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Im changing the front strut in a 98 sportage.. I have everything disconnected and im trying to get the drop link nut off. at first I couldnt get it to turn at all. Now the whole bolt is spinning on the other side where the ball joint is.

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Answers :

You need to remove the Nut off by using what is known as a "pickle Fork" or a tie rod fork.
\015\012You put the fork in between the two parts and tap it in with a hammer, that will keep the bolt (shaft) from turning and you can then get the nut of. Or if you use and impact gun, hit the trigger several quick times on and off, and it will remove it.
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Im changing the front strut in a 98 sportage.. I have everything disconnected and im trying to get the drop link nut off. at first I couldnt get it to turn at all. Now the whole bolt is spinning on the other side where the ball joint is.

If you cannot hold the other side to stop it turning or cannot use any sort of spanner then the last option is to grind off the bolt and replace with a new one.Hope this helps. ... Kia Sportage

Im changing the front strut in a 98 sportage.. I have everything disconnected and im trying to get the drop link nut off. at first I couldnt get it to turn at all. Now the whole bolt is spinning on the other side where the ball joint is.

You need to remove the Nut off by using what is known as a "pickle Fork" or a tie rod fork.\015\012\015\012You put the fork in between the two parts and tap it in with a hammer, that will keep the bolt (shaft) from turning and you can th ... Kia Sportage

06 mustang gt. front lower control arms. I tried to take one out and gave up. I was able to get the bolts loose. the bolt by the tie rod i couldnt get out because the tie rod is in the way and i couldnt get the ball joint stem all the way out.i had it moving up and down but it stops. does the tie rod have to come out?

... 2006 Ford Mustang

Noise on the front passenger side wheel area... it keeps getting louder and louder and now I can feel it inside the car.. and it is worse if i turn right, better if i turn left, thinking it may be tye rod, but i just had the tye rod and ball joint replaced on that side less than a year ago... I am a single mother and I need a dependable vehicle.. Plz someone help me find out what is going on with my van... 1998 Ford Windstar.

You most likely have a bad wheel bearing - at about $300-400 fix. ... 1998 Ford Windstar

Im putting a new rear spindle on the passenger side of a 98 lincoln continental and the upper ball joint nut won't tighten. the bolt inside the ball joint just turns with it. i tried using a prybar to hold it in place, but no luck. if anyone has any tips it would be greatly appreciated.

Typically when this happens, I will place a load on the spindle or lower control arm (in a safe spot) with a floor jack. Jack it just off the jackstand so that the weight of the vehicle is pushing the tapered ball joint stud into the hole on the spi ... 1998 Lincoln Continental

My wiper linkage has siezed i have removed the linkage and motor and found that the driver side spindle end is completely siezed and icant move it,the passenger side spindle end moves/seems fine also the ball joints look fine.how can i free the siezed end and get it to move freely? also the motor will work if i stert to turn it with a pair of pliers and goes through the three speeds so i suspect that the brushes need replacing it is a bosch motor,is it easy to get replacement parts for this moto

It might be the motor has siezed. disconnect the linkage from the motor and turn wipers on if works then linkage at fault, if not then motor needs replacing. ... 2005 Ford Mustang

I am replacing the upper control arm on the driver side of a 98 ford explorer. The right bolt wont come out. There are several fuel lines stopping it. Is there a trick to this or can i cut it out and use a bolt from the hardware store to replace it. Also how do i get the ball joint free with out a claw crow bar

... 1998 Ford Explorer

2000 gmc z71 passenger side cv joint is making noise when i turn......i talk to napa and can get rebuilt for 60$.....but to take it apart....do i need ball joint separator.....what tools..????

Never use a tool myself other than a big hammer. Those forks don't work for me, though we have them. Hit the joint on the side and it will pop out. If not, you can always put the nut back on even with the ball stud and hit it from the bottom. The ... 1999 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

I replaced the shoes and hardware on one side, while using the other side as a reference. But I cannot get the new drum back on. I tried turning the adjuster until it was too tight to turn any longer. What is really odd is that I did nothing to the other side. I just took the drum off so I could see the whole assemble as a reference. Now, I can't even get the old drum from that side back on either. The parking brake loosens when I release it and tightens when I pull it, so I don't think it's

Try using brake parts cleaner and then tapping these pads with a block of wood to ensure you don't knock the lining off the pads. Be sure you leave the parking brake off and don't pump the brakes until you get it on. ... Nissan Pickup

Trouble replacing ball joints on a '96 Chevy Blazer. I am on day 2 of this project. I have removed all the bolts from both upper and lower ball joints and still can't get them out. I also have removed the steering knuckle bolts also no help. I have also removed the spindle nut still no help. It was late when I got the spindle nut off so I havent put alot of effort in since then but it didn't appear to want to budge. Whats next?

\015\012Support the weight of the control arm at the wheel hub. \015\012Measure the distance between the tip of the ball joint stud and the grease fitting below the ball joint. ... 1996 Chevrolet Blazer


Did you disconnect the axle boot ? the right side has a 2 piece axle and the boot could be holding it from coming out. ... 1994 Ford Bronco

My car is pulling bad to the drivers side when i hit the brakes it has new brake shoes rotors and calipers. when i turn the wheel to the left , the drivers side tire turns out further than when i turn it to the right. so it feels like the car is trying to run over itself. i already changed the half-shaft, lower ball joint, and wheel bearing. i already bled the brakes on both sides.

Rebleed the brakes, front to rear starting with the furtherest wheel in back. It may take several times to get all the air out of the system. You also need to center the safety valving, the brake lights on the dash will go out when its right. It c ... 1999 Mercury Cougar

Rear end accident.Left rear side caved in just past rear door.Large piece which connects brake assembly (drum),shock, 2 arms to chassis and one arm with ball joint to cross member. The large piece broke where the ball joint connects to it. In order to remove the large piece it was neccessary to grind off the nut on the ball joint. Now I need to replace the arm to the crossmember but I cannot remove the bolt through the crossmember. Is it pressed in? How can I remove it? Any help would be greatly

... 2001 Mitsubishi Galant

Hello, My 2002 windstar has been making a clunking noise from the front end. I hear it more when going around turns, when there is more load on a side. I thought it was a hub or cv joint so I pulled the wheels. The drivers side seems fine but on the passenger side...when I shake the joint closest to the tranny, it seems like the whole axle assembly shakes. Is it possible that the bearing in the tranny where the axle plugs in is bad? How can I tell if it's the joint that is bad? The boot is defin

For a clunking noise i would check out the ball joints and tie rods!!! ... 2002 Ford Windstar Cargo

Cant get access to thermostat housing bolt on 2005 awd pacifica the bolt on the innermost side is blocked by a flexible conduit of wires that i cant seem to get out of the way and cant get a wrench in to turn it

Your right I looked at mine and it is tight. Take a long extension and undo it from out by the oil fill the 3/8 drive wobble extension about a foot long should only cost about 3.00 at harbor freight or use a stubby ratchet box wrench from under the s ... 2007 Chrysler Pacifica FWD New Cars

I drive a 2005 ford escape. The steering just will not stay right. ive had it aligned 3 times since i bought it. There is free play in the steering only after hitting a hard bump at first. then the free play goes away until you have to make another turn. You execute the turn just fine then it goes free immediately after the turn for just a split second. The tires are also cup wearing. On inspection i found a bad drivers side lower control arm ball joint and i also know that the passenger side fr

How long have you had the car do you no the history? im asking this to elminate the possibility of it being a repairable right off,because in what you describe if the car has been in an accident and the chassis was damaged it may have been put on ... 2005 Ford Escape

I am having suspension/ball joint issues with my 1995 Lincoln Town Car. I have done some research on pricing but just learnt there is both an upper and lower ball joint to this vehicle, by chance can you help me decifer between the two? The ball joint makes a squeeking noise everytime I turn the wheel to the right or left. It is also causing steering issues when I drive the vehicle. I was told by a guy at the Ford dealership this is the beginning issue before the problem gets worse and causes my

Yes it can be dangerous. I had one come off in the drive way and it only had 50,000 miles on it. Ball joints are difficult to do unless you have the right tools and experience. There are a lot of cheap aftermarket parts out there so be careful whi ... 1995 Lincoln Town Car

My passenger side front wheel moves side to side about an inch or two when front end is lifted off ground.I noticed it while i was rotating my tires, i just happened to grab the wheel before i took it off. Theres tension on it but i can still move it side to side. It doesnt move top to bottom. Its not the wheel bearing. I keep all my ball joints greased. It looks like there is play where the steering stabilizer bolts on the passenger side. The drivers side front wheel is tight. Is this norm

Replace inner and outer tie rods my 04 Silverado had the same problem ... 2004 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD

Can bad CV joints cause steering to be harder, and cause steering to be harder to one side than the other. My buddy's 2009 civic is only 6 months old which would be weird for a bad cv joint, plus he has no clicking when turning but, but does have a quick clanging sound when first turning the wheel. Also on first acceleration and only on first acceleration he hears a thunk. Trying to get to the bottome of this, and dealer is no help, any thoughts?

Possible lower ball joint it sounds like, if it was a cv joint more than likely it would make a noise anytime the vehicle is in motion ... 2005 Nissan Altima

I am 19 and own a 06 ram 1500, help me out. I had a very bad vibration from the passenger side wheel well one night, the next morning I went out to see what was up. My lower ball joint nut was loose! I tightened it up but I am still getting the rattle and vibrations on certain roads. I have new shocks just installed, I am thinking a wheel bearing or lower ball joints. Any input would be nice, as I mentioned earlier I am young help me fix this :) Additional info: 2006 ram 1500 sport 4x4, not lif

Your going to have to look very hard at all your suspension parts for wear,bent or damaged susoension parts &check all fastners for out of proper torque specifications Keep posting & good luck ... 2006 Dodge Ram 1500

We have a 96 ford taurus had ball joint, front assem, lower ball joints replaced & axle aaem both sides replaced after doing this my husband drived homed it all basically poped off mechanic thinks might have differant trany so I was wondering what differant tranys could bolt up to a 96 ford taurus ( U engine)

What exactly popped off? Did the mechanic state what the transmission had to do with the ball joints? ... Ford Taurus

Ball joints??? how do i remove an upper ball joint right side on a 1998 ford ranger 2WD??? i need to get it out so i can finish rebuilding it. so please help?!?!?

You're not supposed to replace the uppers on a 98 ranger. They're not meant to be pressed out because its built in with the control arm as a single unit. Just buy new upper control arms and save yourself the trouble. Ford also claims you have to r ... 1998 Ford Ranger SuperCab

Ball joint vw t4 2003 lwb top ball joint, i got the near side one back in ok but the o/s is being a fker, i cant get it all the way in, do i need a special tool or a bigger hammer?

Try autozone.com to see if they have your car listed for diagrams pictures and step by step instructions if your car is not listed then try your local library they have all the car manuals and even copy them for you ... 2003 Volkswagen Eurovan

My 2003 Sport trac needs lower ball joints but I cannot get the lower ball joint bolt to break free what do I do?

Use heat, go get a torch and heat around the bolt (not the actual bolt) to expand the threads and break any rust. then when the metal that the bolt is stuck in is glowing a very dull red (dont melt your truck by turning the metal orange and white), t ... 2003 Ford Explorer Sport Trac

Replacing a lift cylinder for an 02 mustang convertible. Have seat and trim panel out, but having trouble getting the cylinder out. The top seems to be secured with an unmovable bolt through the eye of the cylinder rod. The bolt has a starpatern on it like it should accept a tip and turn, but there is no nut on the other side. It feels more like a rivet. How do I get this out?

... 2002 Ford Mustang
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