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About 2 months ago my Ford ranger 2001 2500tdi started making a click sound when I try to start it. I later descovert it was only when I drove it for a while. In the mornings and at knight it started when it was cold. Later it didn't want to start at all and I had to short it at the solinoid. it started without any problems. Yesterday i went somewhere and when I got home I switched it off. When I tryed to start it again the motor turnred but no starting. I had to pull it whith another car for a

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Answers :

Your diesel requires the glow-plugs to heat up to start when cold. This is why the truck smoked excessively when you pull it to start the motor. Siince you are not having the glow-plugs warm up via the "Timer" for them and you are getting intermittent Solenoid response from the tickler wires on the Solenoid, there is one common point.
\015\012The Ignition switch is the common point. You should also observe if your "Start" light is getting the feedback from the glow plug "Timer". Replace the Ignition switch and see if you hear the "Timer" clicking before a cold start. You can also take a 12 volt test-light or gauge and check the wires to the glow-plugs when cold. The glowplugs should be getting power from the until the glow-plugs heat up.
\015\012Remove and check the glow-plugs. A good way is to remove all of them, and take some jumper cables to each briefly. BE careful as they can melt and you can ruin the threads with the jumpers. Comparison is the best way to describe testing them. They should heat up the same for all. The glow-plugs that stay dark the longest are bad.
\015\012Ask the auto parts place if they show an Ignition relay for your Diesel. This would cover the poor starts when warm. Also tell them it is a Diesel when getting the Ignition switch.
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About 2 months ago my Ford ranger 2001 2500tdi started making a click sound when I try to start it. I later descovert it was only when I drove it for a while. In the mornings and at knight it started when it was cold. Later it didn't want to start at all and I had to short it at the solinoid. it started without any problems. Yesterday i went somewhere and when I got home I switched it off. When I tryed to start it again the motor turnred but no starting. I had to pull it whith another car for a

Your diesel requires the glow-plugs to heat up to start when cold. This is why the truck smoked excessively when you pull it to start the motor. Siince you are not having the glow-plugs warm up via the "Timer" for them and you are getting intermitt ... Ford Ranger

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DRIVING WITHOUT OIL 2006 4.6 f-150 - I went to change oil the other night and found that I did not have the right oil filter, so I went to get the right one, by the time I got home it was about 9:30 pm so I decided to install the filter in the morning. When morning camw my wife decided to use my truck to dive the kids, the truck died about about one mile from the house. When I got the truck home I installed the filter and oil and prayed for the best. When I started it I didnt hear any major Rod

You could have some main & rod bearing wear due to no oil. First, put a Ford Motorcraft filter on it.\012\012report back. ... 2005 Ford F-150

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Battery is dead... get a volt meter, jump the car and with the car running on its own power check the voltage, anything less than 12v could point to an alternator but a new battery is a better place to start. put it to you this way if the car shuts o ... 2006 Mitsubishi Eclipse

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Diesel?? sounds like a electric supply problem try cleaning the fuse holders and fuses on the big fuses near the battery ... 1992 Ford F250

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Hi ST.Problems that occurr and disappear erratically are often caused by bad wiring.In your case, if problem is stalling when idling and during startup, parts that are likely involved are those determining the balance of fuel/ ... 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee

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... 1993 Chevrolet S-10 Blazer

So i had a problem i went to the grocery store and i was in there only 5 minutes or so and i came out got into my 95 crysler LeBaron 3.0 V6 and the car wouldnt start so i called someone to give me a jump hooked it up thinking it was a battery problem but the car still wouldnt start. i then called the AAA and they came out like an hour later and when they asked me to try and start it up it turned over and started and i was able to get it home but the next morning i went to drive it and it wouldnt

Thats what you will hear when starters bad,, click. just follow the big red wire from your battery to the starter, the solenoid is connected to the starter. ... 1995 Chrysler LeBaron

Immobilizer reset Put up windows without starting locked car, alarm went off unlocked the car Went to start it an hour later...will not crank everything else works. Got spare key...engin cranked but would not start. Now, neither key will start the car. how do I reset the immobilizer?

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The other day I had a problem with the blinkers not working.So checked all the relays & found the right one ,cleaned it & blinkers worked.Now this morning I was out stopped & went stopped again & car wouldnt start. So waited about 5 minutes & started right up. Got home for about 1/2 hour or so went again no problem. Stopped to visit about 45 minutes and when Iwent to leave wouldn't start again. Now severalhours later car is sitting at brothers house. 2002 cabrio. Bought it 2 years ago & only pr

Check the crancksheft position censor or the cumsheft censor if you don't have any of thouse change ur distributor completetly ... 2002 Volkswagen Cabrio

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