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I just converted a 1967 mustang from manual steering to power assist steering. When I had everything hooked up and ready I started the engine and the steering wheel went nuts, back and forth, back and forth, pretty fast. Got any ideas. Thanks, Jerry

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The power steering assit cylinder you have has a portioning valve on it, that valve is defective, know this for sure had the same problem on my mustang
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I just converted a 1967 mustang from manual steering to power assist steering. When I had everything hooked up and ready I started the engine and the steering wheel went nuts, back and forth, back and forth, pretty fast. Got any ideas. Thanks, Jerry

The power steering assit cylinder you have has a portioning valve on it, that valve is defective, know this for sure had the same problem on my mustang ... Ford Mustang

I just converted my 1967 mustang from manual steering to power assist steering. My problen is, when I had everything hooked up and started the engine, the steering wheel went nuts, back and forth, etc. Thanks Jerry

Contact the supplier of your conversion parts ... 1966 Ford Mustang

97 olds aurora.....car drove fine, went to turn it off and the key didnt want to come out. Really had to mess with it and pull hard to get it out. Now the ignition part is stuck in the lock position, the steering wheel is stuck in the lock position and we cant get the key to turn the ignition out of the lock position and start. Tried turning the steering wheel back and forth and turning the key with no luck. Used jack to get any pressure off of the tires and turn the wheel and key, didnt wo

U need to replace the ignition lock cylinder ... 1994 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera

Can you bleed the air from the power steering system on a 99 malibu? The unit was making a lot of noise so I changed it with one I pulled at a junkyard. After starting the car and turning the steering wheel back and forth several times, the fluid in the power steering reservoir looked like coffee with cream. It still whines when I turn the wheel. Any idea whats going on and how I might fix this?

Yes you can, make sure fluid in power steering is full. jack up car and move steering from left to right, til it hits wheel stops. keep checking fluid level. when bleeding air from system, raise idle to about 1500 rpms. then turn wheel left to rig ... 1999 Chevrolet Malibu

My steering wheel is locked and I can turn the key. I've tried working the steering wheel back and forth and I've even jacked the car up to relieve tension and still nothing. any ideas?

Somebody is going to have to take the steering column down and see what the issue is. The steering column is mechanically connected to the lock cylinder as an anti-theft provision. ... Saturn S-Series

Need to change rear wheel bearing on a 1991 Geo Metro. removed spindle nut but can not get drum off. put wheel back on and rocked back and forth while hitting spindle with a brass hammer .... no luck. any ideas

A 5 pound steel hammer is needed to whack this off. first I would retract the brake shoes first to give the drum more room inside so it will remove easier ... 1991 Geo Metro

Ignition and wheel locked on 99 Nissan Quest. Just replaced the battery. Tried rocking the steering wheel back and forth while turning the key. No luck. Ideas?

Http://groups.yahoo.com/group/villagerquest/ ... 1999 Nissan Quest

OK i have a 2009 nissan xterra first off I love it, 2nd off i got 2 brand new tires put on the front and the ones from the front put on the rear. Well the tire man told me i needed an alignment bc it was eatin the inside of my front tires well i went and got that done problem is that it drove better before. The steering wheel bobbled back and forth and i veer to the right and to the left when im still going the same direction. I took it back to the guy that done the alignment and he jumped down

I would get a second opinion. Apparently the tire guy may have got the alignment right, but didn't check for loose suspension or steering parts that will cause your problem. Have your inner and outer tie rods checked for wear and looseness. Also th ... 2000 Nissan Xterra

When driving frequently the vehicle will start swinging back and forth like you are moving the steering wheel back and forth you let off the gas and it quits for awhile been aligned and checked why?

Was the suspenssion checked out before the alignment was done?? something is loose/worn out. i would be looking at the lower control arms/bushings on lower control arms.something tells me that who ever did the alignment didnt check out the suspenssio ... 1988 Nissan Pathfinder

I have a 1994 Ford Explorer. I have a problem with the steering. Seems to pull first one way then the other. Almost like it flips back and forth from one side to the other. Feels like something is loose. I have checked the tires, lug nuts and things like that. Nothing under it seems to be loose either. Any Ideas?

Depending on the mileage of the vehicle your radius arm bushings can cause the above symptoms, ... 1994 Ford Explorer Limited

325i locks I just bought this car last week. This morning went out to start it and can't get the ignition key to turn--rocked the steering wheel back and forth with no success--help!!!

Always remember BMW keys will go in the switch correctly and backwards always keep the BMW emblem on the key facing you when inserting the key this is problematic for many new BMW drivers. This is a service tip. ... 2005 BMW 325i Automatic

Key doesnt turn! We have used two keys a key that wasnt for the car that worked and a the key that worked. We used the wrong key to start the car then parked and now when we went to start it using wrong and right key, the wrong key wont go all the way in and wont turn in the column and the right key goes all the way in but wont turn. We have moved the steering wheel shitloads and rocked the car back and forth but still nothing thanks guys

Sounds like the key cylinder is bad! the way u described the problem sound like an older car and the original key looks worn or is rounded at the edges ... 1992 Plymouth Voyager

As I brake, the truck feels like it has a warped rotor b/c as it is stopping, it is not a smooth stop. It is a back and forth feeling that slows as the truck slows. If I brake hard, it also vibrates the steering wheel. I've brought it to a mechanic shop twice to have it looked at and they swear the rotor and brake pads are all fine. They said they have no idea why the issue is there, but it is not getting worse. Any other issue it may be other than the rotor?

Could be a loose caliper, but I would expect the garage to have found that. But, on the otther hand a garage returned a vehicle to me once with the caliper bolts wrung off, so who knows... ... 2006 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 2WD

Squeek when turning steering wheel back and forth. and also on right side car squeeks when pushed up and down is this a strut problem or nut problem

Not necessarily, Dryeness can cause this. Had this once on my Lancer Evo. Still there when cleaned the car? ... 1993 Honda Accord

Steering wheel went from dead center to 2o'clock where is nut and how to put back at dead center

There is a bad reason for the steering wheel to move from dead center to 2 o'clock. Bring the car to a front end shop that can check the alignment since it's been thrown off and there may be some damage to the steering or suspension parts to the fron ... 1997 Lincoln Continental

Steering Wheel Shakes/Rotates back and forth ~ 1" - Shimmy's?

Did you ever let somebody check the wheel allignment, it may be the camber shaft. ... 2002 Ford Expedition

I just relaced the gear box now the truck wont run unless im turning the steering wheel fuel pump good car is firing over to keep it running i have to keep turning the steering wheel back and forth pl

... 1994 Chevrolet K1500

1998 trooper.Will not stay in four wheel drive. Will engage but comes out of four wheel drive went picking up speed and makes a racheting sound. Stopping to get it back to two wheel drive takes some back and forth moving but does go back in to two wheel drive.

There are several different types of 4wd setup that are out there, Very common is the mark 3 it has shift on the fly it means that your shifter has a sensor on it and once 4wd is selected then 2 solenoids are engaged and this locks the hubs in. Norma ... Isuzu Trooper

Steering all of a sudden starts, now forgive me, "goes back and forth, by itself..." when i came to a stop, full stop with foot on brake, the steering wheel "goes back and forth" by itself...seems to happen randomly...

One of two things has happened. You have a damaged wheel / tire assy. One of the wheels is bent or the tire has a bubble. Or you have a warped brake rotor. Most likely it is a front rotor - but can be any one of the four.\015\012To ck for a bad tire ... 2006 Chevrolet Malibu

I just put in new rear wheel bearings and oil seal and I ended up with no play at all in the wheel. The racers are as deep as they could get and the oil seal is leveled with the the back of the hub. Or should the oil seal be deeper in right down to/ touching the bearing? I tightened the lock nut real hard then backed it up until I could turn it by end. Then barely tightened the lock nut again. The bearings seemed to be sitting pretty well,and there's not friction with the brake pad, yet there's

If all was installed correctly, I always spin wheel slightly while tightening the nut. You don't need to reef it right up as tight as you can get it, just good and snug with a little pressure, then back it off to the first notch that the cotter pin w ... 1992 Toyota Tercel

I have a malibu 2006 and my power steering is freaking out on me.It all started be the steering wheel moving by its self while i'm stopped. now the light is going on and shutting down the power steering. I hear it has happened to many of them out there and that's not good for chevy owners. When is chevy going to do something? when someone dies? The steering is also freaking out on my 06 Chevy Malibe. While stopped the steering wheel shakes back and forth, and while driving down the road it move

I bought the part,now need guidelines on how to replace it ... 2006 Chevrolet Malibu

Loose steering Im looking to purchase an 89 GMC Step Van: I think it is a P30. My brother test drove it and said the steering is very loose; he said he had to turn the steering wheel almost all the way before it started to turn. He also said when he went around a corner that he had to turn the steering wheel all the way then he had to turn it all the way in the opposite direction to straighten back up. Do you knopw what this is and the cost to fix it, as far as part and labor? Thanks

Can not guess at most vehicle problems withouthaving the vehicle to check over,SorryParts & Labor costs are discussed at the shop you chooseNo one knows what someone else would charge ... Cars & Trucks

Steering wheel shaft is loose in column. I removed the steering wheel to replace ignition switch that went ok but when all back together, wheel has about a half inch of play all the way around.

Don't know exactly what you mean, but the steering wheel is tapered and has splines. You sort of wiggle it as you put it on, in order to ensure the splines line up. Then you tighten down the center nut. In which case it can't possibly wiggle. ... 1985 Chevrolet Chevy

About a week ago i was driving my 2003 Tahoe and it was in auto, hit a patch of ice and that 4 wheel drive slipped and then said to service my 4 wheel drive. I went home turned it off and then back on worked fine. Today was also driving it in auto and went over some rail road tracks and then it was like it went into nurtal. Could hear the engine rev up but would not speed up. Pulled over and put it in park and then started to drive again and has been working fine since. Any ideas?

There are very suspect to the TCCM (transfer case control module) more so when they have the auto function. There are a few calibration updates for the TCCM, but don't usually result in the vehicle going into neutral. I would suggest you get it scann ... 2003 Chevrolet Tahoe

1995 Grand am power steering pump was ran without fluid for a day or two. Refilled with fluid. It now has a lot of air bubbles in the fluid and makes a fairly loud wine or growling noise when you turn the steering wheel. Does that mean the pump is bad. I was told to keep turning the steering wheel back and forth and the air bubbles and noise would leave.

You can try it, but these pumps dont last long when run dry ... 1995 Pontiac Grand Am
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