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How do i loosen the power steering belt - Hyundai Motor 2004 Accent

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If you notice on the pulley there is 2 cut outs on pulley face ligne up the 1 hole to have access to top bolt directly on top side of pump. bellow, but by the backside of pump there is another pivot bolt to loosen. at this point you should be able to release tension on belt.
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How do i loosen the power steering belt - Hyundai Motor 2004 Accent

If you notice on the pulley there is 2 cut outs on pulley face ligne up the 1 hole to have access to top bolt directly on top side of pump. bellow, but by the backside of pump there is another pivot bolt to loosen. at this point you should be able to ... Hyundai Motor 2004 Accent

How do I change the power steering belt on a 2001 Hyundai Accent? The pulley that holds both the power steering belt and the alternator belt does not seem to allow enough room for the P/S belt to come off. Do I have to remove the alternator to make this replacement?

Normally there will be a hole to insert an Allan key or drill bit to hold the tensioner so look for that first ... 2000 Hyundai Accent

I cant remove the power steering belt on my 1997 hyundai accent. the belt is on the power steering pulley and the water pump pulley

The power steering pump has an adjustment for tension. You need to be able to swing the pump inwards to loosen the tension. If you look at the pump from the front you should see a hinge bolt, that's closest to the engine. That merely needs to be loos ... 1997 Hyundai Accent

My 2002 Hyundai accent is doing many things....the power steering is gone... The battery light and brake light are on on the dash..... The heater blows only cold and it says it is overheating. All if it started at the exact same time... I cranked the car and pulled away from the gas pumps, the belt made a loud squeaking for quite a while, the lights on the dash came on, the power steering was gone, as well as the heat, and maybe a mile down the road it started to overheat. What could be wrong???

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I recently(last 6 mo.) had all my belts changed by my mechanic, and the belt for the power assisted steering wheel, seems loose and squeaks when it rainsor is cold and I turn the car. Is it all right to tighten it myself? OOps!, I have 2002 Hyundai Accent, 1.6 liter, DOHC, 16 valve engine.

Yes it is okay for you to tighten by yourself. although you should just have a master serpentine belt that controls everything. it should be tensioned by a tensioner pulley. You may have other problems if this is the case. Also in case you do have a ... 2002 Hyundai Accent

Was driving Hyundai Accent 2002. Suddenly the power steering stopped working, the emergency brake light and battery light came on. Car will now not turn over. Under the hood, some belts seem to be missing. Suggestions?

Your belt broke, either something is wrong with a pulley and caused the belt to brake or the belt was just old and broke on its own. Either way needs a belt put back on then see if anything else is wrong ... 2002 Hyundai Accent

How to change the power steering belt - 2001 Hyundai Accent

... 2001 Hyundai Accent

How do you install a power steering belt on a 2000 Hyundai Accent? specs; 1.5l I4, sohc, 5 spd manual.

Hi from uk easy enough job first disconnect battery earth lead then there is a slotted bracket thet is like on alternator adjuster using 12 mm spanner open end slacken off the bolt that is just behind thewater pump pully then the moun ... 2000 Hyundai Accent

Both belts snapped off while driving my 2000 nissan maxima gle- 80,000 miles on both belts - now I have to replace them - I have taken off the right front tire and have gained access to pulleys'. In order to put Power Steering belt on do I have to manipulate belt behind crank shaft pulley? and if so HOW? Basically how do I put on the Power steering Belt and for the serpentine belt how do I loosen the idler pulley?

Lol mine did the same thing tonight. 128k miles. ... Nissan Maxima

When i drive thru a puddle, the power steering goes out for 8 or 9 seconds. there is a squealing, sounds like a belt. it did it 5 times yesterday. is the power steering connected with my belts and pulleys? or is the sound just a motor in the early stages of disintegration?how can water make my power steering go completely blank? its my wife's car, ive got to fix this

It's the main serpentine belt, it runs everything, and it needs to be replaced. ... 2005 Kia Optima

1998 mercury villager van , power steering belt was sqealing, so I replaced all three and it still sqeals and its still the power steering belt thats sqealing. I tried tightening it and that made the belt sqeal and loosening it some made it sqeal very loud when turning the steering wheel I could'nt find any in between any ideas?

Four years later, this answer will be for anyone else interested. And just a guess. Spin power steering pump pulley to make sure it rotates easily. Bearings could be shot. That might make the belt slip while struggling to spin the pump. Also any bear ... 1998 Mercury Villager

Power steering belt broke. will replace both belts. no problem for the power steering belt. how to replace the water pump belt. I see the adjustment bolt in front of the altenator but can not see how to loosen the belt.

Please include year model & engine size for verification & correct info returned. Thanks. ... Nissan Frontier

Change belts on 2000 grand voyager With air 3.0L Witch way to loosen belt on air condition power steering pulley? power steering?

The standard is left out right in, or counterclockwise out and clockwise in, turn bolt to the left ... 2000 Chrysler Grand Voyager

Trying to Change Power steerig belt . need help in loosening off pump puly, dropped off Alt belt already. to get access to power steering belt , and untightened slide bolt on top of pump,, but still cant slide pump towards engine to get the pump belt off,, what other bolts are needed to do this simple job ? thanks

There should be a bolt at the bottom backside of the pump that you need to loosen, not remove and the pump should swivel. ... 1989 Mitsubishi Galant

Hard to steer 1997 Hyundai accent, how do i know if it has power steering or not

-Yes this car has power steering.Mai Lor ... Hyundai Accent

Hit armadillo which caused undercarrage splash guard to cut power steering drive belt. belt pulled out wire going into lower engine just above crank drive pully. replace belt and car will not try to start. motor turns over but no fire to motor. what does the wire go to?

Possibly crank angle sensor\015\012it needs this for spark and injectors ... 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse

How do I loosen the belt on 2002 sentra power steering pump? I already loosened the licking but and turned the adjusting bolt but the belt didn't loosen at all.

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I have a 1998 jeep cherokee i recently replaced the water pump and removed the belt tensioner pulley.The problem i'm having is adjusting the new belt it squeals when the engine is cold and the battery guage takes a while to build up amperage it also feels like the engine is bogging down when i drive it.i tried loosening it a little but when i do the power steering doesn't work and the battery guage remains at 0.Another thing is i cant adjust the belt by the bolt.I have to loosen the pulley itsel

The belt tensioner pulley needs to be there.Why did you remove it?It should be there. ... 1998 Jeep Cherokee

I repaced my powersteering serpentine belt and power steering pump 3 months ago. today it was 32 below 0 C', I started my truck and all of the sudden no power steering I parked it the night before and it was fine no noise or whinning and in the morning the steering was stiff , and never inproved after 40 min drive .what do you think is wrong?

You have a leak fords are noritas for this although its a great disgin madza disgined this pump it works like a rotery engine and last for ever its likely the plastic resiveor had swolen and the seal is likely leaking. You could try putting fuild in ... 2000 Ford F150 Flareside SuperCab

I just had my belts replaced on my 2004 Hyundai Elantra Sedan and it still squeals when i first start it up but goes away after i start driving. i added belt dressing spray and that helps but a week later it squeals, i have done the dressing a few times but it returns to the squealing. the belts replaced were: timing belt, alternator belt , power steering belt , fan belt , car has over 104,000 km's on it. what should i do? They are new belts. thanks, james

Check the tension. cheap belts will stretch. if after you retension them (especially the alternator belt) you may need to replace them with BANDO or OEM belts. ... Hyundai Elantra

How do i replace the power steering belt on my 72 corvette small block? Are there two bolts that loosen the power steering bracket?

Hi Friend:\012 No Sir there should be 3-Bolts that loosen it, 1 Bolt is kinda hard to see ,its at the bottom of the pump,and another is on the backside.\012\012 Hope i've helped you sir.\012\012 From: d_hubbs ... 1972 Chevrolet Corvette

There is 3 bolts to move the powersteering motor to get the belt on. I unscrewed the end bolt to come to meet the pulley and cannot come out. The middle bolt, no tool can get to it as it is placed. The adjustable part bolt is completely out, any suggestion as to how to get the power steering motor turn a lttli bit to get the belt on.

What engine what year, how many belts do u have? ... Chrysler Sebring

2001 kia sportage need to get info on how to change the timing belt, 2.0 motor forward facing motor, needs power steering replaced, timing belt.

Hi there,\015\012\015\012Below are the steps..\015\012\015\012Disconnect the negative battery cable.\015\012\015\012Remove the two fresh air duct mounting bolts on the radiator.\015\012\01 ... 2001 Kia Sportage

Power steering Power Steering belt pulley

... 2007 Hyundai Accent GS Hatchback

Replacing belts I need to replace the belts on my 1984 Buick Riviera. The air conditioner, power steering and altenater belts. I don't know what bolts to loosen so I can get the new belts back on easily. Are there diagrams available for me to look at to make sure I route the new belts correctly. Two of them broke one very cold morning and I'm not sure if I will know how to get them back on. Thanks, Donna

You can get a "Chilton" book that will show everything for your vehicle or try googling "1984 Buick Riviera belt diagram" and there may be a site that has it posted.Let me know if this helps. ... 1984 Buick Riviera
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