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I have a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee full time AWD. The car idles fine and I am able to select gears smoothly but I hear a grinding noise when I put it into drive. The sound continues after completely stopping but sounds fine when in reverse. I think it might have something to do with the front diff because this problem started when the jeep went half way off a ditch.

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Without the benefit of actually getting under there and looking/listening, the best I could offer is a guess. Neither your front or rear differentials can make noise when they are not turning. However, if you see either driveshaft turning when the Jeep is in gear and standing still, I'd suspect that you either have broken gears in the center section or a broken axle.
If the noise is coming from the transmission or transfer case, you will need to find out why. Internal noises from either generally require replacement or a rebuild regardless of the original cause.
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I have a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee full time AWD. The car idles fine and I am able to select gears smoothly but I hear a grinding noise when I put it into drive. The sound continues after completely stopping but sounds fine when in reverse. I think it might have something to do with the front diff because this problem started when the jeep went half way off a ditch.

Without the benefit of actually getting under there and looking/listening, the best I could offer is a guess. Neither your front or rear differentials can make noise when they are not turning. However, if you see either driveshaft turning when the ... Jeep Grand Cherokee

Have 2004 Jeep Cherokee..on recent trip heater blower stopped workin, no a/c light, no turn signals, and no engine cooling fan. so we replaced the fuse and everthing came back on. as soon as we shifted into reverse, everything died again. replaced fuse and started jeep from neutral position to drive, and everything continued to work fine. only when vehicle hit reverse did everything go out again. do you think this could be the wires going to the neutral switch or selector switch on the transmiss

Replace the switch on the transmission. that controls all functions upon starting and the reverse lights too ... Jeep Grand Cherokee

2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 4X4. Everything worked fine until 11/22/2010. A strange alarm/beeping started on Monday. That beeping stopped on Tuesday, and so did the blower for the A/C-Heat-Defroster. I think it might be a wiring issue from an after-market 'kill-switch' that is suppose to prevent the vehicle from starting if payment is not made. The Jeep starts and runs fine, so it's just the defroster/heater that is a problem today.

To Larry Crowley,\015\012Did you ever correct the problem to your 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee and did you in fact determine that the problem was in fact the Body Control Module (BCM)?\015\012I too have a 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Ltd with 162 ... 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee

We are having trouble with our jeep shifting..we have bled the clutch several times and it will work better for awhile but then will start acting up again..we just had the transmission forks replaced about a year ago..if you downshift before coming to a complete stop it's fine but when you are backing up it has some trouble going in reverse sometimes and then back in first sometimes we have to turn the ignition off to get it in gear and then go.. it is a 1988 jeep wrangler with the puegot tranny

You haver a small leak in the seal in the slave cylinder, I believe they sell and aftermarket kit to put ther slave cylinder on the outside, a better system. I believe they changed the design in the early 90's ... 1988 Jeep Wrangler

My 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee won't start. At first, I wiggled the gear shift and then it started, so I thought maybe it wasn't completely in park. I turned it off, it restarted as usual, but when I stopped again, the same thing happened. My husband check the transmission linkage and it seemed fine, and when he tapped near the transmission, it started again. Now once again, we are in the same situation. My husband now thinks its something in the steering column because the steering wheel does not

I believe the switch is a combination Neutral safety and reverse light switch. It should be located on the passenger side of the transmission if I recall. If you have trouble starting in park, try to start in neutral as well. I remember the switch ... 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee

1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee - Heater Core? My Jeep has been fogging up inside, and recently started spewing a fine fine mist inside via the vents with the A/C on. I also noticed a leak last week where coolant was pouring out underneath, however when I went to check it out and add stop-leak if needed, it was completely full of coolant. No room to add stop -leak. I checked for failure codes (dual temp control) and got a 56 = Right Temp Door Travel Too Large. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? I took it to the gara

Temp fix is to take both heater core hoses and put them together vent door travel is to long/axle on door vnt is stripped out oractuator motor is. ... 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I have and ford escort 1998 i have no idea whats wrong with it at first when you drived the car,you stop at a stop sign and when you go it works fine but it wont shift into gear. it just keeps running.i was told that it might be the transmission fuild cause sorry to say its black. and that the filer might be dirty. so not sure then yesterday it completely stop. a guy that knows stuff bout a car told me that it wouldnt be the starter or the alt. it killed my battery as i hauled it back. so now it

Had same issue today: as soon as I'd hit a stop sign or just stop it would go like it was on Neutral even though it was in Drive... I though it was the whole transsmition and was resigned to change it completely ($$$) but I took it to an honest mecha ... 1998 Ford Escort

The slip light keeps coming on while I drive and then goes off temporarily. Also it trembles sometimes when I am in first gear when I step on the gas or the break, but once it goes into second it is fine. Also when I turn my car on the first time of the day it does not want to accelarate at all. If I press the gas at all it starts trembeling. Once I come to a complete stop it's fine though and drives great. I thought it might be the air filter but I changed that, and it stopped for a while, but

... 2000 Nissan Maxima

My 2006 jeep grand cherokee check engine light came on and after stopped at red light press gas moves slow and then drives fine. Every time stopped and then press gas it moves slow. Also today would not reverse, turned engine off and restarted and check engine light went off and car reversed.

... Cars & Trucks

Jeep runs fine for a while then it starts hesitating and stops . it does start back up after it stalls thinking possible vacume leak some where but not quite sure where to start looking. also when front drivers side wheel hits a pothole whole jeep starts shaking have to apply brakes then it stops

Check the Crankshaft position sensor ... 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee

97 Dodge Ram 360 Stalls when coming to a stop . Restarts fine. Idles fine in park dies or almost will die in gear, runs great down the road just not at low speeds like coming to a stop. changed Idle air control on throttle body . Thinking might be crankshaft position sensor? any Ideas

... 1997 Dodge Ram 1500 Club Cab

Hi, I have the reverse slam problem in my 1996 Saturn SL1, automatic. I have one additional complication in the reverse slam problem...when I stop, I get a clunk right before the car comes to a complete stop. It is almost like someone is trying to slam the car into a different gear or something. Had the brakes and suspension and steering checked out, and all are perfectly fine. I get a code of p0708, which is trans range sensor circuit high input. I have changed the vehicle speed sensor,

... Saturn SL1

My 1985 Mercedes Benz 190.D was running fine except it was in need of an oil change. When I was driving it the gears stopped working completly! It stopped working In Drive and Reverse Also I noticed my windshield wipers stopped working. Do you have any Idea of what it happend? It still runs & starts up. What should I look for to fix it?

Check the transmission fluid level if possible. did you have any other service done. ? ... 1985 Mercedes-Benz 190

My 93 jeep grand cherokee started to vibrate pretty violently while it is in idle. As soon as I would take off, it stopped, but then the other day while I was driving, the car died. It started up right away. I know that I need to change the fuel filter. Would the fuel filter cause this problem or do you think that this sounds like the fuel pump. A couple people think that it might be my alternator. Can anyone tell me what they think is causing the problem?

That vibrating your mentioning is not the fuel system or an altenator. Its your cams screaming at you to check the oil level after you let it sit for a good hour or so. If its full, unfortunatly you may need new cams. also have the lifters checked as ... 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I have a 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee 6 cyl. I am getting fault codes P0351,P0352 and P0353 which is defined as #1,#2 and#3 ignition coil circuit and code P0505 JEEP Idle Control System Malfunction and code P1495 JEEP EVAP Leak Detection Pump Solenoid Circuit Condition. The problem I'm having is at times the engine will bog down and lose all power and sometimes just completly quits. I can stop the vechicle and turn the key switch off and start the engine and it will run just fine. I have replac

I would check Cam Position Sensor as is directly related with ignition. Power loss is due to the ECU going on "limp mode" to prevent further damage.I hope this helps! ... 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I have a 1986 Jeep Comanche/Pioneer 2.8. I recently tuned it up and put new distributor coil and rotor and new plugs and oil change. I have not yet replaced the wires. I recently tried to replace the throttle body gasket by taking out the old one and scraping off the old debris and re-installed it. Now, when the vehicle is warmed up, it stalls out when I put in reverse and drive or complete to a complete stop. I adjusted the idle screw a bit, but doesn't seem to help. I listened under the air fi

Sounds like bad vacumed leak look for disconected lines or puctured \015\012rotten or mix up ... 1986 Jeep Cherokee

I have a 1998 Caravan. Fluid level is fine. It hesitates to take off until the rpm's come up a little. Once it engages there is no trouble until I stop and start off again. I was about to pull it to have it rebuilt when it suddenly started working fine. Forward and reverse. Worked perfectly for a day and a half then returned to the same ol stuff. That makes me think that it is something in all the electrical garbage causing it and that it doesn't really need rebuilding. Any thoughts?

This sounds like a weak pump, this all depends on how the pump is working it may have had that little extra power for a while and then back to bad. these caravan tranys are junk, the problems with these trany date way back, the trany will soon blow u ... 1998 Dodge Caravan

2001 jeep grand cherokee leaking transmission fluid. It's not gushing out, just barely dripping when stopped and the tranny fluid level seems fine when checked (hot). It seems to be coming from the rear side of the pan around where it meets the transfer case. I'm thinking it's the gasket but just wanted some input. Also, the fluid looks fine (pink) and doesn't smell burnt. Also, if it is the seal is it okay to keep driving it for a while as long as I'm checking the fluid level periodically?

Clean off entire area near where you suspect the leak is coming from, then look carefully to locate it. Try slightly tightening any bolts near the leak area after it's located If at the pan gasket do not overtighten or you will crush the gasket and i ... 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee

My 97 ford f250 heavy duty has been idling rough alot lately. when driving, everything seems to be fine. coming to a stop, when i put the clutch in to take it out of gear, the rpm's stay high (around 1500) until i am at a complete stop. that is when the rpm's drop. it does'nt die, but its getting there! any suggestions on what the problem might be? thanks

Depending on which motor you have it may be a simple fix or you may have a cracked engine head. At a complete stop - turn on your A/C if it dies then I would be thinking cracked head. If it stays running then it is most likely either the TPS throttle ... 1997 Ford F250 SuperCab

Ok i just bought my 200sx and my check engine light comes and goes after filling it with gas, and now its staying on and my car is a manual and when i shift from like first to second and even third and then come to a stop or if im going down a hill ill go into neutral the engin stays reved but then when i come to a complete stop my car idols fine and sounds so good i cant even tell its on.... Had a cold smoke test done on it no leaks and engine is not knocking.... machanice said it might be a se

It sounds to me like the throttle position sensor is bad. The fuel injection cleaner might not help this case. Since your car newer than a 1996,you will have a computer system known as an OBD2. This diagnoses anything wrong with the car and will set ... 1998 Nissan 200SX

Jeep Cerokee I have a 1999 Jeep Cherokee. the reversing lights have stopped coming on, both bulbs are fine and I cannot find a listng for a fuse. 1. Is there one. 2. Where is it.

Dear Sir,\015\012\015\012I'm using a Jeep Cherokee_diesel, production of 1999. Its number is: 1J4FF68MXXL582016. Since several days the part which puts in function the ventilation system of the car, to protect it against the overheating i ... 1999 Jeep Cherokee

2003 model will not start. Cranks fine. The security light does not stop blinking when key is used. Have checked fuses and disconnected the battery thinking it might be the engine immobilizer. Have tried 3 sets of keys. Car ran fine till parked for 2 days and tried to start. Can not smell any gas.

Sorry its 66 chrgr again i went and looked more stuff up for you .hear we go programming three keys close all doors and windows ... Toyota Highlander

When below 20 degrees, I start the car, put it in reverse and it will not move. Rev the engine to about 3000 to 3500 and it starts to move. Go to drive and back again and it moves a little more. Than it will move ,shift and run fine. Sometimes it starts and takes off fine. Stop 1/10 of a mile later for a minute , car running, and it does not want to move when you step on the gas. What do you think? Thanks, Dave

Have a feeling you need a different grade of tranny fluid or in our terms the transmission oil,is the wrong grade for the extreme temperatures you are encountering .Keep vehicle in a heated garage ... 2001 BMW 325

Intermittent stuttering My 96 Civic will be running fine, then suddenly stutter a few times. The RPM drops to zero then back up a violently. Usually, letting off the gas then reapplying will help. I tried adding a fuel additive, thinking I might have bad fuel or water in the fuel. That didn't stop it, so I changed the fuel filter. I can tell the fuel pump is working and the problem is so inconsistent that it is hard to pin down. It seems like a fuel related issue, since it will run fine at times

Hello wrob1359,\015\012\015\012While this may seem like a fuel issue, and very well may be, let take into considerations some other possibilities, but first, lets first go ahead and cover all the fuel related possibilities:\015\012 ... 1996 Honda Civic

My car is sputtering if i stop. it once stopped completely and turned off. i have a half tank gas. so i know that isnt the problem. i think it isnt getting gas or something. i can reverse but if i try to go forward it hesitates and it seems like its getting too much gas or something. what could be the problem

You should have a code stored in the computer which will help diagnose this. If you are overfueling you would be blowing black smoke and the spark plugs would be wet and black. Your maf sensor or 02 sensor could cause this issue. . Also a fuel pump ... 1997 Chevrolet Blazer
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