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... Hyundai Santa Fe

2006 z71. when trying to put in 4lo it just flashes and goes back to 2 hi. sometimes it makes grinding noise but still doesnt go in 4 lo. today was driving on highway in 2 hi and it like came out of gear and was making a grinding sound. i pulled over and truck wouldnt go in park, i mean i put it in park but it still rolled. then all of a sudden it made a noise and it was where i could drive it again.of course it still wont go in 4 lo. do you think this is a transfer case motor problem ?

Sounds like you need an encoder motor sensor and an pcm recalibration ... Chevrolet 1500

My 1997 roadster has a howling noise above 2500 rpm. when I push in the clutch and keep the motor reved up it still makes the same noise . Sounds like it is coming from the gear box,but I was told that Lamborghini had some problems with oil hoses and the noise could be coming from them. HELP

While I do not know the car well my first thoughts go to the clutch throw-out bearing. With time these fail and I have heard them make a howling type noise which it typical of bearing failure.\015\012I hope this may have helped,\015\012To ... 1997 Lamborghini Diablo

2006 pontiac g6 clunking noise when shifting gears check engin light came on day after noise started p0014 code had it scaned by the nice atuo zone guy . He gave 4 possible causes 1 loose cam or crank sensor 2 Exxcessive timing chain free play 3 Blocked oil passage in camshaft actuator something or other 4 incorrect oil quality or viscosity. had the oil changed still making noise and light still on whats the next best move for someone who knows nothing about cars.

... 2006 Pontiac G6

2006 pontiac g6 clunking noise when shifting gears check engin light came on day after noise started p0014 code had it scaned by the nice atuo zone guy . He gave 4 possible causes 1 loose cam or crank sensor 2 Exxcessive timing chain free play 3 Blocked oil passage in camshaft actuator something or other 4 incorrect oil quality or viscosity. had the oil changed still making noise and light still on whats the next best move for someone who knows nothing about cars.

... 2006 Pontiac G6

I have a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited that is making a rattling/ticking noise under the hood and I cannot figure out what it is! We did an oil change and added Rislone, it quieted it some but not completely so we did another oil change using synthetic blend oil and added Sea Foam and Lucas Oil Stabilizer and no change. It makes the noise upon starting it but stops after you hit second gear. Any ideas what this could be? It's not getting louder, not smoking, not burning oil or transmission fl

How many miles on it,sounds like lifter noise which is normal for high mileage jeeps,but if you have over 140k it is not a good idea to run synthetic oils as they are thinner than conv oil and it might start to consume oil. ... 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I have a 97 ford taurus with no oil pressure. I changed the oil and filter. I just finished putting in a new oil pump and still no oil pressure. The oil pump shaft turned in the pump and did would not turn in the engine which seemed correct to me. i also filled the pup with oil and then the oil filter, still no pressure. The lifters are making noise they didn't before.

... Ford Taurus

Hi all, I was wondering if one of my fellow experts could give me some car advice. I will have to take the car to the shop to be fixed but kinda wondering what is the problem and how much it's going to cost... Anyway not sure if the 2 problems are related, I have a 2007 Dodge caravan...A few weeks ago after car warms up and I step on gas car makes a whiney noise, then today still making the same noise but another symptom appeared..my column shift (auto) started to feel very resistant when I shif

The wining noise is most likely the power steering pump. It's whining because the reservoir is low on fluid due to the fact that you probably have a leaking power steering rack and pinion. Check the fluid in the PS reservoir cold, then hot there are ... 2007 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT Minivan

I have a automatic 93 4 door pajero the problem starts that 4x4 was not conected when got conected it started making grinding sort of noises so i disconected it and its still making noises in normal mode some fool had put hydrolic oil instead of gear oil and when we drained it now it had metal in it

... Cars & Trucks

Had new clutch fit in a shogun sport 2.5 it still sounds as if the thrust bearing is making a noise the garage has said its the gear box but it wasnt making that noise before could the garage have knocked something in the gear box

... Mitsubishi Cars & Trucks

Loud clicking noise coming from engine when at high rpms. I have a stick. The noise happens just as I'm about to shift from 1st to 2nd, 2nd to 3rd, 3rd to 4th. Doesn't happen much in 4th gear or at all in 5th gear, but that could be because I don't hit a high rpm level in those gears. Doesn't happen at all until car is warmed up. Got oil changed and noise was drastically reduced, but is still present. To my very inexperienced ears, it sounds like maybe one of the four cylinders is rattling?

Sounds like the rockers or lifters have some play due to wear.you don`t say what rpm you are shifting at other than high rpm.by changing the oil you have increased the viscosity of the oil as its new and not dirty and thin and cold oil is thicker tha ... 2005 Ford Escape

My wife recently had the oil changed in her 2000 nissan altima and the next day it started making really loud knocking noise. my neighbor said he this car a had a "oil baffel" where the oil fill is located and the guys may have pushed it into the engine causing this noise. Is there an oil baffell on this model and could this have happened.

Most likely not. It can happen if they jammed a rod down there and poked around and did it on purpose. Most likely you need to check the oil and take it right back to them if it is full or very near full. These places are known for messi ... 2000 Nissan Altima

Engine noise Hello I just purchased a 2005 lincoln navigator and took it to a Ford dealership for a through inspection.My suv makes a ticking noise and they said its a camshaft phaser : necessary adjustments include(lash adjusters,camshaft gear / sprocket. just wondering how expensive if it is that would it cost......I took it to another mechanic and found the engine oil level low by about 1.5 litres and dirty ...we added new oil 5w20..his concern was it may be burning oil..looked at the oil lev

The ticking may have been related to the low dirty oil condition, did you get proof of regular service? the engine in your truck does have some history of oil consumption problems, but I think by 05 they where fixed by Ford, the ticking ... 2005 Lincoln Navigator

I just replaced the timing chain and gears in my 93 toyota 22re and had a ticking noise coming from the rear of the head when i had gotten it all put back together. after adjusting all the valves the ticking noise was still there. i had the head rebuilt and now it still makes the same ticking noise. and idea what it could be?

Try losening valve cover bolts, if to tite it will amplifiy valve sound, ive had this problem on my 22RE ... Toyota Pickup

Replaced a throwout bearing in a 1995 Eagle Talon esi and its still making the same noise. I checked the old Bearing and it was definitely bad. There was no clip or spring for the bearing and im wondering if there is suppose to be one. When I took the old one out there was no spring or clip in it either. To me it seems like there should be some type of clip or spring but every illustration I see don't show any. What could be causing this noise. When I start the car it makes a noise and if i enga

... Eagle Talon

I have a loud humming / whinning noise coming from the rear end of the trailblazer. I have already replaced the outer wheel bearings along with the outer seals and gear oil. It's been a week since this has been replaced. It's still making the noise. Would the noise be the inner bearings that are located in the gear housing?

... 2003 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

My 2003 ford escape v6 4wd was towed the other day and i was wandering if improper towing could lead to problems with the car? i am wondering this because after i picked it up i drove it immediatly to work not checking it out. then after work i heard some engine noise that sounded like valve clatter, i checked the oil and it was low (i check and maintain my oil so i know it had enough before it was towed) so my friend drove me in his car to get oil and we topped it off and it still made noise wh

Improper towing can cause issues with transmissions, specifically manual trany's motor noises are probably from what it was originally towed for. you may want to look into it further ... 2003 Ford Escape

Ok im looking on buying a used small"1999 Dodge Dakota 4l 2.4" truck but this truck looks good all around but the bad thing is its making a big knocking noise while its idleing or running.and i was wondering what could be wrong with it or it will be a cheep and easy fix? but i check the pressure of the oil and its good and if it even has oil in it and it does.but its over filed w oil. i was wondering if you can help me out.... thank you

Sounds like a rod knocking.... thats what I think it is..... Unless your a mechanic I would not buy it ... 1999 Dodge Dakota

I have a 92 chevy silverado for two days it has been making a poping sound coming from the engine that increases in repitition when rpms are raised . today it made a horrificly loud grinding noise , and when i turned it off it sounded like a slow sliding noise like pistons against the wall , but i have full oil , put in a ppint extra and noise stopped momentarily but could still hear sliding when i turned engine off . Is this due to a faulyty oil pump ?

Call the scrapyard,92 its 16yrs old and cost of repair is greater than value of car ... Chevrolet Silverado 1500

I have a 2003 Dodge Durango 4x4 and it makes a noise at about 15 MPH and gets louder when I accelerate. I have replaced rear wheel bearings and seals added proper gear oil and additives but still makes the noise plus I have done the brakes. Can anybody help me please.

... 2003 Dodge Durango

I have a 2001 trans am WS6 with 25,000 origiinal miles. I have a light whyning noise when car is warm. Changed transmission oil and gear oil. Noise still an issue. Could it be a power steering pump bearing or primary belt too tight.or old.

If you believe that one of the "tins"(alternator, power steering, water pump etc) is defective use a stethoscope and place it on each item as the vehicle is ideling . The item that produces the noise is the culprit.\015\012\015\012The oth ... 2001 Pontiac Firebird

Hello everyone, was wondering if someone could describe possible reasons for the some of the issues we are having with our Malibu. a) We can no longer down shift to 2nd or 1st gear. When we go to 3rd gear and press the down shift button on the shifter, nothing happens. Dealer says it will cost $100 / hr for inspection to see what's going on. b) When we fill up our gas tank, the fuel guage still says empty. Then suddenly after a quarter tank, the fuel guage seems to work fine. Could this be a pro

1st Have someone look at the linkage under the hood while moving the shifter thru the position. The vehicle does NOT need to be running to do this. Probably better if not. 2nd Fuel gauge. Sounds like the sending unit is sticking. 3rd the clunking ... 2004 Chevrolet Malibu

How to change front differential oil on 1999 ford explorer eddie bauer, I apply gas and get up to about 40mph let off gas and I here a gear noise only upon deceleration. The vehicle has 150,000 miles and I believe never had dif fluids changed or transfer case. It sounds like noise coming from front of vehicle, front dif or transfer case. The front dif is tightly packed into the front end and I cannot even see a fill hole to try and **** out the fluids and of course there is no drain plug and tak

... 1999 Ford Explorer

1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee It has recently developed a clattering on start up, or shortly there after. I am assuming it is the tappits, and am wondering if you could recommend the best additive to quiet them for this make and model? It has very high mileage, but the engine performance is still good, no excessive oil leaks, etc.. I am also going to attempt my first oil change, (yes, I am a girl) and am wondering if there is somewhere I can access step by step instructions without needing to purchas

Crawl under jeep find wrench should be 16mm break drain loose place pan under plug slowly remove plug drain all oil replace plug on passenger side the oil filter is screwed on engine break filter loose spin off make sure rubber seal came off with fil ... 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I have a 1980 chevrolet k5 blazer 4x4 305 ci with 3 speed transmission with bulldog gear Every gear will pull with no problem except 2nd gear makes a grinding noise but still pulls could it be that second gear is going out or do i have something just rubbing wrong from the shifter parts

... 1983 Chevrolet Blazer
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