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99 gmc sonoma when driving at a steady speed it jerks no problem on take off or anything else jst at steady speed

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

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99 gmc sonoma when driving at a steady speed it jerks no problem on take off or anything else jst at steady speed

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Acceleration problems When im driving my accelerator be jerking and slows my car down when im driving and it takes forever to pick up speed and thats normaly when it happens too i could be driving once i put my feet on the gas it takes long to climb and when it does it tends to jerk i have about 180,000 miles made like 4 trips to new york and florida im surprise i did

... 2002 Honda Odyssey

I have a 1975 cadillac eldorado. It has the throttle body and fuel injectors. While driving at low speed (10- 30mph) the car hesitates and jerks . I give it more gas and the jerking and hesitation goes away. At higher speeds while holding the accelerater steady, the speed fluctuates. I have replaced the fuel filter, fuel pressure regulator and the throttle position sensor. I have not checked the fuel pressure or began to troubleshoot the fuel injectors.

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I have a 96 chevy silverado with 5.0 vortec and 5 speed trans. It was running fine and i started to notice sometimes when driving it would lurch forward at a cruising speed. Theres no speed or rpm that it does it at and no lights are dimming like its a power loss. when it starts jerking forward if i give it gas it takes off with no problem. its gotten worse over the last few days and tonight it wasnt wanting to take off from a stop without shaking the whole truck. can anybody point me in the rig

... 1996 Chevrolet K1500

I drive a cadillac deville 95' When I crank my car and apply brake to shift into gear my gas pedal pumps (moves really fast up and down). Then after I take off my car smell like its burning and its also jerking ( taking off really really fast I almost cant hold it) its like I have my foot on the gas and brake together because it will speed up really fast and then just jerked into a slow curse some one help me please Thanks

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I drive a cadillac deville 95' When I crank my car and apply brake to shift into gear my gas pedal pumps (moves really fast up and down). Then after I take off my car smell like its burning and its also jerking ( taking off really really fast I almost cant hold it) its like I have my foot on the gas and brake together because it will speed up really fast and then just jerked into a slow curse some one help me please Thanks

You need a safety inspection done on your car asap. What you are describing is very dangerous and can injure or kill someone. I would also recommend towing it to be inspected. ... 1995 Cadillac DeVille

I have a 2005 chevy avalanche 2 wheel drive, the other day I was driving through and intersection and out of nowhere it was like I was in neutral. There has never been any grinding noise, banging, clanking, or anything else that would have warned me of a transmission problem. Now, the truck will not take off in either drive or 3rd but if I put it in 2nd and get going I can manually shift it into 3rd or drive and it works perfect untill I slow down below appx. 15mph. I pulled the trouble codes a

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Front & rear brakes keep locking up. When driving it's as if you were driving up an incline the engine is really working extra. When you take your foot off the gas the engine slows down to a stop. If you drive at high speeds while they are locking up the whole vehicle shakes. What would cause the brakes to do this. We pulled the ABS fuse to see if ABS had anything to do with it and it was fine for a little while then started up again.

Eighter your calipars are stuck or your rotors are vary worped Dose it pull to one side if so the other side is the problem and its not likely you have two calipars sticking at the sametime The vehicle shake like that when the ABS is on its not on du ... 2007 Chevrolet TrailBlazer SS

Van has a clicking noise. sounds like it is comin from the engine.but i dont know. while driving the whole van seem to shake. it takes a while before it can actually take off to a normal speed., and when it does it jerks and then takes off. what might be the cause of this problem? 2000 ford windstar

Sounds like valve train noise and engine is missing. Check engine light on? ... 2000 Ford Windstar

My 2001 saturn sc1 is jerking when I accelerate from a complete stop or when Im gaining speed then stop when I drive a steady speed

Usually a sign of a miss-fire under load.Common causes include spark plugs, coil, plug wires, injectors, or other things.Is the check engine light on ? ... Cars & Trucks

I just bought a 1992 eagle talon and one of the belts is making a high pitched squeeking sometimes until the car warms up or if I cycle the gears a few times. THe belt looks fine, no frays or anything. (Automatic)Also until the car warms up it jumps when going from 1st to second. Also if I shift bewtween Drive and Reverse or neutral it jumps. Also when I shut it off the ignition the hole car kind of jerks. Theres no strange moises, the engine runs smooth and at speed it drives fine. THeres also

As for the high pitched squeeking. Just replace the serpentine belt. Just because you don't notice any crack or no frays, does not mean that the belt is good. My car was doing the same thing and when I replaced the belt everything was fine.\015 ... 1992 Eagle Talon

Jerks and shakes from time its cranked. can drive it but still jerks, doesnt want to take in gas when speeding up, some back firing when giving it gas. engine light flashes red until letting off the gas pedal. acts like going to shut off when stopped so put in neutral.

Sounds like a fuel injector is clogged up or is not firing due to the computer not firing it. Check by putting a noid light on each injector and checking for pulse by viewing a blinking light from it. Also, one can check to see if a stethoscope can b ... 1998 Toyota 4Runner

Dodge 03 My car jerks whenever I press the gas pedal. When I am driving and let off the gas it runs smooth but as soon as I give it a little gas, it jerks again. The check engine lights on and it said something about the sensor cam so i had that replace along with something else i dont remember still no help then they change out the fuel pump still doing the same or maybe even worse please help i thing they keep telling me things are wrong cus im a single mothr of 3 and will to do anything to fi

Check the air flow sensor jack or the sensor itself it may be damaged or broken this causes the car to **** because this affects the fuel to gas mixture. ... Dodge Stratus

I have a 2004 Impala that transmission jerks into gears periodically when doing a bit of stopping and starting off. Have talked to other Impala owners,and some have had tranny problems also. It just happens off and on, you take it home and park it, drive it later, it's fine. Then when you least expect it,say going block to block, it jerks into each gear,hard. Anybody else have similar problems, or do I have a defective Impala too??? Thanx for any help you can give me Mary

This is common problems to the transmission when the fluid is getting to dirty and the transmission fluid and filter needs to be replaced. The transmission fluid and filter should be replaced every 45,000 miles to ensure there is no dirt causing the ... 2004 Chevrolet Impala

My 94 3.0 nissan hardbody kingcab 4x4 is having trouble keeping a steady idle. it will drop almost completely to 0 rpms and and then jump back to over 1000rpms and repeat itself. upon driving on the highway it has cutoff when slowing to make a turn as well, several times. and even cut off when driving over speed humps. any ideas what to check before taking it to a mechanic?

The EGR valve sticking, loose wires, bad ground connections, dirty connections, fuel pressure dropping out, vacuum leaks, or any combination of several of these at about the same time. ... 1990 Nissan Hardbody King Cab

My 2000 7.3 starts good but unless i let it completly warm up when is a little cold outside it will stall while driving like it isnt gettin fuel or anything when it stalls out i try to restart it and i takes a few times and starts running rough after it warms up its good and i just replace the glow plugs and put some sea foam in the tank anybody know anything else i could try

Get the fuel pressure checked. Put a scanner on it to check for codes and look at data. Its all a guess if you skip these two procedures. Like you already stated, you guesed and you guessed wrong,. You cant work on cars and trucks these days witho ... 1993 Ford F350

I have a 1987 jeep cherokee 4.0 6cyl with a 5 speed manual trans when i am driving with the heater on and i go to speed up the heater doesnt blow anything but when i take my foot off the gas it blows warm again im thinking that it might be a vacuum leak where should i start looking? thanks . joe

... 1987 Jeep Cherokee

This is a 1974 charger,360 ,4bbl,auto-problem is engine vibration. engine is running good, butvibrates almost like a miss,noticeable even in neutral, but more noticeable as the rpms are higher.when driving, seems not as bad as you accellerate,but after about 40 mph, give or take,is very noticeable, almost like a rhythmic grinding feel to it. when driving at steady slower speed, can feel hesitation,seems sporadic. have been told it was harmonic balancer-seems reosonable. but others say its worse-

Harmonic balancers can cause heavy vibrations also motor mounts (which think it is. Chrysler was famous for it in those years) oil will leak down from the valve covers and soften the rubber and the torque from the engine will snap the mounts and shif ... Dodge Charger

My 1995 Mazda MX6 has been driving rough on low speeds. I changed the wires and spark plugs & PCV valve,, anything else is recommended? Furthermore, I had a accident recently where the front end of the driver side got damaged. Since the accident car has become even more rough on idle and low speeds - any suggestions?

... 1995 Mazda MX-6

I am having issues with my Mercury Mountaineer cutting out/jerking when driving at a steady speed. This has happened since I ran the tank low on fuel, so I have a strong feeling it is the fuel pump but have taken it to a dealership and we have now changed plugs, fuel filter, idol control sensor, and a coil because they can not get a code. This is very sparatic so I can not get it to do it all the time and unless they would take it for a drive for awhile it does not do it for them. Sometimes t

I am having the exact same problem ... 2003 Mercury Mountaineer

Body Sound.. While driving the car i am getting loud noise inside the car at higher speeds. When driving below 30mph no sound.. Is this a muffler problem or anything else.. i should check..Thanks

What kind of noise? Humming? Screeching? Can you tell if it's coming from front? Left? Right? Does it get louder the faster it goes? Higher pitch? ... 1997 Toyota Avalon

Car jerks while driving at steady speeds

Did you have the wires replaced also?? If not I would replace both the plugs & the wires all at the same time.You may have carbon tracking on your wires & plugs.What Year is Saturn?? If it's a 91-94 You most likely have a EGR Valve floating d ... 2002 Saturn Sl

I have a noise coming from the engine compartment that starts at about 30 MPH and it stays steady no matter how much faster you drive. I've replaced the tires and have looked for loose panels or anything else that might rattle and no luck. It doesn't do it when the car is standing still no matter the RPM and the transmission shifts like normal and it doesn't change the noise no matter what gear it's in.

You still may have warranty left. Make it their problem.\015\012\015\012But I would guess a PCV valve or an Evaporator cannister valve. You can check the EGR to see if it holds vacuum. There is also a breathing tube going from the exha ... 2004 Lincoln LS

This happened all of a sudden, My 1998 Lincoln Continental turns on fine, but when I change gears from Park to anything else (except Neutral), the car stalls out. Also if it doesnt stall out, the car would drive good at high speed but once I brake or stop at a light it bounces (almost like a standard car). I just put dry gas in because I heard it could help. Does anyone know whats wrong and how I can fix it?

Sounds like the Torque Converter is locked up. Have a trans shop check it over, ... 1999 Lincoln Continental

I have a 1985 GMC C1500 Pickup. It has a Chevy 305 with a Rochester Quadra-Jet Carb. The problem is when it is cold, the truck starts up just fine, idles fine and has power. After the truck warms up in about 2 or 3 miles, it jerks and seems to misfire at driving speed. It has no power unless I punch it to the floor. Now it will kill at stop signs or if it doesn't, it will idle so low that it sounds like an old tractor. Adjusting the idle does not help. At take off, it stumbles and shakes

Your carb needs rebuilt, the float is to high or just really crapped up inside. You are dumping fuel in. Lee ... 1985 GMC C1500
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