Having problems with your Ford Mustang ?


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Answers :

Sorry dont have a pic but it is under car passenger side at the back of the engine
Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for Ford Mustang

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Exhaust system could someone show me exactly what the stock exhaust system layout looks like in an 87 ford bronco cause i need to build one and i have to know what parts to buy i know need a cat a muffler and pipe but i need to know do i need two cats?

It had 2 cats original but I always got a better exhaust sound by taking one out. ... 1987 Ford Bronco

Need to refil all fluids and need to know what to use and amounts on a Subaru GL Wagon. 2 wheel 4 wheel. The car has been sitting undriven for over a year. I know it needs tun up also but have no book so my brother is helping. I dont know how much oil or tranny fluid or what I need to do. HELP

If oil and transmission is not leaking, then no reason to fill them. The oil dipstick is marked with an "ADD" and "FULL" mark. Pull the oil dipstick and check the fluid level. It is is at ADD or below, add 1 quart and repeat the process of checking t ... 1984 Subaru Gl

I have a nissan xterra 2005. the service engine lite came on 2 days ago.the code came up po340.also at the same time the vdc and slp lite came on.the code p0340 is the camshaft position sensor from what auto zone told me.i dont know where it is located also dont know if i need a straight one or curve one.sometimes going down the road the car cuts off.i just a simple backyard mechanic that needs help on how to fix car.it is also a 4wd if needed to know. thanks.

I bought Nissan when i drive its showing 4WD oilfilter sign and when i spped up 70mph its hickup and slowdown, advise whats wrong with this car, thanks ... Nissan Xterra

I need to know how much oil and what kind of oil a 2003 GMC Sierra 2500HD takes I need to know how much transmission fluid and what kid a 2003 GMC Sierra 2500HD takes I need to know what size the washer fluid container is on a 2003 GMC Sierra 2500HD.

Check owners manual,or call a gm service dep. ... 2003 GMC Sierra 2500HD

My 2005 chevy trail blazer has code p0410 and i dont know what needs to be replaced provide that i know that it means secondary air injection system but i need to know the part that needs replacement

Check the air pump on your trailblazer, make sure its clean inside and the hoses are properly fastened. also check to make sure it works properly by listening for it when you start the vehicle. if the air pump is working correctly, replace the positi ... 2004 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

I have a transmission leak & need to know what the part is called by describing it. It may be some sort of shifting sensor, its a small box in the front posibly with wires coming out of it, I have a gasket leak & need to know the name of this part & find out if I can just get the gasket or if I need the whole kit but dont know what this part is called.

If it leaking you need to check for cracks and holes. If you can't find them and its leaking around the seals you need a new gasket. Hope this helps!?\012\012\012Please rate solution - Thanks. ... 2000 Dodge Stratus

I got a 1997 chevy k1500 with a 350 in it. i know its gonna cost alot to put a diesel in it but i want to know what i would all need to convert it over might try to get a 6.6L duramax or possible a 6.5L turbo diesel engine to put in it a believe i got the 4L60E in there do you think that it would bolt up to one of those engines and would i need a different computer and what else would i need to buy for it? and what would it cost, i know its possibly gonna cost alot but don't tell me to se

Be straight please. ... 1997 Chevrolet K1500

I got a 1997 chevy k1500 with a 350 in it. i know its gonna cost alot to put a diesel in it but i want to know what i would all need to convert it over might try to get a 6.6L duramax or possible a 6.5L turbo diesel engine to put in it a believe i got the 4L60E in there do you think that it would bolt up to one of those engines and would i need a different computer and what else would i need to buy for it? and what would it cost, i know its possibly gonna cost alot but don't tell me to sell it a

By the time you purchase a decent diesel engine and install all of the required components, you may have over $10,000 in it. The engine will be heavier, so the front suspension will need to be beefed up. Will the gearing in the transmission and rear ... 1997 Chevrolet K1500

I need to know how to replace my turn signal switch on my steering wheel my windshield washer turner broke off so either I need to know how to fix the windshield washer switch or just replace the whole turn signal switch? I can use my windshield wipers I just have to hold the part that feel off I don't know if it had some spring to keep in place but I can't leave it on there and turn the dial to make my wipers go faster or slower. Hope I was detailed enough so you know what I am asking.

The turn signal switch or in Ford terms "multi-function" switch is easy to replace if you are mechanically inclined. Lower the steering column "tilt" adjustment for easier access. Remove the lower panel (below the steering column). Remove the three s ... 1996 Ford Crown Victoria

I need to know why my 1985 blazer is idling so bad. i know the plugs are bad in it and that it has many miles on it. is my plugs the only thing i need to change? i have a new altenator. i have changed the oil, which hasn't been changed in 7 years. it has a brand new starter and brand new air and oil filter. and i am also about to put new valve cover gaskets on it. i dont know if any of these things could have helped it. and i wanted to know it the old oil could have hurt my motor.

I good tune up may cure your issues but is not garanteed. with a vehicle this old I would change the ignition module(located in the distributor), ignition rotor, ignition cap, ignition wire and the spark plugs and oil change. Check the pick up coil ... Chevrolet Cars & Trucks

Bad injectors ford girlfriend problums. cut injector harnes -gone- need to know witch way to hook up injectors I got 1 tan w red 1 tan w ornge n 2 reds I KNOW REDS GO TO 1 side of injectors an 1 tan to 2 of them an other tan gos to other 2 infact I know witch 1s but need to know configureation help my ex girlfriend got mad an then took the sockets with

I am not quite sure what damage you are repairing, there is a red and white wire, just make sure all the reds go to the same side of plug, the white is the ground the PCM it turns off and on to pulse the injector. ... 1985 Ford Thunderbird

I need some explanation on the firing order on the spark plugs and how to properly install them. Because my husband changed them out and now the van starts but won't turn over and go! I have the same problem . I know the firing order 165432 blazer zr2 2002 v6 but I would like to know how to place the wires on the distibutor also we have removed the distributor and I need to know the piston # one is tdc but know what to do with the distributor so I can get it back working thanks Dan

Your plug num,bers should be on the cap. ... 2002 Chevrolet Blazer

I need to know the firing order for a 1991 Chevrolet suburban. 1500 2wd. I need to check the wires going from the distributor cap to the spark plugs to see if they are correctly located. Before I changed the distributor, wires and sparkplugs the engine was missing but idled fine. Now it is idling ruff. Need to know information about distributor cap and were wires need to go to check problem.

1988-95 5.7L and 7.4L Engines \015\012Firing Order: 1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2 \015\012Distributor Rotation: Clockwise\015\012\015\012\015\012 ... 1991 Chevrolet Suburban

I have over $1200 worth of electronic parts including a new computer from my 1987 Chevy Cavalier (good FW trans/300,000 miles on motor). I need to know if the new parts can be used on either my 1991 Dodge Caravan (need front wheel drive trans), or 1996 Chrysler T&C SW (need new fan, muffler, & windshield at present) I need to know if these other parts are interchangeable??

Sorry no interchangable parts except a small chance the battery might work in one of them. ... 1987 Chevrolet Cavalier 4 Door

I need to install a cigarette lighter into my 2003 Lincoln Aviator and need to know how to do that. I took it in the get the check engine light looked at since it is on but the place couldnt tell me because my lighter is broken. They said it was bent and I needed to buy a new one and install it. I got the new socket and everything but now need to know how to install.

Take it someplace else to have it looked at\012A non functioning cigarette lighter will not prohibit someone from reading the OBDII code. ... 2003 Lincoln Aviator

Clutch kits my clutch is goin bad.i need to know were i can look to find a new clutch.i would like to know the diameter? if i can just buy a clutch kit?or am i going to need a flywheel and pin and bearings and all that.i have a mechanic but i need the parts.what do i need to get?

Call your local auto parts store napa or carquest i swho we use but there are many more. but when you call tell them year make engine size 4 or 5 speed and tell them you want a complete kit (clutch pressure plate and throw out brg. and possible pilot ... 2001 Volkswagen GTI

1985 gmc s15, no air, 4wd, 2.8L jasper engine, NOT a stock gm engine. 6 cyl. need wiring diagram for it, OR need to know if the haynes manual has the right diagram for that truck. all i need right now is to know which wire is for the cig lighter so i can install a lighter to charge my cell phone. i tried another site called free wiring diagrams.com or something like that 6 weeks ago. they said it would take 7-10 days but i never heard from them.

... 1989 GMC Sierra

Hood latch i need to know what the part is called that latches the hood. my hood has the hook, but i don't have the bottom part that it connects itself to. i also need to know if the piece is going to need to be welded or is it screwed in somehow, and where it is located on my vehicle. to the frame? right now, my hood is being held down by a tow strap that is fished through the hook of the hood and tied around my bumper. i'm afraid if i don't get the piece to latch it into, my hood will fly

Its called a hood latch and its bolted on top frt of radiator support. ... 1997 Chevrolet Cavalier

I need to know how to replace the side mirror on my 2003 Chevy Tahoe. It is a heated mirror and I need to replace the whole unit. I especially need to know how to take off the door panel to unhook the old wiring and hook up the new wiring.

Well, technically you dont have to remove the door panel to remove the outside door mirror. At the top of the door panel, at the front of the door, there is a triangle shaped plastic cover. It's held in place with push clips, so pull that cover off a ... 2003 Chevrolet Tahoe

I know just enough about car mechanics to be dangerous. I replaced the water pump and put the timing belt back on just the way it came off and it must have slippied a tooth. I need to know how to reset all the timing marks. 1 of the manuals send that when you release the pin holding the belt tensioner, the holes should still line up. My plunger moves upwards about about 1/4 inch, does that mean it needs replacing. As far as aligning the timing marksI know it all starts with find the TDC but how

TDC can be found by re-installing the cover and referencing the "0" mark on the timing scale with the hash mark on the pulley. If there isn't one, your other option is to make a reference mark on the pulley and a reference mark in the same place on a ... Chrysler Sebring

How do i change a rack and pinion bellow on a 98 chevy cavalier? I need to know if I need a tie rod end puller and I also need to know where the clips on the bellow are located I can find the first one but where is the other? I have power steering fluid leaking from the bellow and I'm pretty sure that the rack and pinion is not bad because I had it replaced at agarage not too long ago.

The bellows is just a dust cover. If fluid is leaking from the bellows, the rod seal is bad. It's usually cheaper to replace the rack than it is to rebuild it. ... 1998 Chevrolet Cavalier

Actually, this is not a car problem. I know from experience most 'car guys' know how to repair lawnmowers as well. Since you don't have a listing for lawnmower repair well, you get the rest.... I need to replace the back (drive) tires on a Toro Super Recycler Walk-Behind Mower model 20042. I have the correct rear wheel's but I need to find out how to remove the old gear and place it on the new tire. I've tried using a gear puller, but that doesn't work. I'm assuming I need to buy a new gea

Have you checked the Toro web site? I looked and found the rear wheel assembly and it looks like the tire, wheel and gear come as one assembly.\015\012Here is the web site you can look up the part and see the drawing. ... Chevrolet Camaro

Clutch Hi i have to change my clutch and cable i need to know what tool's i need and i also need a walkthru do you know where to get a free verison

Thank you for asking us , but i am sorry tell you that you will not find it for free any where , but you can check our site www.fixya.com ,and buy it from the products section , and i granty to you ... 1987 Honda Accord

Radio Code My boyfriend recently removed my stereo from my Chevy Aveo and replaced it with another. Well, I am about to sell my car and when we put it back in, it wouldn't work. I know that I need a code, but I do not know where to find it. Can anyone help? my radio works but i lost the code. i need to replace the battery, so i need the proceedure to display my current code before i disconect the battery. Any answers?

Sometimes the proceedure is in your ownwers manuel(sometimes the code is on the back of the radio. ... 2004 Chevrolet Aveo

Clutch when I press my clutch in it sticks to the floor.I know that its leaking but i know where from I just need a diagram so I know exactly what part it is that I need to order if anyone can help with a diagram of the engine and its parts or a place to get one I would appreciate it very much.Its a 96 Honda Civic DX non VTECH

Sounds like the part you need to replace is the clutch slave cylinder or clutch slave actuator ... 1995 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme
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