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I need to know which ones are my #1 and my #4 fuel injectors.

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Answers :

Here is a picture of the cylinder layout, the injectors are numbered by the cylinder they are for, so one is on left as u face the engine from front bumper and four is on the far right.
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Fuel injector First I want to say thank you, so far all the info you have given he have been very helpful. I have one more question, my husband is somewhat a little knowledgable about cars and he is trying to get to the fuel injector and he says he kinda understands where you are saying the fuel injectors are located but to be sure he is doing the right thing he wants to know is there anyway maybe you can send me a diaphram for what he needs to be taking off and where it is located or can you gi

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I would start with the fuel filter for 2 reasons its cheaper than a fuel pump and if you can hear the pump working then it probabley is ok if you change the fuel filter and it still won't start then change the pump and you have a new pump and filter. ... 1999 Chevrolet S-10 Pickup

1981 vw rabbit , diesel... i have replaced starter but still wont hardly turn over.. how much cranking amps do you need... or is it a compression issue. just started this project.. i know i have one injector leaking a little and it looks like the injector pump may be leaking some. i am dripping fuel from timing belt area.

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Hi!!\015\012\015\012Don't worry, it happens to all of us : )\015\012\015\012Click on the link below to get a diagrams of the different fuel systems for your type of vehicle, the one that would come right up is the one with the ... Dodge Ram B250

I need to know which ones are my #1 and my #4 fuel injectors.

Here is a picture of the cylinder layout, the injectors are numbered by the cylinder they are for, so one is on left as u face the engine from front bumper and four is on the far right.\015\012 ... Hyundai Accent

I need to know exactly what the relay is called on the firewall. there are 3 together 2 are for tranny one is for fuel i need to know what the fuel one is called to order it.

Please pull out two of them and compare the legs if they in the same number of legs or pin and also check if they the same legs position, then if so, they are the same. Or if you don't want to waiste that much money, go to the junkyard and pull out o ... 1999 Dodge Avenger

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If yours is similar to my 92 shop manual (I have a 92-5.2 V8)\015\012\015\012The 3.9&5.2 use a ASL-Auto Shutdown Relay,you will find, in my case under the hood on the driver side fender. If the computer, we'll call it,doesn't see the ... 1998 Dodge Dakota

I have a 2003 nissan sentra 1.8 it has a miss i have changed the plugs #3 ign coil and the fuel injector still has a miss could not find any vacume leaks dont know what else to do my wife is a home health nurse and needs her car can any one please help thanks

Someone would need to verify the plug is firing and the injector is opening. Then verify the cylinder has compression. ... 2003 Nissan Sentra

What all do you need to do to convert a 1992 ford 5.0 out of an f150 from fuel injection to a Carb.? I know that you need a carb, intake, and fuel pump. I'm putting this motor in my 1984 mustang it had a carburated 302 that was junk, but can i use the distributor from that motor on the new one? I have a holley carb and edelbrock torker 2 intake, and i know i need an electric fuel pump on a switch, because of no oil pump hole in the block.

There are special electronic fuel pumps you can get for this kind of conversion that wont put to much fuel pressure in the carb and blow the bowls. \015\012\015\012As long as the distributer is vacuum advance and for a 302 it should be able to ... 1984 Ford Mustang

I need to check power to my fuel pump on 98 Expedition, which color wires goes to the fuel pump? this is the only way I can make it run after five months being a prisoner at home without my beautiful truck....;-( sad face? please tell me what color the wires are in the fat little harness that goes down the frame past the fuel tank, I know some are brake n turn signal etc, plus the fuel guage but I need to know what color are the ones to the pump itself please???? thanks and god bless!

Pic, Hope you can read it. ... Ford Expedition

1993 lumina 3.1 engine. shuts down while driving,sometimes bucks at 50 m.p.h. checked plug at fuel pump harness and one pin had about 5 volts other 3 dead.swapped fuel pump relay and same thing.jumped relay and checked plug terminals again,found terminal with approx 5 v and one with 12 volts. reinstalled relay and plugged pump harness together and works fine now,need to know what controls the relay.(fuel pump was replaced about 30k miles ago.I know it's possible it's bad but I'm leaning toward a

The computer is what sends the signal to the fuel pump relay. Check the harness plug at the fuel pump again they tend to get loose. there is an updated replacement plug for this. also make sure the terminals on the fuel pump relay are clean and not c ... 1993 Chevrolet Lumina

Fuel filter for my chevy s-10 2002 2.2 4 cylinder. I went to checker auto parts and they gave me the wrong fuel filer. The one I have is a flex fuel so it has 2 inlets and one outlet. but all quick disconnects. The one checker gave me was totally not it. and to top it off. my repair manual had the same part listed. So i need to know how I can find the fuel filter that fits it. I decided to see if any of the numbers on the filter jived with the numbers in the computer from checker auto parts. th

Hi, Sounds like you need to call the local dealer - get their part number - give that part number to your local NAPA store on this one. NAPA is a bit more expensive but they also have a lot of dealer only parts as well. While your with th ... 2002 Chevrolet S-10

I have a 1996 ford thunderbird lx and i have codes p0171 fuel trim bank one too lean then p0172 fuel trim bank one too rich then p0174 fuel trim bank two too lean then p0175 fuel trim bank two too rich and for the last code is p0304 number 4 cylinder missfire and the car surges shudders and i also think the alternator is going out cause the volt gauge is also jumpy i need help so please if any one else has ever had this problem let me know

... 1996 Ford Thunderbird LX

Fuel pressure Need hard number for fuel pressure on a 99 saturn sl2, 1.9. I've found a couple of numbers...one says 46min, another says 40-55. I'm at 42 and not firing the injectors...also, need correct resistance for the injectors. Thanks.

... 1999 Saturn SL

2004 Volvo S40 2.4I engine check light is on, light is cleared and returns a week later, engine drives normal with light on. codes read P0172 system too rich bank one, P0191 fuel rail pressure sensor circuit range/performance, P1090 fuel rail pressure sensor circuit. now i need to know how to test to see if its the sensor that is faulty or the wiring circuit, replacement of the sensor is over $1000 and cant be returned so need to know im making the right choice by changing the sensor. thanks

... 2005 Volvo S40

Hello, M y fuel injector for my 1993 nissan maxima went out i bought one an the mechanic said it would not fit so i want to know how many difffrent fuel injectors are there for that car an which one do i nned to buy it is 6 cylinders

... 1995 Nissan Maxima

I just changed the mapsensor, both fuel injectors and truck will start but wont stay running, I have a 4.3L 2wd and TBI System, dont know what to do at this point so far engine seems good, just did major tuneup, it was driving and then one day it just shut off , figured out it was the fuel injectors but now when those got changed and the throttle body got cleaned it wouldnt start , then replaced map sensor , it started but wont stay idle, dont know what to do at this point

... 1992 GMC Jimmy

1993 buick lesabre - I need to know where the fuel pump relay and the air conditioning relay are located. I know that they are under the hood against the firewall under the maxifuse/relay center. The inside cover is missing the chart that explains the features and controls governed by each fuse and relay.There are a total of 8 relay switches in a row. Which ones are the fuel pump relay and the air conditioning ones? My manual also mentions a PASS-Key fuse is located in the right side relay cente

... 1993 Buick LeSabre

Ihave a 2000 Maxima 3.0, and I am only getting about 350 km. to the tank and at these prices it is absurd. Could the fuel injestors be dirty and need cleaning? I've tried the Lucas Brand Injector cleaner and octane booster and still no difference. How can I improve the fuel economy withought buying a new car? Can't afford a new one anyway and really like this car.If the injectors need a good manual cleaning, how do I go about getting them out of the car. I am many things but not an auto mechanic

Great Job adding the Lucas fuel cleaner(highly recommended) Have you ever done your basic tune up(spark plugs,wires,fuel filter,air filter) ... Nissan Maxima

Fuel injectors one of my fuel injectors is not working. i know that the fuel injector is good, so what else could it be

There is a module to control the injector valve o and off. If it doesn't give a signal to turn on the injectors then injector is not working. The electrical connector from your injector is where the signal from the module going in. ... 2000 Oldsmobile Alero

Hey my name is matt i live in fredericton n.b and i need same parts asap can any one help this is what i need ( fuel tank, fuel pump, fuel distributor, fuel filler neck, fuel injector pump, power steering pump, power steering assy, brake rotor front, broke rotor / drum rear, tires 4of them size 16) i dont have a lot of money but if you can help me out you can email me at [email protected] thank you have a good day

Is this the USA? also I am sorry buy we (Fixya.com) are a technical support site, we have no parts or any way to directly order parts or look them up other than the internet, i do have sources in the USA of low cost parts compared to loc ... 1997 Pontiac Grand Prix

CAT 420D IT - lack of power- changed two fuel filters, one by injector pump and other between left front tire and fuel tank. Air filters cleaned, tractor serviced, Then used air to blow thru lines back into fuel tank not satisfied with POWER, tractor will not self load front bucket without busting up material with backhoe first.. Suggestions???? Is there need to turn up fuel injector pump?

\012You may have this\012posted in the wrong product category. Please select another category\012appropriate to the problem and re-post the problem so the correct\012expert will see and respond to the question.. \012\012This is for ... Cars & Trucks

Fuel injectors order of a 2.7 liter engine need to replace injector number five need to know where injector number five is

... 2001 Dodge Intrepid

1987 Plymouth Reliant K, 8yrs setting, still in mint condition, less than 10,000 orig.miles, I need to know if there is a fuel pump n if so where its located. I also need to know is there going to be more than just removing the straps n bolts to get the gas tank down. Yes I'm female and I need answers because I'm fixing this one for myself! Also if there is anywhere on the internet where I can get free pdf files of maintenance on this particular car

Disconnect the negative battery cable.\015\012Relieve the fuel pressure.\015\012raise the vehicle and support safely\015\012Drain the tank\015\012Remove the screws that hold the filler neck to the quarter panel\015\012Di ... 1987 Plymouth Reliant

I had to get a new gas tank on my car because someone had put flour in my tank messing everything up. now my problem is the new gas tank i got from a used part store cut off the hose that i needed to connect to the car and already got rid of my old tank. i need to know what i am looking for. the measurement is one inch on one side and one and a half on the other and about a foot long. can i just get any kind of fuel line from a part store. any help would help.

... 2006 Chevrolet Aveo
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