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I am driving and my car makes a squealing noise and it comes from the drivers side by the rear tire. also when i drive it makes a noise like something is dragging and it is loud and makes my tire feel like it is coming off or i have a flat tire. the noise is everytime i drive. now when i brake it makes a loud keeeeeeeeeee noise. please help.

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I am driving and my car makes a squealing noise and it comes from the drivers side by the rear tire. also when i drive it makes a noise like something is dragging and it is loud and makes my tire feel like it is coming off or i have a flat tire. the noise is everytime i drive. now when i brake it makes a loud keeeeeeeeeee noise. please help.

... Ford Taurus

I have a 2004 Ford Explorer 4x4 making a loud grinding noise almost like metal grinding and sometimes can hear a noise almost like its rubbing the tire coming from the rear of the SUV it's audible on the inside and the outside of the vehicle there's no fluid leak or Shutter when driving just a lot of very loud noise, it pulls at times when trying to make a U turn it jerked the wheel enough to startle me any idea of what this could be I know I need new pads and rotors could this be the issue?

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While driving my car is making a noise like i have a flat tire but all the tires are fine

I had that with my 2004 Mazda 3.It turned out to be the Axel was grinding off. I bought the car used at a Toyota Dealership and they said that was actually a recall on the car. So it was fixed for free but it sounded like a tire was going flat. ... 2010 Mazda 3 2.0

When i turn sharp while reversing (out of the drive way) the front end makes a very loud noise, sort of like a rubbing or something grabbing. Also when in 4 HI or 4 Low i can bearly ever turn without the truck making loud noises and the front tire on the inside of the turn sort of dragging. 2000 Explorer, new wheel bearings and Cv drive axel assemblys.. any help is appreciated, thanks

If you are turing sharp, your tires may be rubbing. a way to check is turn your tires all the way to one side and look under on both sides and then turn them the other way and do the same thing. while you are looking under the vehicle look for any ... 2000 Ford Explorer

On my 2002 Silverado Extended cab 1500, while driving over 30 mph, makes a loud sound like tire will fall off. Brakes look good, rotor looks, changed tire, still made noise, thought it was the left side and changed left side tire. If hit brakes it quits, almost is a thumping noise. What could it be?

Could be a drive shaft u joint ... Chevrolet Silverado 1500

1996 gmc Yukon 4x4 ,makes a metal to metal rattling noise while driving and bumps, uneven roads , makes horrible rattle sounds like its falling off , or real loose , and now when i make a sharp right hand turn the steering wheel jerks as if there's a flat but tires are good ,, please help

Check cv joints. check wheel bearings.. Check wheel nuts are tight and are tightening up on the center part of the wheel ... 2003 GMC Yukon XL

Loud noises When driving my car down the highway i attempted to reach the speed limit which was 55. Once i hit 45 a loud cranking noise began to occur, sounded like it was coming from the engine. Then i began to smell burnt rubber. I began to drive back home and upon reaching 45 mph my car felt like it was pulling back and making a loud noise and then shut off. I tried turning it back on but it just made a loud sound and didnt turn on. The check engine light came on but then turned off. Once i g

This could be your alternator bearing seizing up if its smelling like rubber your fan belt is not turning so you would start overheating also did it ? if so thats it also lights would go dim because you wont be charging ethier ... 1987 Chevrolet Blazer

While driving my 2004 Cadillac devile north star v8, only 30 mph and more it makes a loud humming noise. The noise does not change when steping on the brakes or turning the wheel. Almost sounds like I have really big tires with noby tread on the car but I don't.

If the tires appear OK, have the tires cross rotated.\012If it's the tread that's noisy, that may change the pitch.\012\012Does the noise change with the engine or tire speed? ... 2004 Cadillac Deville

My car shakes and is very loud when idle, and when driving it is starting to make a loud, high-pitched whistling noise. i went on a trip and when i got to about 75 mph on the highway it felt like my arms were going to go numb from the constant shake. i recently have gotten an oil change, tune up, and had my tires balanced and rotated. i have gotten rear ended a few times in the past and backed into a tree a couple months ago. there are also really big speed bumps that i have to go over every day

Oh your not a "dumb" girl. Your tires may just be bad and need to be replaced, the tires could have what they call belt separation and that's when the steel belt in the tires are bad and the tires can no longer keep there shape. Check the tire pressu ... 2003 Dodge Neon

My 2006 suzuki forenza after driving a few miles, makes a loud ''humming/buzzing'' noise from the rear of the car. it slows when you let off the throttle or brake. when you shut the car off, sometimes it makes a ''rattle'' that lasts up to a minute coming from what sounds like behind the rear driver side tire. is this signs my fuel pump is failing?

If your fuel pump was failing you would have engine problems the supply of fuel would be interupted, I would guess that you have a wheel bearing that is worn out you can check this yourself by jacking the rear of the car up wheel off the ground one ... 2006 Suzuki Forenza

Winding noise upon acceleration the noise is there when the carv starts and when i drive down the road it makes a very loud whinding sound particularly until the 60 mph mark very disturbing sounds like it's gonna blow up. I swear everything has been wrong with this o6 trailblazer, gas guage broke, door started on fire, rear hatch spoiler flew off couldn't get the spare tire down, even with the help of police officers biggest pos iv'e ever owned

I had the same problem and ened up replacing the alternator as the bearings were bad in it and the idler pulley had to be replaced also as the bearing were bad in it too. ... 2006 Chevrolet Trailblazer Ext

My 1998 ford explorer makes a loud noise (like an plane landing,when i take my foot of the accelerator, when i try to turn left or right it makes a loud grinding noise and won't move forward, it has only recently started to do this, it doesn't do it all the time maybe once or twice a day. When i stop the vehicle and change into neutral & select the 4 wheel drive selector by putting it into high or low 4x4 i hear a bang noise, then when i try to drive it is O K but then when i try to stop the noi

I would say your transfer case is on its way out. but it is hard to say that is a lot of info to take in but ya i say tranfer case is toste ... 1999 Ford Explorer

2005 chev. equinox-load noise when driving loader when driving between 60km-80km noise gets quiet when driving over 80km. Sounds like coming from tires change tires to new ones 2 months ago with no results still have the noise problem. Did not make this noise untill 5 months ago.

What type of sound is it Humming , Howling,buzzing ,growling etc. ... 2005 Chevrolet Equinox

When you start to drive my 1994 jeep wrangler everyday...right at first maybe a half of a block it makes a loud noise like I have hit something. almost like the bottom is falling out. Could this be a clutch problem? rear end ?? If it doesn't make this noise the first half block then it doesn't do it. Only when I start to drive on my way to work or home from work. Any thoughts? thanks Rick

It only does this first thing in the AM, and on cold start on 'way back home? What about weekends. If you drive multiple places does it ever do it then? Does it happen in one particular gear? If it does, what happens if you skip that gear (shift 1st ... Jeep Wrangler

1998 chevy venture E 3.4 SFI lady was driving van it started making a noise she claimed sounded like a flat tire her mechanic stated that there was metal on dipstick and she had broken a cam to my knowledge it was not dismantled i had her turn it over and it backfired from intake and through exhaust i was thinking this could be a crank position sensor or cam mag interupter or engine computer control problem any thoughts ron

Well you can remove the front valve cover and check to make sure all the rocker arms are moving if they all move then the cam is not broken if they are not all moving then the cam is broken ... 1998 Chevrolet Venture Cargo

Today i was driving my nissan altima 2005 and while i was pressing on the gas my passenger front tire was making like a scratching on the chalk board noise and it was really loud. i took it to the car shop and on the way there i would press on the brake and it would do it. they told me that it was because i could have rode the brake but i have never done that

You could have a stone between pad and disc. Or your pads have worn out as if they havent been changed since new they will certainly be due. ... 2005 Nissan Altima

Just started today. While driving the front tire sounds like it clunking really loud. When I got home I noticed the lug nut were loose so I jacked it up and retightened them, and it's still making the noise

Take the wheel off and check the lugnut holes in the wheel.if they are damaged, get another wheel fitted TODAY...otherwise it could overtake you on the highway.... ... Ford Bronco

Ford festive clutch making a loud noise like its braking the teeth of the fly wheel is it or does some think else sound like that car makes this noise weather it is in gear or not , only just manage to drive it home not game to turn it back on because it makes this noise even when out of gear and sitting there

Hi this could be a couple of things, first the clutch thrust bearing might be u/s this would make a grinding/humming noise, if its a knocking noise, it could be the big ends are warn and the shells need to be replaced, or worse still a new engine...h ... 1991 Ford Festiva

On 2005 Lincoln aviator it makes a rattling noise when it's running like the heat shield is loose but it's not nothing is loose it runs fine it almost sounds like lifters but it's not It will do it idling and stop on its own but driving it it makes the noise not loud but I no its their first thing in morn it does it louder but only bout 3 secs Could it be power steering pully or another pulley it's almost like a vibration or rattle like metal on metal rattling I've had it on rack and every

Noise is at stop,put in neutral check if no noise,could be heat shield. ... Cars & Trucks

I have a 1995 automatic honda accord. i started my car this morning and when i started driving it started shaking almost as though i had a flat tire... i got out... checked and my tire it wasnt flat...i drove it around a little and the shaking got worse..i made it back home but right when i was pulling in, the car started jerking and making a screaming sound so i put it back into park... as i was switching from drive to park the squelling noise would get louder.. when i put it back into drive i

May be a damaged drive axle. ... 1995 Honda Accord

I have a 2002 jeep liberty that we recently had alot of work done. I had new tires put on the front and it started made a loud noise after a sharp turn. My husband found the wheel loose and he tighten it. The noise pretty much stopped. The other day I made a sharp turn and it made a loud noise. I stopped the car, started off again and the noise stopped and didn't return. One Monday we were driving and it started making a loud noise again. I stopped again and started off and no noise again. M

... Cars & Trucks

My 2002 Chevy trailblazer is making a loud humming noise when I'm driving..it's not as loud when I turn the wheel to the right..also it's making a rattling noise, like metal, something loose, could this be a brake issue???

Sounds like you hub assembly needs to be replaced. ... 2002 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

What would cause the explorer to sound loud while driving? It's driving like it's whobbly. It feels like a flat tire or my tire wants to fall off. What would do that?

Tie rod ends, wheel bearings or bad tires would be my top three things to check immediately! ... 2002 Ford Explorer

Left front thumps when driving down the road at any speed and when I take a left the noise increases especially if I drive over a pot hole. Sounds like the front tire is about to break through the fender well. Please help me understand what part of the control arm would make a noise like that.

The sound you hear sounds like a main wheel bearing.Because it increases when you make a left it is 100% on that side.I would start there and check the other components as you go. Good Luck ... GMC Yukon

For the last to weeks i have been hearing this vibrating noise when im on the gas. once i step on the breaks its stops. yesterday i was driving on the highway, it was like my back tire was locking probly breaks but the noise was like loud grinding as the back tire begins to move, i pulled over immediately. i did smell a little burning smell befor this happened.

Have your rear wheel cylenders checked ... 1995 Chevrolet Caprice Classic
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