Having problems with your Kia Spectra ?

My o/d off light is on. but when i switch off the engine n restart it its gone..what is the problem?

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

The light is coming on to tell u that a fault is occurring in the auto transmission controls, most likely a shift solenoid is acting up or a torque converter switch, the reason it goes out is that the trans has to be operated, when it is the system tests itself, if a fault is still occurring the OD light will come back on. Go to a Kragen or Autozone parts store and have them test your system for trouble codes, it is free, then post them back here for me to look at and advise u of a possible repair procedure.
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It takes 3 amps to run your ecm, you need to check your power wire to the ecm and ground wire however I do expect you to find the power wire bad or corroded, and that will give you all your faults,I have had this problem before ... 2000 Land Rover Discovery

Intermittent Problem vehicle looses power, service engine light comes on and stabilizer system light, also when you turn the a/c switch one notch off of cold it blows hot. Vehicle completely broke down within 5 minutes of the dealership saying there was nothing wrong. They replaced the catalytic converters, switch and plugs. Problem continued. They divided the wiring into 5 separate circuits and put a new load center on it, within two days same problem occured, low power and engine lights came o

Not sure if my situation helps or not, but here you go.....\015\012\015\012I have a 2006 H3 that has 21,000 miles, last week my husband was driving and lost power, service engine came on, and it kept flashing stabilization problem. Calle ... 2006 Hummer H3

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1 check bat trmnls 2 if u have amiter u cud chek p for 12 and up volt turn head lights on and chek wat is v = to 1mint if dwne cheng B ... 2004 Ford Focus

My o/d off light is on. but when i switch off the engine n restart it its gone..what is the problem?

The light is coming on to tell u that a fault is occurring in the auto transmission controls, most likely a shift solenoid is acting up or a torque converter switch, the reason it goes out is that the trans has to be operated, when it is the system t ... Kia Spectra

Troubleshooting ignition switch. 1988 ford ranger supercab with 2.9l engine. Truck starts/runs for a few minutes then stalls. Able to restart but then stalls again. Sometines runs without problems. seatbelt light comes on and dashligts then truck stalls.

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Have you had the engine codes read??I would lean toward a bad solder joint in your ECM (Engine Control Module)If a cracked or cold solder joint is not making a good connection - after the vehicle heats up the module - then the ... Jeep Cherokee
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