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Oil leaking after replacing head gasket in s type jaguar

... 2002 Jaguar S-Type


... Jaguar Cars & Trucks

Jaguar xj8 1999, I was replacing the valve cover gasket, because the spark plugs were getting wet and the car did not start any more, when I took off the passenger side cover, I found out that the chain that controls both camshafts in the same head was broken and I believe one of the sensors (cylindr type that sits in between both camshafts right under the chain)was broken too, and the plastic base that holds it was broken too,I am sure that both shafts got to be syncronise and put back together

Hello. If you are considered to be a motor head this is a challenging job requiring complete understanding of the inner workings of an engine, timing it, etc. AND let's not forget that merely replacing what is broken still does not address the unde ... Jaguar XJ8

I have a 1996 Jaguar XJ6, 4.0 litre engine, about 138,000 miles. I recently replaced the head gasket due to finding coolant in the oil. The head gasket,intake and exhaust manifold gaskets were also replaced upon reassembly. After reassembling all parts ,i started car and it would run for about 15 minutes and then shut off and would not restart. i removed spark plugs and found them all to be foulded with black carbon soot. cleaned plugs and started car only for same thing to happen again and ag

Have you had the codes checked?sounds like there might be a vacuum hose off, or an air leak behind the mass air sensor. also are you sure that you have the valve timing correct, if you have it off even 1 tooth it will cause ... Jaguar XJ6

I just had a head gasket blow on one side of the vortex motor. After he put it back together he said he can't get it to fire on Number 1 cylinder. He didn't have his tester with him, but will bring it tomorrow. It is not the spark plug or wire. I have the type of injector that has to replace all at same time (I believe it's referred to as "spider" type). He told me he converted his van from what I have to the type where you replace only the bad injector. I have 2 questions. First one is

If you dont have spark why is the mechanic worried about the fuel system. also are you sure it is in time. with the #1 cylinder all the way up the rotor should point to #1 plug wire make sure you look at the cap #1 might fire on the opposite side of ... 1995 Chevrolet Blazer

How to replace 2003 jaguar s-type head lamp - 2003 Jaguar S-Type

Swing by autozone for parts they will show you how to change it and point out if it has to be done from under the car ... 2003 Jaguar S-Type

Head gasket replacement on a 1991 Jaguar XJ6

Try www.autozone.com to see if they have your car listed for diagrams pictures and step by step instructions if your car is not listed then try your ... 1991 Jaguar XJ6

2003 jaguar x type. trying to change oil pan gasket, cant get to the last bolt it seems to be up under transfer case or transmission. How can I drop the pan to replace gasket

Hi!!\015\012\015\0122003 Jaguar X Type, AWD, 2.5L Engine\015\012Unfortunately on this vehicle, you have to follow a particular order and remove a couple of accessories in order to get the oil pan removed. It may take a little mor ... Jaguar X-Type

Intermittent overheating 2005 subaru impreza 2.5 rx ----dealer unable to replicate problem. Ideas?? i have a similar type problem, i had just had the head gasket replaced on my 2002 2.5rs, a month later the engine overheated and left me stranded, let the car cool and drove it home with out an overheat problem, had the radiator checked and no leaks or abnormal flow everything is normal with the radiator, replaced the thermostat and yes i put it in the correct way, filled the system up and burped

You have blown another head gasket. Oil won't get into the coolant, or coolant into the oil, but after the engine warms up exhaust gas will force it's way into the water jacket and stop coolant from flowing through. The best part is that it will be i ... 2002 Subaru Impreza

Head gasket 2002 jaguar - 2002 Jaguar X-Type

... 2002 Jaguar X-Type

To replace valve cover gaskets on jaguar - 2002 Jaguar S-Type

... 2002 Jaguar S-Type

I have a 01 Jaguar S-type with a 4.0 V8. The dealer tells me I need to replace the valve cover gaskets due to oil leaks (It's never leaked a drop on my garage floor, however) and all the ignition coils as the engine is running intermittently rough, mostly during idle or low RPM. Is there any way to check the coils to see which might be the offenders and do you have a schematic repair procedure for coil replacement? They are estimating a $2000 repair bill.

Hi!!\015\012\015\012The best way to find out coil problems is retrieving the TC's.\015\012If any of the coils is defective and misfire occurs, there should be a Trouble Code stored in the PCM memory. Have your vehicle's computer scanned for Tr ... 2001 Jaguar S-Type

I have 2011 dodge 3500 cummins smokes when cold started? when started first thing in morning only around 0 blows lots of white smoke smell like unburnt diesel and shakes a bit for 10 to 15 min has had piston rings, injectors, head, a few head gasket all replaced already still does not start right after sitting overnight seems like cylinder six is missfiring when capped of does not smoke. does anyone have anyother ideas of the cause of all the smoke thanks

... Dodge Cars & Trucks

Mini Fuse in passenger compartment box, F72, rating 15 amps, keeps blowing. The Fuse goes to the Radio head unit, CD player, Jaguar diagnostic connector/OBD2 connector. The Jaguar is a 2002 X type... The first think I did was disconnect the radio for the dash. After removing radio replaced fuse and once again the fuse instantly blew. There was no sign of damaged wires around the radio connection. I believe the issue is in the OBD2 connector. I know the OBD2 connector is needed, but I need

I dought the connector is the problem. check cd player same way as you did radio.pull that fuse and check every funcion you can in the car to see if some unlisted on fuse box item is on that circuit. its possible the cig lighter or power outlets are ... 2002 Jaguar X-Type

1996 SL1 after engine overhaul oil is having to be added regularly. Rings replaced, valve seals replaced, valves ground and reseated and head pressure tested by machine shop, head gasket replaced, timing cover gasket remade, oil pan gasket remade, crank and connecting rod bearings replaced, intake and exhaust manifold gaskets replaced. Compression on all cylinders 120 psi or better, no smoke in exhaust, cleaned EGR valve and throttle body. Used upper and lower gasket sets to replace all gaske

Depending on how long since the overhaul, and how much oil is being used, you may not have any worries.Engines built in the factory are within very close tolerances. Engines rebuilt in the shop are not.So like it was 50 yrs ago, your rebuilt ... 1996 Saturn SL

Help me hello how are you ?? i was wondering if u can help me with a carby 3F engine on my 80 series landcruiser please? i recently blew a head gasket on the engine i took the head in to get it repaired it had all the valves replaced seats reseated and a new head gasket a new inlet/exhaust gasket as they are all on one side of the head being an old 3f engine and all anyway i replaced the exhaust with an extractor set and a replaced the following 1. spark plugs 2. thermostat 3. leads 4

Hi John, I suggest first carrying out a compression test. As you'll know a difference of readings between combustion chambers can result in misfire and loss of power. It would seem to me that if pressure is building in the cooling system there is som ... Cars & Trucks

2002 Jaguar X-Type Oil Pan Gasket replacement

Have you smashed the sump ??never seen one leak yet?? sure its not the front or rear end oil seals ??..sounds like you have the sub frame in the way ,evan if you remove this bolt you will not be able to drop the sump without removing or lowering the ... 2002 Jaguar X-Type

I just replaced the intake gaskets on my 2003 pontiac grand am , but when I went to fire it up it was still running like **** come to find out the head gasket on cylinder 3 is blown or the head is cracked. when i go to replace the head or head gasket do I need to repace the bolts on the intake that I just put on or can I get away with using the same ones. I just put them on!

Theres an easier way to fix a blown gasket, its called seal-up you pour it in your radiator and it chemically welds it back together look it up on google most auto shops sell it or something similar, but replaceing the gasket is the best way ... 2003 Pontiac Grand Am

2001 jaguar S type v 6. I need to replace the valve cover gasket. Does any one have the torque sequence and torque values for the bolts?

Felpro brand gaskets are the best in the world, not sure about the intake, if it is in the way then yes remove it. ... 2002 Jaguar S-Type

Replace valve cover gasket on jaguar s type 4.0

... 2002 Jaguar S-Type

Jaguar xtype 2.5 head gasket replacement procedure

... Jaguar Cars & Trucks

How much do it cost to replace valve cover gaskets on s type 3.0 jaguar 2001

... 2000 Jaguar S-Type

Do you need to remove the transfer case in order to replace the oil pan gasket in a 2003 Jaguar X-Type 3.0? I was told this was a 8 1/2 hour job!!! Is this true?

Yup! i just did my 02 jag. the tranfer case is going down baby...just to change the oil gasket...hehehehe.. ... 2003 Jaguar X-Type

My 2000dhs is running hot. I replace water pump and thermostat. iI check the oil there is no water in it to indicate a broken head gasket. i was told about some type of heat sensor on side of the engine.Not sure anymore

Yes, this is very common problem of the northstar platform. Head bolts aluminum thread inside the engine block stretching. Although Cadillac improved it in 2000 year model, it persisted on a lot of cars. You will not see any water in oil, at least fo ... 2000 Cadillac DeVille

Just replaced the head gaskets and timing chain on my 91 firebird with the 3.1 v6. ive rest the timing to 0' tdc. the distributor is new and just about everything else as ive been trying to resto

No idea here ,look at the valves on no1 or any cylinder come to that then take not of what cylinder it is then rotor arm should point to that HT lead,the inlet valve should be up and to the left and the exhaust up and to the right piston at the top , ... Cars & Trucks
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