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I have a 2003 envoy xl. When I turn the key, the lights come on, gages work, everything is good til I try to start the vehicle. Most of the dash lights quit working and there is no click or anything from the starter. Releasing the key brings back all the dash lights. I tried jumping the vehicle, didn't work, put a battery charger on it over night, didn't work. My wife needs the vehicle for her job. Any ideas? I'm thinking maybe solenoid or ignition switch. Thank you

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Hello! I believe there is a resistive connection from the + battery cable to the + connection on the starter motor and from the - battery cable to chassis ground...Caused by loose and/or corroded connections...There is enough current to light the lights and power gauges, but when the starter motor is applied not enough to turn the engine...When A jump start is applied , that battery encounters the same resistive cables...In about 5 minutes I'll send a test procedure for the cables...Be right back...Guru...Saailer
I would check the igniton switch. GM had some problems with their ignition switches. I would check to see if power is getting to the starter solenoid when the key is turned to the starting postion. You should be able to get to the starter thru the passenger wheel well. I had a 2005 Trailbrazer have the same problem and it was the ignition switch, it's not to hard to replace.
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I have a 2003 envoy xl. When I turn the key, the lights come on, gages work, everything is good til I try to start the vehicle. Most of the dash lights quit working and there is no click or anything from the starter. Releasing the key brings back all the dash lights. I tried jumping the vehicle, didn't work, put a battery charger on it over night, didn't work. My wife needs the vehicle for her job. Any ideas? I'm thinking maybe solenoid or ignition switch. Thank you

Hello! I believe there is a resistive connection from the + battery cable to the + connection on the starter motor and from the - battery cable to chassis ground...Caused by loose and/or corroded connections...There is enough current to light the lig ... GMC Envoy XL

My wife had trouble starting the vehicle and getting it to go in gear. The dash lights were out and oil light on with the engine running. Fuel gauge was empty - not working. After waiting and trying many times it started and ran normally. There are two notable things that are new. 1 - The dash lights flicker when the headlights are being turned on. ONLY when turning them on. 2 - The chime for the key being in the ignition does not work when opening the door. I can make it chime by pushing in

Your ignition module inside the steering column is either having contact issues or the connector and harnes that it plugs into is the fault . check them for servicabilty ... Plymouth Voyager

I have a 2003 Envoy. The vehicle worked perfectly until yesterday. My wife locked her keys in the vehicle while it was running. After we unlocked it with secon set we brought it home and parked it. An hour later I go to start it and it won't turn over. Dash board lights up, headlights are on but no reaction from the starter. Very werid. No indication of a stareter problem, no clicking, whirring, nada...

If the security light is flashing turn key to on posiition leave untill security light goes off might take 20 - 30 min then try to start that is a reset for the securty system good luck ... 2003 GMC Envoy

When I turn ignition key to start 2001 Camry, the engine does not try to start, but alarm is activated with horn blowing off and on, dash and outside lights blinking off and on. Thinking battery needed charging, I tried to jump start the battery with another vehicle, but engine would still not even try to start. The alarm remote still works and I can stop the alarming horn and lights by hitting the unlock button. The remote can lock and unlock the power door locks fine. I charged the battery

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I have a 2004 Ford Escape. All the Dash Lights are working except the light for the odometer & gear indicator, so you can read it at night. You can read it during the day but you cannot see it at night. I read the manual to see if there is a fuse related to this light. I could not find a fuse that is only related to this light. As far I can tell all other lights are working properly. Could the light in the dash be burned out? If so, need diagram(help) on replacing the bulb. Please help, don't wa

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Turned vehicle off and went out about an hour later and put key in and it turn over twice and now nothing. you put key in ignition and turn around and it don't do anything at all. head light's work dash light's work dome light's work. and the electric door lock's work. but nothing else


Interior lighting when I insert the key into the ignition all of the dash lights work but as soon as I turn the key on, all of the lights turn off. All gauges work with the exception of the gas gauge which is stuck on full and the information system that has not worked since I bought the car. At night time I cannot see the mph or anything. Can you please help!

Sounds like your ignition switch going bad ... 1991 Lincoln Mark VII

Won't start won't even click when key is turned on. light radio everything work when key is on. It did start and ran for a few seconds then went off. The security light flashes we tried another key that didnt work. then the keyless remote wouldn't work either. Just had anew starter 2 years ago. There was no warning it was driving just fine. do i need to take to a dealer or what

Sounds like your ign switch maybe faulty, and yes I would recommend a dealer for that job.. ... 1998 Pontiac Bonneville

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Hi!!\015\012\015\012Can you provide an email address to send this and other diagrams, this site only allows 150k images and that does not help the resolution. Thanks \015\012\015\012 ... 1995 Chrysler Concorde

My dash lights and gages are not working and my night driving lights are not working either... do i need a new cluster

If you mean the parking lights, they are not affected by the cluster.The gauges are on one fuse, the dash lights are on another, and the parking lights on a third circuit.I would check for power at the fuses then headlight switch for the ligh ... Ford Focus

2007 Hyundai Sonata. The lights for the dash board do not work? The clock, milage, key ignition lights all work but at night I can't see my dash spedmetor or fuel gauges? I checked the fuses they

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Remote starter I have a 2003 Ford Expedition EB 4x4. The remote starter stopped working. When I press the remote, the vehicle lights come on as usual, the dash powers up as usual but then it stops just shy of starting. I have pretty much the same ... I hit start, the Expedition lights up, the dash powers up, seat moves up into position and then ... "na-na-na" (the noise the 2-way remote makes when the vehicle shuts off) nothing. And on top of that, it won't allow me to turn the key in the ignit

Apparently the vehicle was in park enough to get the key out, but not enough to get it to turn to start or allow the remote starter to work. Once it had been jiggled around and put ALL the way into the PARK position, all works well again! ... 2005 Ford Expedition

I have a 2008 Dodge Charger rt ikey fob won't turn ignition seems like the key doesn't fit so got the other key fob same thing. Wheel turns but theres a red light on the dash by the fuel gage I never noticed. Lights work never had any problems before this and tried wiggling and gear shift and wheel turns nothing works! Help I'm stranded

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Well, it's not a fix, but it will get you where you are going in your truck...  since it's a diesel the only electrical things you should have are a fuel pump and a fuel distributor.  IF your truck has mechanical injection you should be abl ... 1983 Volkswagen Rabbit Pickup

Is there a way to read out engine trouble codes on a 1997 ford explorer withot a code reader. My old dodge van needed to turn key on 3 times without start to activate dash light flashing of codes. A jumper wire in a connector on my buicks and my camry caused dash light flashing readout. My wifes caravan requires holding trip odo button in on key switchon to read codes on the digi odometer. What about the ford?

No. yer lucky to get em with a scanner on those years... ... 1997 Ford Explorer AWD

I also have 98 neon with "door ajar" light and buzzer staying on but ONLY when all doors are closed. key doesnt evan have to be in ignition! also the dome light works perfect with the door and light switch both. (on when open, off when closed.) alredy checked all rubber and is perfect. didnt start this prob till replaced dash cluster 3rd time. only way to not have buzzer is remove lightbulb from dash. WTF please help... this is the 3rd dash. im sick of neon electrical!!!!!!

Sounds like their is a short in the wiring to the dome light and buzzer... i know you don't want to hear that... if it is grounded somewhere that is why it quits when you remove the bulb... possible wire caught behind the dash when you put it back ... 1998 Dodge Neon

Ok So my neon is a 2005, the lights turn on in the front of the car but not in the back..haven't been able to drive at night need help and also my dashboard light doesn't light up ither but my blinkers work and brake lights work but not my dash and back "tail" lights don't for some reason fuse or bulb or....

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I have a 1985 Toyota pickup, the charge light it on, changed the alternator and light is still on, checked all wires, checked fuse link and still nothing. Running and checked with a multimeter and only 11.58 out of alternator is only 5.52. But also tail lights don't work and had to wire fuel pump up to the fuse panel to a keyed fuse, dash lights and gauges also not working. Changes gauge cluster and never helped a bit. I am running out of ideas and need some help?????

If you are putting 11 volts out of the back of the alternator i would say you bought a defective one. ... Cars & Trucks

I was prevented from starting my 2008 Ford Escape with one of my keys but it starts just fine with my other key that no longer has a charged battery in it. Any idea why this is happening. Can I reset the key that has a battery charge to work or does something have to be reset in the car's electronics system? When I try to start the vehicle with the key that has a charge still, I get a red lock icon light up in the bottom left corner of dash window. Thanks for any light that you can shed on this

Try turning the key on for ten minutes,then turn it off,and back on,leave it for ten minutes,then turn it off,and back on for ten more minutes,then off,a total of 30 minutes,then try and start,this relearns the fob. ... 2008 Ford Escape

I have a 2001 volkswagen gulf. i drove it home from work and it ran good. when i got up that night to go back to work nothing happened i could hear the fuel pump kick on and all the lights came on. but the moter didnt turn over it did nothing. i noticed the epc light and the check engine light stayed on when the rest of the lights went off on the dash. would this have anything to do with the probablem? and what can i do to fix it.

Sounds like your battery is tired and will no longer hold a charge, Can you jump start it? If so, jump it and take it to a good auto parts store like Autozone, Advance, etc... and have them load test your battery. They can also test your charging sys ... 2001 Volkswagen Golf

2004 Subaru Forester Dash Lights out. My speedometer and tachometer dash lights are out. Only the fuel/engine temp lights are still working. I need a flashlight to see my speed at night.

Take a look at your dome like switch to see if it can dim the overhead light any.If it can't, I would start there. If that checks out, then check all connecters going to the instrument panel to see if any of them are loose. ... 1999 Subaru Forester

2006 Ford focus zx4 St..replaces the alternator last night car ran fine all day I came home for lunch and then I went to leave to go back to work about 35 min later and the car would not start wouldn't even turn over dash lights work. windows radio door locks all works but it wont turn over at all I turn the key and its like the battery is dead and the odometer wont read Milagros just dashes like this ----- -------- I checked the fuses under the Hood and steer

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I have a 92 buick park ave and when i turn the key the lights turn on, the radio works, but the car wont start and it make no noise. i think it has somethinmg to do with the anti theft system in the key. ive tried cleaning the chip in the key but it didnt work. need help!

Look for ignition fuses or just check all of the fuses.does the light on the dash come on when you try to start it. ... 1991 Buick Park Avenue

Hi i have a 2003 chrysler town and country lx with the 3.3. the problem i have is this it wont start. this is how it happens. you get in all the lights are working you turn the key the clock light and outside temp light turn off like they should and you do get a click coming from the relay switch in the fuse box but no start no power to starter. can you please help me diagnose this problem. its a great car and we need it working for our 4 children and my wife and i to get around

Sounds way too familiar. In the midst of trying to diagnose my engine fuel pump problem, the dealer replaced the 'SKREEM' module (which is the ignition/security/anti-theft module). This is what disables the starter and fuel pump, if someone pops the ... 2007 Chrysler Town & Country LX New Cars

P1685 have reset the key with the drivers door lock and getting the diagnostic code with the ignition of p1685 still have the light on the dash and the start then shut off like an unprogram key but both original keys for the vehicle do this. is th security module under the dash something that I can replace without "special" tools? is that what I need to do?

... 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee
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