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Belts squeal every time I start my car. It's worse when there's moisture in the air. The car 2003 Sonata doesnt have an on/off switch for the air. I can turn it down but its always on. I've had the belts replaced and adjusted several times at auto repair chains and the dealer. The noise remains. In fact each time its replaced its stops then comes back louder than ever

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Go to a auto part store and buy a spray can of belt dressing you start the can open the hood go over to the belts spray it on the bottom pulley otherwise called the crankshaft pulley the sound will stop you will probaly have to do this about 1 a day for three days and then you shouldnt have any more problems
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Belts squeal every time I start my car. It's worse when there's moisture in the air. The car 2003 Sonata doesnt have an on/off switch for the air. I can turn it down but its always on. I've had the belts replaced and adjusted several times at auto repair chains and the dealer. The noise remains. In fact each time its replaced its stops then comes back louder than ever

Go to a auto part store and buy a spray can of belt dressing you start the can open the hood go over to the belts spray it on the bottom pulley otherwise called the crankshaft pulley the sound will stop you will probaly have to do this about 1 a day ... Hyundai Motor 2003 Sonata

After replacing my battery on my 2005 2.5 jetta. a noise that sounded like a jet coming from the front of the car. I took it to a mechanic 1600.00 to replace CAT and spark plugs. He advised take it to the dealer can not repair and error codes P0304 and P2279 codes indicating air intake. Dealer said timing chain 3800. might resolve the issue. I need help!! My car idle is very rough since picking it up from the dealer and the CEL is on all the time. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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I have a 2004 Cavalier, the timing chain broke, so I was told, and I had a mechanic repair the car. After replacing the timing belt and the tensioner and many other parts, the car is now running BUT when I drive it up a hill the car loses power and even stalls when I slow down. what could be causing the problem? and could the timing be set wrong?

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The car had ignition coils replaced as a part of Audi recall. Two days later the car started misfiring and the check engine light came on. The car has 92000 miles on it and v8 4.2 engine. The dealer said that they need to take engine out to diagnose the problem. They suspect that timing chain slipped or broke and that the engine may need to be replaced or rebuilt. Could the previous service repair have anything to do with the current problem?

Dont you love recalls they never seem to solve ****, and the problem with the timing chains is that it is really easy for the mechanic to cause unneeded damage to the engine. if the chain or belt snapped your in a world of hurt i would take it to ano ... 2004 Audi S4

I need a water pump in my 1995 maxima and it has a timing chain. The dealer tells me its less expensive to change out when the car has a timing chain rather than a timing belt. An independat mechanic tells me the opposite. Which is right and ballpark how much sould it cost me to replace the water pump?

Your engine has a timing belt not a chain and the water pump is run by the timing belt,and when the pump is changed the belt should be too,it should run you about $300 if the job is done right with the pump,belt,idlers and tensioner if needed,hope th ... 1995 Nissan Maxima

I just brought my 05 maxima (with 85,000 miles) into the dealer for an air conditioning fix. With the inspection, they noted that there was a sound at start up with the timing chain and tensioners. I was advised this problem will only get worse and the repair would cost between $2,000 and $2,600, depending on how many parts had to be replaced. When I research this issue, it appears that timing chain problems/tensioners are an issue with maximas. The tensioners are defective and it is a matter of

This is very difficult to weigh in on without actually hearing the sound. also, if your altima has the 3.5 l engine, it is the exact same engine as in the maxima. typically, if you have been changing your oil as you should (every 3000 miles) you shou ... 2005 Nissan Altima

On April-2010. I bought a pre-owned 2004 Chrysler pt cruiser car at 100K miles, auto Transmission for my daughter. After driving the car for a week, the car died at suddenly at a stop sign. Apparently the timing belt broke, so we towed the car to an auto repair shop and replaced the timing belt and the water pump. After replaced the timing belt and water pump, she drove the car for 2 days and found the steering gear/rack leaking oil, brought the car to a technician and changed the steering gear/

Well, if the timing belt broke, and was replaced that solved a regularly scheduled maintenance issue.\015\012\015\012The water pumps do go bad on cars over 80,000 mi. frequently.\015\012So that's normal.\015\012\015\012A ... Chrysler PT Cruiser

I have oil in my throttle body and when i give the car gas it blows air out of the air intake and it runs real ruff i replace the pcv valve and the egr air flow sincere and the throttle pensioner sincere so what can cause oil and air to blow out of it there is no smoke it is a 2004 ford Taurus 3.0 dohc 24 v and dose it have a timing chain or belt

Well could be a number of things here I kinda need more info but yes should have a timming belt need to do a compression test will tel you. If timming out or if you have internal problems ... Ford Taurus

I have a 2002 L300 Saturn w/ a 3.0 L V6 engine. Had a major engine failure without warning going down the interstate. There was the sound of a vibration under the hood. The engine died within 30 sec to a minute of this sound. I coasted the car to the emergency lane. The car has 123,000 miles on it. The timing belt (chain) had never been replaced. The car ran good, so I didn't see the need to have that $750 to $900 job done as recommended by the Saturn dealer when my odometer turned 100,00

Hello Mike,\015\012Well to start with, the timing chain involves more than just a chain, there are gears, tensioners and guides. When these wear out, it causes the engine to jump time, or stop all together, and this happens fast and with no war ... Saturn L300

Xg350 2004 misses when engine switches from set warm up stage to computer maintenance, also between 40-50 mph. Fuel pump ok, all ignition parts replaced, timing belt new, air flow sensor cleaned. Could the air sensor be faulty given the symptoms? Any way to tell--a new one cost more than $200. Have already paid for advice here once and spent more than 500 dollars. Including Hyundai dealership--this is a good car that needs a repair at 122K. No one seems to know how to do it.

I read of a similar problem and the person had the chip in the computer replaced. That was causing the miss in his 2004. He was from Florida and a mechanic in an AAmco found the problem ... 2004 Hyundai XG350

The car is a 2000 eclipse gt 3 liter the only mod in this engine compartment is a cold air intake. 129,xxx miles Let me start from the beginning. My harmonic balancer shattered into pieces. During the replacement the gear driving the timing belt came out. Since the timing belt has not been replaced since ownership I decided to replace it along with the water pump. After setting all the timing marks, everything was reassembled. The engine started on the first try, the fallowing day, car was taken

First of all you never spray a electrical component with water. Now there is no way to know what sensor shorted or whether or not it shorted out the computer also. What you need now is a data scanner in order to see if any codes were set and to ... 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse

Dodge stratus 6 cyl 2005 not sure of engine size. I only want to advise my daughter on what she should do about replacing her water pump. Car seemed to be running fine but was losing coolant. Car was found to have a leaking water pump. Dealer suggested the timing belt should be replaced. Is it common practice to replace timing belt when replacing a water pump.

It is common practice to replace the water pump when replacing the water pump also. If the timing belt has recently been replaced than it would not be necessary to replace it again. If the belt is original than it makes perfect sense to replace it wh ... Cars & Trucks

I bought a 1991 park avenue. The check engine light was on when I bought the care. But the previous owner told me it ran fine. I had autozone run it on there machine. 3 code's came up; a cylinder miss fire, the cam. sen. & the ing. cont. module. The car cut off on me 3 time's. The first time, I replaced the alt. & belt. The next time, I replaced the cam. sen. This last time, I replace the coil pack. the first two repair's the car ran fine for a while but still cut off After about 30min. of drivi

But have you tried changing the ignition module ,these can and often do give faults similar to what you describe ... Buick Park Avenue

An Auto Body shop repaired front collision damage to my 2002 CRV, including replacing both front air bags, and the retractor in the driver's seat belt. SRS Light is still on, and I was told to go to a Dealer to have it re-set. Dealer's analyzer says Code 21-1: Left buckle and tongue set. Dealer told me I needed to replace SRS Unit, left and right tongue and buckle sets. The Repair Shop bill says they replaced the Diagnostic unit and Clock Spring, along with the bags. What should I do? This repai

Yes the 21-1 code is what the code says it is, replacement of these parts would reset this code with a dealer reset. Sorry for the bad news. Good Luck ... 2002 Honda CR-V

Hi, i have a 2001 model and am trying to decide if my car is worth the price of repair. while driving the car just stopped, i was told it sounds like the timing belt. it has been started several times but not moved. the question is i was also told that when the timing belt goes on this type of car the valves usually need to be replaced also. is this correct? thanks

You said that it has been started several times,do you mean the engine fires and runs........? ... 2001 Daewoo Lanos

I have a 2004 Chrysler Serbring. The car has ran hot and i have had to replace the head gaskets twice. The second time the guy checked the heads and took the whole car aprt to check everything. He replaced the water pump although nothing was wrong with it and he replaced the timing belt and hoses. Its running hot again after 2mths out of the shop. What could be possibly wrong.i have paid over $600 dollars twice in 6mths to have this car repaired.

The following are some causes of overheating:\015\012\015\012thermostat\015\012restriction in coolant passages.\015\012radiator fan not turning on\015\012leak in system ... Cars & Trucks

I replaced timing belt and water pump, car will start, but shuts off when put in gear, had a engine code p1518 p1520 intake runner control fault or stuck open. i need this car to run and stay running while in drive. i've traced all vacuum lines and tightened all bolts. still no luck, and the car is timed accurately. timing belt snapped and this is the result after repairs.

With it shutting off when you put it in drive that sounds like the safety switch that keeps it from starting when its not in park or neutral. Sounds like the safety switch has a short or something making it shut the motor off. I've seen this happen b ... 2001 Ford Focus

I have a 2000 Saturn SL, does the motor in this car have a timing belt or chain? I have 90,000 miles on this car, it runs great, but I bought this car used and do not know if it has a chain or belt, can anyone help. thx P.S. do you know what the approx cost would be to replace this belt? Thank you

If it's a DOHC engine, most likely it is, it's a timing chain. Trust me I have a saturn SW2 2000. If you don't have any problem with it, don't mess with the chain, I have 92000 miles on mine.\015\012\015\012Alex\015\012 ... 2000 Saturn SL

My timing belt keeps coming off, I have replaced the tentioner two time's and bought a new belt, after i get the belt on and start the car, the belt kicks off again. I tried bypassing the air conditioner with a smaller belt, Which was advised for me to do from a garage, but the tentioner just kicked it off. I can't get it to a garage because it won't stay running, and it cost's like 300.00 to have a tow truck move it for me! Do you have any idea why this might be happening? I need my car back A.

Idler pulley gone ? Make sure your alternator and every thing else lines up ...good luck ... 1998 Ford Contour

So every time I turn the air conditioner on my car squeals really loud. I just had my power stearing belt and pump replaced. I really don't know much at all about cars. But I was reading that it could be the fan belt, alternator belt, or the power stearing belt. That maybe one of these belts needs to be replaced. But I'm not even real sure how to to this. Please help!

I think your vehicle has only one belt what you call a serpentine belt ,we call it a fan belt or correa de ventilador ,now either the tensioner for this belt is worn or the AC system is overcharged with gas ... 2001 Dodge Intrepid

96 plymouth voyager. PO113 code appears. Recent timing belt, power steering belt, and serpentine belt replaced. Harmonic balancer replaced along with idler pully were recent repairs. Car runs rough at idle. At driving rpm, the car runs good. Coming to a stop sign causes the idle to be low. Any suggestions is appreciated. I have a non interference engine. 2.4 dhoc

First, if you have access to a scan tool, is there an IAT reading? If the IAT reading is logical then the problem is likely intermittent. If the reading is less than -30 degrees, unplug the connector. Install a jumper wire between the harness conn ... Plymouth Voyager

2005 dodge stratus 2.7 . car starts bucking over 2000rpm dealer replaced the cam sensor and the crank sensor . car not fixed .if the timing belt skipped or tensioner belt pully is bad it would run like that all the time correct . well the problem comes and goes. driving me nuts . Mandy

... Dodge Stratus

So, I am having major issues with my 2001 VW beetle. Over the past 3 years, I have replaced the mass air sensor, coolent temp. sensor, knock sensor (twice within 3 years), timing belt, belt tensioner, roller, and 4 coils. I'm sure there are more parts, I just can't remember them. My car is acting up once again-- by the way, the second knock sensor and the 4 coils were replaced this past week. My mechanic is blaming on a "bad coincidence" that I picked up my car from his shop last night, drove i

I would have my old starter rebuilt or sak about a rebuilt one. Sounds to me like your a lady getting took to the bank. I would get a sec. opinion! Ther is many out there that will take you to the cleaners. Good luck ... Volkswagen Beetle

I have a 2000 Plymouth breeze, 2.4 l dohc. The Pulley behind the alternator seems to be loose, and the belt has come off. Can you give me a diagram of what needs to be removed in order to replace it? the car seems to have two belts, one I know is for the cam and timing, the other I believe runs the accessories, both coming from the harmonic balancer.I have not started taking it apart yet I wanted to research photos, or how to, I have been repairing cars for a long time, but I am less knowledgeab

The belt that goes to the cam and timing dont mess with that unless its one of those pulley's, there are no diagrams that can help u but u can buy a book. ... 2000 Plymouth Breeze

My car won't start. i brough t back to the dealer and they said it is the timing belt but they said they would prefer replacing a motor. Do you think I should have them replace the motor or should I just have the timing belt fixed?

If you have snapped a timing belt you have probably smashed valves etc. inside your engine which would probably cost you more than a replacement engine to fix. What happened the first time you noticed this? ... 2000 Volkswagen Passat 4Motion
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