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Gas tank will not fill up - Sorento Kia Cars & Trucks

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Gas tank will not fill up - Sorento Kia Cars & Trucks

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I have a 2004 kia optima with 52000 miles on it. After every fill up at the gas station no matter if I put 5 dollars or 20 to fill the tank up the car won't start unless I put my foot to the gas pedal and give it a couple of pumps. Under normal conditions it runs fine only when I pump gas.

Two things come to mind. You broke the pressure seal to the fuel system when you took off the gas cap. The fresh gas rushing in disturbs any dirt or debris on the bottom of the tank. \015\012Next time you use the car when you arrive at our dest ... 2004 Kia Optima

@003 Kia Sorento EX 157000 miles. When driving it suddenly loses power. Engine does not cut off but won't rev up. If I let it idle for a short time, it will resume as normal. Took it to Kia and they replaced gas tank, ORVR canister, and fill vent valve because of gas purging out during fueling. 2 days later it started with the power loss again. Kia said it was the passenger catalytic converter. Replaced it, same problem, they replaced crank sensor. nNow 2 days later it is worse than before. No c

... 2003 Kia Sorento

After hurrican sandy, I put some bad gas in the truck due to the gas shortage going on around here. This totally shot my system and I drained all the fuel and filled up when i could with a full tank of good high octane gas. From there i drove a clear and free 50 miles to my destination and my car sat for a few days. Got back in to drive home and the truck was losing power on the highways. I have changed the fuel filter and spark plugs and have been spraying carb cleaner but nothing has been work

Have check your fuel pump? ... 1991 Isuzu Pickup

In my Nissan Sentra 1.8, 2005 model car, when I go to gas station to fill gas, even after filling two to three liters of gas, the gas nozzle stops as if the gas tank is full. Sometimes while filling the gas, the gas overflows even if the gas tank is empty and can take 25 liters more in the tank. At the gas station when I open the gas tank lid to fill the gas, I listen a noise of air ( gas wapour) coming out of the tank. To fill my gas tank fully, the gas nozzle stops every two liters and to fill

... 2005 Nissan Sentra 1.8

Ford Ranger 1994 Truck 3.0, Fuel injection, was running fine, was low on gas, filled tank to full, and added a liquid booster, left gas station and truck stalled somewhere several miles later and has never started again. We have changed the coil, checked spark plugs, changed the EGM, checking fuel for contaminants, checked the fuel injection, there are sparks on every plug, battery and Alt, are good. it has been a week, car was towed back to home and it remains a total mystery as what to consi

Fuel pump quit ... Ford Ranger

I am not getting good fuel economy for the last 2 months. Performance and acceleration are good and the same but since I had a low impact front end collission at about 10 mph where I rear-ended a big truck and my front grill was pushed in and punctured my radiator, after having body damage repaired, my car doesn't give me good fuel economy. The most mileage I got on a supposed full tank was 300 miles with my gas tank symbol lit up under Empty. When I fill up at any gas pump, tle fuel pump s

Only the mechanic can answer that, he's the one looking at the car. If he diagnosed a bad valve, get it fixed., then see if it made a difference. ... 2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser

Gas tank? My 1993 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham only lets me put a little gas in it before it overflows. I know the tank is not full because I haven't been able to fill the car up at these prices. Right now the car has about ten dollars worth of gas in it. It takes almost 80 to fill it up. Please help! I have the same problem with my Mercedes. When I attempt to fuel my car, the tanks overflows within 20 seconds and the gage for the tank is 1/4 empty.

It sounds odd that both cars are experiencing the same problem. This usually indicates a problem with the gas tank not venting properly. ... 2002 Mercedes-Benz C-Class

I recently filled up the gas tank, started the car and drove home(about a mile). My wife got in 15 minutes later and the car would not start. I did find a 15 amp fuse burned out labeled fuel pump. I replaced this fuse and the car still will not start.

You can try a few things:\012\012Remove the gas cap to relieve the fuel pressure and replace\012Pump the gas repeatedly to force any air out of the fuel lines\012Prim ... 2006 Saturn ION

How to fix the P0455 error code in a Kia Optima 2003. I have already replaced the gas cap and the error still there. I fill up the gas tank and the car will not start until I press on the gas peddle and rev it for awhile


Gas Tank Leak when Filling / Check Engine Light due to Vapor Leak" I'm reading these gas tank filling issues on the 04 Avalanche, I've had them too. Now another issue; when you fill the truck and "top it off" (fill it all the way up to the top of the filler receptacle), gas leaks out of the top of the tank. You can't see where it's coming from but it leaks down the driver's side of the gas tank, coming from the top. This strated several months ago with a check engine light that couldn't be clea

... Chevrolet Avalanche

Car wont start after i fill the gas tank - Hyundai Cars & Trucks

... Hyundai Cars & Trucks

Gas tank When I try to fill my gas tank the gas station pump nozzle shuts off when the tank is not even a quarter full, even when I fill at a very slow pace. I have to fill extremely slowly to finally get the tank near full. I have taken the car to several different stations to see if the gas station pump was the problem, but it happens wherever I go? The manual does not address this issue? Any thought?

... 2004 Volvo XC90

S430/102k, mi/ Wouldn't start. Told to put car in neutural and 'rock it' 'Rocked' car, put it in park and car started and 'check engine light lit'Prior to the no start, wife was putting middle range gas in car,also gas tank was @1/4. Once car started and home, put HEET(moisture absorbing liquid in tank, and filled car w/ premium gas. Following day car started,no 'Check Engine light'.. Following evening drove car to a concert, while driving in parking lot engine 'quit'. Put car in neutral so it

Car not starting or turning over indicates towards multiple possibilities. It can be issue with battery or weak battery. But if battery checks out ok, then it can be starter issue or faulty alternator or problem with low fuel pressure or no ... Mercedes-Benz S-Class

I was parked on a slight grad in a driveway. The gauge registered there was a quarter tank of gas. The car would not start. We added 3 gal. of gas to the tank. Still would not start. Called On-star road side assistance they sent a towe truck. The towe truck driver tried to start it and then rolled the car down the drive out onto the street and the car started?

It is possible that the car was at an angle enough to keep the pick up tube from picking up fuel,But with a 1/4 tank of gas you would think it had enough gas in tank, could be that the pick up tube is broke of short in the tank. I have seen it a few ... Chevrolet Chevy

Gas tank? My 1993 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham only lets me put a little gas in it before it overflows. I know the tank is not full because I haven't been able to fill the car up at these prices. Right now the car has about ten dollars worth of gas in it. It takes almost 80 to fill it up. Please help!

You are experiencing fuel tank venting problems. Air needs to excape when filling. The normal system in the tank for releasing air is being blocked. A repair shop will probably have to drop the tank out of the car to check the vent system.\0 ... 1993 Cadillac Fleetwood

Have you ever heard of a cars fuel tank not allowing gas to be filled? the cars on E but when you try to fill gas tank, liquid just sprays all over,,, car is 2003 dodge caravan

Yes I answer questions about this condition quite often, it is caused by the gas tank fill vent pipe being restricted, usually it is kinked. ... 1996 Dodge Caravan

Ford Explorer ED SUV won't start after filling up the gas tank. Immediately after putting gas into the car, the car won't restart. I've been stuck several times next to the gas pump. After a while, and more cranking, it will finally start and then runs fine until I fill the tank again.

Its not a gas issue. Its more than likely just coincidence that it doesnt start when you turn your car off to fill up. \015\012\015\012Check the battery connections under your hood. If the posts (the positive and Negative lea ... 2006 Ford Explorer

Anytime I fill up my gas tank, my car won't start. I have used different gas stations. Filled my car up when its half full or a quarter fill. Normally I can get the car to start but slowly pressing on the gas pedal, but I have had to have it jumped once. I took it to an auto shop who told me the battery was fine and that they couldn't find anything wrong with it. I also tried to put fuel cleaner in it from wal mart which didn't work either. Any suggestions would help

Our 2000 sonata has been doing this for 2 years, nobody can figure it out, lots of new parts with no success. Only thing that does work if get gas with the car running, it still has some bog down when you go to take of but clears right and and don't ... 2000 Hyundai Sonata

My gas light came on and I went and put $10 of gas in it. After filling when I came to a complete stop, car would either sputter or hesitate to move. A few hours later, car will not start and is acting as though there is No gas in it at all. I did do a treatment but there was only 1/4 tank of gas, I put more gas in this morning and filled just below half. Car is still starting and shutting right off, or will make the sound as if it will start but never fully turn over, what should I do next?

Depending on the type of vehicle you have I would look at the throttle position sensor. If the engine acts like it is getting no gas, and you know you have put gas in it, depress the valve on the fuel rail to see if you have fuel pressure or not. I ... Dodge Caravan

Fuel smell I have a prevalent gas smell outside the car when I fill the gas tank. The smell subsides as the tank empties. Mechanic has drop gas tank and replaced the fuel pump seal and assembly in December. Car has 122K. No visible signs of gas leakage.

2003 Altima smelled like gas on the outside near right rear wheel. Asked mechanic to take a look and said it was fuel pump, had a crack in it. Would cost $550 parts and labor. Found video online on how to change fuel pump under back seat. Ordered ... 1998 Nissan Altima

Just purchased a used car from a respective car dealership in the area I reside. I had to take the car back to the dealer I purchased it from to have them look at the gas tank, due to gas just spewing out of the tank at only about $4 into the fill-up. The Check engine light was not on until the dealer looked at but fixed the first problem. I have been informed that this could be due to my gas cap being loose. Is this a correct assumption, or should I worry? I actually took the car for a second o

There's a very minor vacumn leak somewhere in the fuel system, it's most likely the cap as stated. If the codes keeps comming back, go see the dealer that fixed the fuel tank problem about it. You should let them know your having trouble with it. ... Chevrolet Malibu

Car stutters like it's starving for gas. Have a few issues that I could use help on. 1. Car runs great in the morning (1 hour drive). In the afternoon on my way home (about a half hour in), it starts to bog out when I declerate and then try to get back up to speed. Feels like it is starving for fuel momentarily. 2. Only can get the car to run when there is over a half tank of gas. When we cleaned the tank out a few weeks ago, it worked below half a tank, but only for 2 fills. 3. Car has a hard t

Gas cap has no bearing,lol. Check the wiring under the battery tray. They're notorious for corroding through the wiring & cause a short to the ecm. This results in retarded timing & wierd stuff going on. Write back if you need more. Old car,l ... Dodge Dynasty

I have a 1995 Firebird Formula! I fill the tank up until gas was pouring back out but my gas needle only read 3/4 of a tank. Then before it got to empty the car cut off on the freeway. I added more gas, then it started after I attempted to start it for 5 minutes. Later that week the car cut off at a red light and I had gas. My Check Engine light comes on and im not sure if that is associated with it. The car hesitates sometimes when I am going above 60. It only feels like I am getting the full p

It's not likely to be your catylitic converter it's more likely your fuel pump is going bad or you have some damaged wiring to the fuel pump. If by chance you recently had it changed the ground probably didn't get connected right. ... 1995 Pontiac Firebird
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