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Hi everyone a strange happened this last week, while i was driving ma honda ballade a temperature just went up fortunatley i was looking at gauge. i was wandering what could have course, i had to pul

\015 There is small leak in the rediator,and fan its working when you turn on the key thats i bought the car from the owner please i need some advice on this. should ibuy new rediator for the car or take out the thermostat befor it cost me.\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

Answers :

Try a new thermostat first and just fill with water to test if ok make sure you add 2 litre of pure antifreeze
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Hi everyone a strange happened this last week, while i was driving ma honda ballade a temperature just went up fortunatley i was looking at gauge. i was wandering what could have course, i had to pul

Try a new thermostat first and just fill with water to test if ok make sure you add 2 litre of pure antifreeze ... Honda Ballade

Engine Coolant Hot Message Noticed AC was blowing hot and looked at instrument panel and saw message above. Drove short ways and an individual tried to loosen cap, of course hot coolant went everywhere. Could not see any collasped hoses, filled bottle back up and could not see any leaks. Had to drive another 3 miles and as I approached my destination temp indicator had returned to normal temp. Repalced the thermostat, truck still indicating hot, Could it be the water pump?

I wouldn't think it would be the water pump mostly because they will either start to get noisy, pour coolant out of the seep hole or completely seize all of which you would probably notice. My guess would be that you have air in the system that may b ... 2006 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 2WD

The oil pressure gauge on my 96 lumina APV fluctuates like crazy. The engine is not running rough. The gauge behaves up to about 60 psi then it starts climbing and swinging back and forth. It does not drop below 40 psi. Even on cruise control it will fluctuate. The oil and filter have been changed. The problem still exists. Recently went through a lot of mud on the road from beet harvest. Could the sensor of been damage? Were would I look for the sensor?

On engine block for oil pressure switch. ... 1991 Chevrolet Lumina Apv

1986 scottsdale, headlights, interior lights , and horn do not work . I checked the fuse and everything looked good. I also have some aftermarket sunpro gauges. when i checked everything i noticed a wire hanging off the fuse panel that was connected to the fuse gauges. my flashlight went out, and my hand brushed up aganst it and i saw a spark and heard a pop. I also took my meter and checked continuity in the fuse port that said HORNDIM it checked out fine what could it be

... Cars & Trucks

1997 Grand Cherokee Laredo, 4WD, 5.2 V8. My Jeep overheated today. When I went to open the hood I could feel steam. So I waited for it to cool before taking the radiator cap off and see no fluid in it. Also while it was cooling down the overflow bottle was boiling. Filled the radiator up with antifreeze and water and put on a new radiator cap since the one on there looked bad and I knew it was old. Then I drove back home approximately 10-15 miles and was watching the temp gauge in the dash. No

Have system pressure tested when cold and full to top. Pressure test will force coolant out and you will be able to trace the leaks location. Hopefully it's a small hose leak and not a major problem like a blown head gasket or cracked head. ... 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee

1994 Ford Escort LX Wagon 1.9L My problem is my engine was running Hot while Idle and cold while driving (Looking at the gauge on the dash). I have had the radiator flush and the thermostat replace and still have the issue. Then shortly after that my air condition went out. Not sure if these two could be releated or not. Not sure on what next to check.

A/c and the cooling system are only marginally related in that the a/c condensor is located near the radiator, and both get hot and need a cooling fan to cool.\015\012\015\012So, I would say, in your case, that the a/c going out is not re ... 1994 Ford Escort

I poured bug washer liquid in my temperature gauge. What could happen to my car? The bug washer liquid is pink. I wasn't looking and there was another container that had a pinkish looking liquid substance. After I realized my mistake and the liquid was already poured into this container, I looked at the lid and saw something that looked like a thermometer with a tree-like lines surrounding it.  What could happened? should I take it in for a check up? Thanks

The worst that could happen is that BUG liquid is not ANTI-FREEZE... and in the worst cast scenario is that your COOLANT will FREEZE in cold temperature. I dont know the chemical composition of the Bug Liquid but my guess is, that its mostly water. ... 2002 Volkswagen Jetta TDI

Windows I have a vw polo saloon 1.6 2001 model. last night i opened the doors using the key and the window on the drivers side went down and wouldnt come back up i looked at the fuses and thought one of the ones for the window had blown so i swapped them over so i could get the window back up. I went and bought some new fuses today and put a new fuse in but the window went down again and got stuck again. I can only have one window working at a time. what could be the problem?

Maybe the window isn't mounted properly so it makes motor hard to move window up and because of motor overload it blow fuce. Thry to adjuste window better... ... 2001 Volkswagen Golf

When I went to get my car inspected today, the service guy said the front suspension failed. He's going to have a mechanic look at it tom'w, but says it could be the T bar or the shocks. Won't know till the mechanic takes a look. Is there anything else that could be wrong other than those 2 items and what would be a ball park figure I can expect to hear from him to fix the problem. Thanks

Two different componants and purposes. Who is inspecting this vehicle and for what reason? ... 1999 Volkswagen Golf

1998 Mercury Villager --- Had to change the front motor mount and lift the engine some to do it. Everything went fine, but now we do not have heat. I could not see any lines loose or crimped, but I am a novice. Could anyone give me any leads on where to look and what to look for? Thank you! Steven

Did you drain coolant? If yes, you have trapped air.\012\012Also, check the cable or wiring going to hot water valve on passenger side in one of the 2 heater hoses going into cowl.\012\012go here, read files, see photos\ ... 1998 Mercury Villager

Fuel gauge dropped suddenly during driving, dropped all the way to empty low fuel warning lite came on, no idea why this happened. we usually drive around town but today went on a 3 hour drive we filled up and when gauge dropped we had 3/4 tank of fuel at the time, also chek engine lite came on after 30 minutes and stayed on it went out after we shut car off 2 to 3 times during stops during trip, can u give me any idea what could b causing this problem

... 2002 Subaru Outback

Overheating I have been experiencing overheating.The other day I replaced the expansion tank the old one had a crack on the bottom.So it was yesterday I took off went a few places and the temp gauge was running normally.Then I left a friends house and the gauge went up so fast I had to stop a couple of blocks away and it was boiling and it had water init before this.Today I tested the fan resistor and it had continuity and the terminals were not burnt.Do you think it could be the cylinderhead te

If everything is working fine then you might have a faulty temp sensor. \012 Some cars have two sensors; one that turns the fan on and one that \012tells the computer what the temperature is. The one that tells the \012computer might be faulty. BUT ... Ford Cars & Trucks

I have a 1992 eagle talon turbo fwd i just put a new clutch in it when i went to leave my house the car took off just fine i shifted in to 2nd and when i went to take off again from a stop sign i had no first gear so i got home looked at it and tried it again had first gear then i just lost it then i could find it again then lost it again what could it be

Make sure your sift linkage is adjusted correctly and all is tight ... 1993 Eagle Talon

Stopped at a drive through and air conditioner started blowing hot and temperature gauge went up. Turned off air and started back home and temp gauge started falling and went back to normal even after I turned the air on. I checked the coolant and it looked empty. Is this the problem

Most likely, with the engine cold add coolant back until full, (or 50%coolant 50%water) start engine and let it run with the cap off, watch inside of the radiator and make sure U can see the water flowing threw the radiator. It will burp water and co ... 2006 Kia Optima

The internal cooling fan in my truck came on by it self today and stayed on for about 45 min. there was no key in the ignition. there was nothing i could do to shut the fan off. when i drove home to check this out the fan shut off as i was looking at the fuse panel to see if i could get it to shut off with removing the fuse. didn't get time to do this. problem is if it comes on by itself say at night and dosen't shut off the battery will of course discharge. what can i look for. your answer can

What year is your truck? \015\012was it parked in a hot area?\015\012some cars and trucks have thermostats that turn on the fan when the engine is off this may be normal for your truck \015\012check the owners manual ... GMC Sierra 1500

I have a 1996 Ford Ranger with the 3.0L V6. it has about 126,000 miles. on the way home from school on Friday i noticed that my oil pressure gauge was looking a little bit lower than normal. just a little below the middle of the gauge. I left town for the weekend with my family and when i went to start my truck tonight. it took a second to start but started right up. However, I did not have any oil pressure at all, so i turned my truck off and took my moms car. when i got back home i went and st

Make sure the oil is full. start engine with hood up stand outside of truck and lisen for any knocking or irregular noise. if noise is heard then shut truck off and you will probabley need a new oil pump but if no noise is heard try changing the oil ... 2000 Ford Ranger SuperCab

Hello, i just had a few questions about a 1991 Acura Legend. i'm looking at possibly buying one tomorrow. i went to take a look at it today, and in the add it said that it needed a new heater core, and a new fan control module. so i looked up pricing and everything for those and found it to be no big deal, i could easily replace those on my own. now when i looked at the car earlier today, it wouldn't start. the lady selling the car said the battery was brand new and that she had no idea why it w

Ok a dead battery could be a couple things #1 bad battery #2 sitting parked for a while # 3 the car has a electrical draw somewhere in the circuit (worst case scenario as electrical draws are very hard to find and take alot of time) Could ... 1991 Acura Legend

While driving my 1996 jeep grand cherokee, the "check gauges" light went on, I noticed that alternator gauge reading zero and suddenly all the gauge lights on the dash were on. At that point, none of the dash gauges worked and the door locks started locking and unlocking. The blinkers also when on and off. The car wanted to die at that point, but I could keep it running.

Make an scanning for faults, I suggest a electric problem with the plug connectors or fuse. ... 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee

This is a 2000 montero sport part of the dashboard where it tells me how much gas i have and how may miles i have gone and my speedometer went out, i looked at the fuse in the fuse box and it looks ok could it be something else where else would i look

... Mitsubishi Montero Sport

I have a 1997 Ford Explorer Sport. I been having problems with my temperature gauge needle it just starts to move up and down rapidly then my check gauge light comes on. But it only does that when I'm pressing the gas. When i come to a stop the check gauge light comes off the the needle spots moving. How much am I looking at to fix the problem and what could it be??

Thats a tough one alota possibilities. best offer is a bad ground. take jumper cables and just use the negative side-go from the batt "-" to the engine and check the gauge. then go from the batt to the body or firewall and try that. if either fixes i ... Ford Explorer Sport

2001 Dodge Dakota Quad 4.7 L with No BuS on the odometer. And the gas gauge and the rest of the clusters gauges will not work. The lights at the bottom of the cluster will work but thats it. I changed the ignition switch and it started and ran fine for a day. Then the next day I went to start it and drove into town and it quit again. But before that you could wiggle the key in the on off position and eventually gauges would come on. But now it won't even do that. Since it will not run, I have ch

I had the same problem on my 2001 Dodge Dakota. Then I noticed in addition to not having cluster backlighting, my parking lamps did not come on when I set the alarm or opened the doors. I replaced the 15 a fuse in the fuse panel for parking lamps. ... 2000 Dodge Dakota Quad Cab

I have a grand cherokee laredo 93, the other day the temp gauge went up to 220 at a slow roll then when i got on the gas it dropped back to 195. as i went on it would creep up to 260. put new thermastat in and a new rad cap on. levels are full in rad and res. today drove about 2 hours and while on highway it was around 210 but once on side streets it went up to 260 and when i shut it down i heard it boiling in the res. the color is a rusty color. was wondering if the system could be clogged or m

The rust color may be due to transmission fluid contamination. Your radiator has passages for engine coolant and also has passages for transmission fluid too. Check the trans dip stick and be sure the color is a nice red. This may or may not be the c ... 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Gauges I am in the process of repairing my truck and one of the parts that needed to be replaced was the gauges. I went to the junk yard and bought the gauge from another truck(same model) and came home to replace it, but it doesn't work. What am I doing wrong? or what do I need to look for that might need to be replaced. Please help. Mr. Garza

Was the truck the smae year and model? it may look the same on the outside but the be wiring differently, without holding both and looking at them there is no way to tell, did you think the used guage may be defective? did you test the wiring to the ... 1992 GMC Sonoma

I just replaced the alternator bracket on my 84 nissan pickup and remounted the alternator. After that when I drove it down the road my battery gauge was going up and down and then started going really high past maximum so I quickly drove it home to take a look and the alternator was hot and smoking. could you please tell what you think the problem could be and how I could fix it

Feel the belt to make sure it's not to tight. Make sure the alternator is grounded and check the wire hook ups to see if there tight. ... 1984 Nissan Pickup

91 wrangler run great .went to gas stion turned off .then went to start gas gauge went to full.turned key and it sputterd. and died .checked all fuses under hood and in cab all are good. i know it has gas.and spark . how can i check fuel pump. what else should i look for?anyone have this problem? need help

The fuel pump ground wire is loose. If you have a loose parking brake pedal or recently had it worked on, check the black and yellow wire that's on one of the screws that holds the Pk. brake assembly. It's hard to find, but it's up there. I guess it ... 1991 Jeep Wrangler
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