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Power steering hose

\015 I have a ford puma 1.7 and was told the power steering hose is leaking and have been quoted \302\243147. plus vat for the part seems very expensive for a hose\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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I need to replace the o-ring that prevents power steering fluid from escaping from the power steering pressure hose of a 2003 ford windstar. When you change the power steering pump, as you take the hose out from the old pump a new o-ring must be installed because the old one will not be useful again. I'm trying to buy the o-ring but i no one knows where or how to get it. This o-ring goes into the power steering pressure hose, which goes into the power steering pump.

... Cars & Trucks

I have a 2000 Kia Spectra. I have a bad power steering leak in one of my power steering hoses. I need to know if this hose is the power steering hose or the power steering suction hose?

The the power steering hose is also refered to as the high pressure hose if that is the one thats leaking it's usually easy to find out. While you watch for leaks on the hoses have the car running and have someone turn the steering wheel all the way ... Kia Spectra

I can't find the correct power steering hose name or part number. This hose or coil for lack of a better word, looks like a heating element for a hot water heater. This is for a 1998 Sebring 2dr convertible 2.5L V6. The part I am needing is in the front of the car directly under the radiator. I'm told it is a cooling hose for the power steering fluid yet this metal coil type hose gets hot. Nontheless it is damaged and leaking the power steering fluid. Please help with what this part is called an

The part you are asking about is the power steering pressure hose . You can get one at your loacal auto zone. here is the link below.\015\012\015\012 ... 1998 Chrysler Sebring

My power steering hose sprung a leak about a week ago, I replaced the hose, and it worked great for about a day. Well after that I went to get gas and there was a bunch of power steering fluid that starting gushing out the front, the belt slipped off and the cog and belt were pretty much clean off. So I reattached the belt and pushed the cog back into where the power steering housing is. Now it retains fluid, but still no power steering. I have a few guesses as to what it is, but not entirel

Check all the hose connections. Many times the o-ring under the resevior goes bad and leaks. ... 1994 Subaru SVX

I have a 2004 chevy trailblazer with 3rd row seating and i have a hose that is leaking power steering fluid from the power steering box. the hose goes from the power steering box to the rack opioion and i dont know what is causeing it to leak or what that hose even is called

Hoses do not last forever. Try tightening the fittings on the hose end, if that does not work, take hose off and take to parts store, partsman should give you the right one,make sure all the hard bent parts are same as old or it will not go on proper ... 2004 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

I have a 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee, with 4.7 engine. I have a leaking hose coming from steering geer to cooler. It was found after power steering fluid was leaking. My question is do I have to remove the radiator hose, power steering pump, and related PS pump hoses to get at the fitting/hose coming out of the steering gear that I have to replace?

If the radiator hose ,is in the way,you need to move it,even if you remove the p.s. hose,with the radiator hose in place,it will be impossible to start the nut for the p.s. hose,without cross threading the nut,then you will be in a mess,with a p.s. ... Jeep Grand Cherokee

I have a 79 bronco the power steering hose blew off so i replaced the hose that didnt fix it i put on a power steering pump still didnt fix it so i bought a gear box and put that on still didnt fix it. it will turn one way normal but the other way it wont turn with power steering. what do i need to do to fix it? if it matters i have 35 in tires on it

You need to jack up the front wheels with the key half on so the steering is free and the motor off turn the wheels left to right all the way slowly this will bleed the system repeat as needed one time will not be enough ,you can check with sta ... Ford Bronco

2003 Mazda Tribute DX 4 cylinder. Power steering hose that is about ¾’ in diameter that runs from the reservoir tank (where you add the fluid) to the power steering pump. Every thing I look at online has pressure fittings on the ends. On my truck there are no pressure fittings on this hose just spring clamps on each end. Trying to find out where I can get this hose or a part number. The hose is the original not a replacement.

You can get a hose at the parts store. This is a nonpressure line and you can use hose that is rated for transmission fluid.\012Randy ... 2003 Mazda Tribute

Our 01 Grand Caravan Sport (3.3L) is having issues... the power steering hose keeps blowing >.< it is the return line, not the pressure line. I have replaced it with every kind of hose I can buy because all of the dealers in my state (also the shops) are out of this part and don't know if they'll get it in ever or not... either way every time we get the hose on it blows within an hour or so after we start to drive it again. Not having power steering sucks in itself but I dont want to keep drivin

We have replace this hose alot of times on different caravans,you need to use gas hose and make sure it is plastic tied in place so it will not be near exhaust or other things that could puncture it. ... 2001 Dodge Grand Caravan

I have a 2001 VW jetta 1.T Wolfsburg edition with 116,000 miles. It has been a great car. I just has the oil & fuel filter changed 4,000 miles ago. Aty that time the drain pug for the oil ?was eas replaced as there was a slight leak. But, suddenly I could not steer my car without difficulty and found I had to add power steering fluid all the time. Today, I took my car to a shop who looked at my car and said my power steering hoses and "oil" hoses were corroded and I was losing oild and transmi

$600.00 ... 2001 Volkswagen Jetta TDI

I have A 2005 Nissan Quest the power steering hose that goes from the power steering pump to the Rack and Pinion.... this is almost impossible to get to with out removing any thing.... I dont know which way to attack it from... can you tell me the steps of replacing this hose.. the hose is in such a palce that its not easy to reach I cant figure out do I doing this from top down or bottom up and what parts to I need to take off

... 2005 Nissan Quest

Power steering hose was leaking on my 1999 Kia Sephia and I had the hose replaced, now every time I turn the steering wheel past a 90 degree turn it whines like there is no power steering fluid. it almost is like the old ford trucks noice when the pump was going out.

The first thing I would do is check the power steering fluid and make sure it is full. If the power steering fluid was low after they replaced the line, it is possible that there is air in the system in the form of tiny air bubbles. This will take so ... 1999 Kia Sephia

Mitsubish gto hi i have a mitsubishi GTO and the rear power steering rack went a few days ago so i got a hose made up that went into the feed pipe to the rear and then insted of it going to the rear steering rack it just went back into the return hose but when i took the car out for a drive i did not have any power steering at all can u help me please

Http://stealth316.com/misc/stim.pdf is the 91 manual. there's four lines that go to the rear steerng so you may have gotten things crossed.\015\012Here's a thread ... 1991 Mitsubishi 3000GT

I was parallel parking when all of of sudden i heard a pop of some sort. after the noise my steering wheel started to get hard to turn. luckily i was already parked. I got off the car and notice fluid falling out the bottom so i popped the hood. I noticed that the power steering fluid was empty so i place some in and located the spot where the fluid was coming from. The power steering fluid container connects to a hose then the hose connects to a metal piece This metal piece has a nut on the bot

The front axles need to be replaced.\015\012you should hear a pop pop popping when you turn sharply in a parking lot under a load or giving it gas.\015\012left or right\015\012unless the power steering fluid is all over the ground t ... 2002 Ford Escort

This is about the high pressure side hose from the power steering pump which has a sort of electric shut off. Dati nag leak at pinalitan ng bagong hose using the same valve. after 2 months, umingay na na pag pihit ng manibela. Pag inalis mo yung connection ng kureyente o ibalik mo man, parang walang epekto. Ano problem? Yung electric shut-of o yung hose o and power steering pump. Magkano yong pump, o yun bagong hoes assembly kasama yung valve. Thank you Eugene Calicdan E-mail: [email protected] ya

First try to replace the Hi side hose w/ original one before u buy a PUMP assembly!\012U could buy cheaper part in Banawe, Young Bros. is the store, they could get u a replacement and original w/ discount! ... 1996 Nissan Sentra

I am trying to replace my water pump on a 96 mercury mystique. the hose that connects the radiator to the water pump is hidden behind the power steering pump, and the a/c unit, making it seemingly impossible to remove the hose from the pump(to pull the old pump out). Do I need to remove the power steering pump or a/c unit to get at the hose to remove the water pump? if so how would I go about removing ether, i have only spotted one bolt I can get at.

The a/c and p/s pumps have 2 bolts.One is a long bolt that runs throught the body of the pump and that is used as a pivot point to adjust the belt tensions.The other may be on a smaller bracket that locks the pump in place.Or it will have the second ... 1996 Mercury Mystique

Power Steering needs topping up daily & there's oil dripping to the floor, also the rack boot needs replacing. As we don't have $2'000 for a garage to "fix" the power steering problem, How hard is it to remove the power steering pump, hoses, rack & steering? & replace with a manual steering rack & steering? Do we need any extra special tools, or can a couple of back-yarders do this replacement?

If you are up to it, you can remove the Rack and Pinion and have it rebuilt. Most of the time the rebuild kits can be purchased locally, but I recommend you have it rebuilt by a professional. I usually just buy new Rack and Pinions and get the old on ... 1984 Subaru Brat

Had new power steering hose from box to brake booster area replaced due to blow out, filled up reservoir with power steering fluid, but it won't work and power steering motor on flywheel starts whining loudly when it warms up. Is there a power steering diagram available to see how the system works?

... Ford F-250

I have a 2001 Ford windstar and currently have no power steering. Had the pump replaced along with the hoses, but still no power steering. What can be the problem?

98 ford windstarloosepower after drive 12 miles going up hill then loose power and the converte the front turns red hot ... 2001 Ford Windstar

Power steering hose, leaking. How to replace power steering hose.

You will have a leak from the pump, pressure\015\012hoses or the rack. You will have to get the system washed down and\015\012inspected for the leak, most common problem is the steering rack\015\012leaking, this will leak oil onto the exhaust a ... 1994 Toyota Corolla

Power steering Are the two power steering lines (hoses)going into the cooler under the vehicle return lines? And could I replace them with any high pressure hose line?

Go to a parts store and tell them you want power steering return hose or transmission cooler hose. It comes in bulk, they can just cut off how much you need. ... 2001 Dodge Caravan

1998 Pontiac grand prix gt leaking power steering fluid, high pressure hose is good. The pump, hose and rack&pinion replaced few months back, but with the weather bouncing between hot and cold suddenly not holding power steering fluid.

SEALS IN PUMP MABY GOING ... 1998 Pontiac Grand Prix

1997 camry toyota v6. steering power leak; started with the fluid fix i bought at auto store; still leak; steering power pump replaced. still leak. clamps on hoses and the fluid container replaced. now dry around hoses since clamps. but still leak? what else? next is to look at the boot?

... 1997 Toyota Camry

1993 Cadillac Deville power steering hose leak. Can the power steering hoses be changed without having to remove any other parts? If not, which parts have to be removed?

... 1994 Cadillac DeVille

I have A 2005 Nissan Quest.. the power steering hose that goes from the power steering pump to the Rack and Pinion.... this is almost impossible to get to with out removing any thing I dont know which way to attack it from... can you tell me the steps of replacing this hose

... 2005 Nissan Quest
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