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Sticking rear drum brake

\015 Lately, when I go to drive my 200 ford focus, the left rear passenger wheel is seized. when I drive it in forward and then reverse, this seems to resolve the problem. also brake pedal is pulsating when I apply pressure. any solutions\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

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Changed the rear Brakes in my 1992 Ford F-150 2 wheel drive Pickup. On the passenger side rear with the adjuster all the way in, the drum was still difficult to put back on. Put it on anyway and went for a test drive. Brakes don't appear to be sticking or grabbing but felt the drum and the passenger side was much warmer (Hot to the Touch) than the other side. Any Ideas?

Pull both drums and VERY CAREFULLY compare the left and right side, check all the hardware and return springs, position of the shoes, etc. (You know that the left and right are mirror images of each other, as you look at each assembly, think "front v ... 1992 Ford F150 SuperCab

Rear brakes locking(until abs kicks in) with little front brake application and very light pedal pressure. also have really poor hard/emergency braking response, vehicle doesnt stop as aggresively as it used too. front pads/rotors replaced using exactly same parts as last time, checked for glazing, checked for sticking calipers, bled brakes, adjusted rear brakes(drum brakes), scanned for abs faults, checked entire system for leaks/damage/abnormalities. everything i have checked has been ok. seem

Even if the proportioning valve is wide open the rear brakes should not lock up, this is indicative of the front piston not working on the master cylinder, if there was a problem with the abs it would throw a code so to chec ... 2002 Dodge Durango

My parking brake light stays on and my brakes seem to be sticking as well.1995 Chev.pick-up,I pulled the rear wheels off and found I could still rotate the drum without any sticking or rubbing. Could this have a bad parking brake cable not releasing? Thanks, Terry

If the cable wasn't releasing the brakes would be engaged. I'm guessing the sensor (switch)on the brake lever is slightly out of adjustment. ... 1999 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

My parking brake light stays on and my brakes seem to be sticking as well.1995 Chev.pick-up,I pulled the rear wheels off and found I could still rotate the drum without any sticking or rubbing. Could this have a bad parking brake cable not releasing? Thanks, Terry

It sounds like the front brake slides/or pins are sticking i would service front calipers and apply lube where needed.For the brake light you would need to check the brake fluid level sensor turn it counter clockwise 1/4 turn and clean with brake cle ... 1995 Chevrolet C1500

Was having issue with the slack adjuster stopping mechinism was wondering where i could get a diagram on how it looks when installed. Also any advice on why the rear drum brakes will not release all the way when you have to slam on the brakes even when it gets hot outside the are mor prone to sticking. and coments back would be greatly appreciated.

... 1999 Dodge Durango

Sticking rear drum brake

... Ford Focus

I removed the rear wheel from my 2004 toyota corolla and I now have access to the rear drums. How do I open the drums, and what are the proper procedures for replacing the stock shoes of the rear drum brakes? I am familiar with disc brakes, but this is my first time working on a drum system. Please advise me how to open the drum and then any helpful tips for removing/reinstalling the shoes. Thanks

The holes are toward the center of the drum, about 4 inches apart. they don't look like much and are easy to overlook. Check your repair manual. On some front wheel drives (undriven rear wheels) you take the axle nut off and pull the hole drum and ... 2004 Toyota Corolla

Hi i have a 1995 cheverolet silverado 1500. For years i've had the problem of a really soft brake pedal that goes all the way to the floor before it brakes. It has abs, front disc brake and rear drum brakes. I have recently replaced the front brake discs and pads and rear brake shoes and drums. We then went on to replace the brake master cylinder and the brake booster but it still has the same problem even with numerous number of attempts to bleed the brake lines. There is no air in the system t

If you haven't already, check your rubber lines for weakness; they could be ballooning under pressure. ... 1995 Chevrolet K1500

1990 Buick Century custom, 3.3 V6, 4 door automatic. I have replaced the linings, wheel cylinders, both rear drums on this vehicle. When the linings are tight to the drum the brakes seem to operate correctly. I have often experienced a "locking up" of the right rear brake. It seems as if the brake shoes become loose (out of adjustment).I have used the parking brake to try and "self adjust the rear linings as it is my understanding that this is how they work.Since I purchased the vehicle used I e


Brakes used to stick somehow. by stick i mean that after you come to a complete stop and then u let off on the brake and start to accelerate it doesnt move for a second or two and then you hear a pop noise and it will surge forward. it seems to stick in the rear of truck. it had stopped sticking for a while but i recently had front and rear brakes replaced and now it is doing it again. i asked my mechanic to check it out but he said he could not get it to do it when he test drove it. any ideas?

If they are shoe brkes then you can buy a kit to repair the brake cylinder. If they are disc then you need to clean and maybe replace the calipers ... 1995 Chevrolet C1500

REAR BRAKES I cannot remove the rear brake drum to get to the brake shoes. I can't remove the rear drum(don't know how); usualy there is a center cap and a nut but in my case it looks like you need a special tool to remove the center cap (which is made of solid steel); dos anyone have an idea how it works?? thanks!..

The center cap is your hub. It can be removed by a special tool (don't know tool number) but its a hub removal tool. Or you can use a brass punch and 5lb sledge and knock it loose that way. Another suggesion is to by a pully ... 2006 Chevrolet HHR

Ok, my 2002 Dodge Neon is having brake problems we replaced the rear master cylinders and brake bad. But, the rear right drums catches the brakes when you free spin the drum with your hand at one point. We bleed the brakes and so on. Now, you can't smell a burnt smell at the back wheel after driving it. Like the brakes are not spoiling or un-engaging properly. HELP!

You need to manually adjust the brakes after putting new brake shoes on. The automatic adjuster has adjusted for wear in the old shoes which will make the new shoes too tight. ... 2002 Dodge Neon

How do I know if my rear rotors on my 1997 chevy need replacing? I am hearing a noise when I brake. I have had my front pads replaced rear brakes cleaned. It was thought to be rear drum on right side but once rear drum was put on it still made the same sound? Please help if u can.

If your rotors are really shiney "glazed" it is recommended to have them turned or replaced. Is ita screaching noise or grinding? ... 1997 Chevrolet Lumina

Did rear brakes, the passenger side brake drum would not come off easily, had to pound it, now it doesnt seem to fit properly, would it be the rear brake drum??

... Cars & Trucks

Drum Brakes just replaced rear drum brakes on 1998 ford ranger. Moved truck out of garage and it sounds as if my rear brakes won't release?!?

Your brakes are over adjusted or incorrectly fitted ... 1998 Ford Ranger SuperCab

I am thinking about buying a 1996 Toyota Corolla sedan with 71,000 miles. In negotiating the price, I am concerned because it has the original TIMING BELT and while the front disc brakes were changed the rear Drum brakes. have 71,000 miles on them. Toyota recommends TIMING Belt change at 60,000 MILES [THE CAR IS NOW 13 YEARS OLD]? How long to Rear DRUM brakes last - going on 71,000! Any quotes on replacement/repair costs will be appreciated. Thanks, Michael

Well it realy depents on if the car was taken care of about the belt cvheck and see if theres any cracks at all on it if not then see if theres more then a half a inch play on it if not then you don't need to replace it and check it every 3 months or ... 1996 Toyota Corolla

Dodge Stratus-1999.I do not have the owners manual for this car. Rear drum-brakes with half-moon adjusters and small springs. How do these adjusters work.and how the small springs are important? Parking-brake cables released and brake system bled. Rear drums drag and are hot. How can I solve this problem? Andrew -Latvia-Europa. Yours sincerely.

Try backing up and pulling the emergency brake until the car stops, to adjust the brakes.This works on some cars....not for sure on yours.\015\012GL,\015\012Td ... 1999 Dodge Stratus

When I apply the brakes on my '02Dakota only the forward brake shoe moves against the drum. Have replaced wheel cylinder but makes no difference. Both shoes move when I loosen adjuster cable. Have this problem on both rear wheels. Everything is new. Drums, shoes, all hardware. Seems to be a lot of tension on the adjuster cable. This is causing a horrific squeal in rear brakes.

Some parts on my rear left and right drum brake on my 92 dodge dakota just fell off when i took the tire off to check the brakes--it was grinding real hard on my way home today--some kind of spring fell out of it with a skinny thin metal tail ... 1992 Dodge Dakota

Emergency brake used to work great now it hardly does anything (might pass inspection) , this happened before i parked it for the winter and now the rear breaks are always holding. At first i thought that the cable might be sticking but i didn't notice that the rear brakes were sticking before i parked it for the winter so now im thinking that they are two separate problems. Also the casing for the brake is fully intact, looks new.

Adjust rear brakes cable my need adjusting hope this helps ... 2001 GMC Yukon XL

New brakes Installed new brakes front and rear including new wheel cylinders, shoes and flexible brake lines in rear at drums, new calipers and pads in front, new master cylinder. Cant get front drivers side caliper to compress and rear passenger side brake pads wont expand. Front caliper is full of fluid, when i crack bleeder open steady stream of fluid pours out, no air. Same with rear passenger side, wheel cylinder full of oil. Filled lines with new fluid using gravity feed method. Any ideas

Still have air inside, because you used gravity feed method. ... 2000 Chrysler Cirrus

Have 2001 grand caravan sport, rear passenger rear brake locks up, replaces shoes and all springs, etc. from a kit. drum looks and feels okay. brake works until I put drum in place, then locks up when

This is possibly due to a leaking ABS hydraulic control unit pop-it valve. ... 2001 Dodge Grand Caravan

Rear brakes seemm to be sticking on rear of my 2004 murano, 74K highway miles pads changed by dealer at 55k on rear. afterdirving just 5 to 10 miles rearfotors are HOT like calipers stuck or ebrake stuck. Suspect vdc control problem started after a very fast stop with a swerve couple months back. brakes dradding so bad the mpg has went down to 16 :0 mpg rear rotors are becoming warped. Can brake bias be off perportining valve stuck?? VDC freaking out ?? HELP!!!

Take your rear calipers off and lubricate the pistons with bearing grease,move them up and down with your fingers till they move more freely,then remove the dirt from the a.b.s sensor if any with w.d 40. Then check to see if your emergency brake is ... Nissan Murano

Front and rear drum brakes, the pads are ok, but the brake pedal started going to the floor. When I tried to bleed them, the rear bleeder screws broke. So I replaced both wheel cylinders. The rubber hose in the rear that attaches to the axle, had been pinched, so I repaired it with a hose connector. I have bled all four brakes in the correct order, but the pedal still goes to the floor. Could there still be air in the line or does it sound like something else? I'm not losing brake fluid an


Replaced the rear drum brakes and turned the drums. Adjusted the drum brakes. Parking brake doesn't work. Need to know how to adjust parking brake to operate properly.

U adjust the parking brake two ways, one by backing up and repeatedly taping the brakes, this moves the shoes out, also u can adjust the park brake cable on the underside of the van (u will need to jack it up in the air, support it with ... 2002 Dodge Caravan

1999 Ford E350 van problem: brake pedal is soft; have replaced master cylinder, rear wheel cylinders, rear brake shoes and drums, front calipers, rotors and discs; have bled master cylinder before installation and bled all wheel cylinders as well; have also replaced rear anti-lock system; the rear anti-lock system light on the dash remains on; the pedal gets hard when bleeding the brakes, however, does not stay hard after bleeding. Does the anti-lock system need to be bled as well? If so, how?

Good question, on the antilock system is a bleader too and bleade it the same way you bleade the caliper. After all is done adjust the rear brakes, they should have a drag to them. ... 2007 Ford E-350 Super Duty Length XLT
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