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1999 jaguar XJ8 secondary timing chain broke,is it for sure that some valves did bent? and if so, how do you replace them? is it nessesary to take the head off? or the valves can be replaced with out taking head off? Thank you.

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Answers :

The head must be removed to replace valves, also the replacement of these chains requires allot of special tools to align the cams, without them you will bend the valves again, and most likely if the chain came off at speed the valves are bent, the only way to know is to repair the chain and run a compression test on each cylinder to see if it has bent valves.. the last guy that i advised on this same job and model trying doing the repair without the special factory tools and no service manual and bent a new set of valves, trust on this, it is not a job for the home mechanic
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1999 jaguar XJ8 secondary timing chain broke,is it for sure that some valves did bent? and if so, how do you replace them? is it nessesary to take the head off? or the valves can be replaced with out taking head off? Thank you.

The head must be removed to replace valves, also the replacement of these chains requires allot of special tools to align the cams, without them you will bend the valves again, and most likely if the chain came off at speed the valves are bent, the o ... Jaguar XJ8

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Had diagnostiques test saying was missing on #2 cyl # 6 cyl changed plugs @ [email protected] [email protected] rotor still missing on same cyls after u get your rpms up it fires on all 6 cyl drove it with code scanner hooked up mechanic seems to think there is a carbon build up on the valve if So what to do instead of taking heads off and redoing them mechanic a 3 step cleaner for injection and intake and tank do u advise using it


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I had the same problem... Turned out to be the spark plugs and wires!! ... 2004 Chevrolet Aveo

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