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I have a 1998 freelander 1.8 i have a good spark i have petrol i have compression if i pull it it will start and keep running so long as i keep it reving but even when warm it will not start fitted new coil distibutor cap rotor arm

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Answers :

The type of engine fitted to the freelander has a head gasket problem.it sounds to me that yours is on its way out as they only last about 60.000k if your lucky.you have water entering the cylinders thats why you need a pull to start.
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I have a 1998 freelander 1.8 i have a good spark i have petrol i have compression if i pull it it will start and keep running so long as i keep it reving but even when warm it will not start fitted new coil distibutor cap rotor arm

The type of engine fitted to the freelander has a head gasket problem.it sounds to me that yours is on its way out as they only last about 60.000k if your lucky.you have water entering the cylinders thats why you need a pull to start. ... Land Rover Freelander

I just fitted a new rotor arm and distributor cap to my mazda 2.5 v6 mx6. now it wont start up. i have put my old rotor arm and cap back on but the problem is still there.

Ignition coil may be defective ... 1997 Mazda MX-6

Honda crx 1994 d15b engine The car has no spark won't run I've changed the distributor it has new cap rotor arm . It started and ran after fitting these but went back a few hours later and it won't start no spark again I'm puzzled

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I am having problems starting my car. I have already changed the distributor cap with a new one, replaced the rotor arm,changed the plugs and replaced the leads from the distributor. I still have the problem which is as follows, when I start the car in the morning I have to pump the excelerator quite a number of times just to keep it going. Somtimes there may be a small backfire but this doesn't happen on a regular basis. When the car is running for a while the problem seems to go. Can you give

This sounds like a faulty fuel pressure regulator. It could also be a clogged fuel filter. I would replace the filter first, as it is good routine maintenance anyway, and then monitor the fuel pressure at the fuel rail on the engine. Many auto par ... 1991 Mercedes-Benz 190

Hi there, my y reg honda accord type r, misses mainly from cold start up, holds back when warm. distributor has been checked, arm and cap ahanged, injectors have been cleaned, new plugs and leads and new filters fitted, still no change.

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1994 chevy G20 van, I have a intermittent problem where the engine cuts out due to no spark, I know it to be this as i connected a light bulb type tester between coil and distributer when problem occurs and when cranking the bulb dont light ,then eventually it will and the engine then starts, I replaced most of the ignition system in one hit to try and cure this, New items fitted where Distributer cap and rotor arm Ignition coil Ignition leads Ditributer module After changing the parts i find

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My 1996 jeep grand cherokee is hard to start when it is cold it fires and will try to run after the engine starts to warm up it will run when it first starts but bucks and putters once it is warm it runs great i changed the distriuter rotor caps wires plugs tested the fuel pump new cranksensor and new pcm

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1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee will start then immediately die. I've replaced the Crankshaft sensor, ignition coil, fuel filter, battery, new plugs and wires, new cap and rotor, tried swapping the fuel pump relay with the auto shutdown relay and installed a new ECU computer. Before installing a new computer the jeep would crank but not start. After installing the new computer the car started right up. I then attached the vacuum hoses to the air cleaner assembly and now it won't keep running. Any ideas

This sounds like a imobiliser problem,sit in the car,lock the doors on the key fob then open them on the key fob,you have about 2 minutes to start the car or it will activate the imobiliser.had the same trouble. ... 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee

My 1991 pathfinder has some issues, when I start it cold it always starts right up. At times when it is warm it wont start unless I pull out the fuel pump relay. My compression when warm is over 180 per cylinder. It also blows black smoke intermittently but not sure if that is from the sea foam I put into the tank. I changed the MAF sensor but I still get the ECU code for it, even reset the ecu. new plugs, cap, rotor, wires & fuel pressure regulator.

If you changed the maf sensor and you still get the code for it the problem could be in the wiring harness for the sensor. the ground in particular is important, but high resistance in the leads that report to the engine computer can also cause probl ... Nissan Pathfinder

81 chevrolet corvette will not start. pick-up coil, ignition coil, and ignition module have all been replaced. a new battery, new spark plugs, new distributor cap & rotor were installed. there is fire to the distributor but no fire going out. turns over well and does not back fire. what would keep the engine from starting?

Check the hall effect switch in the distributor. That will cause this problem for no spark ... 1981 Chevrolet Corvette

1986 Dodge W150 with 5.9L(360) (105,000 miles on it)runs ok cold but starts to run bad once it warms up under load(regular driving). I'll be driving along and stomp the gas and the truck will fall flat on its face(works better if you ease the gas pedal down)! The only way I can keep it running after the problem starts is to pump the gas pedal. I have a new carb on it, new plugs, coil(MSD), wires(MSD 8.5MM), air filter(wide open). only the dist and cap and bal. resister have not been replaced. th

Falling on it's face is almost always too much gas versus spark. You're going to find that your timing is off, or the carb isn't right. On these motors there's not much else that can cause it to fall out like that. ... Dodge W150

I have a 1997 wrangler with 2.5l in it the motor is new once i got 300 miles on it it started a ticking noise but only ticks when warm iv checked timing put new distributer ,cap,rotor plugs and wires and have retorqued down the rockers is there any sensors or anything im missing that would make it tick when its warm

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Hi any ideas have audi 200 q turbo 1986 will not start? no spark at plugs engine management light came on for a few months and slowed car down but now will not start. replaced ecu. ignition switch, new coil and transistor, distributor cap,rotor arm. new fuel pump relay, but with no luck still have now taken off ignition timing sensor, and engine speed sensor both look identical and have the same part number? does anyone know are these the same.? knock sensor removed. any advice would be great. r

It could possibly be your timing belt. If it broke then the rotor won't spin and no spark will be produced. ... Audi 200

My chevy truck 1999 silverado had a miss when it was cold then when it got warm it would go away , but yesterday it stalled and wouldn't start, now it starts but misses a lot i have a new pickup coil in the distributor ,new, ign cables ,rotor and cap what else could be causing this problem

I have seen o2 sensors do exacially what you are describing, you have the 5.3l right? i also have seen fuel pressuer regulators do that, and coolant temp sensor. ... 1999 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

97 golf mk3 running on 2 cylinders (1&3) it has had a new head gasket fitted but someone put the flywheel on the wrong way so i cant use the oe timeing mark i have fitted new leads plus distributer cap and rotor arm why would it not be fireing on cylinders 2&4

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1991 Chevy Caprice, V8 5.0L, throttle body injection. My car stalls out after I put it in gear and it misses a little while in idle. I checked for vacuum leaks, spark plugs, distributer cap and rotor, ignition coil, all seems find , just normal wear tear on them .. can you guys tell me what else to look for before I replace all the ignition components with new ones (spark-plug wires, cap n rotor and spark-plugs-) The car starts fine, it misses a little after is warm then put it in gear then

Tune up is likely what you need from description ... 1991 Chevrolet Caprice

Wont start i try to start my volvo it turns over ok but not firing there is plent of fuel in and there is a spark from the coil i have also just put a new distributor cap on and a new rotor arm ut it still wont fire up

Ok you said it has fire from the coil but no spark? pull a plug if it wet put in all new and use one to ck fire at plug wire end ... 1994 Volvo 850

1988 Full Size Blazer 350 with trottle body it has had a long crank before starting since I bought it, but always has started, put new plugs, wires, cap, rotor igntion Module on it 3 or 4 months none of whiched helped with the starting always has ran good once started. pulled blazer into shop couple days ago had a miss, found #8 exhaust rocker stud had pulled out allowing the rocker arm to fall off push rod, repaired this problem. but now veh. will not start. It has spark and fuel to trottle b

The injectors are powered by the ECM-1 fuse. If the fuse is good, the ECM must be confused about when or how much to fire the injectors. This may be the old problem you had just getting worse. Recommend you try unhooking a few sensors and let the ... Chevrolet Blazer

Intermittent starting-crack in distributor cap-replaced, also rotor arm. Worked fine for two days, then refused to start when warm. After five minutes, started ok. Today, refused to start, and I tried the screwdriver in an HT lead end- no spark. Cranks fine, but the check engine light flashes all the time that I try. It's the three cylinder 993cc model.

If you had a bunch of cracks in your distributor cap it may have caused the pick up coil under the distributor cap to go bad and cause this problem. ... 1999 Suzuki Swift

93 Chevy S10 Blazer 4wd W vin Vortec CPI. Turns over has fuel, and spark, wont start. New TPS, IAC, Knock sensor, wires, plugs, Cap and Rotor. It did this the other day so I manually checked the flash codes and got code 35. So I replaced the IAC and it started right up and ran fine. Went back out the next day started warmed it up and drove it a few miles then home again. went back out twenty min later to drive it now won't start again. Checked the Code again. Code 35 is back? (was gone after

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Starts up, drives for a while, but when i turn it off, it will not start up again for a while. will turn over, but no start. new plugs, cables, cap and rotor, fuel filter and air filter. when the accelerator is pressed while cranking, i can smell gas. the trouble code is 6. so why doesn't it start up warm?

This sounds like it could be timing or emissions related. My suspicoin is that it is emission related, since often valves and switches etc may be actuivated by or recirculate warm air etc. Have you checked the timing ? Did you find the meaning of the ... 1986 Toyota Camry

I have a 1988 honda crx 1.5 manual. when cold the car has a very hard time starting. it will eventually start, but after many times cranking. when warm it starts perfectly. i have no errors on the ECU. it has a new flywheel, and clutch. i have changed the distributer cap and rotor, plugs and the wires tested in range. checked and rechecked timing. when it starts it runs great. i need help!

Choke may not be working!\015\012or fuel is draining back through the lines thus crancking th engine pumps up thhe fuel then it fires up\015\012Cheers Rob ... Honda CRX

1996 gmc 1500 truck 4.3 L does not want to start when cold when it does start after many tries.it runs fine . has new rotor&cap & wires when warmed up it starts 1 st. time! it just started doin this 2 weeks ago it has 115000 miles on it. heard it might be E.C.T sensor? were is it located on 4.3 L engine? what do you think it might be please help!!

... 1996 GMC Suburban

Won't start when warmed up. New distributor,rotor,cap and plugs, fuel filter and tested vacuum lines and fuel pump pressure. If he holds the gas pedal all the way to the floor the second start it sometimes will start. It's clean and dry inside the distributor.

Hi, I realize you had replaced the secondary ignition components (plugs,cap, etc), but does this vehicle have good spark? What was the fuel pressure when tested? Coil tested also? Thanks in advance. ... 1986 Nissan Stanza

My 1989 corvette wont start after it warms up,,,i smell fuel..fuel pump tests ok...new plugs and fuel filter put in...rotor and cap look good...computer shows no codes...probloem just started after i drove it for about an hour..had to bring it home on a flatbed..on arival it started but runs rough..

It is a common problem with \015\012these cars because the starter butts up against the exhaust pipes and \015\012over time wears out because of the heat. Your best bet is to just \015\012replace the starter, either with an OEM or a performance ... Chevrolet Corvette
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