Having problems with your Ford Taurus ?

Have 2 Codes PO301 and PO316. What are they and what can I do about them?

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

Answers :

Who read your codes should have told you what they mean ,IDM codes and boost calibration high,now next time you pay autoxone to read codes dont pay them unless they tell you what they are ,Also consider yourself lucky that you can read a code ,try doing it with a europeon built car for the europeon market ,THEY ARE ALL ENCRYPTED
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Codes po300,po301,po302 I ran a code check and i'm getting the codes po300 po301 & po302

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I have a 97 ford expedition 4.6L im having some trouble with. It started having some hesitation and sputtering in the acceleration and some backfiring when driving. First code said too rich or too lean in bank one and bank two. So i cleaned the mass air flow sencer. So That fixed that. The next day I got the code PO301 and PO304. The first time it was PO301, so i changed the spark plug in cylinder 1. It stopped the problem for two or three days. Next it was both PO301 and PO304 so changed out t

This may or may not help.\015\012i have a 98 F150 with a 4.6 that i had an independent garage change the plugs and coil packs after i had the same problems you did. i had to take it back to him several times after and it never ran correctly, o ... Ford Expedition

Ok I?m getting a p1297 code and then I?ll start getting po301 If I erase the codes then start the car and let it idle ill get the po300 po301 po302 po303 Then drive the car ill get the p1297 If I erase then drive ill get the p1297 first then the po301 and so on I?m looking for a vacuum Leak but can?t find one I?m changing the coil packs around but it isn?t changing anything the car Drives great but has a slight miss at an idle can anyone give me a clue as to what to look for or What to do next i

Clean the EGR valve seat. The EGR may have become stuck. A good way to check for vacuum leaks is to use smoke near every intake vacuun hose . And near the intake manifold. The valve will **** in the smoke. If you clean the EGR valve and it still miss ... 2001 Volkswagen Beetle

Vehicle was involved in accident dealership claims jumped time -runs and makes a noise like rattling -never gives same codes -first diag .code po301 said no compression on cyl 1 and 3-tore timing apart and cams are not jumped all marks correct and chains tight nothing damaged-took back and they re scanned and codes-poo12-poo22-po345-runs good cold but rattles when warm stalls- smokes like blown up -let it sit a few minutes it will crank back up but no telling how long it will run . after first d

P0301=does not mean no compression,it means the computer saw a misfire on # 1 cylinder,P0345=cam shaft position sensor bank 2,if the timing marks are on ,i am thinking your hearing a sound of the timing being set too high and pinging unde ... 2004 Mazda 6

I have a 2002 mazda protege sending a po301 code hooked up obd2 to it and the fuel trim is lean and its misfiring real bad swapped injectors around spark plugs around and still sending the same code

Problem with #1 bad plug,bad wire,bad coil. ... Cars & Trucks

I get code po301 when i hook up code ive changed the plugs what els could be wrong

If you have a multimeter, check the resistance of the spark plug wires, especially the one going to the number 1 cylinder.  The resistance changes as the wires age. ... 1999 Ford Taurus


Hello cdhills06: My name is Roger and I will help you. The code P0301 is specific to number one cylinder. This means the cylinder is misfiring. The code P0128 relates to the coolant sensor. If you are losing coolant or have ... GMC Envoy

Misses and sputters has code po301 replaced wires and plugs still does the same thin g no more code but still misses

Check for bad fuel pump relay first! then fuel pressure / then you will know if its the injectors! : ) ... 2001 Ford Mustang

2003 trailblazer service engine soon light .code po301 number 1 cylinder misfire,code po014 cam phase eeror

You may need to replace the cam and crank sensor at the same time.some vehicles use these two together to communicate with the computer. ... 2003 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

I have 2 codes po301 and po301p wat does the p on the second code stand for

P0301P is the same as P0301, but it just means its a pending code. If you have a pontiac, that is a cylinder 1 misfire code. Check the spark plugs and wires. Compare # 1 to the rest on how they look. Could be a cap & rotor issue as well, ... Cars & Trucks

2006 g35x, hard starting and shutttering, loss of excelleration. When I pump the gas with the key in the on postion before starting, it will start up a little better, and drive with full power. I have changed the tps, #1 coil and the spark plugs all genuine from dealer. Codes in the begining were Po301 changed coil 1 then second code read P0300 multiple miss fire changed tps. Vehicle is still driving the same way. At this point I will have to have a fuel pressure test done to see if it's th

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2000 jeep grand cherokee limited- Check engine light (code PO301 cylinder 1 misfire detected) i have replaced all spark plugs - the coil pack for that specific cylinder- ran seafoam through a tank of fuel-switched fuel injectors on that specific cylinder as well. Reset light and drove for 30+ miles before going to try once again for an inspection. While waiting in line the light came back on same code. All work has been done by myself and i have come to the end of the road based on all the infor

Check head gasket if it only misses when first started ... Cars & Trucks

CODE PO 420 AND CODE PO301 and its a 2001 volvo.

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My Saturn 2002 says code PO301 Which is miss fire on # 1 cylinder and code PO507 And thats High idle My car idle is 2500 to 3000 What is the problem and how do I fix it

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Trouble Codes What does the following trouble codes mean: PO300, PO301, PO302, PO303, PO304, PO420, PO430, P2196

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Hi ,Iam again,Iam helping my brother to fix his car,its a 2000 toyota corolla ce ,1.8 .I chenge the head gasket and resurfase head,put new spark plugs,started but the check engine light come on .the engine codes po 300,po301,po302,and,,,po300 pd,po301 pd,po302 pd,can you help me,thanks.

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2003 Beetle turbo-13 trouble codes-PO300-multiple cyl misfire-PO171-system lean, bank one, PO301, PO303, PO302,PO 304-cyl one thru four misfire, P0012-intake cam position timing over-retarded-bank one, PO333-knock sensor curcuit high input-bank #2, PO328-knock sensor 1 bank one-curcuit high input, PO721-output speed sensor curcuit range/performance, PO731, PO734, PO 729 all trans incorrect gear ratio codes. Unit runs but exhausts back into the intake after 10-15 seconds after start up. All this

Low fuel pressure will cause many of those codes to set.Should have around 3.5bar pressure at idle and full throttle.Check to see if VW has a recall on the ignition coils. They are cheap to replace however.....you will need yo ... 2002 Volkswagen Beetle Turbo S

The 4runner is throwing 3 codes,#1 DTC code po302 cylinder 2 misfire detected freeze frame data fuel sys 1 cl calc load % 66.6 ect deg f 197 stft b1 0.7 ltft b1 10.1 iat 78 Po301 cylinder 1 misfire detected no data Po300 random misfire ive changed air filter, spark plugs, wires, cleaned MAP sensor, checked pcv looked good, changed rear o2 sensor, wasnt gicing a reading....im thinking maybe injetors? or injector wiring? maybe clogged cat? any help would be great....thanks oh yea i have an INNOVA

Replace the coil pack.. ... 1999 Toyota 4Runner


P0301 = Cyl no 1\015\012P0306 = Cyl no 6\015\012\015\012If you have changed plugs and leads and confident that they are now ok you need to run a compression check on all the cylinders, I'd emagine they should all be running at appro ... 2003 Ford Taurus

02 hyundai accent engine quit running won t start codes come up po300 po301 po302 not familiar with 4 cylnders when turning over sounds like no compression

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Nissan primera error code po301

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I got a 2001 Oldsmobile aurora that the code reads PO301

Well that code means ur have a missfire in cylinder one change the wires for the spark plugs that really the only thing i can think off beacuse you have already done the spark plugs and the oxygen sensors and the coil packs ... 2001 Oldsmobile Aurora

Miss fire when cold stops as motor warms code po301

... 2007 Toyota Avalon

Code po301 cylinder no 1 has 80 psi all the other have 180 psi

How could you be lostYou explained it perfectlyThe shop did all the correct diagnoses,seldom see that at all,they did great jobof finding the issue ... Saturn Cars & Trucks

98Eclipse 2.0 nonTurbo 5speed 180,000 miles ,code PO301

The po301 is a misfire code. The backfire can be caused by a excessive amount of fuel, bad valve timing etc.My guess is you have damage to an exhaust valve that may have occurred when you had the timing belt problem.A compression test will indi ... 1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse
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