint that has dried, apply a multi-purpose cleaner like 409, Fantastic, etc. Allow it to stand 5-10 minutes or more to soften the dried paint. Blot with a clean white absorbent cloth, reapply as needed until the paint is gon ... 2005 Honda Pilot
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