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Replaced fuel pump and will start and can drive it but then in 1 to 2 days it wont start and then if i put gasoline in the carburator then it starts up.

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

We need year and make,but the cam sensor or pick up coil in the distributor is the problem witch ever it has.
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Replaced fuel pump and will start and can drive it but then in 1 to 2 days it wont start and then if i put gasoline in the carburator then it starts up.

We need year and make,but the cam sensor or pick up coil in the distributor is the problem witch ever it has. ... GMC V2500

Last friday i posted a question and no answer can sombody help mi on this one chevy astro van 1997 4.3 engine repl cranck sensor repl cam sensorrepl ignition coil,repl ignition module repl fuel pressure regulator and still wont start( replaced battery crank only no start unless i put gasoline on maf sensor intake)" air filter" then start will run all day if needed after seat for 2 hours will cranck but wont start i check fuel pressure and only reads 40psi cold and go dow

These is barely a fuel system related problem.\015\012\015\012Also you cannot rule out the idle control solenoid. That is a right idea bbut you will need to service the injector nozzles too.\015\012\015\012They are specialised ... Chevrolet Astro

Well here we go again my van do not start with pour gasoline on air filter i repl cranckshaft position sensor camshaft position sensor ignition module coil plugs distribuitor cap good compresion good fuel pressure spark plugs wires if i put some gasoline on air cleaner will start and running all day i let seat for 2 hour then wont start please help mi everiting you sugested is been done also repl battery can you tell wath i miss tanks i running with this problem all week long do i need set this

What is the year/make/model/size of engine of your vehicle??? ... Chevrolet Astro

My 1996 gmc sonoma 2.2 5 speed wont start. i have replaced the fuel pump worked for 1 day then quit it will crank over but just wont start . if it sits for a day i can go out and start it was doing this before i put in the new fuel pump any help would be great

... GMC Sonoma

Wont start I just bought a 1989 jeep from my grandfather a year ago it ran fine the just wouldnt start, it will turn over but wont start I replaced the fuel filter, fuel pump, and the radiator. I drove it without a air filter for 4 days the put in a new one but it still wont start.

I'm sorry, but I'm a bit confused regarding your statement where you said, "I drove it without a air filter for 4 days the put in a new one but it still wont start." Please clarify. Thank you, jetski224 ... 1989 Jeep Wrangler

Can you test the ignition control module? i have a 1988 chevy g20 van w/5.7 motor it sat for a long time . it ran good and then one day it would start i put in a new fuel pump,fuel filter,coil,plugs,dist cap,rotor,sparkplug wires,one fuel injector, cleaned fuel tank and put fresh fuel in tank, also took apart to make sure timeing chain didnt jump a tooth it was ok still wont start it has spark wha tcould it be

I change the coil but not start where i can find the module in the ingene ... 1988 Chevrolet G20

I have a 1992 lincoln town car an i wus woundering if any one- could tell me wat my problem might b i can start it and drive it for a day or less then my engine will stall an then it wont start for a day or two when it runs it runs great i put a fuel pump in it fuel filter oxegen sensor fuel pump pig tail crank shaft position sensor n cheaked tha coil packs n it still does the same thang could really use sum advice

So in 1992 if your engine dosent work you will have to ask a electrishen ... Cars & Trucks

2002 passat v6 fsi engine. 90000miles..recently i changed air filter, cabin air filter, fuel filter, sythelic engine oil..it ran good. then one day i put gumont fuel line cleaner with full premium gasoline then i drove around 30 minutes and when i get home i parked it and put stp octane booster. after 3hours later i went to car then when i start the car then it didn't start anymore.. i tried all most 50times then finally start but rpm is up and down and sound like bomb! bomb! and it feels heavy.

This vehicle is due for a Fuel pump.\015\012\015\012Mixing and using to many of these Gas treatment is not a good thing, i prefer putting in 1/2 of the bottle during a fill up and only after 3k or every 6 months.\015\012\015\0 ... 2003 Volkswagen Passat

I have a f 350 v10 dually 2000 . Truck recently started putting it has no accelleration . Would start right up but the other day wont even start it tries but wont turn over . I am gonna change fuel filter my workers let it ride low on fuel before refueling concstantlty. I also bought plugs & air filter . Please let me know any suggestions.

Better check fuel pres and volume, id bet fuel filter or pump ... 2000 Ford F350 Super Duty Super Cab

2000 blazer , every once in a while it wont start... let sit sometimes 30 minutes sometimes 2 days and it starts. Put external fuel pressure gauge on... B4, when key on... gauge shows over 60 lbs. when it wont start, the gauge does not move. Wiring short or intermittent bad fuel pump?

Hi:\015\012The fuel pumps on the Chevy blazer and their full sized trucks are prone to failing, as I had to change mine on my 1996, and yours is the same model . \015\012Ours started off intermittently dieing, then failed all together. I ... 2000 Chevrolet Blazer

Car wont start. took a fuel injector out and put the same one right back in and it ran for 2 days fine now wont start again, what is the problem?

A possible fuel pump pressure issue. You will need to have a garage check the fuel line pressure. The engine requires more fuel on cold start and a failing pump may not be able to cope with supply. This may also be apparent at high revs, but not as a ... 1996 Chrysler LHS

I have a 1997chevy astro van with 4.3 engine my problem now is after i repl ignition coil wich was good advice from tech i drove van for about 4 hours then i park inside the garage when to restar engine no luck crank but no start good spak good fuel pressure but do not start remove air cleaner put some gasoline inside maf sensor engine start right away repite same after two ours with out gasoline no luck engine wont start only crank try again with gasoline run ok drve for two hours park van tr

Well since you say you have good spark and good fuel pressure, and since the car is running (at random times) the compression is most likely good. I would recommend replacing the crankshaft position sensor and camshaft position sensor. These have a d ... Chevrolet Astro

Car is running rough and then dies. Have replaced fuel sensors & Oxygen mixture controls. Was getting a code 45 but has been off for several days now. Ran well for a day then back to stalling out. It idles fine but power is low. It gradually became worse over about a month. After putting in a drying agent in the tank for water it quit completely. Drained the tank and put in fresh gasoline and the car will not start. Have used injector cleaner which seemed to help at first. The fuel pump p

Ignition module located in the distributor. aside from being a mech i also owned an '87 that went through modules frequently. remove it and bring it to an auto parts store like Autozone or OReilly and they have a machine to test your module before yo ... 1990 Chevrolet Camaro

Put in new fuel pump bout 7 months ago now it seems bad again this is 3rd fuel pump van has had since 98 any ideas what could make these keep going out it starts one day then after sittin all night it wont start again not hearing fuel pump kick on when it doesnt start getting weak again like last time it went out on me

Its the fuel cut off switch has to be replaced i had that problem ... 1998 GMC Safari

2007 jeep patriot turns over but wont start. no fuel to fuel rail. Would start then did ran fine for a day . shut off at work and wouldnt start again. Checked all fuses put more fuel in tank. tried battery disconnect reset. hellp

Need a fuel system chec-the gas pump and the regulator-also the injector pulses may be failin--find an honest mech that can testum with instruments ... 2008 Jeep Liberty

Wont idle 1991 Ford F250 Pickup 351 wisner Fuel injected when cold hasn't been started in a day will start and idle real good real smooth when put into gear and go to move will die then when try to start back will not start unless acelator held to floor when does start have to keep pumping acelator to run but wont idle unless pumping

Sounds like dirty fuel check your fuel filters see if ther blocked ... 1991 Ford F250

Please help. water got into the fuel tank of my 1995 xjr. i pumped all the fuel and water out put some fresh fuel in the tank and eventually got the engine running perfectly. left it a couple of days put some more fuel in tried to start it and the engine wouldnt turn over. all the lights come on on the dash, the P or N light is lit on gear selector but engine wont turn over. any ideas please

... Cars & Trucks

I have a 2001 Camaro V6 3.8L that stalled on the highway a few days ago. The car stalls almost instantly after starting, ive actually got it to run for about 20 secs a few times but still stalls. Plugs have been replaced a few months ago and just put in a new PCV and fuel filter. Now it wont start at all. there was no fuel pressure when removing the old fuel filter so im thinking fuel pump. was hoping there might be something else, possibly a cheaper fix.

When you turn the ignition to on you should here the fuel pump run. If you aren't hearing it then it sure sounds like the pump. Assuming nothing has happened to the car to affect electrical connections. I don't think there is a fuse for the pump b ... 2001 Chevrolet Camaro

When i put the truck into drive or any gear it idles down and stalls but then i cannot get it to start again. Changed Fuel Filter and it started. But a few days later it stalled when i put it in gear. Now it wont start it just turns over without starting. I havent checked the spark yet. 7.4L 454

Check fuel pressure before buying another pump.it sound like fuel pump. ... 1993 Chevrolet C/K 3500

My 95 Wrangler wont start when the engine is cold. it will crank but not start unless you give it gas. It starts fine when its hot (90 degrees) outside or i've already started and drove it that day, but in the morning you can crank it for a LONG time and it wont fire up. We replaced the ECM last year when it was giving us problems but we had different symptons and then it worked fine. We also replaced the starter last year. The battery is good, we have put a bottle of fuel injector cleaner in it

I was told that if the jeep all of a sudden didnt start on its own without giving it gas, then next time you start it hold the pedal all the way to the floor and it resets something in the computer and sets you back to normal. ... 1995 Jeep Wrangler

1988 truck wouldnt start put new fuel filter started up fine 2 days passed and it died installed new fuel pump and started up for about 5 minutes and died now it just turns over but wont start

Did you clean out the fuel tank? You might of had garbage in the tank still. Also, whats the fuel pressure at? ... Chevrolet C1500

1991 XJ6 (XJ40) 3.2 auto. This car has a LPG conversion fitted and is duel fuel. It starts on petrol, and then switches to gas at 2000 rpm when the switch is engaged. A few days ago now it would't start, and i suspect it had ran out of petrol. However, I have put petrol in, but it still wont start. I have tried to find the inertia switch to reset it, as there is no evidence of the fuel pump working, as referred to in the manual, but it isn't where it should be behind the passenger side kick pane

I have a dealers manual somewhere and i put it somewhere safe and i cannot find it ,typical but if its converted right it should start on lpg with no problem without starting on petrol but it all depends on the type of conversion and who fitted it i ... 1991 Jaguar XJ6

I have a 97 1500 with 5.0. It is getting fuel to the intake, but wont start. it will crank all day but no start. If i put fuel in the throttle body it will start. I have tried the computer, crankshaft sensor, Any Ideas?

Its either fuel pump is weak,fuel filter or the fuel pressure regulator.Have a fuel pressure test done on truck. ... 1999 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

I was driving my 1999 Kia Sephia the other day and out of nowhere it just died..... It will crank over without any problems and I've checked all fuses and relays and nothing is blown. I put a new fuel pump in and a new fuel filter and it still wont fire. I have spark and my timing belt isn't broke...... If I spray starting fluid into the intake the car will try to start so I'm not getting fuel. Any idea what could be wrong?

You might want to take a look at the fuel pressure regulator. If the diaphram is stuck you wont get the pressure needed to start. ... 1999 Kia Sephia

My 2003 ford explorer wont start. Ran out of gas one day. put 5 or so gallons in it. started up briefly but seemed as if it were starving for gas. changed fuel filter and then just hit fuel pump r

... 2003 Ford Explorer
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