Having problems with your Jeep Cherokee ?

Steering column has a clunking noise when turning to full lock and back off.

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

Check your gearbox.
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Steering column has a clunking noise when turning to full lock and back off.

Have the front end chked by a shop. ... 1995 Jeep Cherokee

Steering column has a clunking noise when turning to full lock and back off.

Check your gearbox. ... Jeep Cherokee

My pegeot 206 makes a clunking noise when slowly turning the corners with the steering wheel on full lock

Have the same problem mate, they have told me that me drivers side drive shaft has gone, a new one is around £100 pounds, but you could pick up a good second hand one for around £40 at a breakers yard. ... 2005 Saturn ION

I had just replaced my ignition lock cylinder in my 92 Camaro Rs, and I'm under going several problems. Problem #1: My brand new ignition lock cylinder won't lock as to where the key cannot be removed. The key will only release when I forcefully turn it to the lock position(to the left) and even then it gets stuck in lock. Problem #2: I'm putting all of the steering column components back in and I can not fit the coil assembly back into the column which keeps me from getting my st

If all you did was to remove things down to the turn signal switch to allow access to the screw that holds the lock cylinder in, I would check the ignition switch for being out of adjustment. Do you have to turn the key a long way to get the engine t ... 1992 Chevrolet Camaro

I try to turn my car and it makes a clicking noise (sounds bad). My steering wheel locked. Right before it locked I heard another sound. I can start the car but the steering wheel will not turn. My power steering fluid is fine. It's in between full and low.

... 2000 Kia Sportage

I have a 2006 toyota rav4 that has had a loud clunking noise when turning the wheel. I had the steering column and clamp replaced last year due to a redesigned part (according to toyota a service bulletin was issued, but no recall) that fixed the noise. Now just over a year later, the popping sound has returned, but only occasionally. Toyota told me not to worry about it. Another mechanic told me it was something in the rack and pinion steering where the column attaches. I'm tired of sinking mon

I would investigate the steering componants ... I saw one that had disengaged the upper and lower ball joints ( connecting the wheel and spindle to the control arms) and had the same symptoms... loose feeling steering once in a while... clicking.... ... 2006 Toyota RAV4

Rear Axle Noise clunking when turning mostly after coming from a full stop. Also made same noise when backing up and turning (sounding like you backed into something). This is. 2010 Hyundai Santa Fe

... Cars & Trucks

Gents/Ladies, my diesel Peugeot 205 makes a grinding sound on full lock (both ways), & I would like to know what is causing this. I shall try as best as possible to list the symptoms. Firstly, the car has PAS & has done 75000 miles. Apart from the noise it is in fairly good condition & there is no undue or odd wear on the tyres & the car behaves as it should through bends & over bumps - no wander or obvious clunks. The noise only appears when full lock is applied & it is possible to keep turning

... 1989 Peugeot 405

2000 H1 suddenly steering locked up while moving. very difficult to turn with engine on , will turn smoothly with wheels up and engine off. Brake is hard and feels like bubbles underfoot when applied . Previously the brakes stopped working then came back on . I tested the hydraulic unit and had one when this happened so intalled it , no improvement on steering . I think the brake problem will be solved by purging air .On the steering I have greased all components (yes I got the column) and am g

Good day. Please check that all fan and V bellts are in place. Your power steering pump runs with a belt, and the brakes could be of the hydraulic type. Check your power steering pump for failure if all else fails. Hope this helps ... 2004 Hummer H1

We have a 1989 toyota camry the key will not turn to start the car. It has a button on top of the stering column to release the key when you turn the car off and normally when you put the key in you have to push that button to get it back out. This time you can pull the key out without pushing that button, but it will not turn the ignition. The steering column is locked. We have used the override on the shift to put the car in neutral and still will not start. Would removing the release button f

... 1989 Toyota Camry

2003 Ford zx2 steering "pops" when turning rt or left more when turning left. This doesn't happen when the car is raised and there is no weight on the suspension. The "clunking" noise which accompanies the "popping" feeling in the steering wheel comes from almost directly in front of where the steering column goes through the fire wall. Help? Thanx Eric

Check the rack and pino. bushig is bad. if is bad check for iol leak on tap of the rack and pino busing. ... 2003 Ford ZX2

1986 Ford Bronco Full Size Automatic Trans on the Column All of a sudden the ignition key turns freely and wont engage the starter. Also the trans shifter is locked in the Park position. I am assuming I need to replace the steering column? If no, then give me a correct diagnosis. If YES, then give me detailed steps to removing the steering column.

It could be just you ignition lock cylinder where the key goes in. AT the end of the lock cylinder is a "screwdriver blade" that goes into the ignition switch.\015\012Remove the lock cylinder and see what's going on. ... 1992 Ford Bronco

When a steering wheel is turned to the end of its travel, the power steering pump makes an objectionable hiss. But my Stratus makes this noise when I turn the wheel at center when fluid is cold. Steering assist stops then comes back. Tire Pressure OK. Fluid is Full. NO LEAKS. When fluid warms there is still some hiss but it is much better.

Early sign of the rack and pinion going bad if you look inside the inner tie rod boots you will see leaks starting. prepare to have it replaced sooner than later. ... 2000 Dodge Stratus

2001 Grand Am GT interior lights stay on when car off, come on when driving then dim, but back on full when braking; door locks alternate between not working at all and rapid lock/unlock; "headlights on" chime as soon as door opens, keys not in ignition and light not turned on; rapid turn signal noise from hazard switch location in middle of dash; horn no longer beeps when locked remotely

Donde esta el fusible mall pgm en un pontiac grand am gt 2001 ... Pontiac Grand Am

I have a 2004 Pontiac grand prix with the 3600 series v6. There is a loud grinding noise when I turn and brake at the same and sometimes when I just turn but never when I just brake. When it does it it tries to send the brake pedal back up and you can feel the grind in the pedal as well as the steering wheel. I was told it could be the power steering pump but I'm thinking it might be the computer sensing wheel slip and locking up. Any ideas? Thanks.

... 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix

Power steering Hi guys, i have a 1998 golf 3. When i ride on a wet road or in rainy weather and make a turn my power steering doesnt work for a second or so then comes back. It almost like it jams for a second on in wet weather thou. What can cause this? Also if in standing still and turn the wheel full to either side it makes a continuous sqeeking noise. Can any assist me with this?

Hi,\015\012My best guess is that the drive belt to the hydraulic pump is loose / worn, and it slips when wet. Also the extra load imposed on the system by turning when stationary causes it to slip even when dry.\015\012\015\012Chec ... 1998 Volkswagen Golf

Front wheels locked. Untill this happened, trans did not slip or miss shifts. Happened suddenly Was backing out of driveway and put into drive and didn't move. Front wheelsappear locked as I couln't push it off road. When roll back came, front passenger wheel tried to turn backwards as it was being winched up reamp. Is it the trans or the differential? There was no clunk or noise when this happened.Van has 138,000 miles and runs well. Always serviced.


My car is starting to make a squeaky noise and shudder a little when turning the steering wheel while stationery (ie pulling out of a park etc) I feel a shudder in the steering column when turning at slow speeds. Feels like wheels or joint. I just had head gaskets replaced and when I took it back in they found a throttle cable routed wrong and rerouted. I am still having same problem. Car is a 2000 Subaru Outback.

They supposedly checked all fluids but said that replacing the pump might be the solution. They removed a bracket as noted in a TSB on similiar problem which helped for a day but still having the shudder when turning at slow speeds. \015\012 ... 2000 Subaru Outback

Turn the steering full lock makes a noise

... 1998 Toyota Camry

Grinding noise from steering when turning full lock jeep grande cherokee 2007

... Cars & Trucks

I have a constant wobble at the steering wheel when driving in a straight line which does disapear when turning also the steering is sometimes jumpy and also have a loud sqealing noise on either full lock my tires/suspension/fluid levels/tire roundness/balance/pressure are ok. is this caused by the steering pump or rack ?

The noise at full lock is the pump screaming for mercy. All power steering pumps will complain a bit if the steering is held at full lock. Now, if the belt to the pump is loose, it will scream even louder, because holding the steering at full lock ... 2000 Chrysler Grand Voyager

91 honda accord, when i turn left it seems real stiff then it feels like it gets jammed then all of a sudden breaks free and then the steering feels normal, then when you bring it back to go straight it is stiff again, same goes when you go right. all you hear is a popping or clunking sound coming from either the rack n pinion or the steering column not sure but the sound is definately coming from that area. But when you jack the car up in the air the steering is fine. sometimes when you tur

The very first thing you should do is at least check the power steering fluid. That is exactly how it acts when low. But also check if it looks like is has shiny metallic powder in it, because if the steering goes, it usually produces metal shaving ... Honda Accord

2002 Sienna key won't turn, steering column not locked in place, doors will not lock (they lock but pop right back to unlock position). anti-theft red light flashing

... 1992 Toyota Land Cruiser

No power steering . ran car through car wash. now no power steering. fluid norm level,no noise,belt not slipping, checked filter in resivor, is dextron III correct fluid? jacked up front of car turned wheel full left/full right many times no air. will incorect fluid cause this prob ? if so is the pump toast , or could you flush system with correct fluid and get lucky ? 2003 525i help asap wife wants her car back

I would try flushing it out, but if it still doesnt work look and see if hose is kinked , if not it is most likely the pump. i would get the pump checked out before paying for another one. ... 2003 BMW 5 Series

The part on the steering column where i put my key has come out, but i have managed to put it back in and start the truck every time with ease. But today when i tried to start it I turned it and nothing happened, no noise , no lights nothing. I could turn on the lights manually and they work fine so i don't think its a battery problem. If anyone can give me a clue that would be great!

Three thing there...1. No clickng sound when turn the ignition key could be a bad ignition switch2. No clickng sound when turn the ignition key could be a good ignition switch, but bad starter; when open contact (just ON, dont START engin ... 1995 Dodge Dakota
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