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Miss fiers multipul times durring drive check engine light has been on constant the van was pluged in at the dealership the reading was cyl 2 miss fire

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Misfires are not very hard to deal with. The good thing is that you know what cylinder the misfire is coming from. Try removing the spark plug from that cylinder and see what condition its in. If you have not replaced the plugs in a long time then its time to do a spark plug change. Another cause related to that misfire is it continues is the coil itself. The biggest misconception with check engine lights is that most people think that it will pin point the problem. It does not pin point the area, they just give you a general idea in where to start looking for the problem. Having that said, check the coil and determine if its good or bad by checking the voltage. If all that fails then you might want to check the injector for that cylinder.
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Miss fiers multipul times durring drive check engine light has been on constant the van was pluged in at the dealership the reading was cyl 2 miss fire

Misfires are not very hard to deal with. The good thing is that you know what cylinder the misfire is coming from. Try removing the spark plug from that cylinder and see what condition its in. If you have not replaced the plugs in a long time then it ... Kia Sedona

01 kia rio has bad rings in the # 3 cyl. i've been just changing the plugs and adding oil as needed but now the same old process happens missing, check engine light, changed all the plugs and wires still missing, still reads a code. plugs are firing (i'm thinking timing belt but the miss is'nt that bad)how can read the code? some cars can be read without a diagnostic pluged up

Rent a scanner, they present more information better that blinking lights. If the engine has a lot of miles, the timing belt is probably ready to fail. The better answer to your problems might be finding a good used engine in a wrecking yard rather t ... 2001 Kia Rio

1999 chevy s10 blazer had to the shop twice first time running rough eng. lite on smelt like salfer shop hooked up to comp. said cyl. 6 miss fire ran a eng. vac on it or others words injuction cleaner. ran ok for a while last week started running bad again took in said cyl. 1 miss fire so thay ran an other eng. vac. on it check light went off and with in 2hrs ran rough again and eng. lite back on and died got it going took to shop said cyl. 1 miss fire what should i do know tried of spending all

Can't say for sure that its a definite fix, but sulfur smell generally indicates a catalytic converter failure. Running injection cleaner through the system will sometimes also partially clear the problem in the cat but it quickly returns. If the sho ... Chevrolet Blazer

Suv stalls between 45 and 65 mph, already changed plug, wires, coil, and ran a fuel injectiong cleaner! check engine light comes on and off, reads miss fire cyl 1, 3, 5

Apart from all of that,you may not have enough pressure\012 in petrol pump at those speeds.So might only be a filter,but\012could be pump.Sometimes the easier solution the best and\012cheapest. ... 2008 Pontiac Torrent

My engine light keeps flashing ,,, i had it read and it is reading random miss fire..i changed the plugs , plug cables , rotor and cap,,,it is still reading random miss fire ...what next..

Cables and connectors to and from the ignition module.Coil assembly.Ignition module or crankshaft position sensor.Have you reset the engine computer since you did the work? Some models have a small wire going to a connector at ... Chevrolet S 10

Hi there I'm new at this but we'll try to get my problem across. My husband and I own a 2004 Ford Freestar. On a recent trip our emission light came on (engine light) We researched it and even went to a local garage and the informed us with the reading was "P2004 or 6" Intake Runner Control stuck closed B 1". Whatever that means. The emission light would blink during a miss fire in the high 1000 Rpm's. 60-80km /hr. The only way we would prevent the miss fire's was drive in the 85-100km/hr

I think you got it all figured out.\015\012Remove the IMRC Valve yourself,check it out for binding and any vacuum leaks as you said.\015\012If Electronic,just install a new one. ... Ford Freestar

2011 Mini Cooper Engine light is on reading #3 cylinder miss-firing. I change the plugs and reversed coil #3 to #4 still have the problem reading #3 cylinder miss-firing

... 2004 Mini Cooper

1999 VW euro van VR6 (2.6 L V6) Miss fires - random usually include #1 cyl. miss fires at idle - worse when giving power raw gas into muffler causing high temp in muffler When engine warm misfires will go away while cruising but miss fire bad when applying additional power.


My 2000 ford ranger 4x4 has a mis fire in cyl. #3. all the time put 6 new pluges in cyl. 3 why does it miss fire in that cyl. only ?

... 2000 Ford Ranger SuperCab

T100 1998 check engine light missing. Went to Advanced Autoused their hand held plug in and cyl # 5 missing with code p305 came up.Took it to Toyoya in May landing,N.J. $407 later they show me acracked plug and clean the throttle body. 175 miles later check engine comes on again I go to Advanced auto same code p305 cyl # 5 missing. If I had the fireing diagram order I would buy one new wire to see if it would solve the problem but i can not find the diagram anywhere. Back it goes to Toyota and

Have they replaced the coil on #5?? There are no plug wires on this motor. They have ignition coils mounted atop the sparkplugs called COPs. If a misfire is still detected, possible coil malf or cam or crank sensor malf. Hopefully this helps ... Toyota T100

My 2001 tacoma miss fires between 50 and 60 mph engine lights on and the computer shows random miss fire on cyl 3 /6 doesn;t miss all the time thou

... 2001 Toyota Tacoma

My sisters 01 town&country engine light comes on auto store says #5 miss fire so changed all plugs they looked good has new wires nd since only one cylinder miss fire auto store says its mostlikely not coil so that pretty much means the inject is malfunctioning or is the something else I need to check ... The van runs rough at idle , acceleration nd while driving . No weird smell or anything .

An auto parts store does not give out adviseThey are parts counter sales people-- not mechanicsSpark plugs seldom fail in your lifetime, so you need tocheck for vacuum leaks at O2 Sensors,Exhaust leaks,Vacuum leaksin inlet duc ... 2001 Chrysler Town & Country

I checked my timing with a digital timing light. under the hood theres a decal that says timing should be 10 degrees btc its at 17 deg and rpm stay at 1900 rpm on timing light it has a digital advance and ****** but even 10 deg btc it should read 0 degrees at balancer it still reads 8 degrees how do i adjust timing? oh its a 92 ranger 2.3 liter with waste fire ignition. 4 cyl 8 plugs

... 1992 Ford Ranger

98 four runner 3.4/v6 --check engine light blinks after a short (2-4min) drive @ 70mph-slow down and the light will go out--I don't feel any difference in the engine when the light is blinking (such as missing, popping, etc--I have changed plugs, wires and one time we got a code for a misfire on 2 and 5, so I changed the coil pack on # 5 cyl which also fires #2--but the light still blinks after that--??

... 1998 Toyota 4Runner

99 gmc sierra 6 cyl, and it starts fine, but after running it misses, when i accelerate it starts to miss and back fires horribly and engine light blinks. i think too much fuel is getting to it but just cant tell! Oh yea I also flushed the fuel and replenished the tank with fuel cleaner but it still misses extremely bad! can someone help?

It's more likely to be very lean--look for fuel delivery problems. Replace the fuel filter and check the fuel system pressure at the test port (looks like a tire valve) on the fuel rail just over the injectors. You should see about 45 PSI, anything m ... 2000 GMC New Sierra 1500

Hi, I have a 2000 Saab 93. The engine light is on. I took it to have the codes read and they came up with two,p1334 and p1312. They said they were dealer codes so they could not tell me the problem . They said one of them said something about the ignition miss firing. I changed the spark plugs and the light went out for a day. And now it is back on.I also change the direct ignition unit. That I purchased used so know I don't know if it was any good. Can you help? Please.

P1312 is ignition coil knock detection cyl 1 and 2 and the cause is quoted as wiring open circuit/short to positive, ignition coil assy, ECM.P1334 is as 1312, but cylinders 3 and 4.\015\012\01 ... 2000 Saab 9-3 Viggen

2001 mazda mpv minivan 6 cyl. 120,000 miles / flashing engine light, had a coil kit replaced six days ago. Van was fine until this morning same problem with jumping and skipping and flashing light agian. also my H & C gage keeps reading C even after the car is running and thier is heat also t

... 2001 Mazda MPV

1998 kia sportage I have a check engine light come on.. I pluged it in and this is what it said... po310 cylinder 10 ,, miss fire detected,,,p1700 undefined code.. also po137 02 sensor circuit low voltage bank 1 sensor 2.... When the check engine light comes on the car still seems to run fine.... anybody please tell me what I can replace to fix this ploblem Thanks Mike

... 1998 Kia Sportage

1996 doge van 318 trouble code P1595 van drives great but will feel a miss fire engine light comes on and runs like it is on 7 cylinders. let sit a while then will run great again. what is up ?

P1596\015\012Speed Control Switch Always High,you should take it to a chry dealer ... 1996 Dodge Ram 2500 Club Cab

Rough idle on my 2004 dodge ram 4.7 garage says #5 cyl miss fire so i changed the plugs ,coil and injector stil same problem also when you set at a stop light throttle will drop off from 650 to 500 after about 15-30 seconds. never did this before truck has 72000 miles on her. also no codes or check engine light puzzled. thanks

Funny thing about "codes", they only set when they see something out of the computer program parametersto set a misfire, the computer monitors the CKP signal and compares that data to "stock" dataI've seen many vehicles with 2 ... 2004 Dodge Ram 1500

Check coolant I have a '99 caddy deville and about every 3 weeks or so the check coolant light comes on and now when i stop at a red light sometimes it dies and when i had the guy at auto zone read it it said a miss fire in cylander #1 do i need a tune up or something? not real good with cars if anyone has any suggestions would really love to hear them thanx

You did not mention if you had lost any coolant when the light went on. If you have been adding coolant, misfire could be from blown head gasket. I'd have it checked for hydrocarbons in the radiator and go from there. ... 1999 Cadillac DeVille

Service engine light came on took in for computer read at auto zone got a mis fire in cylynder one said crank sensor replaced crank sensor put new plugs and new wires new oil filter andoil cleaned mass air flow sensor still have miss fire and you can fell it whenyou try to get on it

Cylinder 1 is not firing or is intermittently firing. Check the output on the coil associated with #1 cylinder by using a spare plug attached to #1 wire while engine is running. If it has good spark, check the fuel injector for possible problems. Cra ... 2004 Ford Taurus

Was reading multi miss fire codes on 4 out of 6 cylinders. changed plugs , wires, and coil pack then read 5 out of 6 miss fire. put injector cleaner in and now the miss fire codes are gone and it reads circuit to high or low on the tps sensor, map sensor, and engine coolant temp sensor. car starts and runs really sluggish then dies. 2003 dodge grand caravan sport 3.3l.

Sounds like the crank shaft sensor. But could bet mass are or a couple others. New cara are a pane in the rear. Best of luck. ... Cars & Trucks

99 dodge ram van miss fire on cyl 3 and 4. I have replaced distributer and plugs

... 1999 Dodge Ram

So I read the top the top. the red light in my van is blinking. I am wondering if it is the secuirity card that goes underneath stearing is missing. and would that cause the car not to strart as well? na here is another question? Can you disable itn to work without the card? ANd if you are wondering , when the key is in and I go to turn it on it just clicks. like it wants to start. But doesn't.

Best not to even try to disable,will only open a new problem. it's a security issue,you're right. try manually locking the car with the key,wait 5minutes then try to start after you manually unlock it with your key.your remote unlock[push button] the ... 1999 Ford Windstar
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