Having problems with your Hyundai Motor 1999 Elantra ?

Top radiator hose hot and lower hose cold. car overheating. I've changed thermostat.

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Answers :

Either the water pump has failed, the radiator core is plugged, or the lower hose has collapsed and blocking the flow of coolant. Hope this helps!
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Got a pre-owned nissan sentra 2001 gxe. Everything works but Heat. Engine was getting overheated ,2 miles driving can make the temp to H. checked upper hose was hot and lower was cold. took it to the mechanic thermostat changed. Heater and radiator worked for 10 min GOOD and still the same no heat and engine over heating. Took the car to mech now he changed water pump. car ran for 20 min GOOD and again no heat ,upper hose hot and lower hose cold, funny thing is that ,that the temp is fluctuati

Try this procedure:\012\012\011The thermostat can be stuck close. If you feel the upper hose very hot and the lower hose cooler than normal, it may be a stuck thermostat.\012\012\012 ... 2001 Nissan Sentra

Heating problem car overheated on highway changed water pump, fan clutch, and thermostat. car was fne then I was on the highway again and it over heated and had no heat and lower hose wasnt getting hot but all others were hot. changed radiator and now still no heat and lower hose isnt getting hot any Idea??

If you changed the thermostat yourself and have noted that the lower radiator hose is cooler than the upper radiator hose, you may have installed the thermostat incorrectly or have purchased a faulty thermostat. ... 2003 Jeep Liberty

1997 Pontiac Firebird V6 3.8. Overheating fast. The upper hose is hot, lower hose and radiator is cold. I changed the thermostat and filled theradiator. Ran car with cap off, fluid level goes up and down but not flow, I suspect the waterpump, do you?

What you should do is run it with the cap on.Also make sure you bleed the air out and run it with the heater on heat and hi fan.Is the cooling fan coming on?Are you going by the gauge or is it actually over heating?Is it boiling into the over flow bo ... 1997 Pontiac Firebird

Top radiator hose hot and lower hose cold. car overheating. I've changed thermostat.

Either the water pump has failed, the radiator core is plugged, or the lower hose has collapsed and blocking the flow of coolant. Hope this helps! ... Hyundai Motor 1999 Elantra

I have a golf 2.0 and it started overheating at a short distance and the temperture gage went up and it told me to stop so I had my car recovered and was told it was the thermostat so I changed this and the car is still overheating.My other problem which we noticed after this happening is when you put the heating on in the car it blows out freezing cold air.The top hose leading to the radiator gets hot but the bottom hose is staying cold.

Yes this means the thermostat is stuck closed if replaced this and still doing it take it out take back where bought it tell them malfunctioning need another one ... 2002 Volkswagen GTI

Running hot van running hot , changed the thermostat, water pump, and radiator cap. there are no leaks. upper and lower hose both have pressure . the radiator cap is cool to the touch, but it seems that after the van runs hot and i turn the car off the radiaor cap is cold but then i check 10 min later and it seems to be warm. could that mean that the radiator is clogged.

Remove thermostat and test it by dipping it in cold water ib an open pot. Heat the water on the stove while observing the thermostat. It shold opel just before the water boils. If it does check the radiator itself for clogging. Also fluch the engine ... 2000 Chrysler Town & Country

I have an over heating problem. Symptoms, overheating, radiator fans not working but both work when you have air conditioning on so guess wiring and relay are fine. I have replaced the temperature sensor and the thermostat, flush radiator but no change. Have discover that there is no water flow, ran car till over heating, fans did not come on, boiling water bubbling out of overflow tank, top radiator hose is hot but the bottom radiator hose is cold. Could this be an air lock? I am wondering if i

Fan switch on thermostat housing is bad replace it ... 2001 Honda Civic

Ok, g35 coupe 06,52k miles Had over heating problem in april 2010,replaced thermostat, all's well. Now Jan 2011 overheating again, noticed upper & lower radiator hoses collapse, changed thermostat again,still overheating very first time out!!!!!! Also noticed that the upper hose very hot and lower hose warm at best, before I changed this last thermostat.I opened cap let air in hoses went back to normal. So is it air in system, bad water pump, bad radiator, what !!!!!!!! In NEED OF SOME GOOD

Heres a couple of things you can check. Start your car and remove the radiator cap,(before it gets hot mind you) when it reaches norm operating temp, look inside radiator to see if water is circulating. If its not moving, its a bad water pump. Also, ... 2006 Infiniti G35

The car was overheating and shutting off I changed the thermostat, water pump, lower radiator hose, and it still over heated so we ran a pressure check and it was good so we checked the lower intake gasket and it was bad so we changed it. we changed the oil and plugs as well but it's still over heating and blowing cold air with the heat on is it the heater core needing replaced ?

Something has gone awry with the flow in your system. When the car is cold (please make sure it is really cold), remove the radiator cap. If it doesn't have one and the only fill place is the water capture bottle, remove the top radiator hose and p ... Chevrolet Impala

Overheating? bought the car with water pump bad the bearing were shot and pulley was very wobbly. replaced water pump fill with cooland and after 2-3mins radiator will have steam coming out with the top hose hot and thermostat housing/water pump housing in back of motor hot. bottom radiator hose and heater hoses are cold replaced thermostat, flushed out radiator with a water hose. jack front of car up waited to see if there was maybe a are pocket shut off let it cool down 4-5times to refill stil

Thermostat temperature senecer needs to be replaced ... Cars & Trucks

1999 vw beetle. overheating. changed thermostat. upper radiator hose hot. lower hose cold to touch

Sounds to me that it is air bound. On the top of your goose neck there should ba a bleader screw. Run the engine and slowly turn it out as to blead off the air. You will know when the air is out antifreez will start comming out. ... Cars & Trucks

2002 ford focus svt, overheating, hit a dip in the road rt engine mount bolts broke, causing an overheating problem, bolts and mount fixed lower collant hose to radiator not in a kink, replaced the thermostat, still overheats, poor circulation across radiator, upper coolant hose from thermostat housing first 6 inches getting hot the rest of the hose cold, readiator cold like no flow. no unusal noise from waterpump area indicating issue there.. at a loss

If I understand your problem correctly if sounds as if the engine mount bolts broke which allowed the engine to drop which may have kinked your radiator hose, that caused a flow problem and the engine over heated.\015\012 If this is what you ar ... 2002 Ford SVT Focus

Overheating, lower radiator hose cold, upper radiator hose hot.

... 2002 Cadillac Deville

1991 honda accord is overheating. Installed new radiator because of leak and the car started overheating because of cracked heater hose. Installed new hose and still overheating. Bottom radiator hose is cold and top hose is hot. Is the thermostat stuck close?

When the car is completely cool,check the electric fan(s) for smooth rotation.\015\012\015\012Clean/check/change the thermo sensor,contact and wire.\015\012\015\012===\015\012\015\012Excavate air pocket in coolant ... 1991 Honda Accord

The car started overheating, while home after purchasing the car from a private owner. First the car was taken to a repair shop, the technican said the car needed the following repairs to pass Md inspection. The following repairs was done: Radiator hose (upper), new radiator, new struts, (front and rear). The car started to overheat, so the technican said it was the thermostat, that was installed, the problem remains. The only thing that wasn't change was the lower hose. Also, the expansion take

... Toyota Avalon

Heater does not get hot, water does not appear to be circulating around engine. have changed thermostat. top radiator hose will get hot, bottom radiator hose never gets hot. car is not overheating but it is winter in idaho and all drives are generally less than 5 miles long.

The car has not enough time to reach operating tempature ... 1995 Honda Civic

I tried installing a thermostat on my nissan sentra 1.3 (b13), however after installation, the water does not circulate which upon prolong use may cause overheating because the aux. fans does not work because it doe not reach the temperature setting of the thermo switch. When I touch the upper radiator hose it's hot but the lower hose is cold that's why I said that the water is not cirlulating. The radiator releases the hot pressure to the reservior tank through the radiator cap. Can any

Did you put thermostat in backwards or water pump is bad. ... 1996 Nissan Sentra

Overheating top radiator hose hot and lower hose cool , we just acquired the car and it has an overheating problem. A new thermostat and water pump was replaced and it still overheats. The wrong antifreeze was put into the radiator and i was wondering if that could cause the problem or something else, I am on a fixed income and don't want to spend a ton of money on repairing this

Although there are some manufacturer's that insist on a specific type of radiator fluid, this has more to do with protecting the radiator from deposits and corrosion. It should not make such an extreme difference to cause overheating. Is this ... 1996 Buick Regal Olympic Gold

Overheating radiator very hot and upper hose very hot, but lower hose is cold. t-stat was changed a while ago as well as water pump. Could any of the changed parts be deffective

It's possible that the thermostat is defective. See my "Tip" on checking a thermostat. ... 1999 Jeep Wrangler

Overheating: 1999 bmw 323i m series 2.5 ..Installed: new water pump , thermostat. radiator,new Water Reservoir, cap.. hose on top side hot , lower hose cold even when engine is hot..no water circulating at all...removed thermostat and still no water flow ? what could it be ? 911 .. help

The water pump and thermostat should have solved it. an air pocket can cause that but usually not to that degree. \015\012\015\012don't get one of those cheap *** plastic impeller water pump for sissies. Get the metal impeller one. ge ... 1999 BMW 323 Series

1995 Jetta. No heat from heater. Top radiator hose hot. Bottom radiator hose cold. Water seems to go through radiator. Changed water pump and thermostat. still overheating.

... 2005 Volkswagen Jetta

I have a 2002 1.4 vw polo overheating. The temp gauge just keeps going up. I have no hot air coming through the vents and the bottom radiator hose stays cold but all other hoses get hot. The car was fine up until this morning. Is this the thermostat stuck??

It's not likely the thermostat as they tend to stay open when they go bad; but you have no circulation when the lower hose remains cool. Most likely it's too low on coolant for circulation or the water pump is failing. ... Cars & Trucks

Overheating Car gets close to overheating after being driven for about a mile.when shut off the overflow bottle is bubbling over and the top hose is hot but the bottom hose isn't.have changed thermostat and had radiator checked for clogs.

Make sure the radiator fan runs ok. If not , check fan thermoswitch, fuse, and relay.\012Hope this helps. ... 1991 Acura Legend

Car heat i got my radiator flushed and changed, got a new thermostat, and heater core flushed. but the heat comes on warm and when it gets hot (engine) it blows cold. if the theory of one hose is very warm (problem being under the dash) and both hoses are cold (problem being the engine) what are the possible answers for either engine or dash problems so i would know

Park your unit on a slight incline, start cold w/ radiator cap removed and interior heat on full bore. This will burp or release your air from your cooling system. Add 50/50 until radiator is full. When you replace any good amount of coolant in post ... 1995 Chevrolet Caprice Classic

I have a 1996 saturn sl2. My brother and i have tried to trouble shoot the overheating issue. water flows from the pump to the thermostat, to the engine, then its suppose to go to the radiator through a hose in a cycle. The water wont go from the engine to the radiator. it over heats after about ten miles it will be in the red. the temperature guage jumps around from cold to hot then in the middle. its not a smooth motion to hot it jumps all around. I bought the car for 800$ and this seems to be

Hello, I believe the coolant flow is from the thermostat to the bottom of the radiator through the radiator and back into the engine from the top of the radiator. Make sure the thermostat is installed correctly, (the spring looking part toward the w ... Saturn SL2
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