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I have a honda pilot 2004 that will not shift into gear. It just started intermittently 3 days ago

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

Root cause is brake light switch under the steering column / on top of the brake lever... since the brake light switch is broke... it thinks you don't have your foot on the brake and therefore won't let you put it into gear... btw.. your brake lights don't work either...
\015\012its intermittant for a while, until the brake switch goes out completely...
\015\012a work-a-round is in the manual... you stick your key (or similar object) into a **** in the top of the steering column... (if you've never done this before, there is a little piece of plastic that covers thw hole, and comes out when pried)... pressing something down into the hole allows the gear lever to be moved out of P to the drive gears or N... if you used your key, put it in N, then start the car, then put it in gear....
\015\012"check the gear oil" really... and your a "master"
Thank you these are the symtoms of my Honda Pilot. I will try this fix and give you my feedback
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I have a honda pilot 2004 that will not shift into gear. It just started intermittently 3 days ago

Root cause is brake light switch under the steering column / on top of the brake lever... since the brake light switch is broke... it thinks you don't have your foot on the brake and therefore won't let you put it into gear... btw.. your brake ... Honda Pilot

I have a 2004 honda pilot that will not go into gear. it started intermittently 3 days ago.

The problem sounds like the shift linkage has come loose or broken. This is what the shift lever uses to make the transmition move into the gear you put it in. ... Honda Pilot

2000 honda odyssey intermittently will not start. The battery is new, alternator checks out fine, sometimes the gear shifter will not move. The only way to get it started when this happens is to get the car out of gear while depressing the brake pedal and turning the key a few times until it starts. Once it starts up it will be fine for a couple of days. it seems to act up more in the cold weather.

Sound like you have problem in the gear position switch.it will cause no start problems if its faulty. ... 2000 Honda Odyssey

I have an 87' honda civic. Just a few days ago the clutch went out on us and we had to replace it. We bought one from pick and pull and had a friend of ours put it back on. The car starts up and everything but it will just not go in gear. What do you think the problem is?

Look at the lever on the throwout bearing as your pushing the pedal. If it doesnt move much then the clutch master or slave cylinder is bad if the pedal goes to the floor. If the pedal locks up about half way because the disk is frozen then you will ... Honda Civic

08 accord ex-v6 auto. engine vibration @ idle in park or (gear at stop) when engine is cold to warm until it fully warms. dealer states it's normal. dealer showed me another accord with similar shake.??? it has 8k miles, purchased it used month ago. i didn't know about the vibration until the next day when i started. chevy, cadillac, or any other cars with flex engine switching (8 to 6 to 4 or 6 to 4 to 3) that i've driven have never had this problem what's with honda?

I've got an 08 4cyl and it doesn't really have the vibration unless its really cold. Usually if I give it about 30 seconds...when the rpms start to come down, its barely noticeable. ... 2006 Honda Accord

I have a 2000 Honda CRV with a manual transmission. Two days ago when I got in the car in the morning to go to work, I couldn't shiift gears. After letting it sit in neutralfor a little while with the engine running then pumping the clutch with my foot a few times, it started to shift ok. Do I need to add brake fluid to the clutch master cyllinder or is this something else?

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Acceleration problems thi problem is intermittent but my 2005 neon se hesitates,studders, and stammers getting off the line and the check enfine light comes on but it'll turn itself off too.the stammering continues through all the gears continuously . Sometimes it stops when i feather the throttle sometimes it doesnt. It doesnt do it every day either. The problem started about two weeks ago just outta the blue. It goes awaay with a full tank of gas...Odd. It was suggested that it may be vaporloc

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1989 subaru gl 2wd auto trans Intermittantly won't start, just clicks, upon jump start car will started ok for a few days then same thing again, battery ok, new starter assembly installed 6 weeks ago, started ok until a couple of days ago then same thing, ???

Go to this website starting problemshttp://www.samarins.com/diagnose/index.html ... Subaru GL

Jun 27, 2009- hi what i did mean to say is i have a honda accord 2005 2.4 v-tec automatic transmission its not a V6 engine for sure. this problem has suddenly started like as i said the D4 light starts to blink after certain kms when the car gts warm and than the gear starts to ...jerks like i can feel the ...jerks in the shifting of gears the problem dosnt happen when the care is just started and is on a moove i did give the car to the honda dealer here they did reset the TCM bt after a one day

You indicated that the transmission starts jerking after a long drive.With the mileage on your vehicle, and the possible sandy conditions that it is driven in, your automatic transmission fluid may be fouled, also causing the jerky shifti ... 2004 Honda Accord

I have a 1992 Nissan Sentra, auto transmission, that wont start. When you turn the key, I hear the fuel pump solenoid click but that is all it does. The battery is at 12.56 volts and drops to about 12.4 when you turn the ignition. It did this about 6 days ago, then a couple of days ago it started up after I turned the wheels to straighten them out. A couple of times in the last 3 years or so it has done this but running the shift lever up and down the gears a couple of times got it to start. Thi

Sounds like you have a bad ignition to me ... Nissan Stanza

Starting problems i have a 1998 honda civic ex with 205k miles, i had the engine rebuilt last year. i started hearing weird sounds from my starter for the last 14 days, my car would start fine but it just stoped starting all together a coupole of days ago. i just tried starting today and it worked fine, but the noyse with my the starter came up again. when it stopped working i wouldn't even hear the clicking noise from the solenoid or anything.

If this problem persists then you could check a few things on it, like on the times when its not even making a noise when trying to turn the key, use rubber/wooden object and tap the starter motor but not touching the contacts on the back. if this am ... 1998 Honda Civic

I have a 2001 Elantra. A few weeks ago while driving, the car seemed to go into passing gear when the transmission was changing gears at 30mph. The next day the car wouldn't start. Had it towed to garage and when they tried to start the car - it started. No codes and couldn't find a problem. Yesterday while driving it it suddenly lost power several times and then about 2 or 3 seconds it ran fine. This morning it won't start again???? Help!!!

... 2001 Hyundai Elantra

1996 Ford Taurus SHO 3.4. Intermittant starting problem. Welded cams. First instance a couple of months ago. Had it towed to a local shop. Once there the car started right up. They kept it for the day starting it up about once an hour. About a month ago it did the same thing. From the towing incident my conclusion was to, basically, rock the car. That worked! Yesterday, same problem. No amount of jostling helped. Won?t start. So far: Checked the fuel filter, fuel pressure - both good; replaced t

The intermittent hard strarting may be due to a bad prom in your computer module. I have the same problem wiuth a 2000 Taurus and foiund that there was a Technical Service Bulletin listing specific module codes to look for in the computer. If your ... Ford Taurus X

My 1992 Subaru Legacy L is leaking transmission fluid. It is an automatic transmission. Two days ago it started slipping in first gear I checked the fluid and added a little. That seemed to fix the problem. Yesterday it started slipping again, I figured that I must not have put enough in the other day. I went up to Checker and put some in right in front of the store. Since it was low two days earlier and the problem went away when I added some, I just went ahead and opened my hood and added some

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I have a 2003 Jeep Liberty Sport with automatic transmission and about 90,000 miles on it. A good while back, the transmission started down-shifting hard between 2nd and 1st gear. Turning the overdrive off "cured" the problem. Then a few days ago, even with overdrive disengaged, it started shifting hard (between 2nd & 3rd gears in particular, but also slightly harder than normal between 1st and 2nd gears). What is the likely cause, and should I have the transmission fluid flushed and replaced? (

Hi, Check the trans fluid level first, with the engine running at normal operating temperature and be sure it is full. The fluid level could be low.\015\012Next, servicing the transmission is a great idea. You could have a defective solenoid ca ... 2003 Jeep Liberty

I own a 2003 Mazda MPV. I have owed the van for 2 years when first purchased after a few months I started to notice a faint noise from the back of the car when I when shift from 1-2 gear. Well I brought it to the place I purchased it and the noise was not consisting happening so they could not diagose the problem. A few days ago my OD off light on my dashboard started blinking and will NOT turn off and the firm engagement from 1-2 gear now is terrible and it is binding in the other gears. I was

Most transmission shifter ( where you shift) has a linkage control to shift gears in the transmission.\015\012 Those joints from the linkage have bushings made of rubber. Once these rubbers were worn down and torn, the noise from metal friction from ... 2003 Mazda MPV

I own a 1982 Volvo 245 DL. Two months ago I replaced the timing belt because it had broken. A few days after getting it back, it started to lose all power in third gear and start jumping momentarily. i switched into neutral and the problem corrected itself. Nothing happened until a week ago, the same problem occured except the car didn't correct itself and it jumped rapidly and then died. It wouldn't start back up for about 15 minutes, and when it finally did it died once again. Again, i couldn'

First,change the air filter(should be changed EVERY 2 years)then use redexe/wynns injector cleaner (1 can to 1/2 tank) volvo's dont like dirty fuel AT ALL.after doing the above if the problem still shows get it on an exhaust anilyzer,that will tell y ... Volvo 240

2000 KIA Spectra/Shuma 1.5 Auto Transmission not changing gear. Hi, My auto transmission just started giving problem 2 days ago. First time I notice the problem is when moving off from stop in "D", the gear seems to be on 2nd gear so it's hard to take off. If I then manually shift to 1st gear, then the power is there. While driving the gear also seem to be stuck on 3rd gear; not shifting to 4th. But these does not occur all the time. Sometime it ok. I notice this. If the gear is giving problem,

It is the prnd indicator switch on the shift shaft of the transmission,or a shift solenoid,or the valves are sticking in the valve body,try some lube guard,added to the transmission,it is great for stuck valves. ... 2003 Kia Spectra

I need help with my 94 honda accord it's been running pretty good, but a few days ago while i was driving it at 55 miles an hour the engine shut off, i had to pull over and i started again without any problems, but it happened again the next day and i was driving it at 75 miles, i pulled over and crank it but it didn't start until a few more cranks, and i keeps doing more often,even when i'm driving very slow,i think that the problem is the fuel pump but i'm not really sure so if someone knows a

Well when you turn you key on can you hear your fuel pump come on in the back? you should... does your key switch give you problems putting the key in or out or even turning it. it could even be your ignition switch.. both of them can run up to 200 b ... 1994 Honda Accord

It doesn't happen everytime but the first time I start my Honda Pilot in the morning it makes a squealing noise. It's a one time squeal and stops. Had the alternator belt replaced and 3 days later the tensioner(?) bolt sheered off. That was replaced and now 3 days later I started it up and it made the same noise.

The noise is the alternator belt, what maybe going on is you need an alternator. it could be that there is a bearing that is ceasing up when it cools down and when you start it up it takes a m ... 2009 Honda Pilot

I've got a 95 Mazda Millenia that is flashing 7 codes, and will not shift into the highest gear.. could it be electrical.. A sensor codes are Po400 p1521 p1522 po740 po730 p1173 p1170. several days ago, I got into the car after no problems and it would not go into reverse. I added one qt of Fluid, and reverse returned, but now I have no third gear. The car started to run like **** the last few days.

... 1995 Mazda Millenia

About a month ago I began hearing rattling noises when I would depress the clutch. Over a few days the noise became less noticeable but then I started having trouble shifting gears (5 speed manual transmission ford ranger 2002). It was first diagnosed as a leaky master cylinder and that was fixed. The truck drove fine for a couple of days and then the difficulty returned to the point where I could not drive the truck at all. Then it was diagnosed as the input shaft, that was a week ago. Today

If the bearings were worn out due to high milage, the input shaft will have too much play in it. To replace all of the bearings is a big job, and a lot of shops won't do it. They may have replaced the transmission to save time, as replacing the beari ... 2002 Ford Ranger Regular Cab

I have a brand new battery in my 2000 Honda Civic & the car will not start now. The battery was installed 2 days ago & the car started just fine & ran fine, but then I didn't drive it for 2 days and now it wont turn over! What else should I do?

It sounds as if your alternator is not charging sufficiently to keep the battery fully charged. Get the alternator checked you may need a new brush box. ... 2000 Honda Civic

Transimmision problem Hello everyone,i have a chevy tahoe 2003,it's milage are 150.000,during the last few days i felt the second transmission is heavy to be done,but yesterday when i start to drive,it got the first then the second and never ever go for the third however i increase the power, by the way i changed the gear oil and gear filter from 10 days ago. i wish if there is somebody can help me.

If the unit was working before you changed fluid,This is common. When\015\012fluid has not been changed in a long time on high mile\015\012vehicles...(which is why many trans shops will not change oil after a\015\012certain mileage unless unit was se ... 1996 Chevrolet Tahoe

1998 isuzu rodeo has intermittent hard shift from 2nd to 3rd gear and extreme hard downshift from 3rd to 2nd gear. When this happens it may hard shift only a couple of times OR it may do the same thing for a day or two OR most recently it may continue for several days. Sometimes the hard shift occurs immediately after the car is started but sometimes it may be shifting smoothly with the engine & transmission "warmed up" and all of a sudden the "hard shift" begins. The downshift is a loud grind

Hi. If your driving an automatic transmission please try to change the transmission fluid and filter, a smooth run will be noticeable after performing this. If you're driving on a manual transmission then there may be a problem on the clutch lining, ... Isuzu Rodeo
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