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1997 Accord. When i put a cd in the player it acts like it's going to play and then on the screen it says POE and kicks the cd out.

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1997 Accord. When i put a cd in the player it acts like it's going to play and then on the screen it says POE and kicks the cd out.

... Honda Accord

I have a 2002 trailblazer ltz, I go to start the truck and it just clicks under the hood, no noise or anything. The lights on the console comes on and the radio says that's it's on but it only plays static. Also everything seems to be reset in the car like the car was saying "Driver 1" even though I had the driver 2 key and remote and also the time on the radio was reset to 12:00. Also as I'm turning the key the radio screen says "Need AMP". what do you think this could be?

Sounds like either a loose connection at the battery, or your battery has failed. Check your connections and make sure they are clean and tight, if so, then have your battery tested, and change if recommended. ... 2002 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

I have a 95 Honda Accord V6. I had to get a computer put in it and ever since went i try to go over 85 it just doesnt go past it. It sounds like something is clogged or something. Wont go over 3000RPMs. I dont know what the problem is. People say its my O2 or Speed censors. I dont know.

There are a lot of possibilities. whay did you replace the ECU(computer)? sounds like you got the wrong ecu... ... 1995 Honda Accord

My cd's have a hard time playing in the cd player of my 2001 Jeep Grand Cheroke. I put the cd in the cd slot and It will play but if I want to go to track 14 lets say, it (the cd) will sit and spin for 10 minutes or more until it decides to play the track I can't figure out whats wrong?

You should try picking up a CD cleaner from Walmart or some where like that,it sounds like its having a hard time reading the CD ... 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I have a 92 accord that the heater sounds like it is running but only puts heat out when it wants to mostly if it is just idling. My hubby says its the blower motor resister but my common sense says t

It sounds like the blower resister is the problem. They are much easier to replace than the blower moter and normally pretty cheap so I would try that first. ... 1992 Honda Accord

I have 99 deville,about a month ago it started missing and backfiring,it starts good and runs fine in park,as soon as u put it gear and give it some gas it chugs and misses.ive had hooked up to three computers and all it says the O2 cencer was pending,we reset it it can go weeks before it kickes the light on,other then that the computers say everythings fine

Firstly, It might be an Idea, only, that you could change the O2 Sensor...Only an idea right now.\012\012You could also have a look at this site I found..\012\012 ... 1999 Cadillac DeVille

My 2003 ford mustangs factory cd player wont play the cd's. there are currently 6 cd's in the player and it wont play any of them. it makes a noise like its going to change the disc but the radio screen says cd error or something like that?

... 2003 Ford Mustang

My four wheel drive doesnt work in my 87 s10 blazer , like when i put it in park to put it in gear the shifter on the floor goes into gear but the four wheel drive doesnt turn on ? is there any fuses or anything that need to kick on the front axles ?and when i drive my light on my shifter says its in 4 wheel low but obviously its not going like 65 to 70 mph i dont know whats wrong with it and its really bothering me

Sounds like either a fuse or the do u have locking hubs that need to be engaged also when using 4 wheel drive there is actually only 2 wheels turning usually passenger front and driver back sometimes u also have to drive backwards to engage and also ... 1987 Chevrolet S-10 Pickup

My husband spilled a full glass of water while driving my honda odyessey minivan. The water landed on the factory dvd player. I can put a disk in and the screen says loading, then switches to error and pops the disc out. I really don't want to go to the dealer b/c it will cost way more money than we have! Please help!

Seems it is damaged not much you can do then that, go to a stereo shop might cost you less to install an after market unit. ... 2006 Honda Odyssey

Siphoning gas I have a 1993 (I think?) Honda Accord. It kicked the bucket the other day and now I have to have it sent to the junkyard. For the past week we've been trying to siphon out the nearly full tank of gas (since I really don't need to give away $60 worth of fuel)!! Is it me or what? It seems that when we try to put the hose into the tank, something doesn't allow the hose to go all the way down. Please let me know what I could be doing wrong!!??

No it's not u, there is a vent pipe that rund down along the same space a the fill pipe, I would suggest you undue the fill pipe from the tank if you can, if that won't work remove the back seat cushion and take out the gas tank sending unit, and sip ... 1993 Honda Accord

I have a 2008 Honda accord. The Battery ran out and when I got it going again, the radio started to say error code. Now I am unable to play cds or listen to the radio.

You need to look for an unlock code, it is sometimes located in the glovebox, it may be printed on the side of the radio or you might find it written in the owners manual. If you look in your manual, it may describe other locations to look. ... 2008 Honda Accord

No drive When in Park the car goes nowhere even on an incline (no surprise I know, but I mean it is the same as applying the handbrake). However yesterday if I slowed down, say at a roundabout, the gearbox feels as if it has selected N itself and after a second or two suddenly kicks in. Now today when I put it in 3, 2 or 1 it doesn't go anywhere ie. gear not selected. D stopped working a while ago because of VERY slow accelleration.

Thats your tranny its going to hell on you mate you can replace it or junk the car if the tranny is more than the car junk it unless you have some sentimental value in it then you can replace it but hoanestly the tranny will not be cheep just warning ... Oldsmobile Omega

What is a g sensor? what is the purpose of the g sensor? Also my abs and tcs lights keep going on and off. Sometimes my abs kicks on when I put on my brakes for no reason. The garage says it is the g sensor when they hooked it up to computer. Is all of this conected and would you give me some info?

The "g" sensor is nothing more than an accelerometer. Its purpose is to determine acceleration, deceleration, orientation, vibration and shock.\015\012The sensor under a normal at rest state will measure 1g due to the earths gravit ... 2005 Hyundai Santa Fe

My shifter is stuck in park on my 2002 GMC Envoy. I step on the break and go to put in reverse the button does not depress and I can not engage it. This has happened for the last couple of days and it I was able to get it to work. However, tonight I played with it for almost two hours and nothing. The manual says that there is an orange button on the shifter that allows it to come out of park by depressing it. However, I looked all over for it and it is not there.

Hi, concerning the stuck shifter in park position, there is a plastic bushing on the end of the shift cable that gets old & cracks. This displaces the shift cable from it's mount and proper position. This causes all sorts of havoc like you are curren ... 2002 GMC Envoy

We have a Ford LTD 1998 Car. Today the electronics started to play up. A picture of a flashing light bulb has shown up on the screen. Also the battery meter dial is going up & down, from nil to half way... all the other electronics are blinking on and off aswell. A few weeks ago the battery wouldn't start. A automotive technician had a look and said the battery was old & he charged it up, could this be connected?, should we have put a new battery in.

You swear your car is coming apart in every way. I promise you, if a battery has a short(or collapsed cell) it will become hard to crank, start, and will make a very minor lighting issue look like it's going to take a complete rebuild. Replace your b ... 1992 Ford LTD

Oil in coolant after cleaning vtec screen on 98 accord lx!!!!

It definitely sounds like either blown head gasket, or possibly a blown seal from too much oil. Either way if you don't want to repair it you consider putting in a used motor which you could get for less then the price of head gasket replacement. If ... 1998 Honda Accord

No start I had head problems, had to replace the head gasket. I took the engine out and put it back in, now when i go to start the car it won't say nothing. Put in a new starter and everything and when i go to start it still won't say anything, but i bypass it and it tries to start without the key but when i try it with the key it won't do anything. What am i missing or doing wrong?

This is the link to check out for the proper solution regarding your car\015\012http://en.allexperts.com/q/Chevrolet-775/ ... 1994 Chevrolet Camaro

Hi, we have a 2001 E150 Ford Van. A new (rebuilt ) transmission was just put in. Now the van is running extremely rough. We put high tech gas and some cleaner in... we had 3 mechanics try to put a diagnostic tool but because the check engine light does not go on, they can not diagnose the problem. So now, they are saying we may need a new computer..Which I think is crazy... Is it true that if it was the fuel injectors the check engine light WOULD go on...but if the spark plugs are bad it may not

Hi, the check engine light will come up if there is something wrong with the fuel injector and the spark plug as long as the car have a OBD-II system which your car has.\015\012\015\012Rebuilding the transmission might have actually affected th ... Ford E-150

My 1995 honda accord lx or ex whatever won't move when I put it into drive. At first itwould move forward then when I applied pressure to the gas it would rev the engine but it wouldn't go faster then it'd feel like I had it in nuetral. But it will go in reverse. So I checked my oil.coolant and put all that in, put some transmission fluid in as well what is wrong with it please help.

... 1995 Honda Accord

95 wrangler won't shift into gear when first starts unless you play with the shifter for awhile, doesn't grind if forced into gear. After you put it in gear and drive it does just fine, but if you just put it in gear and don't drive but put it back in neutral it won't go back into gear unless you play with the shifter again.

Loose Shift FORK (INTERNAL) ... 1995 Jeep Wrangler

My stock cd player in my 2005 Dodge Neon was working yesturday morning, then after work I put in a cd, it played but half way through it spit the cd out and said there was an error, so I tried another cd, wouldn't play, tried another one, and same thing, kept saying error and spitting them out. This morning got in my car, put in a cd it worked, till I ejected the cd now it won't work again. went to the store put in a cd it worked, then after a while it spits it out and wont work till the car is

... 2005 Dodge Neon

1996 honda accord automatic trans problem. when the car reaches 4th gear it will kick it out of gear and go back to 3rd and will not go back into 4th, then it eventually will kick it out of 3rd into 2nd and so on until it hits first and the car will not go over 15 mph. the car has about 143K miles. The trans fluid was very dark in color, we drained about 1. 5 qts out added a trans additive "Lucas" and topped it of with clean fluid. This seemed to help/solve the problem but after driving for abou

Flush completely \015\012valves and selonoids are clogged\015\012completly new fluid \015\012clear / redish colour ... 1996 Honda Accord

Transmission shift Ihave a 2005 Impala. The thing thats wrong with it.. is when I put it in reverse, it seems like the engines drops. I'm thinking it could be a motor mount loose, but I'm not sure, also it shifts a little bit when giving acceleration, but Not a everyday thing.. I have took to place, they say there is harsh tension when trying to put into gear. It was going to cost 590 + parts to et it fix depending on what it was. They was going to pull it out, and clean the parts off to see wha

Try putting more brake pressure on your breke peddle before you put it in gear and see if the the problem stop. If it does, it's your motor mount. As as for lucas, just bring it in for a transmission oil and filter change and they can tell you more a ... 2005 Chevrolet Impala

03 pt cruiser automatic trans and when i put a new alternator in it and put the car in gear it would just stil there and rev and then suddenly kick into gear and jolt forward and go. when i pu t the new battery in it the problem stopped for about a week of two and now it wont go out of first gear

... 2003 Chrysler PT Cruiser

My honda accord 98 automatic transmission.....seems to drag then leaps in to gera initially then its aight..when I slow down....it refuses to go back to neutral so I cant move forward again.or refuses to go to 1st gear.they've worked the tranny changed the sensor in front and the six bolt sensor...dont knw what to do.........if u can say what the issue is I will know what to do.......ps my car over heats and my mech says I should change the top of my engine upto the gasket.

... 1998 Honda Accord
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