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Freelander heater blows cold

\015 Heater only blows cold\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

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Freelander heater blows cold

... Land Rover Freelander

When i have the heater/defroster on the heater below blows cold air while the defrost blows hot. when i switch to just defrost the bottom heater stays on and blows cold air. when i have front dash and defrost on it blows hot but again the heater below blows cold?

Heater blowing cold, no leaks, not overheating, blowers work ... 2003 Dodge Durango

I have a 1993 Acura Ledgend. For some reason my heater does not continue to blow hot air, it does for a few minutes and then begain to blow cold air. It does this often now. It works and then it blows cold air again causing my tep gage to spike up to hot whan the heat shouts down. The temp gage stays at midway range, then spikes to hot when the heat begans to blow out cold air. I noticed when the heat is on it goes back to the the midway range, then when the heater blows cold air the temp gage s

First check to see that you coolant level is full, check it after the engine has cooled down,so there is no pressure in the system. otherwise you possibly have a head gasket in the early stage of failure ... 1993 Acura Legend

After running for 20 minutes or more , the heater continues to blow cold air , the temp gauge climbs until the fan comes on. the heater then begins to blow hot air, after a few seconds, it goes back to blowing cold..the temp gauge continuously goes up, then drops...and the air changes from hot to cold. is this a heater core or a thermostat

Hello: Check the coolant level, fill up the reservoir and run truck, if reservoir shows low again fill it back up. If reservoir was low/empty the check for leaks. Do this before you replace thermostat. The heater core would not create this kind o ... 1998 GMC Jimmy

Heater blowing hot then suddenly blows cold and engine overheats. Intermittent problem. After engine cooled may overheat again with heaters blowing cold then suddenly heater blows hot again and temperature needle goes down.

I have written a tip on this.\015\012You may have a couple of problems. I would first replace the thermostat, and make sure you have the proper coolant(ant-freeze) level.\015\012Please let me know how it goes and if you need further help ... 2002 Toyota Celica

I have a 2004 Chrysler Pacifica and the heater seems to have a mind of it's own. At first the floor vent stopped working, now the floor vent works but the heater blows cold air. About 15 minutes after driving the diver side vents start blowing straight cold air but the passenger side is still blowing hot air. About 15 minutes later both sides are blowing straight cold air even if the thermostat is on 80...

My 05 Pacifica is having similar issues. Did you solve your problem? ... 2004 Chrysler Pacifica

Heater blows cold on pass side only on freelander 2

... 2004 Ford Explorer

Air conditioner charged won't blow cold air, heater core will not let cold air enter into the vehicle. If I close off the heater it will blow cold air. Heat blows all the time even in off postions

It sounds like you either have bad controls or stuck dampers in your vents. The stuck dampers are usually caused by plant debris getting in to the air system. ... 1998 Chevrolet Blazer

Wk Caprice heater blowing cold air? Fitted new heater tap and still blows cold a

Sounds like you may need to replace the thermostat and also check fluid level....hope this helps ....good luck ... Holden Caprice

My 2004 blazer has a heater that wont blow hot air ? the air cond. works fine and the blower blows. what would cause a heater to not blow warm or hot air ? i have turned the selector dial to cold and hot but the results are the same it only blows cold!

Check thermostat and coolant level ... 2006 Chevrolet Trailblazer

I have a 2005 Chevy Impala LS, 3400, the temperature gauge fluctuates passed 220 degrees and cools down. when turning on the heater in the car it blows cold air. I have replaced the thermostat, and the car continues to do the same thing, still when turning on the heater in the car, the heater still blows cold air. It has reached the 260 degree mark and the warning light has come on. What is it that I need to replace, to get this to stop? How can you tell if the water pump is bad, or the heater

Usually if the core goes bad it fogs things up and stinks bad' ... 2005 Chevrolet Impala


You need to check the blend door in the heater box it maybe broken or stuck.the blend door switches between the heater core and ac evaporator to provide a mix of temperature ... 1998 Ford Taurus

My 2006 Pontiac Montana SV6 front heater is just blowing warm. The rear heater is blowing cold. I felt the heater hose running to the rear underneath the van just before they turn up into the rear heater core and they are also cold. The engine temp is running as normal as it always has. Any ideas?

... 2006 Pontiac Montana SV6

05 Chevy truck, heater quit blowing hot on driver side only. Air conditioner works, but does sometimes quits on Driver side. I can turn off truck and air conditioner will start blowing cold again, but that does not work for the heater. Help, its getting cold, and I need the heater and defrost.

It is a common problem, the cause is a Temperature Control Actuator.In other cases, the dealer could said Module was bad... estimated 450-500 to fix. Try with this homework solution:1) Start truck2) A/C comes out defrost ... 2005 Chevrolet Silverado

Heater issues I have a 2002 Dodge Stratus, the heater is blowing out cold air and it has pleanty of coolant. The air conditioner would not cool in the summer, heater and deforst were working and now it is just blowing out cold air

You need to begin by changing the thermostat. if you dont know how go to an autozone and they will assist you.\015\012\015\012if that doesnt solve the problem you need to change the heater/ac blower relay. ... 2002 Dodge Stratus

I have a Chevy Venture 2000, The heater blows cold air. I noticed when I put the car in Neutral and rev the engine the heater blows hot air. I noticed the thermostat is in the middle 12 o'clock position but goes down to the 10 o'clock position when the heater is working (in the neutral position). It seems if it was a core issue it would never work. It's getting cold and I have a lot of Holiday travel. What are my options?

How are you looking at your thermostat with the car running its not possible unless you have xray vision check you water level cars have to warm up for you to get warm or hot air ... Chevrolet Venture

I have a 2004 Jeep grand cherokee overlander. In the winter the passenger side floor well gets a cold draft. This is not a situation where the heater is blowing cold ie: blend doors, the heater and A/C work fine. We know its a draft because it is most noticeable on the highway - city driving is fine but we can't do any winter travel because the passenger freezes their "foot" the cold blast blows directly onto the right foot. Reluctant to pull dash apart ($$$) to find problem.

I understand that you are saying that it is not the A/C problem. But this is a very very common problem with the 2004 Grand Cherokee. It is possible that it is not the door that operates the temp control on the passenger side. But if it is not, and t ... 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I've got a 96 Buick Regal Custom 3.8L V6. It's been running hot for a while. Yesterday the heater worked fine then last night it started blowing cold. I knew I had a cracked radiator, so I replaced the radiator, cap, thermostat (and seal), the temp sensor and flushed the lines. It's still running hot and the heater is still blowing cold and now the temp light and low coolant light come on too. There's no leakage inside the car or at the water pump or heater core. What could it be?

The one thing that comes too mind is trapped air-when i do a radiator I always start up and warm engine so thermostat cycles a few times to make sure that you dont trap air in colling system. you did not say so but if you didnt, its really not a bad ... 1996 Buick Regal Olympic Gold

I have a 2005 nissan sentral. The heater is blowing cold air, but every now and then the heater blow hot air and then return back to cold air. I check the thermostat is good, radiator was flushed by a machine and the last thing I heard is heater control valve and I do no know where is located.

Hi. \015\012\015\012\015\012The control valve is called blend door. The blend door is located behind the dash, on passenger side. What is faulty is the blend door actuator, that is a switch solenoid opening and closing the blend do ... Nissan Sentra

Heater blows cold air only. i have a 1998 ford explorer V8 engine. It has always done great keepin heat and now the heater only blows cold air. not sure why. it just quit one day while i was drivin. I don't know what to do. I know that i am a single mom of 4 very young kids and where we live i can't even put my kids in the car its so cold. any help please

I'm not a licensed mechanic, but I do know that the heater works by directing the hot air from the engine into the inside of the car. Could be something simple like a relay that opens the vents or could be a more expensive heater core. Find a shop yo ... 1998 Ford Explorer

Heater does not blow hot only cold air. Every so often the heater blows hot . When driving on freeway the heater works sometimes but turns cold when at red light.

Check the radiator level, if it low the hot coolant will not reach the heater. Second may be the water pump, as it wares the clearance increases and the efficiency goes way down and it cannot pump the coolant unless the engine revs are up..... ... 2005 Dodge Caravan

I just replaced my 3.4 liter motor in my 2004 monte carlo and I need to figure out why the other motor over heated and blew a head gasket. Before I replaced the motor the heater was blowing cold air and now its blowing warm air out the passengers side and cold air out the drivers side. At normal running temps 1 hose to the heater core is hot and 1 is cold. I've backflushed the core and put a hose to it to make sure there was no blockage. The coolant sensor is working fine and I've got adaquate c

A little tip is to "vent" the topmost hot hose whith the engine running to clear any trapped air in system.....loosen the clip,whilst under pressure,wear rubber bloves cos it bloody hot....... ... 2004 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

Hi I have a 2006 vw caddy van. The heater just blows cold on all settings. I have changed the thermostat as I thought this was at fault but it just blows cold air all the time. The heater control switch is ok and changes noise from hot to cold. Thanks Shaun.

... Volkswagen CC

I have a 2001 1.9tdi ford Galaxy wich blows hot and cold are in to the cab the rear heater is cold and on motorways it over heats. the heater is always blowing cold as it over heats and i have changed the water pump twice and the termostat twice

... Ford GT

My 2002 Ford Expedition Front Heater blows cold air below 45 MPH. Above 45 MPH the heater works OK. The Rear Heater blow cold air all of the time. Help!

Check the coolant level make sure it is full and there is no air in the system. ... 2002 Ford Expedition
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