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Hi, I have santro zip plus automatic gear model of 2003. I want to know, this car how much kilometer go in one liter petrol. Means what is the mileage in one liter petrol. I will be thanksful to you. Thanks so much !!

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Answers :

In city u can expect 5-8 kmpl...
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Hi, I have santro zip plus automatic gear model of 2003. I want to know, this car how much kilometer go in one liter petrol. Means what is the mileage in one liter petrol. I will be thanksful to you. Thanks so much !!

In city u can expect 5-8 kmpl... ... Hyundai Motor S

MY CAR IS 1999 MODEL STAREX D4DH i just want to ask some question because i have notice past few days that my petrol is to worst compare before i bought my car i mean is its only 8 kilometer per liter now before its 12 km per liter i think.

Ok you have to check if the air filter is clogged if that checks out ok, one of your injectors my not close properly and cause moore petrol to be consume.lock at this first ... Hyundai Tucson

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My Lanos Daewoo 1997 automatic model is consuming about 6 kilometer per 1 liter which is too much compared to average of 10 kilometer per liter How can I go about remedying this problem

New plugs and air filter ,is my first solution but as its a auto then it could be the gearbox slipping which would be caused by the front clutch in the box worn ,also the autochoke could be stuck on causing excesive fuel consumption ,in the uk in the ... 2000 Daewoo Lanos

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My hundai accent gle 2006 model showed yellow petrol icon recently on dash board. Does that mean there is less fuel in the tank? when this icon blinked i had very less fuel in my tank..if it means less fuel then approximately how many liters fuel is left in tank?

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My 1999 cougars heater is blowing out cold air. it blows out warm air on setting one but when i put it on 2 or 3 or 4 its cold i am going to get my anti freeze flushed this week and see what happens but i need help also the air contion does not work i just got the car 3 months ago it runs fine but my RPM's Drops and comes back to one and it some times stalls out in the first 10 mins of start i used a computer *** and it read my systems to lean which means im getting to much air which it could be

Check the thermostat in the cooling circuit for the heat problem; it could be stuck. As for the O2 sensor.....Check the thermostat first. Its cheaper. ... 1999 Mercury Cougar

One day I put two much gas in my lawnmower, it filled up and went into the engine a little. The lawnmower does not work now. It starts and runs just for 2 minutes, then slowly off by it self. Does that means the engine is broken? Does that means I should just put it out as trash?

Your carbeurator may have a bad or sticky float or butterfly.Remove the air cleaner, and clean with carb. cleaner. Make sure the butterfly moves freely.If the carb. needs rebuilt - it is often more economical to have it rebuilt than to pu ... 2001 Subaru Legacy

Carburetor can you please tell me which screw is which on my sp carb, i know one is for air and another for petrol. it is burning too much petrol at the moment.

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The o2 sensors are located on the exhaust system.The upstream in on the rear exhaust manifold and the down stream is in front of the catalytic converter.Usually when they are bad they will make the check engine like go on.Make sure the air filter is ... 2002 Dodge Grand Caravan

Dear Sir I have gdi pajero 1997 Automatic transmission systm, My PAjero GDI 3500CC petrol gives me 5KM to 6 Km per liter petrolaverage, could you plz guide me this average is ok or should i change plug or any other thing, one more thing i changed plug but which is playinum parado plug. could you plz guide me how to improve petrol performane of GDI. Many thanks

There are many things you can do to save petrol but the most significant is in your driving habit. Avoid hard acceleration, and overspeeding. Try to plan all chores so that you wont have to make unecessary trips. Unless the engine has a really bad mi ... 1995 Mitsubishi Montero

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No, it almost sounds like it just needs a tune-up. Change the spark plug, air filter, and change the oil. This shouldn't cost more than $20 for the parts.\015\012\015\012If that hasn't fixed the problem, then the next thing you want to ch ... 2001 Subaru Legacy

My 2001 kia rio 1.3l consumes so much gas at about 9 kilometers per liter. I believe they can go upto 14-15 kph per liter. What should i do to minimize gas consumption?

You can over-inflate your tires by about 8%, use a K&N air filter, drive 15 kph slower on the highway, accelerate slowly and never accelerate uphill, draft behind larger vehicles, regular maintenance (oil changes, spark plugs, wires, filters), us ... 2001 Kia Rio

Unable to ascertain engine oil capacity from the Owners Manual. There seems to be a difference depending on the VIN?? Reference is made to several different letters but what part of the VIN do they represent? Took a guess at one letter that would indicate 6 1/2 liter capacity but when I added that much oil for the oil change, it's now above the full mark on the dipstick. How much oil does it take to raise the oil from the add mark to the full mark? Thanks, Bill

Did you start the engine yet to see if the filter is full? The filter will hold about a qt. ... 1996 Chevrolet C/K 3500

Shifter broken While driving down the raod I was fiddling with the console shifter and lifted it off of the stick. I mean it literally came off in my hands. I know I need parts but how much do they cost and does anyone have an exploded view of how they go back together? Thank you, Shifty

Ok shifty, did u look at the piece that came off carefully, I would think there is a small set screw that is supposed to hold it in place. It probably loosened up, allowing u to rip it off with your wild shifting technique. So look also where it cam ... 2004 Lincoln Navigator

I have a 2004 chrysler crossfire. one of the warning light is on and i have no idea what it means, can someone please help? the light looks like a bomb.(literally) with lines sticking out of the circle to emphsize that its bad..help?!!

The light mean you have an exterior bulb out I work for chrysler verify by perform a light check ... 2005 Chrysler Crossfire

Fuel consumption on 1989 4y 2.2 petrol 5kilometers per liter at moment i used to get about 10.5 to 11 km/pliter but sins lrp arrived i dropped to 5 also did the vw 1800 cab convertion and was at one stage at 7 km/l

... 1989 Toyota Pickup SR5

I really just need a diagram of the rear suspension. i have had so much trouble, bought new bushings, struts, etc.. i just need to be able to see what order things go one.. like a picture of what nut/bolt goes in front of what, and which bushing goes where. somehow i thought i'd remember it all lol. i have an 88 mazda 323 SE hatchback 2 door 5speed 1.6 liter fwd

No diagram available that I'm aware of...IF you insist on tackling it yourself...Buy a Chilton's manual at Auto Zone (order it) ($25).Good Luck ... Mazda 323

Got a peugeot 406 uk assembly petrol 1997 model with a very high fuel consumption of about 1 litre per 4 kilometer what could be the problem. its a 2 liter engine

Air Filter would be the first place i started.Cheers, Timo. ... 1991 Peugeot 405

We have a 1998 Ford Windstar with a 3.8 liter engine in it with roughly 240,000 miles on it. The van has never really gave us much trouble. About a year ago we had the egr sensor, egr valve and ports cleaned because it was running rough. After we left the Ford garage about 15 miles down the road the check engine light came on. So we took it right back down for them to reset it again. They stated that since we replaced 1 oxygen sensor that one of the other 3 (cause there are 4 of them) is going b

My 95 ford windstar had over 300 k on it before i sold it. two things that may have been are are consistent problems with them are relays in the fuse panel under the dash and the EGR module failing which causes the light to go on. if the light went ... Ford Windstar

What kind of life expectancy can one expect to get on new gas engines these days[in kilometers]if properly maintained.Have just purchased an 09 Sierra pickup with the 4.8 liter.

Don't go over 5000 miles. The oil life monitor will say you have 50 % (Approx.) but if you use it to 100% you will be way over due for an oil change.The system uses rpm and coolant temperature to calculate the oil life, so if you don't dr ... GMC Sierra 1500

My girl has a 03 ford explorer I changed the oil and spark plugs yesterday started up fine drove it like 5 miles then the check engine light came on then it just died out like it wasnt getting enough air flow or it got to much the code that comes up is p2197 o2 sensor lean what does that mean its the upward stream one

Reset the PCM Keep alive memory. That is in case you didn't leave somethind disconnected.\015\012Good luck ... 2003 Ford Explorer

Fuel efficency My V6 Camry 1992 185430 mileage goes upto only 2 km's to the litre. What could the problem be since. - i've just replaced the distributor with a new one,replaced the air filter & the fuel pump. However ehen started it even emits a smoke that smells of petrol itself. What is the problem here.

Check for a split in the air intake tube. the v6 has a mass air flow sensor. if air is entering the engine without being counted by the mass air flow sensor it will cause a rich condition. ... 1992 Toyota Camry V6

The car consume too muc fuel i have rate it by one liter per 7 kilometers

Whats the car, petrol diesel, size of engine does it smoke or smell. ... 2005 Renault 181
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