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1994 Honda Passport blows the engine fuse. You can replace it and will run fine for a few days and with out warning it will blow the fuse again. I know a blown fuse is a sign of a short. Where can I start the search and is this a common problem with older Passports and what is the fix?

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1994 Honda Passport blows the engine fuse. You can replace it and will run fine for a few days and with out warning it will blow the fuse again. I know a blown fuse is a sign of a short. Where can I start the search and is this a common problem with older Passports and what is the fix?

... Honda Passport

I have a problem with my alero.the mini fuses (10 AMP)that go to the gauges,ac,and speedometer,get blown out every tine i install a new one in place.the ac blower comes on but no ac cold air.both the mini fuses in the engine compartment and in the cab blow at the same time.i know there is definatly a short somewhere but dont know where to start.

Without being there to help your best bet would be to get a box of fuses and start unplugging each component one at a time until the fuse does not blow. Now you will know where the problem is. ... Oldsmobile Alero

Hi I have a 2006 Limited Double Cab Toyota Tundra. My Battery died so I replaced it with a new one and installed some new off road lights. When I replaced the Battery the truck started with no problem. When I installed the new off road lights the truck did not start??? I check all the fuses and even replace fuses that did not look blown just to make sure. Now I know ware all the fuse panels are ? there is 3 panels under the hood and one under the dash. It makes no sense to me since it?s

First of all Double check the connections at the battery. Be sure and clean the connections with a stiff wire brush and apply a light coat of grease when you reconnect the battery posts. \015\012--------------------\015\012 ... 2006 Toyota Tundra

1995 Toyota Corolla. keeps blowing tail light and brake fuses. Think there is a short somewhere but can't find one and don't know what else could cause this problem. Don't know where to start eliminating problem to find solution.

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So somone jumped my girlfriends 2002 Saturn SC2. crossed the wires and now big problem. after an investigation no fuses are popped wiring looks ok and car will turn over but will not start. I noticed that the fuel pump is not spooling up. cannot hear it but swapped fuse and relay and still nothing. now some people are saying possible fusible link is blown? is there one on this car i dont know. Is it the ECU? Could the fuel pump be blown? im hoping its not the pump cuz thats a big pain to change

If they crossed the jumper leads what they have done is put 24 volts instead of 12 volts into your vehicle & most likely caused serious damage to most of the electric components in you vehicle,you have got one big headache, you may need to go to ... 1993 Saturn SC2

The dashboard light and the parking lights on my 2001 Nissan XTerra are completely out. I replace the 15amps fuse under the hood by the battery and it burned immediately.I found the wires behind the dimmer switch fused together and burned, about 8' back, I replaced that.All the lights that were affected came back on, I started driving, and the fuse burned again. Is it possible the dimmer switch have a short in it that is causing th fuse to burn? or do yuou know what the problem is? Thank you for

You must check the wiring of the lamp..maybe the wire of the lamp is short or graunded ... 2003 Nissan Xterra

2005 dodge neon--while car is going up grade all of a sudden she went dead--no sputter just dead---nothing happens when key is turned--no clicks...using a ohm meter i found the under the hood 30amp starter fuse blown---as soon as fuse is replaced and key is turned to start it will blow fuse--put test light in fuse slot--moved all wires looking for a possible short--nothing changed,no flicker in light...up to this point we have never had a problem with thecar,oil changed every 3000, new plugs,wir

It could be a bad starter.\015\012And a dead short within the starter would cause the fuses to blow as you mentioned.\015\012\015\012I would pull the starter off, and take it into a local parts store to be tested.\015\012If it ... Dodge Neon


Boy that sucks. I assume you weren't having the blown fuse problem before you started, I can think of 2 options. Forgive me if this sounds dumb, First take a flashlight if necessary and carefully retrace every step that you did, looking for any pinch ... 1991 Honda Accord

Defender 110 non turbo diesel 1985 wiper motor (front) fuse blowing replace fuse wipers will work no problem switch them off try them 1 hour later and fuse has blown im gessin that there is a short but can anyone give me an idea wire colours an where to start

Go to http://www.landroverresource.com/\015\012\015\012Click the large item that says "DOWLOAD LINK". That will give you a 570 megabyte ZIP file containing the ... Land Rover Defender

Wont start i have a 1989 chevy 3500 with a 454 throttle body, engine isnt getting fuel, there is fuel to throttle body with good pressure, the injector fuse is not blown and wiring has no obvious shorts, where do i start tracking down the problem?

Make sure that you're getting spark. A very common thing on these engines are coils going bad. If you can verify spark, check to make sure you have an injector pulse. As you rotate the engine, look inside of the throttle body and make sure that you s ... 1989 Chevrolet C/K 3500

How to fix a blown rad fan fuse and relay for '99 concocorde. i have replaced all fuses and relays, still no work. i noticed the fan on passenger side siezed, i unplugged it now. ive looked for shorts in the wires, some plastic melted on cable covers. car has over heated causing the engine light to always be on. so im try to find a temporary way to fix my problem but im not sure exactly how but here are my ideas, does any body know more than this or what to do in this situation? -hard wire deire

The seized radiator fan has probably caused the current overload that blew the fuse and subsequently damaged the fan supply relay.\015\012Repair or replace the seized fan if possible.\015\012If not able to replace/repair immediatley, temp ... 1999 Chrysler Concorde

Me problem is that my 2002 Alero heater controls do not work, But let me clarify what i mean. The knobs that turn for fan speed, hot or cold, and defrost all work fine, but the push buttons below to circulate the air, the a/c button and the rear defrost buttons do not work. So i checked the fuse from under the hood for the htr - A/c and it was blown, so i replaced it with another 10amp fuse and it blew that one also, Now i know there is a short or something someplace. And the other part of th


I have 1995 GMC Jimmy with codes PO753 and 758. These mean power problem to Transmission solenoid A and solenoid B. The fuse is blown and pops again when replaced so I know that a short must be present but I need a wire diagram for and any other info that could be useful in this problem. The transmission is the 4L60E 4x4. Thanks

Possible for the solenoid to be the fault, swap the shift solenoids and see if the problem moves, if not check wireing harness for bare wire. ... 1995 GMC Jimmy

Overspeed problem when driving truck doesn't sift doen in gear...at 50 miles a hour the RPM is up to 3000...then it overspeeds so i hit the overdrive button and it will let me go up in speed but RPM goes up to 4000 +. Sometimes it just start working but lately it doesn't. i have auto start on my truck but i don't know its affecting it.Can it be a blown fuse or loose wiring. Someone told me it might be the torque converter might have a loose wire. What can i do?

... 2000 Ford Expedition

I have a 2005 Nissan Altima. Last night I jump started a friend's car. The jumper cables were connected wrong. We saw smoke and instantly disconnected them. I drove home fine, but this morning my car won't start. It has gas, the lights and radio are working fine so it's not the battery (is it?). I keep hearing my main fuse may be blown. How do I know? About how much/long wold that take to correct this problem?

Did you see the smoke before or after you jumpstarted the car? if it was before the cables were hooked up incorrectly and with the switched polarity it can not only kill your battery but also computer components. if the smoke was after the jump start ... Nissan Altima

1997 Wrangler - sat all winter in the garage - Started in Feb during cold weather, ran fine. Now won't start. No spark - no power to the distributor. fuses all good, relays all good. No sign of pests chewing wires. 30 amp was blown, but replaced - don't know what it was for??? Got voltage to injector when key is on, but no spark from the distributor (or power into distributor) Baffling??? Something simple I'm missing??

My 97 wrangler has the same problem. Did you ever find a fix?? I checked fuses, wiring, and replaced PCM; still wont start.\015\012DickN ... 1997 Jeep Wrangler

I have a 2004 impala and I have to jump started every morning , I believe it has a short circuit I have taken it to two different shops and they can?t find the problem, I have changed the battery and fuses and it still happen I don?t know what to do no more what should I do?????

Okay you put in a new battery have you had the alternator tested. You also could have got ahold of a bad battery with a dead cell and it shows it to be good on the machine but its actually bad. Try to warranty out the battery and see if that helps ... 2004 Chevrolet Impala

I have a 1989 Ford Probe GL 2.2 liter. The parking and dashboard lights have gone out. I checked the fuses and all good. I know electrical shorts are sometimes hard to find. Where can I start checking for the problem. Thank you

The dimmer switch in these is know to get shorted out. ... Ford Probe

I wa schanging a tail light on a trailor attached to 1996 Bronco must have shorted something. Now all sorts of problems 1 won't start 2 alarm keeps going off no turn signals n no brake lights Can't find any blown fuses ao cb's whats going on? Please

Remove the in-line fuse for the alarm. If the alarm faulted out it is activating the starter kill switch and the lights issue is the alarm trying to flash the lights. ... Ford Bronco

My 2003 Dodge stratus would not start again today. I got in it to start it and it just went"click" and it blows a 20 fuse under the hood. I dont know what that fuse goes to because my car does not have an owners manual. But everytime I put a new fuse in it and try to start it it goes " click" and blows tht same fuse and then i try to start it and it says nothing. A week ago it would not start and we checked the fuses and noticed this fuse had blown and replaced it and it started rightup, but thi

The 20 amp fuse is connected to Automatic Shutdown Relay and from there it connects to Power train Control Module, engine controls system and alternator. \015\012What you can do is check the Automatic Shutdown Relay and make sure it's working, if yes ... Dodge Stratus

I got this car in 2005. Mileage is now 115000. I have electrical problem with this car for about a few years now. The issue I want to solve is that wiper / clock problem. They work on and off. Checked fuse and it is all right. I have been having troubles with starting a car sometimes. When it happens, I put shift in neutral and then it starts. There is another problems with fuse for meter which often gets blown off so I have to change very often sometimes it happens like 3-5 times a day. It de

To fix you car you normally shouldn't buy any part at all - everything you experience is caused by bad/corroded contacts in the ignition key switch and the wiring behind the dash. The covers and the instrument panels will have top be removed to acces ... Nissan Altima

MY 1995 JEEP BROKE DOWN ABOUT A YEAR AGO I JUST HAD 3 MAIN FUSES REPLACED A BRAND NEW BATTERY AND A BRAND NEW ALTERNATOR BUT THE BATTERY WON'T KEEP A CHARGE I HAVE A SHORT SOMEHWERE BETWEEN THE FUSE BOX AND THE BATTERY AND THE BATTERY TO GROUND HAS ANYONE EVER HAD THIS PROBLEM HOW DO I FIND THE SHORT? The battery started getting drained right after we bought it brand new. the first night we went to go start it after a few hours and it was completely dead so we jumped it then it started right up

Have you checked the charging of the alternator at the battery? (not by a parts store) Put a volt meter across the battery and check voltage while running. You should be showing 13.5v or better (not over 14) with accessories off, 12.5 or better with ... 1995 Jeep Cherokee

PLEASE HELP! 1990 Manual trans Ford Festiva. Battery fully charged but will not start. Is there a engaging type button behind the clutch pedal. I had this problem before, not knowing what it was, tried to push and pop the clutch but it still would not start. Then I thought about the clutch and engaged it ALL the way and it started fine. What could be the problem? I made sure all the fuses were pushed in tight but did not pull any out to see if any were bad since I didn't know which one to

Find the clutch pedal switch,and by pass it,it is on the brake pedal,most likely.. ... Ford Festiva

My pump motor fuse keeps blowing when i try to start my car. I tried swapping out relays and it doesn't change the result. I removed my battery and battery casing to inspect the wiring under the fuse box. I did not notice any obvious shorts. How can I fix this problem? I also had speedometer shorting out before my fuse started blowing.

Pump motor??\015\012you mean fuel pump if it is the case look to replace the all pump ,if it is really worn it could cause the fuse to blow \015\012you can also look for your fuel pump relay ...it-could also be the probleme!\015\01 ... Dodge Neon

Problem starting I have a 2001 Alero and in the last month it has been giving me problems in starting. It all started when the fuse for the cooling fan went. I replaced that but have had problems with starting since then (not sure if the two are related). I usually need to give it a shot a gas to get it started - I know you're not supposed to do this but it seems to work. I tried putting fuel injector cleaner in it but haven't noticed any improvement. Sometimes it starts perfectly and other time

My 2001 HAD the same problem. Whenever it doesn't start, I go underneath my car and hi the gas tank about 5 times in 5 diff places. Starts up every time for the past 2 years. I only have to do this once a month or so. ... 2001 Oldsmobile Alero
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