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On 05 canyon, clutch is very hard to push in, cant find 1st...

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On 05 canyon, clutch is very hard to push in, cant find 1st...

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2002 dodge ram manual transmission. when i press in the clutch the sometimes i have a hard time putting it into gear. when i go to push in the clutch to change the gear i cant pull the stick out of gear and the clutch does not stop the truck from going while pushed in.

... 2002 Dodge Ram Maxi

Clutch hard to get in 1st gear but shift easy when in 2nd. And when comes to dry stop no pressure and hard to get in 1st gear. Over 2 miles gears shift fine from 1-5. When push pedal no pressure in 1st gear.

Hello deejaydevin9,Your description sounds like a u-joint is bad. When a u-joint binds it causes torque in the transmission when the vehicle is not moving making shifting into first gear difficult.The u-joints won't be lose a ... 2001 Dodge Ram 1500 Truck 2WD

I have a 87 fiero L4 4cyl standard 5 speed manual tansmission.idle is rough and real bad when you come up to a stop and push the clutch in and let of the gas pedal. it cant find a steady rpm and it goes down to 500 rpm and back to about 1400 acouple of times and finds 1000 rpm and hunts a bit or stalls.

... 1987 Pontiac Fiero

I just want to find out if it is safe to drive about 600 km. I was ask to drive my friends car as she is relocating. I took the car for a drive yesterday and realised the clutch pedal I extremely hard to push in, also You have to press it very deep in to change the gears....I do not have knowledge about clutches...please advise

The stiff clutch may just be the nature of the car. Ask your friend if they know of any problems with the clutch. If it doesn't make any odd noises, I think it would be safe. If the clutch is cable controlled, rather than a hydraulic clutch. it may ... Cars & Trucks

Clutch problem...? I am searching at what would cause, occasionly, hard shifting in put, in 1st, 2nd and 3rd with grindeling in reverse . When I manage to put 1gear on I will have sometimes clutch chatter and only there with pedal pushed. It happens when the car is worm only and the phenomenon comes and goes. When it goes it shifts like butter with not slipping, noise etc. the Flywheel, pressure plate, pilot bearing and disc has only 10 000 miles on. No visible leaks, either from master or slave

Hi Amiralred, I believe the problem is to be found with the clutch plate and most likely to do with a defective center boss. When it is removed I believe you will find that one or more of the torque absorption spring has broken and possibly the ... 2005 Scion xB

91 Ford Ranger 4 cyl 5 speed. Can't find clutch slave cyl. bleeder. Internal slave. Hard at times to get into 1st and rev. Also can't find connector to hook up tester for check engine light on.

First the bleeder will be located on the cylinder that is mounted on the transmission to engine connection by the bell housing. Second the port for this is located along the drivers side under the hood either by the fire wall or along the top of whee ... 1991 Ford Ranger Supercab

My corolla 1995 has a possible transmission problem? the clutch sometimes refuses to go back when i push it and i cant shift... or it is very hard to change gears...cant locate the transmission fluid to check? what can i do?


New gearbox installed, clutch also reinstalled as hardly used. Clutch now slipping majorly. Need assembly diagram but cant find where to get one

... Subaru Legacy

My vr4 has clutch problem.The pedal is very hard to push in and it doesnt engage the clutch at all you cant put it in gear it just crunches

... Mitsubishi Galant

My 97 dodge neon wont move when i shift into 1st and i cant find the clutch fluid reservoir. any help?

... 1997 Dodge Neon

I bleed clutch hydraulic system and now the pedal is so hard i cant push it at all

While you were bleeding the clutch, did you maintain the the hydraulic fluid level? It sounds like it ran out of fluid. ... Chevrolet K2500

Transmission hi i have a 4l80e transmission in my 95 gmc sierra k3500 1ton and the output speed sensor isnt plugged in and i cant find wiring for it.could this be the reason of why it shifts out of 1st gear hard and at high rpms.also it goes in and out of 2nd and 3rd and wont go past 30mphs/

Yes the computer uses the speed sensor to tell the trans when to shift. you need to find and plug back in. ... Cars & Trucks

I have just purchased peugeot 106 Zest 2 51plate, I found clutch is stiff, my daughter is finding it very hard to push clutch.Please advise, if this is normal, if can it be Repaired

It can be repaired. From what you have told me it coud be the clutch cable. At the worse it will be a new clutch. I hope you find this information helpful. ... Peugeot 405

I have a 2005 Saturn Vue with a manual transmission and it has about 100,000 miles on it. I was driving it tonight and it was running just fine then I had to stop at a red light and when I pushed the clutch down to put it into 1st gear it wouldn't go into gear. When I pushed on the clutch it felt like it was loose. It had no tension until I was pushing it down about half way. I left it went and got someone to help me push it out of the way. Got it out of the road and I tried to start it in 1st g

... Cars & Trucks

Clutch ignition switch 89 ford bronco, cant find it

The clutch switch should be somewhere at the clutch pedal upper side. ... 1989 Ford Bronco

I had a new clutch asembly and new slave cly put in my 1990 nissan truck about year and half ago. My problem is my clutch is hard to push down and if i don't push it all the way to floor it will g

Replace the clutch master cylinder. The rubbers on the piston swell over time and/ or break down blocking up the ports in the cylinder.. Wrong fluid is the main culprit for this type of fault. ... Cars & Trucks

Do i have to remove my clutch sensor to install my new push rod that connects the clutch pedal what happened is my clip broke that connects the clutch pedal to the rod i have the new push rod and clip because they come as one i tried to put the new clip on the old push rod but i cant seem to be able to get my hand up there well enough to get it to snap on so i figured i would pull the rod out snap the clip on and put it back in what should i do and or how do i put it in

What you might have to do is put the seat as far back as possible and put a blanket or something you can lay on,on your back facing up to the pedal.Use a light so you can see the area where you are installing the clip.As long as you have the new clip ... 2003 Pontiac Grand Am

I have 2nd 4th and R no 1st 3rd or 5th, replaced the bushing at the bottom of the gear shift, no change, wondering how hard it is to take out shift assembly with out raising the truck or dropping the tranny the ruck wont start in gear, when i push forward it just wont go , when i push all the way to 1st it doesnt engage the gate(of the H) i can push all the way to where 1st should be the drag to the right w/engaging anything


I have a 2002 kia sportage 4x4 5 speed manual. i drove it to work and drove home from work everything was working fine. the next morning i got in the car and pushed the clutch to start it and the pedal had no pressure at all. i started it in 1st gear and drove it with out the clutch and everything works fine. just no clutch pressure in pedal. is the brake master cylinder used for the clutch and the brakes? im thinking it might be the slave cylinder. i had someone push the clutch while i watched

... 2002 Kia Sportage

Im not sure if this is my problem here or not. my problem is if you barely push the brake in the brake lights will not come on and you can not put it in gear. How ever if you push hard on the brake you can put the car in gear and the brake lights come on, but you have to push really hard. i am thinking its the brake sensor but i can not find where this is located. its for a 1996 mercury grand marques

This certainly sounds like a switch problem and is quite easy to solvethe switch should be located behind the brake pedal, connected by a small rod.i cannot remember if this can be adjusted (it will be threaded if you can adjust it) ... Mercury Marquis

Clutch is hard to push in and sometimes slips when in gear car revs but wont move. and when it does move the car revs as if the clutch is still pushed in clutch is mechanical

... Dodge Colt

Squealing noise stops when i push in clutch pedal we were on the interstate and suddenly i had no clutch pedal we got off the street it was hard to get it out of gear i checked the fluid it was fine started the car back up clutch was not to bad turned around & headed for home it did it again almost wasn't able to stop the car couldn't get it out of gear the car stalled & jerked as we tried stop we tried to push car out of road couldn't move the car it wouldn't start let it sit while waiting for

Sounds like a bad Throw Out Bearing.. Needless to say.. it has to be repaired.\015\012\015\012 Depending on mileage.. may as well replace the clutch/pressure plate.. and have he flywheel looked at.. change the tranny oil.. check the u ... 1997 Chevrolet Camaro

Was driving my 1985 chevrolet sprint, got to stopsign, pushed in clutch to put in 1st geer and nothing just rolled into street. Checked clutch cable fine, checked linkage everything intact. The gear shift is like spaghetti (just moves around very very easily without pushing in clutch) While trying to put in gear it makes no noises at all no grinding nothing. I was told i need to get a new rebuilt transmission. Could it be anything else? Car was driving just fine than boom car wont go into any ge

The fact that you feel nothing at all with your shifter sounds like a linkage issue. Check the shifter linkage all the way to the tranny. Watch the linkage while having a helper move the shifter. If you have linkage movement between the tranny and ... 1985 Chevrolet Sprint

'05 Frontier w/ 6-speed manual transmission. Push the clutch straight in and truck will not start. Push the clutch in and hard to the left the truck will start just fine. No problems with starter, battery etc. Is their a swich connected to the clutch and ingnition? Please advise MW

It's called the clutch switch and it's supposed to only allow current to the starter when the clutch pedal is depressed all the way down, releasing the clutch. It's bolted in front of the clutch pedal. Yours must be bad or shifted to the left somehow ... 2005 Nissan Frontier
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