Having problems with your Isuzu Trooper ?

Were is no 1 piston

\015 Facing the vehicle from front on which side is no 1\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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Depends on many things. AutoZone has free manuals available on their web site.
Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for Isuzu Trooper

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I bought an aftermarket piston for my 1992 Mercury Topaz XR5 3.0L V6, the original red dot piston seems impossible to find. the aftermarket piston is .021 shorter than the original piston when measured from the top of the wrist pin bore to the top of the piston. how much of a compression and or balance issue will it cause if I use this piston.

Do not use this piston. We are not taking about thousanths of an inch (which would be bad enough) but hundredths. This would drastically change your combustion chamber volume in one cylinder only. Also the spark ... 1992 Mercury Topaz

Let it set 2 long an the rings stuct to the piston an 1 exaust valve stuck open in every cyllindar it has 107 hrs total i disasymbeld the motor fixed an lapped all the valves put head back on with new headgaskit still no compression so tore it down to pistons all pistons had all rings stuck let pistons soak in gas over night then tapped pistons till all ringa came free with piece of wood on last ring now sanded tings with 1000 grit an ready to reinstall evertyhing the cyl. walls are lightly buff

I would try it. you have nothing to lose. you are probably really good at taking it apart by now anyway. good luck...matt ... Honda CRX

1987 Isuzu Trooper purchased in 2009 with "new" brakes. Right front caliper occasionally sticks and won't release. Replaced rubber brake lines. Can you use a C-clamp to push back piston or is this similar to the 1991 rear where the piston needs to be rotated back in? Any other suggestions? Also, the '91 rear brake pistons required lithium lube or similar high temp lube between piston & pad, any similar requirement on the front in 1987?

Yes you can use a c-clamp. If the caliper is sticking I would go get a new caliper. Otherwise you will be replacing pads and rotors on that side more than you should have to. ... 1987 Isuzu Trooper

Ref ture 889 Siezed engine Jag 1988 XJSC V12 aut. Red your recommendation , but if it is rust in cylinders which caused the seizing? How to check if it is siezed pistons or siezed crank ? My own idea is that if siezed crank it would be dead siezed, but if siezed pistons there might be some play in crank bearings which would be possible to detect over the valve train. If siezed pistons due to rust in cylinders would it be possible to use some kind of rust remover to loosen the pistons. I will

If rust in cylnder put in iodine and try to turn both ways each day (leave plugs out)should free in about 7 to 10 days ... 1986 Jaguar XJSC

Could not press piston back. Piston came adrift, nead to replace piston and dust cover.How is piston screwed home?

Dust cover on a piston? A brake piston Yah? If you're asking about the rear caliper you will need a rear brake to like this or something like this ... 2001 Volkswagen Golf

Esitation during acelaration, replaced fuel pump, head gasket, spark plug & wire, timing chain, number 1 piston 165psi, 2 piston 130psi, 3 piston 165psi, 4 piston 164psi and still esitataion during acelaration what can it be

All that work! Seems to me your problem may simply be the Throttle Position Sensor (TPS).Have someone (an electrician) bench test it FIRST!... If the TPS (its a potentiometer) has bad spots in it, it CAN and WILL cause hesitation. ... Hyundai Motor 1995 Accent

The trunk in my stratus 2003 uses a kind of piston to hold it in place, but the pistons have loosened too much and now the trunk suddenly goes down really fast and hits the latching system really hard. Do I need to change the pistons or can they be repaired? does anyone know what model or type of piston needs to be purchased?

You need to replace the pistons. the only place you can get them is the dealer just go in with your vin number and they will fix you right up. ... 2003 Dodge Stratus

I pulled the #1 spark plug and put my finger over it and had someone turn the motor over until the pressure moved my finger. I then used a socket and moved it the rest of the way by hand until the mark on the pulley was lined up with tho 0. I put a straw inside the #1 cylinder to make sure the piston was at TDC and the piston was not near the top. I had someone hold the straw and turned the motor by hand and got the piston to the top and was pushing the straw out but now the mark on the pulley i

Yes it can be wrong is the crank in right it could be 180 degrees backwards i have seen it happen. but i dont know how much work was done before this problem email me some more info and i can help you further ... 1985 Chevrolet Chevy

55 plate Renault kangoo 1.5 dci ....right here goes .. The Campbeltown broke on the above head was removed all valves were bent / few snapped and piston cracked ... Sourced a second hand engine with crank damaged removed head n fitted to mine new gaskets belt etc also fitted a piston the vehicle has all four compressions when turning over by hand & key .so I reckon piston/ rings & head are good any way whilst the van is sat ticking over its fine runs little uneven as if fuel pulling air in but d

... Cars & Trucks

55 plate Renault kangoo 1.5 dci ....right here goes .. The Campbeltown broke on the above head was removed all valves were bent / few snapped and piston cracked ... Sourced a second hand engine with crank damaged removed head n fitted to mine new gaskets belt etc also fitted a piston the vehicle has all four compressions when turning over by hand & key .so I reckon piston/ rings & head are good any way whilst the van is sat ticking over its fine runs little uneven as if fuel pulling air in but d

... 2000 Renault 181

2001 f-250 4x4 v-10 engine front brake caliper duel piston one piston wont retract when clasping to install new brake pads question one piston claspes the other doesnt do you rebuild (do they make a kit or just buy new one or rebuilt one from like autozone ect or is the problem deeper like the master cyl thanks

No, sounds like just one of your pistons is frozen. Incase you haven't done this yet, also fyi, you have to collapse both pistons at the same time. Try placing a strip of wood across both pistons and squeeze them both at the same time with your C-cla ... Ford F-250

Overheated motor I had replaced piston rings and piston bearings and had the head skimmed and valves seated after over heating but the problem is when the engine is cooled down, the radiator hoses sqeeze closed as if there is a vacuum in the radiator. The temperature is normal on short distance and the starting is no problem although I lose about 100 - 200ml of radiator water.The engine had no piston ridge so was not needed to rebore. could the block or head be cracked as this was not checked? B

Hi\015\012Have you replaced the radiator cap and if you have a expansion tank fitted check that also. As the water temp rises to normal temp it send water to the expansion tank and when it cools down it sucks it back. Check that yo ... 1994 Toyota Corolla

Can't compress rear piston on 2000 Bonneville. Replaced front rotors and pads, no problem with piston. Replaced R-rear rotor and pads but piston is frozen.???

\015\012\015\012To retract the caliper piston into the caliper bore use a spanner type wrench to turn the piston. You can also rent the correct tool from a local parts store or you may use a pair of channel lock pliers and ... 2000 Pontiac Bonneville

I have a 96 nissan altima the head gasket is bad so i removed it.then there was a cracked but broken piston so i removed them all. i only had 1 good one. so im asking should i replace the main bearings i havnt touch them. i only took rods and pistons and head. i am replacing the rods and pistons with used off a 98

It will be alot easy to just buy a used engine \015\012all that work you doing is to be done at a machine shop ... 1996 Nissan Altima

My 2004 dodge durango has a cracked caliper piston, but web pictures of it does seem it is a 'true' hydraulic piston, is there another piston behind it?

... 2004 Dodge Durango

Seat Altea rear brake piston won't rewind into cylinder (even with piston re-wind tool). The piston will come out slightly when brake pedal is depressed, but can't rewind it to fit new rear pads.

... 1997 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

Es, and we changed the timeing chain and belts ect. Now only piston 4 misfires at an idle, and we tested the coilover on piston four and its good. so the only thing i havent replaced is my upstream o2 senor which is bad. but i dont belive that would cause a misfire in piston four.. we check the spark plugs and all, is been at the dealership and their stumped and out of ideas beside gettin the o2 sensor on it.... SO any sugestions?? PLEASE and thanks

Have you checked the injector a misfire can also be caused by a faulty injector try switching the number 4 coil with one of the others( if possible )if that cause the cyl that you switch with misfire youve found the problem if in do the same with th ... 2003 Acura RSX

My brake pedals go to the floor. I was putting rotors on and did not have the caliper hooked up on the one side and I pushed in brake pedal then fluid came pouring out of piston and piston popped off. (the piston of the caliper that was not hooked up) What now? Bleed the lines?...

OOPS!!! yes, bleed lines and it should be fine. ... 2003 Ford Ranger Regular Cab

2002 3500 gmc savana right rear caliper seizedup.replaced with new parts.next day seizedup again. replaced with new again.next day left front caliper seizedup.2 piston cal.compressed each piston seprately worked fine.go to comp.both only one bottoms out at a time.Is it possibly a hydraulic control unit problem.are there valves or selonoids in that unit that are sticking not letting pistons retract.brake pedal feels fine.

Make sure you bleed all four wheels. ... 2002 GMC Savana

2006 Jaguar X-Type: Replacing rear brake pads. Right side is completed...however the left side caliper isnt cooperating. I have the piston compression tool, but it will not turn clockwise to compress the caliper piston...What is the procedure to compress the left rear caliper piston?

If it's like the 2003 The left-hand brake caliper piston retracts counter clockwise and the right-hand retracts clockwise. ... 2006 Jaguar X-Type

I am replacing rear disc pads on a 2004 Chevy Malibu. I slide the caliper off and now I want to push the piston back. I bought a tool about an inch square for a 1/4" drive that has different configurations that inserts into the piston but I forgot what to do next. In the past on other cars with disc brakes, I have used a C clamp to compress the piston back into the caliper. Please help.

You will turn it in, it will srew in to make alloance for your new pad ... 2004 Chevrolet Malibu

Timinga 2.5 when trying to set the timing up on the 2.5 i cant bring no 1 piston to tdc or the left upper intake cam is hitting somthing when you try to alaign the marks its like the valve is hitting the piston the closest i could get was with the no 1 piston halfway up the cylinder to be able to set up the cams for the belt this is a double overhead cam

Move the cams to a dfferent location, set your #1 to TDC, then rotate the cams where the marks need to be. ... 1998 Subaru Legacy

I'm replacing the head gasket on my friends 96 Saturn SL1 SOHC. I've heard 2 different stories about lining up the crankshaft with the camshaft in order to keep the valves from contacting the pistons. my mechanic friend says have 1 & 4 pistons TDC and the 1 & 4 valves closed and in that case the keyway for the crankshaft sproket is TDC. The Autozone online manual says to have the keyway at 90 past TDC which means the pistons are halfway in travel, but theres an error with that because Autozone s

Bring the crank to TDC while WATCHING CAREFULLY the camshaft, making SURE that the pistons are moving in the correct sequence as the valve train. Once you have the #1 piston on TDC, Set up your valve train with what looks to be the most logical posit ... Saturn SL1

Valve hit pistons on 30 kia sedona 3.5 ltr. it left 2mm grooves in pistons. how thick are pistons and can i run the vehicle like that?

I dont think you would have a problem providing its not on the outer ring of the piston as this would cause a blow down the side of the piston.seen a lot worse in my time and never cause a problem ... Cars & Trucks

Have installed new (rebuilt) calipers on '83 El Dorado. Parking brake doesn't work on passenger side. Had to use tool to press piston in far enough for installation on other side (driver) but this side had piston depressed enough to install without use of tool. Driver's works, passenger side does not. It is supposed to self adjusting but how long does that take? Do these need to be set up in some manner ( which I might have done unknowingly in depressing the other side ) ? Also if piston rotates

... 1983 Cadillac Eldorado
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